Chapter 693 (Extra) — Zhen Zhen’s Acting Dream 2

Lu Xia listened to her daughter’s words, thought for a moment, and glanced at Jiang Junmo. Finally, she made a decision.

“Alright, if you’re saying this, then we’ll consider your performance. If your grades don’t recover to the previous level in the next exam, then the matter of acting is off the table.”

Zhen Zhen immediately smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll do it!”

After Zhen Zhen left, Lu Xia sighed, watching her daughter’s cheerful departure.

Jiang Junmo comforted her, saying, “Our child is growing up. If she likes it, let her do it; otherwise, she’ll have regrets later.”

Lu Xia sighed again. “You’re right, but she’s still so young. I’m worried that she’ll get tired too early if she starts engaging with the adult world too soon. A child only has one childhood, and I don’t want her to experience the complexity of society too soon.”

Jiang Junmo chuckled and hugged her. “You’re thinking about it carefully, but isn’t the most important thing for parents to make their children happy? Besides, we can’t accompany them and watch over them for their whole lives. Since she’s so determined, we should let her try. After all, it’s what she wants.”

Lu Xia nodded; that was what she thought too, which was why she agreed. She was just a bit worried.

When the final exams arrived, Zhen Zhen did indeed work hard to raise her grades. Lu Xia fulfilled her promise and helped her land a role in a television drama. Since Zhen Zhen didn’t have an agent, Lu Xia played a role in screening scripts and finding her prominent roles, drawing on her memories from her past life to make the right choices.

This time, Zhen Zhen accepted a role in a historical drama, where she played the childhood version of the female lead. Her role was not extensive, but it was significant. The shooting took place during the summer vacation, and Lu Xia took time off to accompany her. However, she brought along an assistant to ensure that everything was handled properly, as she was still relatively unfamiliar with the entertainment industry.

Lu Xia’s primary focus was still on Zhen Zhen’s education. She made sure Zhen Zhen primarily took on acting projects during her school breaks. If Zhen Zhen ever decided to pursue an acting career seriously, she would consider finding a professional agent for her.

Lu Xia’s decision to be hands-on at this stage allowed her to accompany Zhen Zhen to various sets during school breaks. It was a way to supervise her daughter’s activities and ensure her well-being.

While Jiang Junmo felt somewhat left out because of their frequent departures, he understood the importance of their support for Zhen Zhen. He had to acknowledge that he couldn’t risk Zhen Zhen going to sets alone, especially with the complexity of the entertainment industry.

Thanks to Lu Xia’s past memories, Zhen Zhen quickly gained recognition for her performances in several television dramas. She became a well-known child actress in the industry.

Their extended family and friends soon learned about their daughter’s newfound fame and her career as a child star.

Many television productions started reaching out to them, hoping to cast Zhen Zhen. However, Lu Xia continued to control the number of acting projects and only allowed her to participate during school breaks to ensure she prioritized her studies.

Thankfully, Zhen Zhen stayed true to her promise and didn’t let her grades slip. This gave Lu Xia no reason to prevent her from pursuing her passion.

Lu Xia initially thought that Zhen Zhen’s interest in acting was temporary, but it turned out that her daughter was genuinely committed to it. She never complained, no matter how challenging the work became. This made Lu Xia realize that Zhen Zhen’s passion for acting was real.

As things developed, Lu Xia began to consider starting her own entertainment company. Initially, it was just a thought, but with Zhen Zhen’s growing fame, she decided to establish a company to protect her daughter. She assembled a professional team to manage the work on her behalf, ensuring that Zhen Zhen received fair treatment.

Several years later, Zhen Zhen entered a film academy, her fame continued to rise, and she became a renowned actress. At this point, Lu Xia finally felt secure enough to allow her daughter to venture out on her own. She stayed in the background, providing guidance and support as needed.


Chapter 694 (Extra) — Children’s Ideals


Zhen Zhen’s passion for acting led her to pursue admission to a film academy. Her excellent academic performance didn’t deter her from her dream. Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo wholeheartedly supported her choices, respecting her aspirations and desires.

As for their eldest son, Kang Kang, he achieved his goal of attending the National University of Defense Technology and became a dedicated military officer. He had a demanding job that kept him away from home for most of the year, leaving his parents often longing for his presence.

The real surprises came from their second and third children.

Their second child, An An, had a naturally easygoing personality from a young age, seemingly free from the common pettiness of sibling rivalry. Unexpectedly, he showed exceptional aptitude in science and mathematics. He displayed a strong passion for these subjects, delving deeply into high school-level textbooks during his early years. At first, Jiang Junmo attempted to tutor him, but An An quickly surpassed his father’s knowledge. They eventually sought other teachers to nurture his talents.

An An’s studies advanced to a level far beyond his peers, leading to an offer of admission to a prominent institution, Tsinghua University, where he was granted an eight-year combined Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate program. This remarkable academic journey seemed destined to contribute significantly to national scientific research.

Lu Xia felt a mix of pride and concern. She was proud of An An’s exceptional achievements at such a young age but also concerned about the relentless dedication and hard work it demanded. Regardless, she recognized that her children were growing up and pursuing their own paths, and it was their happiness that mattered most.

Their third child, Chen Chen, was the one who displayed the most outgoing and extroverted personality among the siblings.

In terms of cleverness, he was actually on par with An An. The only difference was that his focus wasn’t on research.

Mainly, he couldn’t settle his mind and, instead, he became more interested in making money through business.

After graduating from high school, he interned at Lu Xia’s company, and during college, he worked at the company whenever he had a break.

After graduation, he directly took over Lu Xia’s entertainment company.

This company was solely owned by Lu Xia. Before, because she didn’t have any help, she used to run between her school and the company, and she was always quite busy. With Chen Chen’s help, she saved a lot of worry.

As for the company she partnered with Ye Lin and the others, it has now become the Xia Lin Group.

The company’s portfolio expanded beyond just beauty salons and cosmetics; it also established beauty and plastic surgery hospitals and various other medical beauty institutions.

The profits had reached astronomical figures, and Master Zhong had already retired from the company in recent years due to her old age. While her shares had been diluted somewhat, the annual income remained substantial, and she was quite content.

With this income from her shares, her descendants would likely live very well.

As for the investment in Qi Xiao’s electronics company, it had now become the Zheng Xiao Group and had become a renowned domestic electronics giant.

Lu Xia’s annual share income was also quite substantial.

As for the private restaurant, it was still in operation, and because Wang Qiuying was so capable, she renovated and reopened the large courtyard that Lu Xia had left idle earlier.

The head chef was an apprentice of Old Master Chang and Chang Yi, and he was currently quite popular, so the annual income was also substantial.

Not to mention her rental income.

It could be said that she had truly achieved the ability to make money without much effort.

However, people are like this; even with money, they can’t stay idle.

In addition, her main profession was still a university professor.

Lu Xia had become a professor now. Although she didn’t have many classes to teach, she still had to take care of her students, including master’s and doctoral students, so she was quite busy.

Jiang Junmo was the same way; in their field, as they grew older and gained more experience, they had to be more hands-on with many things, so they had very little free time.

Lu Xia sometimes wondered why, as she earned more money, she became even busier. When would she ever be able to make money while lying down?

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