Chapter 573 – Blind Date with a Classmate

The result was that Yu Wan played coy and didn’t directly speak.

Instead, she said, “Before going, my mom mentioned the conditions of the other party. They had to be a university graduate, work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs like me, hold a position as a state official, and have really good conditions. We would definitely have common ground.

I was quite curious upon hearing this, thinking it might be a colleague, so I decided to meet them.

But when I went there, I found out… it wasn’t just a colleague, but also a classmate!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia had a suspicion.

“So, your blind date isn’t with Chu Liangchen, is it?”

After all, he was the only one in our class working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Yeah, it’s him!” Yu Wan said with an indescribable expression.

“You didn’t know the name of your blind date before going, did you?” Lu Xia asked.

Yu Wan shook her head in despair. “No, my mom said it was someone introduced by my aunt’s husband’s sister-in-law’s niece or something distant like that. She assured me of their good character and asked me to take a look. I had no idea it would be him.”

Lu Xia couldn’t help but laugh upon hearing this.

“Hahaha, looking at it this way, you two are quite fated!”

“Don’t remind me. At the time we met, not only was I embarrassed, but Classmate Chu was also especially awkward. I found out after asking that he didn’t know it was me…”

“Hahaha, you two are quite amusing!”

After laughing, Lu Xia suddenly had a thought and said, “You know, upon careful consideration, you two actually match quite well. Talented man, beautiful woman, similar job nature. Since you coincidentally met like this, haven’t you considered giving it a chance?”

Yu Wan shook her head directly after hearing this. “No, we didn’t feel a connection. We hadn’t spoken much in all those years we were in the same class. My impression of him is just that of a bookworm. He’s not my type. Besides, he felt the same way. He told me that the reason he agreed to this blind date was pressure from his family. He flat out said that his focus is entirely on his work for now and he’s dedicating himself fully to it, not wanting anything else to take up his time. We reached a consensus and agreed that when we go back, we’d say it’s not a match, and then we parted ways.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that!”

Lu Xia felt a bit disappointed upon hearing this. She hadn’t considered this angle before. Now she realized they actually matched quite well, but if neither of them felt that way, then so be it.

“However, even if it didn’t work out this time, didn’t your family introduce someone else to you?”

Speaking of this, Yu Wan sighed. “How could they not? I’m not young anymore, and I’m not against finding a partner. It’s just that the people they introduced were not to my liking. Slowly, I lost interest in going. My mom thinks I have high standards because I didn’t choose even someone as good as Chu Liangchen. She’s currently doing her ‘homework’ on potential matches, so I hurriedly came to see you today. Otherwise, I’d have to endure her nagging at home.”

Lu Xia chuckled upon hearing this. “You can’t escape family pressure as long as you’re single.”

“Yeah!” Yu Wan sighed again. “So I thought, one day at a time. Although I don’t expect to find someone as perfect as your Comrade Jiang, I’d rather not settle. But my family doesn’t understand. They think I’m not young anymore, and people my age are already married and having children. Because I spent so long in school, only recently graduating, they want me to settle down as soon as possible.”


Chapter 574 – Shen Qingqing’s Choice


Lu Xia nodded in understanding, “I get it, but this is a lifelong matter. Don’t rush into decisions.”

“But if you’re willing, I can ask Jiang Junmo to help you look into it. There are many outstanding guys in the design institute.”

Yu Wan immediately waved her hand upon hearing this, “It’s alright. I have a phobia of blind dates now. I plan to try on my own. I’ve heard that our unit has social gatherings with other units every once in a while. I’ll see how it goes then, maybe I’ll meet someone I like.”

Lu Xia didn’t insist upon hearing this, “Then I wish you success.”

Lu Xia wasn’t worried about Yu Wan’s dilemma since she seemed to have a plan. However, she was a bit concerned about Shen Qingqing.

During this period, the two of them had been in constant communication.

Shen Qingqing also updated her on her current situation.

She had been on a few blind dates, and two of them were relatively satisfactory.

The first one came from a good family background. Both his parents were officials, and he had a stable job at a factory. He was the only son, and his sisters were already married. He looked good and was the type that girls liked.

After marriage, they would have a house, and when they had children, the parents would take care of them.

The family was quite satisfied with Shen Qingqing, considering her stable job and university education. She was quite presentable.

However, upon hearing Lu Xia’s advice, she didn’t agree immediately. Instead, she conducted a thorough inspection.

After careful observation, she realized that although the family was satisfied with her education and job, deep down, they looked down on her a bit. After all, her family was not in the same city, and she lacked that strong backing. Moreover, she had a more soft-spoken personality, which they thought they could easily control.

The man, on the other hand, had been pampered by his family since childhood, always obeying his mother’s words. He was the kind of “mama’s boy” that Lu Xia mentioned.

Whatever his mom said, he followed. During their getting-to-know-each-other phase, he asked her how her cooking skills were and said that after they got married, she would be the one cooking at home, allowing his mother to rest.

Upon hearing this, Shen Qingqing immediately rejected him, citing that it wasn’t a suitable match.

The second blind date was completely different from the first.

The second one was an ex-serviceman, who had been transferred to their local police station after leaving the military. He was strong and robust, hailing from a rural background and currently living in the countryside. He resided in the unit dormitory.

The comparison with the first one was stark. He had significantly lower living standards and was six years older than her.

Shen Qingqing was a bit scared during her first blind date and promptly declined after it ended.

Unexpectedly, she encountered some hooligans harassing her on her way to work, and he came to her rescue.

Fearing for her safety, he accompanied her all the way and took care of her. He was very considerate, and she only realized then that she had judged too quickly based on appearances.

After that, they gradually got to know each other.

She discovered that although he appeared rough, he had a gentle heart and was good at taking care of people. Also, he cooked well.

Gradually, she became more satisfied, even finding his rugged appearance reassuring.

So now, they were officially a couple.

He proposed, but she wanted to seek Lu Xia’s opinion before making a decision.

So, she wrote her a letter detailing the situation.

To be honest, Lu Xia was a bit flattered when she received the letter. She knew that her relationship with Shen Qingqing was good when they were in the countryside, but it wasn’t as close as with Sun Shengman.

After all, she didn’t stay at the commune for long, and there was less interaction with Shen Qingqing later on.

She didn’t expect Shen Qingqing to value her opinion so much, even seeking it for such an important matter as marriage.

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