Chapter 246 – Restriction on Departure

Reinhert did indeed want to take Chen Li’s life, so when he used psychological suggestions, he left no room for himself or others.

Lu Min had just hypnotized Chen Li, perhaps having been hypnotized once before, this time, Chen Li’s alertness was exceptionally strong. Lu Min spent half an hour to fully hypnotize Chen Li. Within Chen Li’s consciousness, he saw the most challenging psychological suggestion Lu Min had encountered in his many years in the field. He didn’t attempt to unravel it but observed the suggestion.

After deciphering the suggestion, even Lu Min couldn’t help but feel a sense of post-fear. It was a temporarily unsolvable psychological suggestion. If he had rashly touched the suggestion just now, the most direct result would have been Chen Li’s brain death.

This indicated the sinister intentions of the person who implanted the psychological suggestion in Chen Li.

If today Chen Li hadn’t come to Lu Min, some other mental health professional might have encountered it. The atmosphere became completely silent due to Lu Min’s words, and Wei Chen felt as if a heavy stone had pressed down on his chest, making it hard to breathe. He looked at Lu Min and asked laboriously, “Master Lu, is there really no way?”

This psychological suggestion was a time bomb hidden in Chen Li’s mind, and no one knew when it would explode and take Chen Li’s life.

“For the time being, there is no way to completely resolve it,” Lu Min replied.

Lan Xiping seized the main point, “Master Lu, is there a way to temporarily suppress this psychological suggestion?”

Lu Min nodded, “There is, but the patient’s alertness is very high. This method is not easy to succeed.”

“Is it about implanting another psychological suggestion in him?” Lan Xiping asked, as this was the only solution he could think of.

Lu Min’s calm eyes finally showed surprise. He looked at Lan Xiping, “No wonder Wang Kaiji always told me you’re a genius; your insight is indeed good.”

Implanting another psychological suggestion was indeed a method, but it was somewhat unconventional. After all, the final consequences of a double psychological suggestion were unpredictable. It might successfully suppress the time bomb-like psychological suggestion, or a slight mishap could not only fail to unravel the suggestion but also lead the patient’s mental collapse, turning them into an imbecile.

Yet, this was currently the only method available.

Lu Min believed that if he intervened, the first successful outcome would occur. However, due to the patient’s extremely high alertness, he feared encountering resistance within the patient’s consciousness during another attempt at hypnosis. This uncertainty made the result unpredictable.

“Master Lu, let’s follow Lan Xiping’s suggestion,” Wei Chen glanced at Chen Li, who nodded in agreement. Wei Chen then made the decision for Chen Li.

“I’ve said it before, the patient’s alertness is too high, which significantly reduces the chances of success,” Master Lu didn’t refuse but emphasized the potential outcome once more.

“I understand,” Wei Chen nodded firmly. “But please, Master Lu, let me be present when you hypnotize Li Li.”

“Alright,” Master Lu couldn’t resist Wei Chen’s insistence, nodding in agreement. He then led Chen Li and Wei Chen back into the room with the hanging curtain.

With Wei Chen by his side, Chen Li felt more relaxed as he lay on the reclining chair again.

Lu Min began the hypnosis, expecting it to take at least half an hour like the last time to completely hypnotize Chen Li. However, this time, surprisingly, it went smoothly. In just a few minutes, he could access Chen Li’s consciousness.

Twenty minutes later, Lu Min snapped his fingers and ended the session.

“It went smoothly. I implanted a new suggestion that has suppressed the previous one. For now, there shouldn’t be any issues,” Lu Min sighed with relief, facing such a challenging case and finally resolving it.

Having been a therapist all his life, it was the first time he encountered such a challenging patient and the first time he couldn’t find an immediate cure.

Outside the door, Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye anxiously waited. As the curtain moved, Lu Min emerged and, meeting their anxious gazes, said, “It’s temporarily resolved, but we still need to find a permanent solution soon.”

Their burden lightened slightly.

“Alright, Lan Xiping, you stay, everyone else can leave,” Lu Min started ushering people out after the temporary resolution.

Having previously expressed his gratitude in the room, Wei Chen, now holding Chen Li’s hand, expressed his thanks again before leaving the house. However, he didn’t depart but waited at the door for Lan Xiping.

Jiang Ye glanced at Lan Xiping, who nodded before leaving the room.

“Master Lu,” when only Master Lu and Lan Xiping remained in the room, Lan Xiping respectfully addressed him.

“Your teacher told me that you’ll be studying with me for six months. Are you sure you can learn psychology in six months?” Master Lu settled on the sofa, crossing his legs and inquired.

