Chapter 629 – Trouble at the Kindergarten

“What? Trouble last time too? But I didn’t do anything last time, just escorted her back to school!”

“Just because you didn’t do anything doesn’t mean others didn’t. Maybe it’s because you didn’t do anything that it gave others the opportunity to do something!”

Teacher Jiang pondered over these words. He hadn’t thought in that direction before, but he wasn’t naive.

Now, listening to Lu Xia’s words and thinking it through, he understood. Perhaps Student Yu had done something behind the scenes, causing others to misunderstand their relationship.

Thinking about this, Teacher Jiang’s expression suddenly turned grim.

Weren’t people in China supposed to be reserved? How could someone be so crafty!

And it was the first time he’d seen a little girl spreading rumors by herself.

Really, lacking self-respect!

With this in mind, Teacher Jiang looked at Lu Xia seriously and said, “Teacher Lu, thank you for your reminder and for what happened earlier.”

Lu Xia waved her hand. “No problem. The principal asked me to look out for you. I was also worried you might not adjust. Just be more cautious in the future.”

Teacher Jiang nodded and didn’t say much.

After this, Yu Shuping used a few excuses to approach him several times, all of which he declined. When he saw her at school, he kept his distance.

After a few attempts, Yu Shuping probably realized there was no hope and gradually gave up.

Thus, this matter was considered resolved.

Lu Xia didn’t pay much attention afterward. The atmosphere in the class had been good recently. The students she had assigned to translate for the magazine had done well, and the magazine was satisfied with their completed tasks, expressing willingness for a long-term collaboration.

Lu Xia shared this news with them, and they were all very happy.

Other students were envious when they heard, but they knew they still had a long way to go in terms of their proficiency. They could only study harder, hoping for more opportunities in the future.

Things at school were going smoothly, but unexpectedly something went wrong at home.

One day, when Lu Xia didn’t have afternoon classes and planned to relax and prepare lessons in the office, she suddenly received a call from home. It was Aunt Sun.

Lu Xia was startled upon answering, thinking something bad had happened. After all, Aunt Sun rarely called her.

Upon answering, she heard the anxious voice on the other end of the line.

“Xiao Lu, go quickly to An’an’s school. The teacher just called home and said that they had a fight at school, and it seems some of them got injured.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia’s hand tightened subconsciously, and she asked in a trembling voice, “Injured? Where are they injured? Is it serious?”

But Aunt Sun couldn’t provide clear details, and the teacher probably hadn’t been very specific.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Xia couldn’t stay put. She informed her office colleagues and immediately left.

University professors like them had a relatively flexible schedule. When they didn’t have classes, they could leave without much hassle.

After leaving the school gates, Lu Xia took a bus to the military district kindergarten.

Yes, a few of the younger children had bid farewell to their previous daycare and started attending kindergarten this year.

Originally, for the choice of kindergarten, Lu Xia had considered having them find one near their home or sending them to the kindergarten at her and Jiang Junmo’s workplace.

As a result, Grandpa Jiang gave them a lecture after he found out.

His point was that Kang Kang was already in the military district kindergarten, and the other kids shouldn’t lag behind. After all, the kindergarten in the military district would definitely have better facilities and teaching standards than other places.


Chapter 630 – Fight


Lu Xia thought for a moment and agreed. She didn’t want the children to grow up and complain about them being partial.

However, this arrangement created a problem with picking up and dropping off the children every day.

She and Jiang Junmo finished work quite late. Although she could leave early occasionally when she didn’t have classes, she couldn’t guarantee leaving on time every day.

So, she had to entrust the picking up and dropping off to Aunt Sun.

Lu Xia was worried about Aunt Sun having a hard time taking the three children out. In the end, she tied a rope around them when they went out, so she could keep an eye on them no matter how they ran around.

Aunt Sun tried it a few times and found it effective, so they decided to stick with this method for now.

However, Lu Xia thought that as the children grew older, it might become inconvenient for them to go to and from school in this way. Should she consider buying a car?

But buying a car now might attract too much attention. Maybe she should wait a bit longer.

Lu Xia arrived at the military district kindergarten quickly by bus. After registering her visit with the security guard, she went to the teacher’s office.

To her surprise, there were quite a few people in the office, and Grandpa Jiang was here too.

Surprised, Lu Xia went over and asked, “Grandpa, how come you’re here too?”

Grandpa Jiang nodded at her and explained, “The kindergarten teacher called you, but Xiao Sun told her that both of you were at work, so she called me instead.”

Lu Xia figured it would be something like this and felt a bit guilty.

In the past, almost all of Kang Kang’s matters were handled by Grandpa Jiang. She hadn’t expected that even for the three younger ones, she would still have to trouble him.

However, Grandpa Jiang seemed quite willing to help.

By the time Lu Xia arrived, they had already resolved the matter.

It was then that she found out the other group of people present were the parents of the children involved in the fight with An’an and the others.

However, both sides were quite reasonable at the moment, and they didn’t encounter the mythical “bear parents.”

Everyone was polite upon meeting, and they didn’t mention what happened after the children fought, so it seemed like things were okay.

However, Lu Xia hadn’t seen the children yet and was still a bit worried.

Grandpa Jiang probably knew she would be anxious and had already told her that the children were fine, currently reflecting on their behavior in a nearby room. Lu Xia felt relieved after hearing this.

She then talked to the teachers here and got to know the sequence of events.

It turned out that today, several little ones in the class saw a chubby boy bullying someone, and they immediately transformed into righteous individuals and went to confront him.

The chubby boy couldn’t handle all three of them by himself, so he started crying and went to find his “big brother,” an older child in the senior class.

This “big brother” was quite loyal and directly brought along several others.

Considering that the senior class children were two years older and had more people, the triplets realized they couldn’t win and quickly fled. They then informed the teacher.

Finally, the teacher called the parents.

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say after hearing all this.

So, it was all about bravado, huh!

Quite something!

After hearing the whole cause and effect, she was really frustrated.

After finishing the discussion with the other parents, the parent of the child who had been bullied before kept thanking her.

Lu Xia’s face was almost frozen from smiling, and she finally managed to end the conversation.

Now she had a chance to see the children.

When she opened the door to the adjacent office, she wasn’t sure if the children had heard the noise in advance, but they were all standing obediently against the wall.

When Little Four saw that it was Lu Xia who had opened the door, tears immediately welled up in her eyes. She looked pitifully at her and said, “Mom!”

However, Lu Xia didn’t pay attention to her.

She first carefully examined the children and found no obvious injuries on them, so she breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the other children, except for a chubby boy with minor injuries on his face, the rest were fine.

Feeling relieved, she coldly escorted them out of the school.

After parting ways with Grandpa Jiang, she went straight back home.

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Bear Parents of Bear Children – they spoil their children and will always defend them no matter what

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