Chapter 238 – Ruru’s Visit

Since it was Grandfather Wei who personally called, Wei Chen didn’t refuse. On the same day in the afternoon, he bought a high-speed train ticket back to Shanghai and rushed back.

Chen Li naturally went back with Wei Chen. Regardless of Grandfather Wei’s intentions, they still had to face them. The high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai took about five hours, and when the two arrived in Shanghai, it was already late at night.

Wei Chen didn’t inform anyone in the Wei family and discreetly took a taxi back to the Wei residence.

At this time, Grandfather Wei had already gone to rest. The security guard at the gate was surprised to see Wei Chen return and promptly informed Housekeeper Zhang.

Before Wei Chen could reach the main residence area, Housekeeper Zhang came out to welcome him.

“Young Master Chen, why did you come back so late? You’ve worked hard,” Housekeeper Zhang respectfully took Wei Chen’s luggage and led the way. He directly escorted them to Wei Chen’s room and said, “The Master will be very pleased to see you back tomorrow. Please rest well tonight, Young Master Chen.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang,” Wei Chen replied and bid farewell to Housekeeper Zhang before closing the door.

Having just taken a nap on the high-speed train, Chen Li was not sleepy at all at this moment, and he was full of energy, walking around in the room.

Wei Chen took out a change of clothes from the wardrobe, held Chen Li’s hand, and said, “Li Li, let’s take a shower together.”

Chen Li’s eyes sparkled, and he nodded repeatedly.

In the bathroom, Wei Chen couldn’t resist Chen Li’s teasing and gently initiated an intimate moment. By the time they got dressed and came out, an hour had already passed.

The clothes Wei Chen had prepared for Chen Li were purchased last summer when Chen Li first came to the Wei family. Surprisingly, they seemed a bit tight now. Even the sleep pants that used to reach his ankles were now showing his ankles.

Wei Chen reached out and ruffled Chen Li’s hair, saying, “Li Li, you’ve grown taller and healthier.”

Spending day and night together, these subtle changes were not easily noticeable, but now, as they put on the clothes from the previous year, all the changes became evident.

“It’s Achen who has raised me well,” Chen Li smiled, the corners of his eyes were slightly red, a reminder of their recent intimacy.

“Are you saying I’m raising a pig?” Wei Chen was in a good mood, and they were even joking now.

“You are raising a pig!” Chen Li replied confidently. With Wei Chen’s care, he ate well and had the freedom to do what he liked without any distractions. What else could it be but “raising a pig”?

Wei Chen chuckled. This was the first time he heard someone compare himself to a pig. Then he reached out, lifted Chen Li horizontally, and gently placed him on the soft bed, kissing his forehead. “Time to sleep.”

Even though Wei Chen no longer lived in the old Wei family residence, the staff here still maintained the cleanliness of Wei Chen’s room. The bed sheets and covers were periodically taken out to bask in the sun, so there was still a lingering scent of sunshine in the room.

Chen Li snuggled into the warm covers, his big eyes fixed on Wei Chen. He patted the spot beside him and said, “Achen, come up and sleep.”

As Wei Chen lay on the bed, Chen Li rolled over and nestled in Wei Chen’s arms. In a dominant posture, he used both his hands and feet to encircle Wei Chen and said, “Achen, good night.”

“Good night,” Wei Chen planted a kiss on Chen Li’s forehead.

As the night grew darker, the moonlight was bright, casting through the window and blending into the sweet dreams of the two.

The next morning, when Chen Li and Wei Chen came downstairs after washing up, there were already people in the dining room.

Wei Zhenxiong was reading a newspaper, his eyebrows slightly furrowed, while Fang Yun sat beside him, lost in thought. Wei Wei was also there, and when he saw Wei Chen and Chen Li approaching, he politely greeted, “Brother.” His whole demeanor was a stark contrast to the time of the Spring Festival.

Indeed, after the Spring Festival, Grandfather Wei accepted Wei Chen’s proposal and sent Wei Wei to a military-style school. Life there was very tough, and Wei Chen knew it. There were no holidays, not even summer or winter breaks.

