Chapter 223 – A Year after Rebirth

Who is Wei Chen?

In the upper echelons of Shanghai, everyone knows him. Although he had a congenital poker face, he was a real genius, the treasure in Old Master Wei’s hands, personally nurtured by Old Master Wei from a very young age.

At a young age, he obtained double doctorate degrees from Q University, a prestigious university in China, making him unquestionably outstanding among the younger generation in Shanghai.

Despite Wei Chen’s congenital poker face, no one could resist his handsome and charming features. After obtaining his doctoral degree, he became the most wanted son-in-law of families with daughters in the upper echelons of Shanghai. However, no one in Shanghai expected that Old Master Wei would eventually arrange for Wei Chen to marry the autistic son of the Chen family.

Young and successful, this was a portrayal of Wei Chen at that time.

So when Old Master Wei proposed that he marry Chen Li, Wei Chen’s resistance was extremely fierce. In order to make Wei Chen comply, Old Master Wei even threatened him, saying that if he did not marry Chen Li, his inheritance rights would be revoked.

In order to inherit the Chen family, Wei Chen had to compromise and reluctantly agree to marry Chen Li.

In fact, Wei Chen had someone he liked in his heart, and that person was Chen Li’s nominal brother, Chen Qing. However, Wei Chen knew that he would inherit the Wei family in the future and could not be with Chen Qing.

So Wei Chen felt a sense of indebtedness to Chen Qing in his heart and rarely refused Chen Qing’s requests.

However, unexpectedly, when he had already mentally prepared himself not to marry Chen Qing, in the end, Old Master Wei arranged for him to marry another man.

Wei Chen harbored resentment and hatred in his heart. He even considered teaching Chen Li a lesson after marrying him because, due to Chen Li, many of his plans had become useless.

However, after receiving the marriage certificate and officially becoming legal husbands with Chen Li, when Wei Chen saw the timid and weak-looking Chen Li, all thoughts of teaching him a lesson vanished instantly.

Even in their subsequent interactions, Wei Chen gradually developed a peculiar affection for the young boy. Was it pity or was it liking?

Wei Chen had never analyzed it because as soon as he sensed this kind of affection, he rarely returned home, using work as an excuse, leaving Chen Li at home and deliberately ignoring him.

However, Wei Chen did not know that the occasional care he showed for Chen Li would be the warmest memory in Chen Li’s life.

Before marrying Wei Chen, Chen Li was accustomed to solitude and even enjoyed the darkness. However, after marriage, because of the occasional warmth revealed by Wei Chen, Chen Li gradually began to yearn for sunshine and for Wei Chen to come home every day. Just seeing Wei Chen without the need for physical contact made Chen Li feel content.

Wei Chen was a responsible person. Since he was married to Chen Li and had entered this legally protected marital relationship, he would take responsibility for this marriage, regardless of how it had come about.

So, after marrying Chen Li, even though Wei Chen had feelings for Chen Qing, he never thought of crossing that boundary with Chen Qing. He firmly placed his and Chen Qing’s relationship in the realm of friendship.

The marriage between Wei Chen and Chen Li lasted for five years.

In the first four years, the enterprises under the Wei family name were flourishing. However, by the fifth year, everything changed.

First, news emerged about the change of land use for Wei Corporation in Beijing, converting industrial land into commercial land. This was Wei Corporation’s fastest-growing project in recent years and a significant reliance for the Wei family. This project was banned, and the years of effort by the Wei Corporation went down the drain. Wei Zhenxiong, who was in charge of this project at the time, was arrested and it took significant efforts by Old Master Wei to get him out of jail. However, this rescue operation revealed more problems!

Evidence of bribery by the Wei Corporation was caught by the prosecutor’s office, leading to a series of investigations into all enterprises under the Wei family. Overnight, Wei Corporation’s stock plummeted, and its reputation was tarnished.

After this day passed, the Wei family, this great mountain, fell.

Old Master Wei couldn’t bear the blow, and in the end, with his eyes closing and legs trembling, he joined his old companion in heaven.

Wei Chen, Wei Hua, and Wei Yan, three brothers who were seen as extremely discordant by outsiders, showed an unprecedented unity at this moment. Wei Yan and Wei Hua had already established their own company, which had grown considerably. However, they invested all these achievements into the Wei family, all in an effort to rebuild this great mountain.

Finally, fortune favored those with determination. Wei Chen found the evidence proving the Wei family’s innocence, but this also became Wei Chen’s lifeline.

At this time, Wei Chen still believed in Chen Qing and Wu Zikang, so when he found the evidence, he confessed everything to them when asked by the two.

In the end, Wei Chen witnessed Chen Qing and Wu Zikang destroying the evidence in his hands, and then staged a car accident to get him into the hospital.

