Chapter 633 – Dark History

As it turned out, the second child hadn’t written anything; he had just scribbled a messy name and was now holding his head, lost in thought.

The third child did write, but Kang Kang couldn’t understand it.

Curious, he asked, “What’s that ‘X’?”

The third child frowned at his brother and explained, “It’s wrong.”


“Wrong, I was wrong!”

Kang Kang: “…”

He had meant it as ‘I messed up’…

He decided to give up and turned to the fourth child.

Indeed, her ‘writing’ was all characters that he couldn’t understand. “What do those circles at the end mean?” There were more than ten of them together.

The fourth child bit her pen and explained, “Mom and I made a deal. If I make another mistake, I will replace my ten eggs with five eggs per week, so that I will eat one less egg every day!”

Kang Kang: “…”

He didn’t want to look anymore.

After leaving, he shared this incredible incident with Dad.

Jiang Junmo wanted to laugh upon hearing it but refrained from participating.

Possibly afraid that they wouldn’t finish the task and wouldn’t get dinner, the kids rushed to finish writing their reflections before dinner. They handed them over to Lu Xia.

Lu Xia received them and indeed didn’t say anything more. They all had dinner.

However, after dinner, when Lu Xia looked at the reflections, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Oh my, this is too amusing! I definitely have to keep these and show them to them when they grow up, a real dark history!”

Jiang Junmo shook his head in amusement, “Are you happy now?”

Lu Xia nodded, “Yes, very happy! B*llying them is indeed the most enjoyable!”

Jiang Junmo chuckled, watching her. He didn’t say anything; at least she was in a good mood. It seemed the children had their uses.

After the fight incident, perhaps due to the severity of the punishment, the children behaved quite well for a while. It made things easier for Lu Xia and they decided that if they made mistakes again, they would be punished the same way to make them learn their lesson.

Time passed quickly, and before they knew it, it was the end of the term. After finishing the exams, Lu Xia had another break.

This time after the break, she didn’t go to the company.

The company had stabilized after a period of expansion.

With the additional hiring, it wasn’t as busy as before.

So, whenever she had nothing to do, she would just relax at home.

However, she was soon roped into helping by Aunt Jiang.

This year for Chinese New Year, her eldest cousin’s family finally planned to come back. Aunt Jiang wanted to decorate their rooms, but she was busy, so she assigned the task to Lu Xia.

After receiving the task, Lu Xia got to work.

Jiang Junmo was still at work, so she had to go alone.

After running around for a few days and buying bedding and other necessities, she even prepared a crib for her niece.

Once everything in the room was prepared, Aunt was very pleased and thanked her, suggesting that they move in as soon as possible.

Lu Xia thought about it and agreed.

Mainly because Kang Kang moved to live in the big courtyard after his winter vacation to keep his grandfather company.

A few of the younger kids also followed them back. After all, there were many children in the compound, and they could play together.

They went back, and so did Aunt Sun.

The remaining two, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo, initially thought they could have some alone time, but Jiang Junmo had been quite busy lately and didn’t have time for her.

So, after thinking it over, she decided to move back as well.

She spent a day packing and moved back.

Back in the compound, Lu Xia’s routine remained unchanged. She thought she could relax until Chinese New Year, but she was called over by Ye Lin to help.

The company had done well this year, and Ye Lin planned to have a meal with the employees as a team-building activity before the holidays.

Lu Xia thought it would be better to just have a year-end party.

She explained the concept of the year-end party, and Ye Lin agreed immediately, assigning the task to her.

Lu Xia: “…” Was it too late to change her mind now?


Chapter 634 – Company Annual Party


Well, the words were already out of her mouth, and it was too late to turn back.

Lu Xia could only accept the task.

Fortunately, everyone was excited when they heard that the company was going to have an annual party. They actively cooperated, and those with talents prepared many performances.

Lu Xia also took the idle employees and bought a lot of gifts to use later.

With everything ready, the annual party began.

Lu Xia went all out this time and booked a hotel for the annual party. It was a place usually used for weddings, and it was the first time a company had rented it.

But regardless of the event, making money was what mattered. So, Lu Xia successfully secured the venue, decorated it, and even invited the owners of franchise stores from all over the country to attend.

On the day of the annual party, the company gave the employees the day off. Some employees were busy setting up the venue, some were preparing performances, and some were at the train station welcoming the owners of franchise stores.

Both inside and outside the venue were bustling with activity.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the annual party officially began, and the host was Liu Song, whose eloquence had been honed over the years.

Considering that both the company employees and the franchise store owners knew him, he was the perfect choice to host the event.

The start of the annual party was the performances prepared by the employees.

Lu Xia was surprised to find out that the company’s employees were quite talented.

There were singers, comedians, and even speed-talkers…

Everyone was well-prepared, and the audience was thoroughly entertained.

Lu Xia couldn’t stop laughing at the comedy skits performed by two employees.

After the performances, Lu Xia, Ye Lin, and other leaders took turns to give speeches and talked about the company’s achievements this year.

Then came the most anticipated moment for the employees: the raffle!

This time, Lu Xia went all out and bought a lot of prizes, and the news had already spread within the company. However, she kept the specifics a secret, planning to surprise everyone when the time came.

So, at this moment, everyone was quite excited.

When they entered, each person was assigned a number, which was the winning number for the raffle. So, everyone held onto their numbers carefully.

Then, as the company owner, Ye Lin went up to draw the prizes.

Originally, Ye Lin wanted Lu Xia to do it, but Lu Xia declined.

She spent less time at the company, so she preferred someone else to take the spotlight for such events.

When Ye Lin went up, Liu Song announced, “First, each person gets a 10-pound cotton quilt!”

There were a total of ten third-place prizes. A 10-pound cotton quilt was already a rare and valuable prize. Cotton was scarce these days, and it was hard to come by. This large cotton quilt could be divided into two smaller quilts and used as dowry or wedding gifts.

The employees below were excited, eagerly watching Liu Song as he held the raffle box.


“Ah! It’s me!” At this moment, a young girl stood up in excitement.

She was an employee of the company, seemingly from the customer service department. Since the company’s phone number was made public, there had been many calls coming in daily to the company.

It wasn’t practical to have the salespeople answer all the calls, so Lu Xia proposed establishing a customer service department.

They recruited people with friendly voices, taught them some scripts, and delegated the task of answering calls to them. The salespeople could then focus on handling franchise-related business.

The young girl was thrilled to win, and the others around her were envious.

Soon, all ten numbers were drawn.

The winners stood on stage, excited to receive their prizes.

Ye Lin handed out the prizes to each of them.

The recipients were overjoyed with their prizes. A 10-pound quilt was substantial. After they all walked off the stage, those passing by looked at them with envy.

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