Chapter 244 – A Conspiracy

Nightmares haunted Chen Li constantly. Night after night, he would startle awake from these dreams. Initially, with Wei Chen’s comforting words, Chen Li could return to sleep. However, after a few days, fear crept in, preventing him from sleeping. The repetitive dreams of the same scenes had begun blurring the lines between reality and dream for Chen Li.

Coffee tasted bitter to him. After trying it once at Blues Cafe, Chen Li refused to drink it again. Strangely, now, Chen Li began to consume coffee as if it were tea. Even when extremely tired at night, he resisted sleeping.

When he painted, Chen Li was completely absorbed. Consequently, he spent much more time in his studio during this period, often lingering there until late at night, ultimately being carried out by Wei Chen.

“Li Li, let’s go to sleep,” Wei Chen said, once again forcing Chen Li out of the studio, carrying him horizontally. Chen Li didn’t resist; he just remained blankly in Wei Chen’s embrace.

After more than a year of recuperation, Chen Li had gained strength. However, these recent nights of nightmares had suddenly made him haggard, with sunken eyes and a significantly thinner appearance. Wei Chen felt as if holding Chen Li, he couldn’t even sense the weight in his hands.

Chen Li struggled to keep his eyes open, staring at the ceiling. Despite the slight brightness in his eyes, they returned to a vacant expression, and he couldn’t even register Wei Chen speaking to him.

Wei Chen laid Chen Li on the bed, but Chen Li abruptly sat up, staring blankly ahead, fear creeping into his eyes.

Wei Chen felt as though someone had gripped his heart with an intense pain. This version of Li Li resembled the one he had met when he first came back to life!

“Li Li, I’m Achen,” Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand, the warmth of his hand contrasting with Chen Li’s, softly calling his name.

Chen Li gradually began to react. He turned to look at Wei Chen, the numbness in his eyes slowly regaining some vitality. “Achen…”

“Yes, I’m Achen.” Seeing Chen Li’s response, Wei Chen felt joy in his heart, slowly guiding Chen Li out of his daze.

“Achen.” Chen Li met Wei Chen’s gentle eyes, and suddenly, his muddled mind cleared. He threw himself into Wei Chen’s embrace, feeling his warmth without saying a word.

Wei Chen held Chen Li, his large hand comforting Chen Li’s back.

Both held each other tightly, feeling each other’s presence, calming the restless hearts slightly.

After a while, Chen Li’s stomach rumbled. He hadn’t eaten much for dinner and was now hungry.

“What would you like to eat?” Wei Chen gently asked, brushing his finger against Chen Li’s forehead.

“Scallion oil noodles,” Chen Li immediately responded without hesitation.

“Okay,” Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s soft hair. He began to get up but was held back by Chen Li, who firmly grasped Wei Chen’s hand.

“Achen, I’ll go with you,” Chen Li held onto Wei Chen’s hand tightly, his eyes fixated on Wei Chen.

Wei Chen didn’t refuse Chen Li. He pulled Chen Li out of bed, their fingers intertwined, even while Wei Chen was cooking the noodles.

With one hand, Wei Chen prepared scallion oil noodles. Chen Li seemed genuinely famished; he finished a bowl in no time.

“Delicious.” Chen Li’s eyes curved with a smile, as if the previous gloom had disappeared completely.

As Wei Chen went to wash the dishes, Chen Li followed. He felt extremely insecure at the moment; only in Wei Chen’s presence did he find solace.

“Achen, let’s do it.” In the room, Chen Li said, his gaze clear.

Wei Chen embraced Chen Li, nodding. “Okay.”

That night, Chen Li’s fervor led Wei Chen to lose control, relaxing completely, gently yet passionately engaging with Chen Li several times until later in the night when Chen Li succumbed to sleep.

Perhaps due to extreme exhaustion or perhaps the profound sense of Wei Chen’s presence during their intense encounter, Chen Li had a rare dreamless sleep until morning, free from nightmares.

A dreamless night passed, and morning arrived in the blink of an eye.

Wei Chen didn’t go to work; in fact, after the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, he took a long break. Sensing that Chen Li wasn’t well, he had no desire to focus on work.

When Wei Chen got up, Chen Li was still sound asleep. Relieved that Chen Li wasn’t troubled by nightmares, Wei Chen hesitated to wake him.

Bringing his computer, Wei Chen worked beside Chen Li. When Chen Li woke up, his first sight was of himself.

Approaching noon, Chen Li woke up. His eyes, still drowsy, looked at Wei Chen and mumbled a sleepy “good morning.”

Wei Chen immediately set aside the computer, his eyes soft as he replied, “It’s not morning anymore; it’s almost noon.”

“Have I slept that long?” Chen Li was surprised. After all, it had been a while since he had slept so deeply.

“Yeah, get up and have something to eat. After that, I’ll take you to the hospital for a check-up.”

Chen Li couldn’t continue like this; it was inevitable that he would collapse one day. Taking advantage of Mr. Reinhert’s presence in China, it was necessary to have him examine Chen Li. After all, Mr. Reinhert was an authority in this field.

“Okay,” Chen Li agreed, getting up from the bed.

Aware of his condition, Chen Li knew he had to undergo a thorough examination to prevent Wei Chen from worrying. Escaping this state he was in was undoubtedly the best option.


Lan Xiping though only a sophomore this year, due to his teacher being the director of Ci’en Hospital, Wang Kaiji, whenever he had spare time, he would go to Ci’en Hospital to study. Whenever Wang Kaiji had surgeries, Lan Xiping would even enter the operating room to learn.

