Chapter 245 – Psychological Suggestion

Wei Chen, upon hearing these words, tightened his grip on Chen Li’s hand involuntarily.

He had initially thought that Li Li, like himself, had also reincarnated, but Li Li hadn’t recalled his past life yet. It was only after hypnosis by Xu Ruru that, due to a stimulus, he remembered his past life in the form of dreams.

However, he now understood the reason. The reason why Li Li was tormented by nightmares day and night was due to a psychological suggestion set by Reinhert. The dream scenes resembled his past life, leading Li Li to unconsciously correlate them based on his previous memories.

“Achen.” Chen Li felt Wei Chen’s increased grip on his hand and became somewhat worried. As for what Lan Xiping had just said, Chen Li was still a bit confused.

Wei Chen came back to his senses, ruffled Chen Li’s hair with his other hand, and reassured, “I’m fine,” before turning to Lan Xiping, asking, “Why did Chen Yunsheng want Li Li to have brain death?”

“His daughter needs a heart transplant,” Lan Xiping frowned. “Chen Li’s surname is also Chen, so he and Chen Yunseng are father and son, right?”

“In legal terms, yes,” Wei Chen said. He didn’t want to acknowledge that the Chen family were Li Li’s relatives; they didn’t deserve it at all.

“No wonder,” Lan Xiping’s frown deepened, and anger flickered in his eyes. “I was wondering how could Chen Yunsheng manage to obtain Chen Li’s heart even after brain death. Now I understand. Is this what a father does? Why is his heart so cruel! To save his daughter, he’s willing to sacrifice one of his sons!”

After Chen Li’s brain death, Chen Yunsheng had the right to decide whether to donate the body. Through certain means, they could transplant Chen Li’s heart to Chen Yu.

The country prohibits live organ donations, and so the Chen family resorted to such a malicious method. If there were no such prohibition, would the Chen family directly resort to murder for the heart transplant?

Lan Xiping was born in a small and harmonious village and had faced troublesome relatives, but it was all petty squabbles. When had he seen such a dark side? For a moment, he felt indignant, even harboring a refusal to accept Chen Yu as a patient.

However, Lan Xiping quickly calmed down. Setting aside whether Chen Yu was innocent or not, he was a future doctor. His duty was to save lives, regardless of human nature. But the methods used—like this one—he vehemently refused.

Chen Li, at this moment, finally grasped the situation. Holding Wei Chen’s hand, he looked at him dazedly. “Achen, are they trying to kill me?”

Wei Chen promised, “Li Li, I won’t let them succeed!” Wei Chen chose not to hide anything from Chen Li. If he wanted to hide it, he wouldn’t have let Chen Li overhear his conversation with Lan Xiping just now.

Oddly, at this moment, Chen Li didn’t feel an ounce of fear or nervousness. Instead, he smiled and said, “Achen, I believe in you.”

Wei Chen leaned in and kissed Chen Li’s lips. “Li Li, thank you for your trust.”

Though the road to the future is filled with challenges, as long as they face it together, every step, even through thorns and difficulties, will be a journey of happiness, despite the scars.


Lan Xiping quietly left the room. Coming out of the meeting room, he found his eyes unexpectedly moist. He didn’t know the obstacles Wei Chen and Chen Li’s union would have to overcome. But what he saw in front of him was just one hurdle, a very difficult one to cross.

As Lan Xiping reached Wang Kaiji’s office door, he composed himself before knocking.

Upon hearing Wang Kaiji’s permission to enter, Lan Xiping pushed the door and entered the office, getting straight to the point. “Teacher, give me six months. I want to study psychology.”

Regardless of whether he would eventually succeed, at this moment, he wanted to do something for Chen Li. Wang Kaiji stared at Lan Xiping for a while before nodding. “Alright. I’ll arrange for you to connect with the best psychology experts in the country.”

“Thank you, Teacher.” Lan Xiping bowed to Wang Kaiji, who waved it off, indicating there was no need to be so polite. He immediately got in touch with the expert and even mentioned on the phone that they would bring a patient for him to examine.

About ten minutes later, Wang Kaiji hung up the phone and, pretending to be serious, said to Lan Xiping, “The expert has been contacted. I’m giving you six months, but I’m not giving it to you for nothing. If you can’t learn anything, don’t blame me if I disown you!”

Lan Xiping smiled, “Teacher, rest assured, I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

“Alright,” Wang Kaiji nodded. He knew Lan Xiping’s talents, but he was concerned whether Lan Xiping would return from facing that old fellow. After all, when one has such an outstanding disciple, everyone wants them for themselves!

“By the way, I told him that you would bring a patient for him to see. Remember to take your friend there,” Wang Kaiji added as Lan Xiping was about to leave.

“Alright.” Lan Xiping felt touched, and fortunate to have encountered such a wholehearted teacher.

Leaving Wang Kaiji’s office, Lan Xiping retraced his steps to the meeting room to find Wei Chen and Chen Li, intending to take Chen Li to the expert mentioned by Wang Kaiji.

Just as the trio stepped out of the hospital’s entrance, Jiang Ye’s call came in, stating he was waiting at the hospital’s entrance. As Lan Xiping ended the call, he saw Jiang Ye standing there.

Rolling down the car window, Lan Xiping beckoned to Jiang Ye, “Jiang Ye, over here.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Ye walked over, appearing surprised to see the two in the driver and passenger seats. He then opened the door and sat inside.

“You had something to do today. Why did you come over?” Lan Xiping inquired.

