Chapter 609 – The Astonishing New Office

Before they arrived, Lu Xia had been waiting in the office, intending to surprise them.

When these people came up, even before Lu Xia could introduce them, they exclaimed upon seeing the reception area she specially arranged and the company name and logo displayed.

“Wow, impressive!”

After entering, seeing the excellent work environment made them even more excited.

They quickly put down their belongings and started exploring the company.

Even Ye Lin and the others were no longer composed and disappeared instantly.

After all, Ye Lin had only come to see the office after it was rented, and had not visited again.

The others were visiting for the first time.

After some time passed, when the other employees also arrived in groups,

They, like them, looked in awe at the revamped company and then went on a tour.

After a while, Ye Lin came back, still thrilled.

“How is it? Are you satisfied?” Lu Xia asked.

“Satisfied, very satisfied!” Ye Lin’s eyes gleamed. “My office is decorated exceptionally well, and it’s quite spacious inside. The window is also large, giving a direct view of the outside scenery. I love it!”

“Mine too!” Master Zhong chimed in. “I never thought I would work in such a good place one day. It’s beyond my wildest imagination!”

Lu Xia laughed upon hearing Ye Lin’s words. “As long as you’re happy. With a comfortable working environment, your mood will be better when coming to work.”

“Definitely! If I were an employee, I’d be ecstatic to work in such an environment every day!”

Lu Xia smiled at Ye Lin’s words. “Too bad you’re the boss. But later, we can ask the employees what they think.”

As she spoke, Liu Song rushed over, his expression equally excited.

“President Lu, General Manager Ye, Director Zhong, that… I just noticed there’s a sign hanging outside an office that says ‘Business Manager.’ Does that mean… do I also have an office?”

“Of course! The company’s management team all have offices, not just you, everyone does!”

Liu Song became even more excited upon hearing this. A young man like him had his eyes reddening.

With a slightly choked voice, he said, “Thank you, thank you, boss. I will work hard for our company!”

Lu Xia patted his shoulder playfully. “Is one small office that significant? When our company grows larger in the future and we hire more people, I’ll have you lead a team and get you a bigger office!”

Liu Song, upon hearing this, clenched his fist. “President Lu, rest assured, I won’t disappoint the trust the company has in me!”

He then added with some embarrassment, “You don’t know, at the beginning, after I was fired by my cousin’s husband, my relatives and friends all said I must have done something wrong, thinking I wouldn’t have a future. Even my family was worried about me.

But I didn’t listen to them.

Now, I’m grateful that I chose to work in our company. Without the company, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So, I plan to work in the company for the rest of my life and make sure to do well and help the company grow!”

After saying these words, he seemed to feel uncomfortable being seen crying, so he stammered a few more words and left.

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head upon hearing this. It seemed like the company had won him over with its qualities.

Of course, besides Liu Song, the other employees were also very satisfied.

Including the regular staff, though they didn’t have their own separate offices, working in such a luxurious place already made them feel very proud!

So, after moving to the new office, for a while, the enthusiasm for work in the company gradually increased.


Chapter 610 – Real Estate Investment


Lu Xia heaved a sigh of relief after finishing this matter.

When she finally had some time to rest, she remembered her earlier plan to invest in buying a house.

So, when Jiang Junmo came back from work, she told him about her plans and asked for his opinion.

But when Jiang Junmo heard, he stared at her intently, making her a bit uneasy.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong, or are you unwilling?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “No, I just want to make sure if you’re really buying the house for investment or for the children’s future?”

Lu Xia widened her eyes upon hearing this. “Why would you think that?”

She then recalled what she had said earlier and understood. “Are you afraid that I bought it in advance for the children’s future marriages? How could that be? They are still so young; it’s too early to buy now!”

She looked at him speechless and rolled her eyes. “Rest assured, I really am just for investment. You should understand this aspect. I believe the future appreciation of the property will only accelerate. Investing in this is relatively safe, don’t you think?”

Seeing that she wasn’t buying for the children, Jiang Junmo was reassured and calmly said, “It’s up to you. But if you do decide to buy, don’t rush. Let’s go look together when I’m off.”

For such a big decision, Lu Xia definitely wouldn’t decide on her own, so she nodded in agreement.

When Jiang Junmo was off on the weekend, the two of them decided to go house hunting.

But before they went out, Jiang Junmo asked her, “Do you have any plans? What kind of house are you thinking of buying?”

Lu Xia replied directly upon hearing, “I don’t have any plans. How about we go directly to the Housing Management Bureau and inquire?”

Jiang Junmo nodded. “What about the type of house?”

“You can still choose the type of house now?” Lu Xia was surprised. Commodity housing had just arrived from Hongcheng to Guangshi. It hadn’t reached Beijing yet.

And most people lived in houses allocated by their workplaces, which couldn’t be sold.

She thought she could only buy simple houses or courtyard-style houses.

But Jiang Junmo mentioned these two types as well, and indeed, you could choose the type. Some even split the courtyard-style houses and sold them as individual rooms.

Lu Xia rejected it outright upon hearing this. If she were to buy, she would buy the whole set directly.

Moreover, she was a bit hesitant now. Courtyard-style houses would indeed be very expensive in the future, but that would take a long time, at least thirty years. By then, it would probably be for her children to benefit from.

And after buying a house, it would need maintenance. If it was repaired and left unoccupied, it would be a waste. Also, it would deteriorate faster. If she rented it out, she wouldn’t feel at ease, fearing that others would damage it.

And now, at this moment, simple houses were not in demand. Renting them out would probably be very cheap, not worth the effort.

After considering all this, her desire to buy diminished. It would be better to wait for the popularity of commodity houses in the future. She could buy a few sets and rent them out for some rental income.

But for now, since they were already out, they decided to go and take a look.

So Jiang Junmo took Lu Xia to visit the Housing Management Bureaus in a few nearby areas.

The result was that there were very few courtyard-style houses for sale, and even if there were, they were very run-down, which Lu Xia didn’t like.

After visiting a few places, she became somewhat disappointed.

A staff member from the Housing Management Bureau who was beside them noticed and said, “You came too late. Some time ago, someone bought many courtyard-style houses, and almost all the good ones were taken! At that time, the prices of courtyard-style houses went up. But now, no one is buying, and what’s left are the ones these families don’t like.”

Lu Xia was surprised to hear this. In this era, courtyard-style houses were not very popular, so who would buy so many?

Suddenly, she had a realization. Could it be Su Man?

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  1. I fine JJ’s stance on buying properties for their kids funny because he’s a big beneficiary of that kind of privilege. His grandfather, uncle, and older sisters constantly gave him money and other things and that’s how he was able to afford to build their first house in the village. In fact, that’s how he was able to approach MC. Without all of that, he would have died earlier. Plus, he wouldn’t have had the confidence to approach MC to cook for him had he been sick and without the means to hunt for the meat ingredients. Not only that, where would he have gotten the bicycle. And even more so, the not-so-small courtyard he’s currently living in if his grandmother hadn’t favored him. Let’s not forget the massive fortune in the hidden storage! So he knows, first hand, how smoothly his life has gone because of his inheritance. Hell, where would MC have gotten all the money to invest in all the things she’s doing now? Things would have been much more harder and have taken much longer to get to where they are so for him to be hesitant to afford his own children that sort of privilege is very interesting.

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