Chapter 687 – Lu Dong Comes Out

One week later, Chu Liangchen’s body was finally brought back across the ocean with the efforts of the nation.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo, both dressed in black, attended his farewell ceremony.

Here, Lu Xia met many classmates and people she had once interned with at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Everyone’s faces were solemn and filled with sorrow.

Lu Xia was no different.

Even now, she could remember Chu Liangchen, who had studied English diligently alongside her, chasing their dreams together.

The Chu Liangchen with ambitious aspirations and a strong determination to serve his country.

The Chu Liangchen who had come to console her when she wasn’t accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…

In a certain sense, Chu Liangchen had been striving for Lu Xia’s ideals together with her at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But Lu Xia hadn’t expected that he would leave in this way.

He had sacrificed himself in his most beloved position, fulfilling his dreams and dedicating himself to the motherland, even in death he remained alone.

This pure patriotism filled Lu Xia with admiration.

Of course, there was also a deep sense of regret, especially when she learned that he had been unintentionally caught up in an attack while attending a conference abroad…

Ordinary people often envy the glamorous profession of diplomats but don’t realize the constant danger that comes with it.

That’s why they are so deserving of respect!

As Lu Xia left the funeral parlor, she turned one last look at Chu Liangchen’s photo.

In the photo, he still looked so young, with a confident gaze, just like the first time she had seen him confidently introducing himself in English on the stage.

She thought she would always remember him, this brilliant man who would forever remain in the prime of his life…

After Chu Liangchen’s sacrifice, Lu Xia remained quite downcast for a long time, and Jiang Junmo knew about her regrets, so he always looked for opportunities to comfort her.

In fact, not only Lu Xia but also the teachers in the office were deeply saddened when they heard the news. Most of these teachers had taught Chu Liangchen, and they had expected a bright future for him. They never thought he would leave in this way.

Especially Teacher Li, who considered Chu Liangchen his beloved student, cried several times due to his sacrifice.

It took Lu Xia a whole month to fully recover from the shock and sadness.

It was during this time that she received a call from Lu Qiu.

Lu Dong had been released early because of his outstanding performance inside.

Upon hearing this news, Lu Xia fell silent for a moment, expressing her understanding. The next day, she took a leave of absence and, along with Lu Qiu, went to pick him up.

When Lu Xia saw Lu Dong again, she felt a sense of nostalgia. Over the years, he seemed to have aged quite a bit, even though he was a few years younger than her. He appeared older than his years.

After Lu Dong came out and saw the two sisters, it took him a moment to react before he called out, “Second Sister, Third Sister.”

Lu Xia remained silent for a moment before responding with a simple “Hmm.” On the other hand, Lu Qiu rushed forward and hugged him, shedding tears.

Lu Xia waited for a while and, once they had calmed down a bit, said, “Let’s go, let’s have something to eat first.”

The two of them wiped away their tears and left together.

Later, they found a restaurant, ordered some dishes, and inquired about Lu Dong’s experiences during his time inside.

Lu Dong didn’t say much and simply mentioned the daily ideological education, labor, and other activities. Lu Qiu was close to tears again when she heard about it.

This time, Lu Dong was more sensible. He tried to reassure her in a fluster, “I’m fine, Third Sister. Look, I even managed to earn some money.”

He took out the money he had earned through labor. It wasn’t much, just a few small bills, and seeing them made Lu Qiu want to cry even more.

In the end, it was Lu Xia who consoled her, saying, “Stop crying for now. He’s out, that’s what matters. Let’s eat first, have a good meal to celebrate his return.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Qiu agreed, “Yes, let’s eat something delicious, and Xiao Dong, make sure to eat plenty!”

Afterward, she busily served him some meat.


Chapter 688 – Changes in Lu Dong


After finishing their meal, Lu Xia looked at Lu Dong and asked, “What are your plans for the future?”

Lu Dong remained silent for a moment, then shook his head. “I don’t know. I’ll find some work for now. I’m not that young anymore, and I need to be able to support myself.”

Lu Xia gave him an unexpected look upon hearing his response, realizing that he had become more responsible during his time in prison.

She nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll help you find a job. With your criminal record and no particular skills, I can only find you some manual labor for now. If you agree, you can start soon. If you don’t want to work immediately, I’ll find you a place to stay, and you can rest for a few days until I secure a job for you.”

Lu Dong immediately replied, “Manual labor is fine. I was doing manual labor inside.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, then there’s no need to wait. Do you need a few days of rest, or do you want to start right away?”

Lu Qiu, who was sitting nearby, chimed in, “Yes, you should rest for a few days. You don’t have to go anywhere else. Stay at my place and spend time with your nephews and nieces.”

Lu Dong shook his head, “No, Third Sister, I don’t feel comfortable seeing my nephews and nieces in this condition. I’ll find a job and get settled first, and then I’ll visit them.”

He then turned to Lu Xia and said, “Second Sister, I appreciate your help with finding a job.”

Lu Xia shook her head and said, “No problem. The work might be a bit tiring, but it pays well as long as you’re diligent. Plus, it comes with accommodation, which is very convenient.”

Lu Dong was satisfied with the arrangement and didn’t want to delay any further. He was eager to get started.

Lu Qiu realized that she couldn’t convince him otherwise and decided to accompany them.

The job that Lu Xia introduced to him was as a laborer in her brother-in-law’s company.

This position didn’t require a high level of education; it mainly required physical strength.

Lu Xia had already informed her brother-in-law in advance, so when they arrived, someone was there to welcome them.

They were shown the work process, which involved loading and unloading goods every day. Since the arrival of the trucks was unpredictable, those who were willing to work could earn a substantial wage.

Upon seeing this, Lu Dong agreed immediately. He had no education and had a criminal record, so finding a job that accepted him was already a fortunate outcome.

The supervisor then took them to the dormitory, which was essentially a large communal sleeping area. As the arrival times of goods were unpredictable, this was a place for rest. However, Lu Dong was satisfied with the arrangement and decided to stay.

Lu Qiu found it hard to say goodbye.

Lu Dong reassured her, “It’s okay, Third Sister. You know where to find me, and we’ll see each other eventually. Once I’m settled, I’ll come to visit you.”

Lu Qiu left with a more content heart after hearing this.

Before Lu Xia left, she gave him her phone number and said, “Do well at your job, and if you ever need anything, just give me a call.”

Lu Dong nodded and looked at her with a complex expression. “Thank you… Second Sister.”

Lu Qiu had probably told him about Lu Xia’s “background,” so he was feeling a bit conflicted. Lu Dong didn’t know about the deal between Lu Xia and their father, and he felt a sense of guilt for how he had treated his sister in the past.

Lu Xia wasn’t sure what he was thinking.

After getting him settled, she felt a bit less worried.

However, Lu Dong didn’t call her again for quite some time.

In the following years, Lu Xia asked her brother-in-law about Lu Dong’s performance a few times. Her brother-in-law reported that he was doing well, diligent, and worked harder than most, often sacrificing sleep to make more money.

He was earning more than the average worker.

Lu Xia was relieved and thought that he had truly changed.

It was many years later when she received another call from Lu Dong.

He told her that he was getting married to a woman who was previously married and had a daughter. She saw him as reliable and didn’t mind his past in prison.

Lu Xia was genuinely happy for him. She had long moved past their past conflicts, and she even attended his wedding and brought a gift.

After that, they didn’t have much contact, and she presumed he understood that she didn’t want to maintain a close relationship with him.

Of course, these are all things for later.

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