Chapter 611 – The Big Courtyards

She estimated it was only her, Su Man.

The others wouldn’t know the value of the courtyard houses in the future.

Thinking of this, Lu Xia felt a bit disappointed. “Ah, I came too late!”

Oh well, trying to take advantage behind the female lead is difficult.

So Lu Xia shook her head, planning to go back. But at this moment, a staff member nearby suddenly said, “If you’re not interested in the empty courtyard, how about the big courtyard?”

“The big courtyard?” Lu Xia stopped and looked at him.

The staff member then explained, “It was originally a quadrangle courtyard, but later our unit took over and converted it into a big mix courtyard to accommodate more people. The ownership is with our unit now, but there are still people living inside temporarily. However, they pay rent every month.”

Surprised, Lu Xia asked, “If that’s the case, why are you selling it? Keeping it for rent seems good, doesn’t it?”

The staff member frowned and shook his head, “It’s too troublesome to manage because we have to communicate with those tenants. We even have to assign staff specifically for this, which delays a lot of things. Besides, with many tenants, the rent is not high. It just feels too cumbersome, so the unit decided to sell it.”

Lu Xia thought for a moment. So, the housing management bureau was essentially acting as a real estate agent before but doesn’t want to continue.

“But I don’t want to manage it after I buy it.” It was obvious that dealing with a chaotic situation with various tenants wasn’t appealing.

The staff member seemed to understand this situation and said with a hint of disappointment, “Well, okay!”

However, as Lu Xia was leaving, she still asked, “How many of these big courtyards do you have?”

“Three, and they are currently for sale.”

Lu Xia pondered. Three big courtyards, each housing at least a dozen households. That added up to forty or fifty households, and the rental income probably wasn’t insignificant.

Jiang Junmo seemed to understand her intentions. “Are you considering buying those big courtyards?”

Lu Xia nodded. “I have some ideas.”

“Do you have time to manage them?”

“Definitely not, but I don’t need to manage them personally…”

Lu Xia shared her thoughts, “I can find someone to manage them for me, preferably someone strong-looking and intimidating, so tenants won’t try to take advantage during rent collection.”

Jiang Junmo chuckled at her request, “Do you want me to help you find someone?”

“Can you?” Lu Xia looked at him expectantly.

Jiang Junmo nodded, “If you decide to buy, I’ll help you find someone to collect the rent.”

“Okay, then I can rest assured. But it’s too early to think about these things now; I haven’t bought the houses yet.”

Though she said this, Jiang Junmo knew Lu Xia. If she brought it up, she probably had the idea.

Sure enough, in the following days, Lu Xia went to learn more about the big courtyards and even visited them in person.

She gained some understanding of the environment of the big courtyards.

After confirming the completeness of the property documents, she directly bought all three courtyards.

After the purchase, she didn’t rush the handover, waiting for the person Jiang Junmo found.

And Jiang Junmo didn’t disappoint her; he quickly found a person for her.

She didn’t know where he found him, but this person perfectly met her requirements.

In his thirties, tall and sturdy, with a fierce appearance and a scar on his face—clearly someone not to be trifled with. After seeing him, it was unlikely anyone would dare to withhold their rent.

If she didn’t know his previous identity, she would probably think he was a bad guy.


Chapter 612 – Guo Wei


Before he arrived, Jiang Junmo had already introduced Guo Wei to Lu Xia. Surprisingly, Guo Wei was also a discharged soldier and had a special relationship with the Jiang family.

He used to be Grandpa Jiang’s bodyguard.

Later, as he grew older, he returned to the army, but he switched careers within two years due to family matters.

After leaving the army, he was assigned a job, working as a security guard in a factory. However, the factory later closed down, and he lost his job. Then, he couldn’t stay in his hometown anymore.

For the sake of his wife and children, he gathered the courage to ask the Jiang family for help in finding a job.

Of course, Jiang Junmo also mentioned his family situation. His parents were very biased, and the reason he left the army and switched careers was because he discovered that his wife and children were being abused by the family at home.

The child had become seriously ill, and his family didn’t provide money for medicine.

Every month, he sent money home, but it was tightly held onto by his parents.

While he worked hard outside to earn money, his wife and children were living a difficult life.

He felt disheartened and was afraid they would continue living like this. So, he chose to go back directly.

After returning, his wife and child had a slightly better life because of his presence, and his family didn’t dare mistreat them anymore.

But after he lost his job, his family looked down on him. Not only did they forcefully divide the family, but they also didn’t give them a room.

The favoritism of his parents made him completely cut ties with the family.

But he still had to find a way to support his child.

Originally, he had heard that one could make money in the South nowadays and wanted to give it a try, but he was worried about his wife and children.

His wife was frail, and the children were still young. Without him, they would probably be bullied.

So, he planned to bring his wife along once he found a job.

For them, he even gave up his own skills.

He knew how to drive, and finding a job as a driver should not be difficult, but being a driver meant he would have to be away from home frequently.

So, he didn’t consider that option.

He initially thought about finding a job involving physical labor, but many companies, upon seeing his appearance, thought he was unreliable and possibly a bad person, so they were unwilling to hire him.

That’s why he sought help from the Jiang family.

Lu Xia felt quite emotional upon hearing his story.

However, she couldn’t help but think how coincidental it was that Guo Wei was indeed well-suited for this job.

So, Lu Xia explained the job she needed him to do.

“Your job is very simple—every month, you’ll collect rent from several of these big courtyards for me. Additionally, if there are any issues regarding the houses from the tenants, you’ll need to address them. Do you think you can handle this job?”

“I can!” Guo Wei responded directly.

Although he didn’t know why the Jiang family wanted him to do such a job, it was good for him. Moreover, he trusted the Jiang family and believed they wouldn’t deceive him.

Lu Xia nodded when she saw his determination. “Although the job sounds simple, it’s actually quite complex. You need to handle conflicts between tenants and protect the houses.

You also need to ensure that the rent is collected every month.

In addition, you’ll be responsible for the future renting of these houses. If someone decides not to rent, you’ll have to find new tenants.

As for your salary, I’m offering two options.

The first one is a fixed monthly salary of 30 yuan.

The second one is, for these three houses, I’ll only take 100 yuan in rent per month. Anything extra is yours, but I won’t provide you with additional salary.

And there are still some houses not rented out.

If you have the ability to rent them out or increase the rent, I won’t interfere. I’ll only take that amount of money.

So, which of the two methods do you choose?”

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