Chapter 228 – The Little Yellow Disc

Master Sun, mentioned by Zhuge Yu, was Chen Li’s teacher in traditional Chinese painting. Zhuge Yu had introduced Chen Li to Master Sun, or more accurately, Zhuge Yu had simply recommended Chen Li to Master Sun, who recognized Chen Li’s talent on his own.

Before Zhuge Yu officially took Chen Li as a student, he showed Master Sun a painting of plum blossoms in the snow that Chen Li had painted as he pleased. At a glance, Master Sun recognized it as an unfinished painting and was also amazed by Chen Li’s talent.

At that time, Zhuge Yu convinced Master Sun to accept Chen Li as a student. However, when Master Sun formally took Chen Li as his apprentice, it had been quite some time since Zhuge Yu had taken Chen Li as his own student.

The relationship between Zhuge Yu and Master Sun was that of nephew and uncle in the realm of apprenticeships. Zhuge Yu’s teacher was Master Sun’s senior brother, but Zhuge Yu never showed undue deference to Master Sun.

So, if one were to carefully calculate, the generational hierarchy between Chen Li and Zhuge Yu was actually quite confusing.

However, nobody cared about this. What Zhuge Yu and Master Sun wanted was simply to nurture Chen Li. Sometimes, generational hierarchy wasn’t that necessary.

Chen Li held a deep respect for Master Sun and always felt that Master Sun had an aura of an immortal, residing in a valley like a hermit, as if he could ascend to the heavens at any moment.

Master Sun truly deserved the title of a national master. His paintings had profound artistic conception, revealing the essence amidst the ethereal. He single-handedly showcased Chinese traditional painting to the world, letting more people know and appreciate this ancient and beautiful art form.

Master Sun held a high position in the country. His paintings often appeared in events where foreign guests were entertained, establishing close relationships with some national leaders and gaining abundant resources.

However, Master Sun never exploited these resources for personal gains. He led a simple and unassuming life, dedicating his entire life to the cause of traditional Chinese painting. He never married or had children, living a solitary life.

After understanding Master Sun’s accomplishments from Zhuge Yu, Chen Li felt a surge of admiration. He considered himself very fortunate to be a student of such a great man.

Chen Li did not disappoint Zhuge Yu and Master Sun either. Since Master Sun was getting older and had limited energy, he could only devote one day a week to teach Chen Li. During this precious time, which amounted to just a few hours, Chen Li treasured the opportunity, studying attentively and earnestly, not daring to lose focus.

The two masters in the art world were not without reason in being drawn to Chen Li. Chen Li’s talent in painting amazed both teachers, whether it was the Western style of painting he learned from Zhuge Yu or the traditional Chinese painting he learned from Master Sun. In every painting he created, Chen Li demonstrated a mastery and depth of meaning that was truly awe-inspiring.

After several months of systematic study in traditional Chinese painting, Chen Li’s current proficiency in art had reached the level to consider him for graduation. Hence, Master Sun, who had been quiet for a while, planned to introduce Chen Li, his closed-door disciple, during this upcoming art exchange event.

Chen Li knew that Master Sun had his best interests at heart, so he agreed to the invitation for the exchange event. However, he was already starting to feel nervous about meeting all the strangers at the event.

Chen Li received an invitation, and Wei Chen at Changfeng Group also received one.

The invitation was sent by Chen Yunzeng, as the day after tomorrow was the hundredth-day celebration of Chen Yunzeng’s son. That’s why Chen Yunzeng extended the invitation. Not only Wei Chen but also Sheng Jiaqi and Zhuge Feng received invitations.

It was said that Chen Yunzeng had been eagerly anticipating the birth of this son for a long time, and now that the hundredth-day celebration was approaching, he wanted everyone to know about it.

After handing out the invitations, Chen Yunzeng left. Wei Chen placed the invitation on his desk, not troubled by it.

Since Chen Yunzeng had personally delivered the invitation, Wei Chen naturally couldn’t disregard Chen Yunzeng’s face. He would definitely attend Chen Yunzeng’s son’s hundredth-day celebration.

Wei Chen didn’t think this was just a simple invitation. He pushed up his glasses and his eyes turned cold and sharp. Just then, a knock on the door sounded. Wei Chen said calmly, “Come in.”

The person who entered was Zhuge Feng. He walked to Wei Chen’s desk and saw the invitation. It was the same as the one Chen Yunzeng had delivered to his office earlier. Evidently, Chen Yunzeng had also sent one to Wei Chen.

Zhuge Feng handed over some documents to Wei Chen and discussed some work matters before steering the conversation to the invitation Chen Yunzeng had sent.

“Are you planning to attend?” Zhuge Feng didn’t specify what they were attending, but his gaze fell on the invitation with a chubby figure drawn on the cover.

Wei Chen nodded, “Yes.”

“Be very careful,” Zhuge Feng furrowed his brows and reminded.