“I finished up and came to take you out for dinner.” Jiang Ye discreetly held Lan Xiping’s hand. He’d been pursuing him for a year, and now that he was finally in his grasp, all he could think about was spending more time with Lan Xiping. Even holding hands made him feel content. When Lan Xiping tried to withdraw his hand, Jiang Ye’s grip was firm.

Jiang Ye flashed a smug smile at Lan Xiping, his dimples shining brightly.

Wei Chen drove towards the address given by Wang Kaiji. Eventually, they arrived at a suburban house with a red sign reading “Lu’s Psychological Consultancy” on the front door.

Approaching, Lan Xiping knocked, and someone promptly answered.

The person at the door was a scruffy old man with unkempt white hair and an overall untidy appearance.

“Hello, we were introduced by Professor Wang Kaiji,” Lan Xiping introduced themselves.

The old man glanced at those outside and said, “Come in.”

The exterior of the house seemed rundown, and the old man looked shabby, but the interior was neatly decorated, free of any dust.

The old man’s name was Lu Min. In his younger years, he was a renowned psychological expert in the country. As he aged, he retired from the frontline and declined rehiring offers from schools. He bought a house on the outskirts of the capital and opened a psychological consultancy. Throughout the year, he barely had a handful of clients who came to him.

In the current industry, not many remembered Lu Min. He was reclusive and had a peculiar temperament, causing many of his contemporaries to nearly forget he even existed.

Lu Min ushered the group inside and his gaze fell directly on Chen Li, accurately identifying him as the person who needed his treatment today. “You, come with me,” Lu Min pointed to Chen Li and then lifted the curtain to a room, walking in without waiting.

Chen Li glanced at Wei Chen. Encouraged by Wei Chen’s reassuring look, he stepped inside, leaving the other three waiting outside.

As soon as Chen Li entered, an hour passed, and the sky outside gradually darkened. Wei Chen had the urge several times to rush in and check on Chen Li, but he restrained himself.

During this time, Lan Xiping explained to Jiang Ye about the events of the day. After all, Jiang Ye was also being used as a pawn and had the right to know what was happening.

Jiang Ye, being extremely clever, quickly connected all the dots after Lan Xiping’s explanation.

As Lan Xiping mentioned, this was a conspiracy not just targeting Chen Li but also Wei Chen. Moreover, this conspiracy couldn’t have been carried out by a single party; it had to involve multiple collaborators.

The Chen family in Shanghai needed Chen Li’s heart. The Wei family wanted to separate Wei Chen from Chen Li. The Chen family in Beijing aimed to ruin Wei Chen. Once all three aligned, the conspiracy was born.

Initially, Grandfather Wei made a promise to Xu Ruru that after separating Wei Chen and Chen Li, he would have Wei Chen marry her. An already infatuated Xu Ruru impulsively agreed. Following Grandfather Wei’s plan, she hypnotized Chen Li.

As Chen Li is autistic, hypnosis was bound to go out of control. Thus, someone suggested seeking the current world’s leading psychological expert, Reinhert, to assist.

Only the Chen family in Shanghai could trace Jiang Ye’s close association with Lan Xiping and Wei Chen. Utilizing this closeness and his concern for their friend, he transported Reinhert from Beijing to Shanghai, where Reinhert started treating Chen Li. During the process of treating Chen Li, Reinhert implanted a psychological suggestion, causing Chen Li to suffer from nightmares daily.

Jiang Ye had reason to believe that Reinhert was introduced to Shanghai’s Chen family by the Chen family in Beijing. Otherwise, given the connections of the Chen family in Shanghai, they wouldn’t have been able to convince Reinhert.

Subsequently, due to Reinhert previously treating Chen Li, Wei Chen was likely to continue entrusting Chen Li to Reinhert for treatment. In this scenario, Reinhert could directly manipulate and cause Chen Li’s brain death.

Had Lan Xiping not accidentally overheard Reinhert and Chen Yunsheng’s conversation, the outcome would have been Chen Li’s death, his heart “donated” by the Chen family, and Wei Chen devastated by Chen Li’s demise.

The result would have pleased everyone except the Wei family. However, Jiang Ye speculated that when Grandfather Wei initially agreed to this conspiracy, he probably underestimated Wei Chen’s feelings for Chen Li. Otherwise, Grandfather Wei wouldn’t have agreed to collaborate with the Chen family.

At first glance, it seemed like the Chen family in Shanghai benefited. However, the puppeteers behind the scenes were the Chen family in Beijing. They lurked in the shadows, silently manipulating all these discoveries like a silent viper.

Their objective was simple: ruin Wei Chen. Wei Chen’s performance in Changfeng Group had already posed a threat to the Chen family’s interests in the company.

Moreover… Jiang Ye had a daring guess in mind. The goal of the Chen family in Beijing wasn’t just to ruin Wei Chen but to take over the entire Wei family! This was because the Wei family possessed something that the Chen family had coveted for a long time.

Jiang Ye’s gaze fell upon Wei Chen, and he squinted his eyes. Wei Chen probably had long been aware of the Chen family’s intentions, which was why he fearlessly engaged in a confrontation against the forces of the Changfeng Group and the Chen family.

Even though Wei Chen was anxious, he was perceptive. He felt Jiang Ye’s scrutinizing gaze, turned, and locked eyes with him.

Jiang Ye didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, nodding towards Wei Chen, standing upright and composed.

Wei Chen diverted his gaze, remaining anxious as he waited.

Finally, the curtain on the door moved, and Lu Min emerged.

Following behind Lu Min, Chen Li swiftly walked up to Wei Chen, holding his hand.

“He has been subjected to a psychological suggestion, the kind that even the person who implanted it can’t undo. It seems someone wants his life!” Lu Min’s words sounded light, but the content weighed heavily on everyone present.

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