Chapter 229 – No Good Wine

Although Chen Li was engrossed in a good story in the anime before dinner, at this moment, after finishing the meal, Chen Li rested for a while and then entered the studio to draw and practice calligraphy.

This was Chen Li’s daily routine. Even though he had been practicing for a long time at school or at Master Sun’s place, when he returned home, Chen Li would still squeeze out an hour or two to immerse himself in the studio. Even if he didn’t practice, experiencing the scent of ink helped maintain Chen Li’s focus. Chen Li had a natural talent for drawing, but today’s achievements were also greatly influenced by the all-inclusive guidance from two teachers.

With these two conditions and Chen Li’s relentless day and night efforts, success for Chen Li was an inevitable outcome.

Inside the studio, Wei Chen moved the computer to the coffee table in the living room and worked on files and observed the stock market. After acquiring a few stocks, he leaned back on the sofa and began contemplating the hundredth-day banquet of Chen Yunzeng’s son.

No good wine at the feast, no good banquet. Wei Chen was certain of this, after all, his presence had completely disrupted the Chen family’s plans within Changfeng Group. The Chen family was already keeping a close eye on him.

At Chen Yunzeng’s son’s hundredth-day banquet, it wouldn’t be surprising if several key members of the Chen family attended. Perhaps they were coming for him, or perhaps they had already dug a big pit and were waiting for him to fall into it.

Wei Chen took off his glasses and rubbed his slightly sore eyes, lying on the sofa to rest.

Soon, a cold hand gently touched his forehead, massaging it with just the right pressure.

Wei Chen opened his eyes and saw Chen Li sitting beside him, his face still marked with fresh ink, resembling a small kitten.

Even with the sharpness in his brows and eyes, it softened when he saw Chen Li. He reached out and held Chen Li’s hand on his forehead, slightly cold but gentle, and said, “Why did you paint your face like this?”

Clearly, Chen Li was not aware of the ink stains on his face. Wei Chen turned on the front camera of his phone, letting Chen Li see for herself. Chen Li then realized the ink stains on her face and explained, “There was a mosquito.”

Although it was already autumn, the annoying mosquitoes hadn’t disappeared yet. Combined with Chen Li’s heat-tolerant constitution, he didn’t use the air conditioning in the studio. The balcony door was open, and mosquitoes flew in from outside.

Chen Li was absorbed in writing calligraphy and didn’t notice the itching. When he was washing his brush, he felt the itch and reached to scratch, inadvertently getting ink on his face.

Wei Chen leaned closer to Chen Li and indeed found a small bump under the ink-stained skin, quite significant.

“Is it still itching?” Wei Chen asked.

The two were very close, and when Wei Chen spoke, his warm breath brushed against Chen Li’s face, making him feel a bit ticklish. However, he didn’t back away, just shook his head slightly and said, “It’s not itchy anymore.”

Wei Chen’s slender fingers gently traced over Chen Li’s face, smoothing the ink stains. Perhaps it was Wei Chen’s gentle gaze that made Chen Li feel a tickle in his throat.

“Achen,” Chen Li met Wei Chen’s incredibly gentle gaze and said, “I want to kiss you.”

At these words, Wei Chen lowered his head and captured Chen Li’s slightly pouted lips, murmuring, “Then go ahead and kiss.”

With that, he lifted Chen Li and sat him on his lap.

Chen Li embraced Wei Chen’s neck and responded passionately. He was never one to be shy, and now he was exceptionally enthusiastic. He took the initiative to unbutton Wei Chen’s shirt, and with slightly cold fingers, he teased and ignited the fire on Wei Chen’s firm chest.

With this action from Chen Li, things gradually escalated, growing hotter and more sensual. As the two lay down on the sofa, they accidentally pressed the TV remote placed on the sofa, and the anime that was paused before dinner resumed playing.

However, they paid no attention to the anime, engrossed in their fiery passion on the sofa. Whether it was the anime on the TV or Chen Li and Wei Chen outside of it, both were heating up.

After an ecstatic and fulfilling lovemaking session that brought them ultimate pleasure, they were left exhausted. At least for now, Chen Li was sprawled on top of Wei Chen, not wanting to move a finger.

Wei Chen carried Chen Li into the bathroom horizontally. Chen Li let Wei Chen clean him, closing his eyes and enjoying it.

“Achen,” when Wei Chen finished washing Chen Li and was about to carry him back to the room, Chen Li called his name by his ear.

