Chapter 689 – Tang Yuan’s News

After resolving the matter of Lu Dong, Lu Xia also fulfilled a long-standing wish. She had kept all her promises, and the future would depend on how well he could live his life.

It was winter break again, and after the New Year, the four roommates gathered for a rare reunion. In reality, they had all been quite busy over the years, and they only had time to meet during the Chinese New Year.

Several years had passed since their graduation, and not much had changed for everyone. The only difference was that in the past, their meetings were about work, but now, most of the conversation revolved around their children.

Ye Nan and Yu Wan each had one child, while Tan Yunfang, after getting married, hadn’t had any more kids. Her husband had brought one child into the marriage. So, it was Lu Xia who had the most children.

It was during this reunion that they all admired Lu Xia, as only after becoming mothers did they truly understand how challenging it was to raise children. Lu Xia, on the other hand, was a mother of four.

Lu Xia: Finally, someone understands me now (っ′;ω;`с).

It was also during this gathering that they heard an unexpected piece of news from Yu Wan.

“A while ago, when I was traveling abroad with my work unit, I think I saw Tang Yuan.”

“What? Really?”

“Where was she, and how is she doing now?”

Although they hadn’t mentioned it for a long time, deep down, they were all worried about Tang Yuan. Many years had passed, and they had no idea about her well-being.

Yu Wan understood their concern and continued, “At that time, we attended a gathering with many Chinese people, and I thought I saw someone who looked like her. But when I wanted to go and say hello to her, she had already left. Later, I asked around, and they said her name was Lug. I think it might be her, but I’m not sure if she saw me at that time…”

The group fell into silence for a moment after hearing the news. Finally, Lu Xia said, “Perhaps it’s better this way; after all, seeing us might bring back unpleasant memories for her.”

“Yeah,” Ye Nan added, “As long as we know she’s doing well now, that’s what matters.”

Yu Wan nodded, “That’s also why I didn’t continue looking for her later. I heard she’s already married to a Chinese overseas, and he treats her really well! She even has twin daughters!”

Tan Yunfang chuckled, “That’s great; this way, all of us from Room 316 have become mothers!”

The others laughed along with her. Ye Nan then commented, “I really want to see what Junior Sister Hu’s husband is like. He must be quite a guy to convince Cuihua to have kids for him willingly.”

The mention of this brought more laughter.

Hu Cuihua had gotten married at the beginning of the previous year. Though they had received an invitation, they were all too busy to attend, so they could only send gifts.

By the end of the year, she had given birth to her child. In her letter, she had mentioned how tough her pregnancy was and how excruciating the childbirth had been, and she swore she wouldn’t do it again. Her friends felt a mixture of sympathy and amusement upon reading her words.

Since her graduation, they hadn’t met in person. Even Ye Nan, who had once said they would visit someday, faced challenges due to the limited transportation options during that time. Sun Shengnan, too, had only been able to visit the capital city because she had accompanied her daughter for medical treatment.

Despite their longing, they appreciated the fact that they had not lost contact, knowing they still had a friend no matter how far apart they were.

As they reminisced, the group’s spirits lifted, and they enjoyed a bit of wine.

Lu Xia had average alcohol tolerance, but she didn’t feel she had drunk too much. However, Jiang Junmo, who had come to pick her up, thought otherwise. He approached her, supporting her to prevent her from falling.

Upon seeing him, Lu Xia smiled and asked, “Did you drive here?”


Chapter 690 – The End


After Jiang Junmo went abroad, it became inconvenient for Lu Xia to handle all the children transportation on her own, so she eventually bought a car. Of course, she had obtained her driver’s license well in advance.

Jiang Junmo also had a driver’s license, but he rarely drove. This time, he probably drove to ensure Lu Xia didn’t get too cold.

Jiang Junmo nodded and asked, “Do you want me to drop off your friends?”

Lu Xia shook her head, saying, “No need, they all have someone coming to pick them up.”

Jiang Junmo didn’t say much more and helped her into the car.

On the way back, sitting in the passenger seat, Lu Xia looked out at the scenery. After a while, she found it uninteresting and turned her head to look at Jiang Junmo.

Jiang Junmo had noticed her gaze earlier and, seeing that she had been staring at him without blinking, he turned his head and asked with a smile, “What are you looking at?”

“Looking at how handsome you are!” Lu Xia replied directly.

Jiang Junmo chuckled and shook his head, “Be honest, when you proposed to me back then, was it because of my looks?”

Lu Xia smirked and said, “You’ve discovered that, huh? Hehe, to be honest, a significant part of the reason was indeed your appearance. If you had been really unattractive and unpleasant to look at, I might have chosen someone else!”

Jiang Junmo laughed and said, “Well, I better thank my face properly, then!”

Lu Xia chuckled at his response and said, “You’re right. You’re not getting any younger, so you better take good care of yourself. I might start looking at someone else if you become ugly!”

Jiang Junmo turned his face suddenly towards her and asked, “Really?”

Lu Xia was taken aback by his gaze and had a feeling that her response might affect their future days in some way.

So she quickly changed her response and said, “How could that be? Even when you’re old, you’ll be a handsome old man, and when we go out, there will definitely be many old ladies throwing handkerchiefs at you.”

Seemingly satisfied with her answer, Jiang Junmo withdrew his gaze, his lips curved into a smile as he said, “When you’re old, you’ll definitely be a beautiful old lady too. When we go out together, if someone throws a handkerchief at me, you just glare at her!”

Lu Xia laughed at his comment and said, “I can’t do that. You’re so charming; my eyes won’t be able to compete.”

Jiang Junmo also laughed and said, “In that case, we’ll hold hands when we go out. Let other old men and women know that we both have partners, and they probably won’t dare to throw handkerchiefs.”

Lu Xia, hearing his words, seemed to picture that future scene and couldn’t stop laughing.

“That’s great; when the time comes, we can hold hands not only to fend off admirers but also to support each other, so we won’t fall down. Hahaha…”

As they spoke, they had already arrived home.

However, neither of them got out of the car.

On this peaceful and quiet night, Jiang Junmo reached out and held Lu Xia’s hand. The two of them sat there, gazing at the starry sky outside the car window.

In their hearts, they thought about their journey from meeting to getting married, having children, and the many years to come when they would still be together.

Holding hands, growing old together, walking the path of life side by side.

Lu Xia thought, ‘This is truly wonderful. In this lifetime, I’m grateful, and I’m thankful. I wonder how the other Lu Xia, living a different life, is doing?’

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