Chapter 571 – Qi Xiao Returns

In early November, Qi Xiao, who had been in the south for two months, finally returned.

He came to find Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo right away.

Lu Xia almost didn’t recognize him at first glance.

“Did you go to some remote mountain and cultivate to become an immortal? Are you not eating or drinking? How did you become this thin?”

He had really lost a lot of weight, almost just skin and bones. He had lost his previously handsome look and looked like a skeleton. It was quite scary!

Qi Xiao showed a helpless smile upon hearing this. “Don’t mention it. I spent two months in Hong Kong and just couldn’t get used to the food there. The taste was bad, and even though I could force myself to eat, I always had stomach problems afterwards. I barely made it through these two months. If I stayed longer, I probably wouldn’t have survived.”

Lu Xia was a bit worried after hearing this. “Didn’t you go to the hospital?”

“I did, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. After some struggle, I managed to find a translator who helped me understand. The doctor told me it’s nothing serious, just a matter of adjusting to the local environment. They said I’ll be fine with time, but it’s been two months and I’m still not feeling better.”

Lu Xia felt sorry for him and comforted him, “At least you’re back now. Don’t go anywhere for a while. Rest well at home.”

“But I can’t do that. I worked hard to set up my company, and in a few days, I need to go to the south to start preparing for the factory.”

“The company is set up? Is it registered in Hong Kong?”

“Yes,” Qi Xiao nodded. “Fortunately, I listened to my sister-in-law and hired an agent. They know a lot about the procedures, and if I had done it myself, I’d probably still be waiting. It cost me quite a bit of money, too.”

Lu Xia nodded after hearing this, “It’s good that it’s set up. Don’t worry about the money; you’ll make it back sooner or later.”

“Yeah, that’s right. So I need to make sure to get the factory matters sorted as soon as possible. By the way, sister-in-law, I came back this time to discuss the factory with you. The investment needed is quite substantial, and all the current profits of the company may not be enough. We might need to take out a loan. So, if we proceed, there might not be any dividends for the next few years. Of course, if you don’t want to invest, I can give you your share of the profits now.”

Lu Xia directly waved her hand after hearing this, “Invest directly. Don’t worry about us. We have enough money, and we also have salaries now. We’re not in a hurry for dividends. Focus on setting up the factory solidly, and we’re looking forward to making big money with you!”

Qi Xiao smiled after hearing these words. Though he knew Lu Xia was partly joking, it still made him very happy.

He felt touched by the trust they had in him and was determined to work hard in the future and not let them down.

“Alright, then I’ll get started. Don’t worry, sis-in-law, I won’t let you lose money.”

Lu Xia smiled, “Good, I’ll be waiting.”

After saying this, Lu Xia asked him and Jiang Junmo to continue chatting while she went to help Aunt Sun prepare dinner.

Qi Xiao had obviously lost quite a bit of weight this time, so she wanted to make something delicious to nourish him.

During dinner, he liked the vegetables watered with the spiritual spring water and the soup specially prepared by Lu Xia. He ate several big bowls in one sitting.

If his stomach could hold more, he would have continued eating.

After finishing the meal, he exclaimed, “Sister-in-law, the food is so delicious. I haven’t fully adjusted since returning from Hong Kong, and I haven’t been eating much these past few days. I didn’t expect that eating the food you made would help me adjust so quickly.”

He then looked at Jiang Junmo enviously and said, “What kind of luck did you have to meet such an amazing person like sister-in-law!”


Chapter 572 – Meeting Up with Yu Wan


Jiang Junmo listened with a blank expression and gave Qi Xiao a wry look. “Envious? Then find one for yourself!”

Qi Xiao sighed after hearing this, “Ah, I’m too busy right now. I don’t want to hold anyone back. I’ll think about it later.”

Lu Xia laughed and said, “If you like the food, come by often. We might not be able to help much with the company, but we can always make time to cook a meal.”

Qi Xiao laughed upon hearing this and then glanced proudly at Jiang Junmo. “Sister-in-law is the best, unlike someone who’s too stingy!”

Saying this, he ignored Jiang Junmo’s cold expression, waved happily at Lu Xia, and bid farewell.

Seeing this, Lu Xia shook her head with a smile. Looking at Jiang Junmo, there was no trace of a cold expression. They were clearly playing around.

“You know, does Qi Xiao not want to find a partner now because he hasn’t forgotten about Su Man?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo looked at her curious expression and smiled, “Want to know? Why not ask him yourself?”

Lu Xia rolled her eyes at his words, “If I ask him, won’t it be like rubbing salt on his wounds? You’re so mean!”

Jiang Junmo laughed upon hearing this, “Don’t worry, he won’t mind.”

“Mind what?”

“Su Man is already married. He won’t still be thinking about her. Probably, he’s just too busy with work and not thinking about finding someone.”

Lu Xia nodded after hearing this, “I see, that’s good.”

After saying that, she didn’t bring up the topic again.

When she finished work on Friday, she was surprised to find that Yu Wan had come to the school to look for her.

Lu Xia was astonished to see her; she hadn’t seen her roommates since they started working.

Lu Xia’s job was relatively easy, but the others were quite busy with work. Considering they had just started working and needed time to adjust, she didn’t want to bother them.

She didn’t expect Yu Wan to have the time to come over.

Lu Xia was pleasantly surprised to see her. “Why did you come straight here? Why didn’t you call ahead?”

Yu Wan smiled and explained, “I had some errands today, got off work a bit early, and passed by the school, so I thought of dropping by to see you. Turns out, I caught you just as you were getting off work. Seems like we’re quite fateful.”

Lu Xia laughed, “Definitely. If we didn’t have fate, how come the two of us are classmates?”

“Oh, you’re right!”

Yu Wan realized it and then the two of them looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Since starting their jobs, they had moved from campus life to the working world, from innocence to maturity. They rarely had the chance to laugh so heartily, so they felt a sense of nostalgia during this moment.

However, this time, Yu Wan just dropped by to see her. Lu Xia didn’t inform her family in advance, so they parted ways that night after meeting, agreeing to meet up again the next day, and then they each went home.

The next day, under Jiang Junmo’s pitiful gaze, Lu Xia once again abandoned him to go on a date with Yu Wan.

Actually, there wasn’t much to do in the dead of winter. The two of them planned to watch a movie in the morning, have lunch together, and then do some shopping in the afternoon before heading back.

During lunch, they exchanged their current situations and discussed their respective work environments.

Later, Yu Wan shared some of the things happening in her life.

“You won’t believe it, but ever since I started working, my family suddenly changed their attitude and kept urging me to find a partner. My mom even pressures me every day to go on blind dates. One day, I couldn’t take the pressure anymore and went on one. Can you guess who I ran into?”

“Who?” Lu Xia asked, intrigued.

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