“Hmm?” Wei Chen responded.

“Just wanted to call your name,” Chen Li murmured, pressing his face against Wei Chen’s, a lazy and contented smile in his tone, reminiscent of the intimate and happy moments they shared.

Wei Chen tilted his head to connect with Chen Li’s, then placed him on the bed. Chen Li lay down and shifted to the side, making space for Wei Chen.

“You go to sleep first, I’ll tidy up outside,” Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s head. The sofa was a mess now, and it was summer. If they didn’t clean it up soon, it would probably become stale and smelly by tomorrow.

Chen Li nodded and buried himself in the big bed. The sheets were just sun-dried today, carrying the warm scent of sunshine.

A dozen minutes later, Wei Chen returned. Chen Li seemed tired by now and had fallen asleep. However, as soon as Wei Chen lay back on the bed, Chen Li subconsciously turned over and snuggled into Wei Chen’s embrace.

Wei Chen kissed the top of Chen Li’s head and whispered, “Goodnight.”

In response, Chen Li dominantly pressed his hands and feet against Wei Chen.

The night transformed from dark to light, and golden sunlight streamed down as a new day began.

During breakfast, Chen Li told Wei Chen about the calligraphy and painting exchange he was going to participate in.

Wei Chen didn’t stop him from going and pushed a glass of milk in front of Chen Li, saying, “Since you’ve promised, go ahead. I believe in you.”

“Master Sun wants to introduce me to his friends,” Chen Li said with a mouthful of sandwich, cheeks puffing in and out, making his speech a bit unclear.

However, Wei Chen understood and grasped Master Sun’s intention. He wanted to introduce Chen Li to his friends, further expanding Chen Li’s reputation in the art circle. After all, Master Sun’s status was exceptional, and becoming his disciple indicated Chen Li’s exceptional talent.

“Li Li, you can do it,” Wei Chen encouraged.

Understanding the nervousness and anxiety Chen Li would face in such situations, he wished Chen Li could face it bravely when that moment came. He wouldn’t be by Chen Li’s side, and Chen Li would have to face it on his own.

This day would come sooner or later, and Wei Chen hoped Chen Li could bravely confront it. Of course, if Chen Li didn’t want to, Wei Chen wouldn’t insist. He would respect Chen Li’s wishes. After all, he would always stand in front of Chen Li, shielding him from the wind and rain.

Swallowing the last of the sandwich, Chen Li took a sip of milk and left a milk mustache around his mouth. Despite that, his face was extremely serious and sincere. “I will do my best!”

He would strive to stand shoulder to shoulder with Wei Chen, whether in the face of storms or in moments of peace and happiness. He wanted to face it all with Wei Chen by his side.


As time passed, the day of Chen Yunzeng’s son’s birthday banquet arrived.

The Chen family’s position in Beijing was needless to say. Even though Chen Yunzeng was not a direct descendant of the Chen family, he was highly regarded, being the right-hand man to the Chen family. His son’s hundredth-day celebration was held at the biggest hotel in the capital, with a hundred tables set, making it a lively event.

Due to Chen Yunzeng’s status, many prominent figures from the capital attended the celebration. An hour before the banquet was scheduled to start, guests began arriving, enhancing Chen Yunzeng’s prestige.

Wei Chen and Sheng Jiaqi arrived together, timing their entrance with the commencement of the banquet. They left their congratulatory gifts and monetary presents at the registration area and then entered the banquet hall.

When Chen Yunzeng saw them, he immediately came over, carrying his chubby son. His son was adorable with a round face and chubby arms, resembling a bundle of joy. At this age, the child still had spit bubbles in his mouth, and his pudgy hands waved everywhere. Chen Yunzeng was beaming with affection for his son.

“Director Sheng, Deputy General Manager Wei, welcome to my son’s hundredth-day banquet. It’s my son’s honor to have you here,” Chen Yunzeng said with a joyful smile. At this moment, he couldn’t maintain his usual refined image, being in high spirits due to the festive occasion and having his delightful son in his arms.

Sheng Jiaqi responded with a warm smile, and although Wei Chen maintained his usual composed demeanor, his expression softened slightly in the presence of the charming chubby child. He also offered his congratulations.

After a brief exchange, Chen Yunzeng greeted other guests as more distinguished visitors arrived.