Lan Xiping modestly replied, “The sea of learning is boundless, and psychology, as a discipline, is profound and vast. Even if I spend my entire life, I cannot completely comprehend it. What I aim for is just to be of help to those who need it.”

Lu Min asked, “If that’s the case, what’s your perspective on your friend’s condition?” This was a test for Lan Xiping.

Lan Xiping pondered for a moment before saying, “Chen Li is someone with autism and whose mental state wasn’t initially stable, especially after an unsuccessful hypnosis session. His mental state was on the verge of collapse. At this point, when the psychological suggestion was implanted, regardless of its difficulty, it would deeply embed itself in Chen Li’s consciousness, making it challenging to resolve. Moreover, the suggestion planted in Chen Li this time is one that seems temporarily one-way and unsolvable, posing greater harm. However, there’s a key point to unlocking this psychological suggestion.”

“Is that so?” Lu Min became interested. “What’s the key point?”

“It’s Chen Li’s partner, Mr. Wei,” Lan Xiping stated decisively, indicating the direction he would later strive towards in removing Chen Li’s psychological suggestion.

Wei Chen could be said to be Chen Li’s entire emotional support. Lan Xiping even contemplated why this psychological suggestion was so deeply ingrained in Chen Li. The answer seemed to be related to Wei Chen.

Lu Min had observed Wei Chen accompanying Chen Li, noting Chen Li’s lack of defenses when Wei Chen was around. Acknowledging Lan Xiping’s point, Lu Min nodded and said, “From Monday to Friday, one hour each day at my place. Saturdays and Sundays all day. Is that alright?”

This was an agreement for Lan Xiping to come and learn.

Lan Xiping eagerly nodded, “No problem!”

“It’s getting late today. You can head back, and we’ll start officially tomorrow,” Lu Min said, gesturing for Lan Xiping to leave.

“Okay,” Lan Xiping watched Lu Min return to the room before leaving quietly.

Ever since returning from Lu Min’s place, Chen Li hadn’t experienced any more nightmares at night. He resumed his previous habits of eating, sleeping, and drawing. After a week, his wilted spirits began to revive at noon.


While Chen Li seemed fine now, Reinhert grew anxious because the deadline set by the Chen family had passed. According to his plan, Chen Li should have been tormented by nightmares every night, unable to sleep, and Wei Chen would then come to him with Chen Li.

However, it had been almost two weeks, and Wei Chen hadn’t appeared. This made Reinhert quite uneasy.

As the deadline agreed upon with the Chen family approached, Reinhert became keenly aware of the Chen family’s status in China. What had been previously assured suddenly became uncertain, leaving Reinhert anxious about possible retaliation from the Chen family, and he found it difficult to sit still.

At this tense moment, there was a knock on the office door, startling Reinhert.

“Who’s there?” Reinhert called out, not eager to meet with anyone from the Chen family at that moment.

“It’s me,” came the voice of Wang Kaiji, which eased Reinhert’s tension. “Come in.”

Wang Kaiji pushed the office door open and entered with a gentle smile on his face, his thoughts inscrutable.

Reinhert composed himself, meeting Wang Kaiji’s gaze. “Director Wang, what brings you here?”

“You’re leaving the day after tomorrow. You’ve been helping us for so long. How about going for a drink tonight?” Wang Kaiji suggested.

“No need,” Reinhert declined. “I still have some packing to do. I promise to get drunk with Director Wang next time I come to China!” In truth, Reinhert had already decided to leave the country tonight. With things going awry, he had to leave before the Chen family found him.

“In that case, I won’t insist,” Wang Kaiji smiled, somewhat meaningfully. “However, Mr. Reinhert, I hope you understand that as a doctor, medical ethics always come first. Regardless of the situation, you can never set aside medical ethics.”

Reinhert’s pupils dilated slightly, a thin layer of sweat forming on his palms. He maintained a smiling face as he responded, “Of course.” Internally, he was in turmoil, wondering if Wang Kaiji had discovered something. It seemed leaving the country tonight was imperative.

“Mr. Reinhert, I won’t see you off when you leave the country. I wish you a smooth journey,” Wang Kaiji noticed the change in Reinhert and understood his genuine fear. As an authority in psychology, such an emotional display was out of character for Reinhert.

After Wang Kaiji spoke, Reinhert couldn’t stay a moment longer. He swiftly packed some essentials and necessary documents before hurriedly rushing to the airport.

Reinhert departed, and Wang Kaiji received immediate notice. He chose not to intercept Reinhert; he knew that with Jiang Ye’s intervention, Reinhert wouldn’t be able to leave China for the time being.

As expected, when Reinhert arrived at the airport to retrieve his ticket, he was promptly informed that he had been restricted from leaving the country.

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