Chapter 627 – Ab*rtion

After this incident, Lu Xia’s impression of Yu Shuping worsened.

After all, if she hadn’t been evasive and unwilling to explain clearly, these things wouldn’t have happened later on.

Really, she was too scheming!

Fortunately, the last big uproar came to a halt before it escalated.

Lu Xia was initially quite happy, but she didn’t expect that there would be consequences to this incident.

One noon after school, when Lu Xia and the other teachers went downstairs for lunch, they saw a crowd gathering downstairs.

Taking a closer look, they realized someone was crying.

Several teachers, curious, went over to see what was happening.

Unexpectedly, they saw a familiar face.

The central figure being surrounded was none other than Yu Shuping, who had been causing Lu Xia headaches recently. At the moment, she was squatting across from a man, crying inconsolably.

Yu Shuping looked annoyed, and if it weren’t for the man holding her hand, she probably would have walked away.

However, as more people gathered and observed, her expression grew increasingly unpleasant.

In the end, unable to bear it any longer, she shouted at the man in front of her, “Cry, cry! What are you crying for? Do you want me to be infamous throughout the whole school? Are you going to leave or not?”

But the man seemed to ignore her words and continued crying.

Finally, Yu Shuping seemed to have had enough. She tried to break free, but the man held on tightly, and they ended up tugging at each other.

At that moment, the counselor arrived.

As the counselor, upon seeing his students being gawked at, he walked over and shooed the onlookers away.

Yu Shuping didn’t look pleased when she saw the counselor. However, the man seemed to recognize the counselor and agreed to go with him.

After they left, the crowd dispersed.

Because they arrived late, they didn’t see what happened, and everyone was quite curious.

Although Lu Xia had guessed the identity of the man, she was also curious about what had actually happened.

At that moment, Zhao Mingzhao happened to walk by. Lu Xia reckoned he might know, so she waved to him and asked if he knew what was going on.

Zhao Mingzhao didn’t hide anything and directly explained the details of the incident to them.

It turned out that Yu Shuping had been pregnant a while ago. Her husband was overjoyed when he found out and would bring her delicious meals every day, hoping she would keep the child.

But Yu Shuping still went ahead and had an ab*rtion at the hospital secretly last weekend.

Her husband was unaware, and even this week, he continued to bring her meals without missing a day, thinking the child was still there.

She naturally accepted the meals.

It was her roommates who couldn’t stand it. They knew she had an ab*rtion.

So when her husband came today, they told him the truth.

Upon learning this, her husband couldn’t bear it and broke down in tears downstairs.

And then came the scene they witnessed.

Lu Xia and the others felt uneasy hearing this.

Regarding Yu Shuping’s situation, the other teachers didn’t know much, but they thought it was not right for her to decide to have an ab*rtion without informing her husband.

As for Lu Xia, who knew the details, she didn’t know what to say.

She just felt sorry for her husband.

At this moment, she suddenly recalled the time when Teacher Jiang had brought Yu Shuping back earlier. It was probably right after she had the ab*rtion.

Sigh, how heartless!

She wondered what her husband planned to do after this incident.

Would he still continue with her?

However, she soon found out the outcome of this matter.

It was the class monitor/counselor who came to tell her, more like coming to complain to her. At the same time, he probably knew she had a better understanding of the situation, so he informed her of the follow-up.


Chapter 628 – Divorce


In the end, Yu Shuping and her husband got a divorce.

This time it was her husband who initiated it. In his words, they had been married for so many years, and from the beginning, Yu Shuping wouldn’t let him touch her. He knew she was unwilling, so he treated her even better, hoping she would see his efforts.

For all these years, he had almost given up everything for her, and all the money he earned was spent on her.

When they finally had this child, he thought his efforts were finally paying off, only to realize he had been mistaken all along.

Yu Shuping had never really cared for him, not in the past, not now, and probably not in the future either.

Since she was so heartless that she could abandon even their child, it showed that she truly didn’t care.

He decided to give up and set her free.

The class monitor/counselor, upon hearing this, didn’t try to persuade further. He was just a class counselor, not a marriage counselor, and ultimately, this was the students’ own matter.

So they went ahead and completed the divorce procedures.

Yu Shuping didn’t have a shred of attachment, and her husband felt like his heart turned to ashes, but when he left, he gave her all the money he had on him.

And so, they cut ties completely.

Lu Xia felt a twinge of sorrow upon hearing this.

Yu Shuping’s husband had really been good to her. She wondered what would become of her without such a good person in her life.

But all of this was none of her business.

She had initially thought this matter would finally come to an end.

However, the next morning when she was on her way to work, she saw Yu Shuping stopping Teacher Jiang downstairs in the teaching building, seemingly in conversation.

Teacher Jiang replied a few words, and then Yu Shuping’s expression seemed disappointed.

Seemingly noticing her, Yu Shuping turned and ran off.

Lu Xia was puzzled by what she had just witnessed.

Lu Xia quickly caught up with Teacher Jiang and asked, “What just happened? Why did Yu Shuping approach you?”

Teacher Jiang looked equally bewildered upon seeing her.

“She’s the same Student Yu from before? I really didn’t recognize her.

“She told me she had just gotten a divorce when she saw me. I was a bit confused and didn’t understand why she was telling me this. So I asked, ‘Who are you? What does your divorce have to do with me?’ And then she left disappointed.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Her previous worries vanished instantly.

This was really something—Teacher Jiang’s bluntness was beyond words! Just outright claiming not to know her! A single sentence resolved the situation!

However, at this point, she had to admit she understood Yu Shuping’s intention.

To prevent Teacher Jiang from being indifferent and to avoid a repeat of the previous incident, she directly said to him, “I suspect Yu Shuping might have taken a liking to you. Be careful on your own. It might not be a big deal abroad, but in China, people do pay more attention to teacher-student relationships.

A romantic relationship between a teacher and a student is absolutely not allowed!

In this day and age, such a label sounds bad. If you don’t want to be gossiped about wherever you go, you should pay more attention in the future.”

Teacher Jiang was astonished, “What? You say she has a crush on me? Does she even know me?”

“Weren’t you the one who escorted her back?”

“N-no… I mean, isn’t it just a teacher looking out for a student? She misunderstood just because of that?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “I think it’s because you have good qualities, making you an easy target. I advise you to take my words seriously for the future.

You might not be aware, but after you escorted her back to school last time, there were rumors. I had to explain to their counselor to prevent the rumors from spreading. Please be more cautious from now on.”

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  1. Its fine if she didn’t love her husband because it was an arranged marriage, but continuing to accept his support and then speak badly about him behind his back is a horrible thing to do. She probably wouldn’t have divorced him if she thought she couldn’t catch a better man…. Ugh, she an extra slimy character, even by cn novel standards. 😬

    1. Right? She is so vile. But what kind of foolishness is it to still give her all his money after the divorce? Especially after killing your unborn child.

    2. It’s not even the typical arranged marriage. You can even say that he’s her benefactor. He sold his job in their city and use big part of the money as “betrothal gift” (to bought her from her family) so that her family wouldn’t sell her to an villager old man. And spend the rest of the money for her education. No matter how I look at it, it’s not only she’s “seemed like ungrateful person”. But, she is INDEED an ungrateful person (at least toward him).

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