Chapter 635 – Prizes

After the third prize was drawn, it was time for the second prize. Lu Xia had prepared quite generously for the second prize.

Five bicycles.

Yes, bicycles!

Even though these days had seen reforms and opening up, buying something as substantial as a bicycle still required tickets.

Many people still couldn’t afford them. Although the one Lu Xia bought didn’t need a ticket, it was still something she had spent a hefty sum to acquire.

So, when the five brand-new bicycles were wheeled out, the audience below was in an uproar.

“Wow!” The hall erupted!

These were bicycles! And there were five of them.

At this moment, everyone forgot to envy the earlier winners. Not winning now meant there was still a chance, and they hoped they would be the lucky ones this time.

Soon, Ye Lin leisurely drew the first number.

“Number 54.”

There was an instant silence in the room; no one came forward to claim it.

At this point, someone suddenly said, “I think it’s me!”

Lu Xia looked back and saw an elderly lady.

Somewhat puzzled, when did the company start having such elderly employees?

Then, upon hearing from the person beside, Lu Xia learned that this person was the company’s cleaner, responsible for the company’s hygiene.

She was usually the earliest to arrive and the last to leave. She was diligent and responsible at work. After hearing this, Lu Xia vaguely remembered her.

Seeing that the lady confirmed it was her number, she excitedly walked up to the stage.

Following that, the other four winners were also drawn. The winners were all very happy; after all, it was pennies from Heaven.

After receiving their prizes, each of them excitedly gave a speech.

One of the young salesmen said something particularly amusing.

He said that he was getting married during the Chinese New Year, and this bicycle would make a perfect betrothal gift, surely adding to his prestige.

The employees chuckled upon hearing this.

The cleaning lady, even more, was moved to tears, expressing that as long as the company needed her, she would ensure the company’s hygiene was spotless!

Others found it amusing hearing this.

Soon, only the first prize was left.

And Lu Xia had prepared a significant item for the first prize.

It was a brand-new television, a color TV.

When the TV was brought up, unsurprisingly, the people below went “wild” again!

TVs were expensive in this era, and color TVs were even more so, easily reaching four figures.

Could anyone remain calm?

At this point, those who hadn’t been drawn before were barely catching their breaths, eagerly watching Ye Lin’s hand as she drew the lottery, wishing they could go up and draw in her place.

Finally, when it was drawn, the venue fell unusually quiet, waiting for the announcement of the number.

“Number 41!”

Finally, the number was announced.

The disappointed ones who hadn’t won relaxed their shoulders.

The winners, on the other hand, shouted out.

“Ah! It’s me, I won!”

Lu Xia looked in the direction of the voice and saw that the winner had already embraced someone next to them, both of them wearing excited smiles.

Lu Xia found her somewhat familiar.

When the person regained composure and walked up to the stage, Lu Xia finally recognized her.

This person turned out to be the owner of Xia Lin’s first franchise store—Lin Jiqin. Lu Xia had quite an impression of them as a couple.

It seemed her husband was here today too.

After Lin Jiqin went up on stage, she burst into tears and said into the microphone, “Thank you, thank you to the company, thank you Xia Lin. Joining the beauty salon changed me completely. Thank you to the company for giving me a new life…”

Lu Xia was moved by her words, feeling that she was a person with a story. But if Xia Lin could bring her change and hope, that was all the better…


Chapter 636 – Ye Lin’s Resistance


At last, the lottery came to an end.

Some who didn’t win felt a bit disappointed, but Liu Song had already mentioned that those who didn’t win wouldn’t go home empty-handed. The company had prepared New Year’s gifts for each employee, which they could take when leaving. This made everyone happy.

Next up was dinner time.

The hotel staff served the food, and every table was filled with lavish dishes, even better than a wedding banquet.

In fact, the hotel staff had just witnessed their event and were quite envious. They wished their workplace could be as good.

But alas, it remained a wish.

After dinner, the annual meeting officially ended. When leaving, each employee received the company’s New Year’s gift, and there were plenty—rice, noodles, and cooking oil—enough for them to have a good New Year.

So, everyone was very happy, and the lingering disappointment faded away.

After the annual meeting, the company officially went on holiday.

Lu Xia and her fellow owners had not left yet.

At this moment, they were sorting out this year’s earnings and preparing for profit sharing.

This year, due to the rapid expansion of the beauty salon and an increase in product sales, despite the expenses incurred from expanding the factory, buying equipment, and moving to a new office, the profits were quite substantial.

Even the amount that ultimately landed in Lu Xia’s hands would be considered a lot in later times.

It was evident that they had made a significant profit.

After profit sharing, the three of them were about to part ways.

Master Zhong was in a good mood, eager to go home and share the news with her family. She said her goodbyes and left early.

Only the two of them remained. Lu Xia noticed that Ye Lin didn’t seem to be in a rush to leave and asked, “What’s up? Not in a hurry to go home?”

Ye Lin shook her head. “It’s just that suddenly having some free time, I don’t know what to do!”

Lu Xia chuckled at this. “You really are a workaholic. Isn’t it good to take a rare break?”

Ye Lin sighed, “I’m afraid that when I go back home, my family will pressure me about getting married. You don’t know. Ever since my company started advertising, all my relatives and friends know that I’m successful. They keep introducing potential suitors to me every day. My mom even organized a booklet, waiting for me to go on blind dates during my days off.”

Lu Xia laughed at this, “It seems like you’ll be quite busy during your vacation!”

Hearing Lu Xia’s slightly teasing tone, Ye Lin gave her a glare, “You heartless person! Can’t you think of a solution for me?”

“What solution? Don’t you want to go? If I remember correctly, you’re just a year younger than Ye Nan, right? You’re not young anymore; it’s time to look!”

After hearing this, Ye Lin shook her head, “But the company is so busy now, I don’t have time to look for a partner, and I don’t want to.”

“You can’t think like that.”

Lu Xia looked at her as if she were about to dedicate herself to the company and quickly said, “You need to understand that the company will never have a ‘not busy’ time. You can’t just keep postponing. I’d feel guilty. I always feel like I’m delaying your happiness!”

Ye Lin shook her head in response, “It’s not your concern; I just don’t want to look for someone.”

Frowning, Lu Xia then thought of something, “Are you not over that person from before?”

Ye Lin paused when she heard this question, then shook her head, “No.”

Lu Xia wasn’t entirely convinced, but she could tell Ye Lin didn’t want to discuss it. She sighed internally, hoping for a good outcome for Ye Lin.

“Since you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t ask anymore. I just want to tell you, I hope you’ll always take care of yourself, no matter when.”

Ye Lin smiled, “Don’t worry, I will!”

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