One of these guests, Sheng Jiaqi recognized: Mr. Xu, named Xu Hanzhen, the chairman of Beijing’s business association and the chairman of Dingsheng Industries, one of the Global Fortune 500 companies. He was highly respected in the business community.

Xu Hanzhen was accompanied by a young woman, dressed in a white gown. Of course, she was not some secret lover of Mr. Xu; rather, she was his legitimate granddaughter, Xu Ruru.

Chen Yunzeng went to receive Xu Hanzhen and exchanged pleasantries. Then, he went on to greet other esteemed guests.

Accompanied by Xu Ruru, Xu Hanzhen approached Sheng Jiaqi and Wei Chen. Wei Chen also knew Xu Hanzhen, as there was a deep friendship between Mr. Xu and Grandfather Wei.

When Xu Hanzhen came over, Wei Chen nodded and greeted, “Grandpa Xu.”

Upon entering the banquet hall, Xu Ruru noticed Wei Chen and found it hard to look away. Seeing Wei Chen up close, she felt he had changed a lot compared to a year ago.

With glasses on, Wei Chen appeared much more gentle, and his restrained aura was more pronounced, making him seem even more outstanding. He was so outstanding that she couldn’t divert her eyes.

However, she soon noticed that Wei Chen didn’t seem to notice her. Even though she stood next to Wei Chen, he didn’t spare her a glance.

Xu Ruru clenched her hand tightly, suppressing her emotions. This kind of occasion didn’t allow her to show any inappropriate expressions.

Noticing the increase in his granddaughter’s grip, Xu Hanzhen understood the reason. He reached out to cover her hand, trying to comfort her. When he looked at Wei Chen, there was a hint of reproach in his gaze, but he said, “Achen, I remember you’ve been in the capital for several years now, right? How come you never visit Grandpa Xu’s house? Are you afraid we have wolves and tigers there?”

Wei Chen slightly apologetic, said, “I’m sorry, Grandpa Xu, I’ve been too busy.” Although Xu Hanzhen had a good relationship with Grandfather Wei, they hadn’t met many times. Wei Chen’s use of “Grandpa Xu” was due to his relationship with Grandfather Wei.

Sheng Jiaqi finally understood what was going on. Mr. Xu’s granddaughter liked Wei Chen, but Wei Chen wasn’t interested. Consequently, Mr. Xu was scolding Wei Chen. This old man, even if he loved his granddaughter, couldn’t he avoid forming such an odd connection?

Sheng Jiaqi walked up to Wei Chen, and just as Mr. Xu was about to say something to Wei Chen, he intervened, saying in advance, “Mr. Xu, long time no see.”

Sheng Jiaqi was from the Sheng family, and Mr. Xu couldn’t vent his frustrations in front of Sheng Jiaqi. He greeted Sheng Jiaqi with a smile and shook his outstretched hand, saying, “Chairman Sheng, it has indeed been a while.”

Afterward, Sheng Jiaqi engaged Mr. Xu in conversation about various business matters, successfully diverting Mr. Xu’s attention from Wei Chen. This allowed Xu Ruru to approach Wei Chen. She smiled and said, “Wei Chen, it’s been a year since we last met, right? I wonder how Chen Li is recovering?”

Wei Chen politely nodded to her. “Li Li has recovered well. Thank you for your concern, Miss Xu.”

Xu Ruru bit her lip, wanting to say something, but Wei Chen noticed a business partner and excused himself to go talk to them.

Watching Wei Chen’s retreating figure, Xu Ruru bit her lip again but didn’t follow.

Before encountering Wei Chen today, Xu Ruru thought she had let go of him from her heart. However, seeing Wei Chen today made her heart race, and her eyes involuntarily followed his figure. She realized that she truly couldn’t let go of these feelings.

The impression Wei Chen left in her heart was too deep. She thought that in a year’s time, she could erase these impressions. This past year, she indeed rarely thought of Wei Chen, but every time she did, it was a heart-wrenching pain. It had only gotten better recently.

So she thought she had forgotten, but now reality told her she couldn’t. Those impressions were still here in her heart.

Since she couldn’t let go, she decided to be crazy just once. She was tired of living a disciplined life. This time, for the sake of her love, she wanted to go all out.

Xu Ruru looked at Wei Chen again, this time without bitterness, instead, there was a sense of determination.

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No good wine at the feast, no good banquet – (Hongmen Banquet metaphor) a situation where someone is lured into a trap or a dangerous, deceptive situation under the guise of a friendly or celebratory gathering.

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