Chapter 691 (Extra) — Fresh Meat and Old Bacon

Lu Xia had no idea that her drunken ramblings had been remembered by Jiang Junmo. When she woke up the next day, he shockingly asked her if she had any men’s skincare products.

Lu Xia found a newly released skincare product for men, which she had previously bought for him, and handed it to him. She watched as he glanced at the instructions for a moment and then cautiously applied a bit to his face.

Surprised, she asked, “You’re actually willing to use it?”

Previously, a certain someone had seen the product and immediately discarded it, saying they didn’t need it.

Jiang Junmo nodded and said, “I’m getting older; I need to take good care of my skin. Otherwise, someone might lose interest and look elsewhere!”

Lu Xia stared at his still-handsome face that hadn’t changed much from his early twenties. She felt a bit embarrassed because she remembered she had indeed said these things last night. However, at this moment, she absolutely refused to admit that these were her true thoughts. It must have been just drunken nonsense!

Moreover, using skincare products wasn’t a bad idea, right? So, she smoothly changed the subject.

Jiang Junmo was well aware of her hidden intentions but didn’t expose them and smoothly followed her lead to a new topic.

During dinner, for some reason, Jiang Junmo found Kang Kang particularly annoying today.

Lu Xia noticed that he had been glaring at Kang Kang secretly.

She didn’t say anything directly at the time, but later, she asked him, “What did Kang Kang do to bother you?”

Jiang Junmo gave her a glare in response.

Perplexed by his reaction, Lu Xia asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Junmo asked with a stern face, “Is the ‘little fresh meat’ you are talking about like Kang Kang?”

Lu Xia stammered, “I, well…”

“Am I the ‘old bacon’ then?” Jiang Junmo continued.

“No, you’re not old!” Lu Xia quickly interrupted.

“Your appearance doesn’t reveal your age at all. How could you be considered ‘old bacon’? You’re the ‘little fresh meat.’ Kang Kang is too young for that!”

Hearing her explanation, Jiang Junmo’s expression finally relaxed. Lu Xia quickly reassured him a few more times until he looked satisfied.

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief and mentally rolled her eyes, thinking, “Can you believe he got jealous of our son?”

But what could she do? After all, the person she liked was him, and she had to indulge him, right?

Even though she thought this way, Lu Xia didn’t see the smile on her own face…

In reality, Jiang Junmo was correct; Kang Kang did have the potential to become a “little fresh meat” as he grew older. With age, he became more and more handsome, and his outstanding academic performance made him a star student at school.

During his high school years, he had even been approached by a film crew that wanted him to play the role of the female lead’s son in a drama. However, Lu Xia, after consulting with Kang Kang, had turned down the offer.

The director had expressed some regret, but later, another opportunity arose in a school-themed drama, which seemed more suitable for Kang Kang. They approached him once again, but Kang Kang declined once more.

His goal had always been clear: to attend a military academy and become a soldier.

However, due to the frequent visits from film directors, Zhen Zhen began to show interest. She insisted on visiting film sets, especially after hearing about the behind-the-scenes process of filming.

Lu Xia was pestered by her several times and eventually had to call some directors she knew from her past. She then took Zhen Zhen to visit a nearby film set.

During this visit, a director from one of the nearby sets became interested in Zhen Zhen.


Chapter 692 (Extra) — Zhen Zhen’s Acting Dream 1


This production was in need of a young female actor. The originally cast actress had developed a mouth sore due to exam stress and poor exam results. The director found it unsightly and was ready to replace her.

However, with filming about to begin, there were no suitable replacements at the moment. The film crew had to search nearby to see if there was a suitable young actress available.

Coincidentally, as soon as they came out to look for a potential actress, they spotted Zhen Zhen, who had come with Lu Xia.

Zhen Zhen bore a closer resemblance to Jiang Junmo, with delicate features and bright, lively eyes. She looked like a clever little beauty.

The director assumed she was a child star and was immediately captivated.

Lu Xia initially disagreed with Zhen Zhen’s participation in the production. But when she saw the eager look in Zhen Zhen’s eyes and considered that it was only two scenes that shouldn’t take up much time, she gave her consent.

She had thought Zhen Zhen might be scared since she hadn’t acted before. However, to her surprise, despite her young age, Zhen Zhen was exceptionally serious and quickly adapted to the filming process after thoroughly studying the script.

In fact, the results of her performance were even better than those of the professional actors.

At the end of the shoot, the director praised her repeatedly and even exchanged contact information, expressing interest in working with her again if a suitable role came up.

Lu Xia smiled but didn’t reply. She knew she probably wouldn’t let Zhen Zhen enter the entertainment industry at such a young age.

However, Lu Xia realized she had been too simplistic in her thinking.

The TV drama Zhen Zhen starred in was a major production by CCTV and became highly popular as soon as it aired. Although Zhen Zhen had a limited role, her exceptional acting combined with her exquisite appearance left a deep impression on the audience.

This resulted in many people recognizing her as soon as the show started airing. It wasn’t just her classmates; even the relatives of the Jiang family knew about it and called to inquire.

Lu Xia felt helpless. She hadn’t expected that this trial would have such a significant impact. The influence didn’t stop there. After the TV drama aired, Lu Xia received numerous calls from directors inviting Zhen Zhen to act in various roles. Lu Xia had almost declined all of them.

However, watching Zhen Zhen’s increasing popularity and her growing interest in the entertainment industry, her focus shifted away from studying, and her grades declined. Lu Xia felt that this couldn’t continue.

So, after Zhen Zhen’s mid-term exams, which showed a continued decline in her grades, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo had a discussion. They called Zhen Zhen into a room for a family meeting.

Zhen Zhen thought they were going to scold her for her falling grades, but to her surprise, her mother asked, “Zhen Zhen, do you like acting?”

Zhen Zhen was momentarily stunned and then nodded vigorously, saying, “I love it, I really love it!”

However, her mother continued, “But you see, acting may affect your studies. Your grades have dropped a lot since you started acting.”

Zhen Zhen lowered her head in shame.

After a long pause, she raised her head, sounding like she was making a promise, and said, “If you both agree to let me continue acting, I promise I won’t let my grades fall further. I promise that if my grades drop again, I won’t act anymore!”

Jiang Junmo, who had been silent, finally asked, “How can you guarantee that? What if your grades drop again? What will you do then?”

Zhen Zhen responded firmly, “I can guarantee that I will improve my grades next time, and if they drop again, I won’t act. I promise!”

The two parents exchanged glances and finally, Lu Xia asked, “Are you sure about this?”

“I’m sure!” Zhen Zhen nodded, determined.

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