Apart from daily studies, there was rigorous physical training. Stubborn children sent to that school would undergo various changes. Wei Wei’s transformation was obvious. He was now ten years old, not yet in the growth stage, but his height and overall appearance were similar to what they were during the Spring Festival. However, when sitting, his back remained perfectly straight, without a hint of laxness. His eyes also began to show a different sparkle, not the previous gloom and calculation.

Wei Chen nodded approvingly at Wei Wei, pleased with his transformation. This was the Wei family’s true character!

When Fang Yun saw Wei Chen, she almost stood up but managed to restrain the inexplicable emotions within her. She looked at Wei Chen with a composed expression and said, “It’s good that you’re back for Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Typically, Wei Zhenxiong would ignore Wei Chen, but this time he put down the newspaper, and his eyes softened. “You came back yesterday? Why didn’t you let me know? I could have picked you up.”

Wei Chen led Chen Li to sit on a chair and said, “No need to trouble Father.” His gaze was icy, devoid of any emotion.

Wei Zhenxiong’s attempt at being warm fell flat. His expression suddenly shifted, but he managed to contain himself, giving Wei Chen a cold glance before resuming his newspaper reading.

A few minutes later, Grandfather Wei came down, and he was surprised to see Wei Chen. Housekeeper Zhang hadn’t informed him that Wei Chen had returned home the previous night. Grandfather Wei took his seat at the head of the table and looked at Wei Chen, saying, “I thought you weren’t coming back.” This was a subtle reproach for Wei Chen’s absence since the Spring Festival, which required a personal phone call to bring him back.

Wei Chen simply replied, “I indeed had no intention of coming back.”

Grandfather Wei was infuriated by Wei Chen’s response. He slammed the chopsticks onto the table and glared, asking, “Wei Chen, do you think you’ve grown wings? Are you defying me?”

Unfazed by the anger, Wei Chen picked up a dumpling and handed it to Chen Li. He cautioned him to be careful not to burn himself before turning his attention to Grandfather Wei. “Grandfather, you taught me from a young age to be willing to admit defeat in a bet. We’re not even halfway through the three-year period you set.”

Grandfather Wei glared at Wei Chen in anger but eventually withdrew his gaze. He hadn’t anticipated that Wei Chen would secure the A Zone project, which is why he had agreed to the bet. Even mentioning the project now infuriated Grandfather Wei. While Wei Chen had secured the project for the Wei family, he had no say in it and couldn’t wrest it from Wei Yan, no matter what he tried. Grandfather Wei was clueless about how Wei Yan managed to do it.

Grandfather Wei, being confronted by Wei Chen’s words, had no response and could only simmer in silent frustration. He had agreed to the bet, and after three years, he would see what excuses Wei Chen would come up with to escape his control.

Breakfast was consumed with tension, and it concluded without warmth.

The Wei family’s Mid-Autumn Festival was quieter than usual because Grandfather Wei had sent a message out a week before the festival, stating that there would be no gathering this Mid-Autumn Festival. The branches of the family could do as they pleased, and there was no need to come to the Wei family’s main residence.

Wei Chen was naturally delighted, as he wouldn’t have to endure the same artificial festivities and compliments that often came with these gatherings.

However, even with these instructions, a guest arrived at the Wei family’s main residence around noon. Wei Chen recognized this guest, as she had come from the capital.

This guest was wearing a white dress, and it was unclear if she would be cold in the crisp autumn wind. Her hair was styled with a touch of pale pink at the tips, and she had a few curls. Despite her light makeup, her well-defined features were enough to catch the attention of many men.

The guest was personally picked up by Housekeeper Zhang, giving her special treatment.

Housekeeper Zhang escorted the guest directly into the main residence, without the usual arrangement to another building.

As Housekeeper Zhang led the guest into the main residence’s living room, Wei Chen was coming downstairs holding Chen Li’s hand. When they met, the guest saw Wei Chen and smiled, “Wei Chen, it’s a pleasure to see you here.”