Lan Xiping’s medical talents amazed even Wang Kaiji, who then paid even more attention to Lan Xiping’s education. Yesterday, a heart patient from Shanghai was transferred to Ci’en Hospital. The patient’s condition was complex, prompting Wang Kaiji to immediately form an expert group. This was a rare learning opportunity for Lan Xiping, and Wang Kaiji intended for Lan Xiping to join the group to learn.

Today happened to be a weekend, and Lan Xiping followed along. He shadowed the expert group, participating in the patient consultation. The meeting after the consultation had just ended, and Lan Xiping emerged from Wang Kaiji’s office.

However, Lan Xiping did not return to school. Instead, he headed to the hospital’s psychiatric department to find Mr. Reinhert. The incident of Chen Li being hypnotized had been lingering in Lan Xiping’s mind. Although Chen Li seemed no different when they parted at the airport in the capital, Lan Xiping couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.

Since he was at Ci’en Hospital today, Lan Xiping planned to go to the psychiatric department to find Mr. Reinhert, hoping to get a reassuring answer from him.

Under Wang Kaiji’s guidance, Lan Xiping, though specializing in cardiovascular surgery, was also pursuing a minor in psychology at school. Despite it being a minor, he was highly appreciated by the psychology professors. If it weren’t for Lan Xiping studying under Wang Kaiji, the professors would have suggested he switch his major to psychology.

For this reason, Lan Xiping, through a few brief encounters, had sensed something amiss with Chen Li.

The psychiatric department was at a distance from the administrative building where the director’s office was. After passing through the overhead bridge between two buildings, Lan Xiping arrived at the psychiatric department, about ten minutes later.

Mr. Reinhert was a specially invited psychologist personally brought in by Wang Kaiji. Wang Kaiji arranged a separate office for him, and Lan Xiping had been there a few times, so he easily made his way to Mr. Reinhert’s office.

The office door was not fully closed, and voices could be heard from within. Lan Xiping didn’t have the habit of eavesdropping but as he was about to knock, he suddenly caught some information related to Chen Li.

His hand froze mid-knock, and he leaned closer to the wall, listening in on the conversation inside. For reasons unknown to him, he silenced his phone and then began recording.

“Mr. Chen, you can rest assured. Since I’ve taken your money, I will naturally complete what you want me to do.”

Lan Xiping could clearly recognize Mr. Reinhert’s voice, marked by a strong American accent.

“It’s best this way. At the latest next week, I want to see Chen Li brain-dead by next week!”

Following Mr. Reinhert’s voice, somewhat harsh, Lan Xiping immediately recognized whose voice it was. Earlier, during the consultation for the patient transferred from Shanghai, Lan Xiping had heard the patient’s father, Chen Yunsheng! These simple words unveiled an earth-shattering conspiracy, targeted at his good friend. Lan Xiping quickly pieced together the pivotal elements of the plot.

Xu Ruru was just an unwitting pawn in this conspiracy!

No, not just Xu Ruru, even he and Jiang Ye were being used as pawns, all for the purpose of hastening Chen Li’s brain death!

With everything figured out, Lan Xiping’s expression turned serious. He briskly left Mr. Reinhert’s office. He urgently needed to meet Chen Li – it was absolutely essential!

The elevator door opened in front of Lan Xiping, coincidentally meeting Wei Chen and Chen Li, who had come to the hospital to see Mr. Reinhert.

Lan Xiping didn’t let the two out. Hastily, he pressed the elevator door close button and in a serious tone said, “I need to talk to you both.”

Wei Chen immediately realized that Lan Xiping had something very important to discuss. Lan Xiping’s expression and urgency in his tone indicated the gravity of the matter.

Without insisting on seeing Mr. Reinhert, Wei Chen followed Lan Xiping, arriving at Wang Kaiji’s office. Seeing Lan Xiping return, Wang Kaiji inquired curiously, “Xiping? Is something the matter?”

“Teacher, could you lend me the key to the conference room? I urgently need to use it.” If their lives were under surveillance by certain people, then the conference room, which only Wang Kaiji had access to, was the only secure place to talk.

Wang Kaiji didn’t inquire about the reason, just handing the key to Lan Xiping. “Just leave it wherever you like.”

“Okay. Thank you, Teacher.” After saying this, Lan Xiping turned and left, visibly anxious.

The conference room wasn’t far from Wang Kaiji’s office. The second room on the left after exiting was the conference room.

Lan Xiping, with Wei Chen and Chen Li, entered the conference room, closed the door, and immediately locked it.

“Xiping, what’s happening?” Chen Li tightly held Wei Chen’s hand, looking puzzled. They had followed Lan Xiping all this way, observing his hurried manner and feeling confused.

What important matter was happening that Lan Xiping was so urgent about?

“Mr. Wei, do you know Chen Yunsheng?” Lan Xiping didn’t answer Chen Li’s question; he asked Wei Chen instead.

As soon as the three words ‘Chen Yunsheng’ came out, Wei Chen’s demeanor changed drastically. “Is this related to Chen Yunsheng?”

Lan Xiping nodded, taking out his phone and playing the recording he had just made outside Mr. Reinhert’s office for Wei Chen.

[Mr. Chen, you can rest assured. Since I’ve taken your money, I will naturally complete what you want me to do.]

[It’s best this way. At the latest next week, I want to see Chen Li brain-dead by next week!]

“I recorded this outside Mr. Reinhert’s office. That’s why I brought Chen Li and you back. I reckon Mr. Reinhert is waiting for you to bring Chen Li in for another session. And…” Lan Xiping looked gravely at Wei Chen, saying, “And I suspect Chen Li has already been subjected to psychological suggestion by Mr. Reinhert!”

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