Chapter 607 – Decision Made

“The current office floor is about 700 square meters per floor. Of course, if your company doesn’t need such a large space, you can share it with other companies. We’ll divide the space for you, and the rent will be based on the area you use, with a minimum of 100 square meters.”

Lu Xia nodded after hearing this, “And what about the floor? Is the rent the same for all floors?”

“Of course not!”

Su Man explained, “The higher the floor, the higher the price. Of course, there are exceptions, like the 13th and 14th floors, where the price is a bit lower.”

After explaining, Su Man introduced the pricing.

Finally, she added, “Since the company isn’t mine, I can’t offer you a discount. However, if you need office renovations later, the company has a professional team, and I can help you get a discount.”

Lu Xia thanked her after hearing this. “That’s great. Every time I buy clothes from your store, I get a discount. I feel bad about it. I can’t keep bothering you like this.”

Su Man smiled, “We’re friends. We help each other.”

Later, Lu Xia asked which floors were still available for rent.

Su Man shook her head, “Because today is the first day of renting, and the amounts are relatively large, everyone hasn’t made a direct decision yet. Currently, no floors have been rented out, but there is a lot of interest. If you want to rent one, decide quickly, and you’ll be able to choose a good floor.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, I’ll discuss it with the others at the company today. Once we decide, I’ll give you a call.”

After that, she took Su Man’s business card and left.

Then she went straight back to the company and discussed the office space matter with Ye Lin and Master Zhong.

Upon hearing it, Master Zhong hadn’t said anything yet, but Ye Lin exclaimed in surprise, “That place is specifically built for companies to have offices?”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow upon hearing this, “Oh, you know about it?”

Ye Lin nodded, “Yeah, I’ve seen it. I thought it was a residential building. At the time, I was thinking about buying a house there after it was completed. It’s so tall, the view must be great.”

Lu Xia chuckled at this, “Then you can rent the office there, and you’ll get to enjoy the view every day.”

“That’s not a bad idea, but the price is a bit high.”

Master Zhong also chimed in, “Indeed, it’s expensive. Renting there for a month is equivalent to renting our current place for a whole year!”

“True, but it’s currently the most suitable place, and if the company moves there, our company’s image will improve quite a bit in the future.”

Ye Lin nodded, “That makes sense. Besides, the company isn’t short on money now, and our current office is too cramped. Let’s move as soon as we can.”

Master Zhong agreed, “Let’s move then. We’re sharing one office among a few of us now, and it’s inconvenient for me and my apprentice to have meetings.”

Lu Xia laughed at their conversation.

Since coming to the company, Master Zhong, as the head of the product development department, spent less time at the store. However, she still needed to have regular meetings with various store managers to promptly identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes.

And she had made her way into a leadership role, becoming more and more like a leader. It was quite interesting.

“Alright, I’ll call them in a bit. But how should we choose the floor?”

“The higher, the better, of course! Since the prices are already high, a little more doesn’t matter,” Ye Lin suggested without much thought.

Master Zhong also nodded. She hadn’t even ridden an elevator before, so now was a chance to experience it. If she could work in such a high building, it would also improve her mood.

Lu Xia directly responded, “Okay, got it. Once the contract for the office is signed and rented, we’ll start with the renovation. It’ll probably take some time before we can move in.”

“No problem, a few days won’t hurt. You handle it.”

Seeing them wave their hands in a ‘we’re not dealing with it’ manner, Lu Xia really didn’t know what to say.

Well, it’s just that she’s the one with more free time right now.


Chapter 608 – Office Renovation


After discussing with them, Lu Xia called Su Man, and the next day, she went to sign the contract and finalized the entire floor of the 16th floor for the office.

After signing the contract, Su Man said to her, “Congratulations.”

Lu Xia smiled, “Thank you! Thank you! But we still need to decorate the office. I’m not sure about this, do the professional decoration companies you mentioned have templates? I’ll follow those.”

Su Man laughed at her words, “Don’t worry, they have templates, and they will ask for your opinion during the installation to ensure you’re satisfied.”

Lu Xia felt relieved after hearing this.

Afterwards, she contacted the renovation team according to the phone number given by Su Man and told them her requirements. Sure enough, they quickly planned everything.

For this office, Lu Xia planned to separate the various departments, including the offices of the three partners, as well as offices for department heads, meeting rooms, reception areas, and so on.

The amount of work was quite extensive, but perhaps because no demolition was needed, just installing partitions would suffice. The construction team promised to complete it in ten days.

Lu Xia was very satisfied with what she heard and confidently handed it over to them.

After that, she didn’t just leave everything to them. Occasionally, she would come over to check the progress of the decoration, provide some suggestions, and also had to buy in advance some things the office needed, like desks and chairs.

Because she needed to buy a lot and some might require customization, and the department stores didn’t have suitable options, she was ultimately introduced to a small woodworking factory by Su Man.

When she arrived there, she found models of workstations, which looked similar to those in the future. It was probably provided by Su Man.

Seeing this, Lu Xia didn’t think too much and directly followed the model.

Of course, the offices for the executives were furnished with high-quality items.

After the decoration was completed, Lu Xia went to inspect it and was quite satisfied with the final result.

Next, they moved in the desks, chairs, and benches they had bought. They hired people to do the heavy lifting.

They also bought some electrical appliances, such as air conditioners and fans.

With so many people working in the company and the building being so tall, it would be unbearable without cooling. This was a significant expense, including the subsequent electricity bills.

Of course, these were necessary preparations.

In addition to this, Lu Xia also set up a pantry in the company.

It was for the employees to use during their breaks, aiming to improve their satisfaction with the company.

Once everything was ready, Lu Xia informed the company to pack up and move as soon as possible.

In fact, the company’s employees knew they were moving to a new office a long time ago.

But they didn’t know where.

When Ye Lin organized everyone and rented a vehicle, bringing them to the new office, they were stunned as they looked at the building in front of them.

Liu Song was particularly astonished and said, “General Manager Ye, are we… going to work in this building?”

Ye Lin lifted her chin and said, “Stop being so surprised. Hurry up and go in, we have to move our things. We only have one day, and we need to start working normally tomorrow.”

Upon hearing her response, including Liu Song, everyone was extremely happy!

They never dared to imagine that they would work in such a nice building one day.

After the group entered, the front desk inquired and learned that they had recently moved to the company. They were then reminded that, in order to protect the company’s property and safety, they needed to apply for employee registration cards in the future. When going up or down the floors, they needed to show their ID to the security personnel. Strangers were not allowed in.

The employees were quite surprised to hear this but the more strict the regulations, the better they felt about the place.

Once they got into the elevator, because there were so many people, they had to go in batches…

Many people had never been in an elevator before, so those waiting downstairs were quite excited.

And those who went up first were even more thrilled!

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