To Chen Yunzeng’s son’s hundredth-day celebration, it was just a regular event for him and Sheng Jiaqi. With their backgrounds, the Chen family wouldn’t dare to cause trouble for them. However, for Wei Chen, this event was not just a celebration but more like a potential trap.

“I know,” Wei Chen said coldly, glancing at the invitation. His tone remained indifferent. Even though he was aware of the dangers ahead, Wei Chen would still take that step forward.

“As long as you know. Both Chairman Sheng and I will be present at the event. If you encounter any problems, feel free to approach us,” Zhuge Feng reiterated, still concerned.

The Chen family was known for holding grudges and seeking revenge for the slightest offense. Since Wei Chen joined Changfeng Group, he had disrupted many of the Chen family’s plans within the company. Naturally, the Chen family harbored resentment towards Wei Chen. This invitation to Chen Yunzeng’s son’s hundredth-day celebration was obviously not a simple gesture. Zhuge Feng’s worry lessened when he observed Wei Chen’s composed demeanor. Wei Chen was a perceptive and capable individual, and these potential issues might not pose a significant threat to him.

“Just be cautious,” Zhuge Feng said as he left Wei Chen’s office.

Wei Chen knew Zhuge Feng was concerned for him and nodded in response, “I will.”

With this assurance, Zhuge Feng left with his worries. When he reached the top floor, instead of returning to his own office, he took a turn and went to Sheng Jiaqi’s office. He felt the need to discuss some strategies with Sheng Jiaqi, exploring if they could help Wei Chen navigate through this potential trap.

As Zhuge Feng entered Sheng Jiaqi’s office and raised the issue, Sheng Jiaqi chuckled immediately, “Zhuge, you’re overthinking it.”

Zhuge Feng was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“Do you think the Chen family will believe that both of us have absolute trust in Wei Chen?” Sheng Jiaqi didn’t elaborate but believed that Zhuge Feng would understand with this hint.

Indeed, a second later, Zhuge Feng showed a look of sudden realization.

“Yes, yes, I indeed overthought it. Worried for no reason,” Zhuge Feng said with a smile. “I’ll get back to work now. There are some files I need to handle.”

Sheng Jiaqi waved at him, saying, “Go on, go on.”


When Wei Chen got home after work, Chen Li was already there. Hearing the noise at the door, Chen Li took his eyes off the animation and looked towards the door. Seeing Wei Chen coming in, he immediately said, “Welcome back.”

He had been watching a Japanese anime recently, and this was how they greeted each other in the anime.

Wei Chen changed into indoor slippers and sat down beside Chen Li. The TV was playing some dialogue he didn’t understand, and he looked in that direction. Two male characters were having a conversation.

Wei Chen raised an eyebrow. “Which channel is this?”

Chen Li, engrossed in the anime, didn’t turn back and said, “It’s a DVD I got from a classmate. It’s quite good.”

Wei Chen didn’t say anything. However, he suspected that this anime was likely borrowed from the classmate who also gave Chen Li the comics.

Wei Chen watched the anime with Chen Li for a while. In just a few minutes, the two male characters on the TV had undressed multiple times and were now intertwined. Background music started playing, creating a very atmospheric ambiance.

There was no need to guess; the next scenes were definitely R-rated.

Wei Chen turned to look at Chen Li and saw that Chen Li was staring at the TV without a hint of embarrassment, with bright eyes. Wei Chen knew that Chen Li was watching this with a learning mindset.

At that moment, Wei Chen felt like facepalming.

Chen Li’s enthusiasm for studying the activities between lovers was surging. Was he a scholar or a researcher?

After an R-rated scene had passed, Chen Li turned to look at Wei Chen and patted his stomach. “Achen, I’m hungry.”

Wei Chen knew what Chen Li wanted and rubbed his head, saying, “You keep watching; I’ll go cook. What do you want to eat today?”

“Noodles,” Chen Li placed an order without hesitation.

“Alright, seafood noodles it is,” Wei Chen always catered to Chen Li’s wishes.

Chen Li then continued watching the anime, waiting for Wei Chen to finish cooking.

Thirty minutes later, after placing the noodles on the dining table, Wei Chen called out to Chen Li in the living room, “Li Li, wash your hands; dinner is ready.”

Hearing this, Chen Li pressed the pause button on the remote, got up, washed his hands, and went to eat.

Wei Chen’s cooking skills had improved significantly over the past year of practice. Even for a simple bowl of seafood noodles, the aroma filled the air, making it a delightful meal.

Chen Li swiftly finished his bowl of noodles and sat back, full and content, on the chair.

Wei Chen also finished his meal, cleared the dishes, and went to wash them in the kitchen.

The subordinates at Changfeng Group would never know that Wei Chen, the seemingly aloof Deputy General Manager, had such a gentle and considerate side at home, resembling that of a doting wife.

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Little Yellow Disc – Yellow here means mud or waste, meaning something dirty

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