Perhaps due to the immense resentment in his heart, Wei Chen lingered in the world with a soulful mentality. So he saw his neglected partner Chen Li, taking meticulous care of the fool who had been diagnosed as a vegetable by the doctors. He saw Wei Hua and Wei Yan running around, trying to save the declining Wei family. He saw them seeking medical help everywhere, wanting to save this gullible fool. He saw Chen Li summoning the courage to stab Chen Qing and Wu Zikang to protect him from harm. He saw Chen Qing, terrifying and wielding a knife, wildly stabbing at Chen Li. He saw Chen Li’s final relieved yet sorrowful smile as the darkness unfolded.

Wei Chen sat up abruptly from the bed, sweat streaming down his face, gathering at the resolute jaw, and eventually falling.

Reaching into the darkness, Wei Chen found his phone and glanced at the time. It was four years before the downfall of the Wei family, just a year after his regression. After confirming the time and place he was in, Wei Chen slowly came back to his senses from the lengthy nightmare.

Wiping his face, Wei Chen gently removed Chen Li’s hands and feet from where they were resting on him. He tiptoed into the bathroom, turned on the tap, and splashed cold water on his face, gradually clearing his confused mind.

Unbeknownst to him, a year had already passed. During this year, he hadn’t followed the trajectory of his previous life. Everything seemed different, and it seemed to be progressing in a positive direction.

But yesterday, Zhou Tongpeng’s death made Wei Chen once again realize the ruthlessness of the Chen family.

Because of this, Wei Chen knew he couldn’t indulge in his current modest achievements. In the battle against the Chen family, he had only taken the first step, and there was a long and challenging road ahead.

Suddenly, a warm body pressed against his back, and a pair of thin hands, just starting to gain a little flesh, tightly held his waist. Wei Chen naturally held these hands, interlaced in front of his abdomen. Gently, he asked Chen Li, who was hugging him from behind, “Did I wake you?”

Perhaps due to Chen Li’s relatively weak constitution, his hands were always cold regardless of the season. In winter, Chen Li liked to slip his hands into Wei Chen’s clothes, pressing them closely against Wei Chen’s warm skin. Even in the sweltering summer like now, Chen Li was willing to offer his hands to provide some relief from the heat.

At least for now, when Wei Chen touched Chen Li’s cold hand, the restlessness and anxiety in his heart gradually calmed down.

Chen Li just shook his head in response to the words, holding Wei Chen without speaking.

In fact, when Wei Chen was having the nightmare just now, he had already woken up. He could feel Wei Chen’s fear and boundless remorse.

He didn’t know what Wei Chen had dreamed of to show such emotions on the surface, but Chen Li knew he didn’t like these emotions entangling Wei Chen.

When Wei Chen woke up from the nightmare, Chen Li pretended to be asleep, letting Wei Chen deal with these emotions himself. However, when he saw Wei Chen standing lonely in the bathroom, Chen Li couldn’t help but get up. He hugged Wei Chen from behind, hoping to comfort him in this way. After a while, the bathroom fell into silence. The two of them didn’t speak, just stood quietly. The warm and sweet atmosphere slowly dispelled the image of the nightmare that had passed through Wei Chen’s mind.

After the long silence, Wei Chen spoke, “Li Li.”

“Hmm?” Chen Li rubbed against Wei Chen’s broad back and softly responded.

“Go to sleep, you have class early tomorrow,” Wei Chen said.

“Okay,” Chen Li responded, but he didn’t move to leave the bathroom.

“Why aren’t you going?” Wei Chen could guess what Chen Li wanted to do, but he still asked knowingly.

“I want you to carry me back,” Chen Li said, then released Wei Chen but kept his arms open.

With a playful smile in his eyes, Wei Chen picked up Chen Li horizontally. When he reached the edge of the bed, he gently placed Chen Li on it and gave Chen Li a tight warm hug, he finally embraced Chen Li.

The person in his arms was warm, nestled against him in a position of absolute trust. He had a heartbeat, had already learned to cry, to smile, and even to act coquettishly.

No longer the Chen Li from the previous life who gradually lost breath before his eyes and whose body stiffened.

In this life, he would definitely protect Chen Li well. He would help Chen Li break free from the shadows, and his life would no longer be shrouded in darkness, but would be colorful and exciting.

Wei Chen gently kissed the top of Chen Li’s head and softly said, “Li Li, happy birthday.”

At the same time, he said to himself in his heart, ‘Wei Chen, happy rebirth.’

In this life, he wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes. In the days to come, after dealing with the trouble of the Chen family, he wanted to travel the world with Chen Li and let him experience the colorful world.

Wei Chen thought that on this special day, after being awakened by the nightmare of the past life, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again. However, very soon, Wei Chen fell back into slumber, holding Chen Li.

This time, the dream was no longer filled with the gloomy memories of the past life; instead, it was a peaceful and beautiful dream. Even when he woke up in the morning, Wei Chen’s last memory of the dream was Chen Li’s smile.

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