Wei Chen merely nodded at her and greeted with cold courtesy, “Miss Xu, welcome.”

Yes, this guest was none other than Xu Ruru from the capital.

Xu Ruru didn’t seem to mind Wei Chen’s indifference. After exchanging greetings, she went upstairs with Housekeeper Zhang.

Following Grandfather Wei’s instructions, Xu Ruru would be staying in a room at the Wei family, directly opposite Wei Chen’s room.

Housekeeper Zhang didn’t know Grandfather Wei’s exact intentions, but he didn’t share this with Wei Chen and simply helped Xu Ruru settle into the room opposite Wei Chen’s.

After arranging her belongings, Xu Ruru asked Housekeeper Zhang to take her to meet Grandfather Wei.

At that moment, Grandfather Wei was in his study. When he heard Housekeeper Zhang outside saying that Xu Ruru had arrived, he put down the documents in his hands and invited her inside.

Xu Ruru had a sweet way of speaking. “Grandpa Wei, it’s been a while. You still look as youthful as ever.”

Grandfather Wei was charmed by Xu Ruru’s words and smiled, “Ruru, it’s been a long time. You’ve changed a lot over the years, becoming more beautiful with each passing day.”

After Grandfather Wei’s words, he discreetly glanced at Housekeeper Zhang, who quickly grasped his meaning. The old master wanted to have a private conversation with Miss Xu Ruru, and he couldn’t have any eavesdropping.

Housekeeper Zhang promptly excused himself and closed the study door behind him.

The conversation between Xu Ruru and Grandfather Wei lasted for half an hour.

After half an hour, Xu Ruru emerged, her expression unchanged from when she went in. However, when Housekeeper Zhang entered the study once more, he sensed Grandfather Wei’s mood of contentment.

Although Housekeeper Zhang wasn’t sure what the two had discussed, an uneasy feeling arose in him. If he remembered correctly, before the marriage between Young Master Chen and Chen Li was finalized, Grandfather Wei’s preferred choice for a daughter-in-law was none other than Miss Xu Ruru.

Housekeeper Zhang furrowed his brow, and for a brief moment of distraction, he inadvertently increased the pressure while massaging Grandfather Wei’s back.

“Old Zhang, what are you thinking about?” Grandfather Wei asked as he lightly furrowed his own brow.

Housekeeper Zhang quickly snapped back to attention and found an excuse, “I was wondering why Young Master Wei Hua is not coming home for Mid-Autumn Festival. Perhaps he has found a girlfriend in the capital and is spending the holiday with her.”

“Come to think of it, Wei Hua is nearly thirty years old, right?” Grandfather Wei pondered.

“He’s twenty-eight,” Housekeeper Zhang confirmed the age of the family’s young master without hesitation.

“Whether it’s thirty or twenty-eight, it’s an age for settling down and starting a family,” Grandfather Wei mused, drumming his fingers on the armrest of the chair. After a moment of reflection, he said, “Although he’s not my biological grandson, he still grew up by my side. Old Zhang, do you think there are eligible young ladies in Shanghai, around the same age and background as ours? When Wei Hua comes back next time, they can meet. As for the great-grandson on Achen’s side, I have no idea when we’ll have the chance to hold him. But for Wei Hua, we can make it happen soon.”

“Master, I think it would be better to let Wei Hua choose for himself,” Housekeeper Zhang suggested, as he suspected that Wei Hua might have found a girlfriend in the capital and would prefer not to interfere.

“Nonsense!” Grandfather Wei immediately rebuked him. “Let Wei Hua find someone for himself. Can he find someone as suitable for our family on his own? Then we’d have all sorts of oddities being brought into the family. We wouldn’t be able to accept that, would we?”

Housekeeper Zhang fell silent. He knew that Grandfather Wei had a strong desire for control, and everyone had to be under his control for everything to be the best.

However, Housekeeper Zhang also understood Wei Hua’s character. He was not someone willing to be controlled. When Wei Hua brought someone home, it would inevitably lead to another battle.

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