Chapter 243 – Past Life in Dreams

After the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Wei Chen, Chen Li, Jiang Ye, and Lan Xiping returned to Beijing together. However, before their return, Wei Chen had a conversation with his grandfather. It’s unknown what they discussed, but when they left, Grandfather Wei directly gave Chen Li a large red envelope, essentially acknowledging Chen Li.

It was the first time Chen Li had received a red envelope, although Chen Li didn’t fully understand its significance. Nonetheless, this didn’t diminish Chen Li’s excitement. From Shanghai to Beijing, Chen Li held onto the red envelope the entire way and was reluctant to let it go.

“Thank you both for this time,” Wei Chen said to Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye at the airport. If it hadn’t been for these two, Chen Li might not have known what situation could have arisen. Chen Li’s ability to escape danger this time was greatly owed to Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping.

“It was the least we could do,” Jiang Ye smiled, not thinking much of their actions.

Wei Chen didn’t indulge in formalities with them. True friends didn’t need such formality.

As they bid farewell at the airport gate, just as Wei Chen was about to wave down a taxi, a car stopped in front of him. The window rolled down, revealing Wei Hua’s face.

“I guessed you’d come back today, checked the flight information, and my guess was right,” Wei Hua said with a big smile. “Get in. We’re going to my father-in-law’s for a meal. It’s Little Biscuit’s birthday today.”

“Let’s swing by Changfeng first,” Wei Chen, holding Chen Li’s hand, got into the car and said to Wei Hua.

“Sure thing,” Wei Hua said, starting the car and driving off.

Wei Chen didn’t return to the Changfeng Group for business but went to the marketing department to pick up a small car model. It was the latest model of a supercar under the Max brand. It was referred to as a model, but in reality, it was a scaled-down version of the supercar. Children could sit inside it and use a remote control to make the car run.

This supercar model was quite expensive, almost comparable in price to the car Wei Hua was driving now.

“Did you especially come back for a gift?” Wei Hua raised an eyebrow, noticing the distinctive Max logo.

Wei Chen placed the model in the trunk and sat back down. “It’s Little Biscuit’s birthday. We can’t just show up empty-handed.”

Wei Hua suddenly mentioned it, and Wei Chen realized he hadn’t prepared any gifts. Coincidentally, a few days ago, the Max Group had sent him several models of supercars. In a rush, Wei Chen had no choice but to make use of these models as an offering.

The Sheng family was quite lively at the moment. They were celebrating their most beloved grandson’s birthday. Naturally, a grand birthday banquet was arranged for Little Biscuit, inviting his close friends and the entire Sheng family.

When Wei Hua arrived with Wei Chen and Chen Li, the Sheng family was already in high spirits. Little Biscuit was playing with his friends, his face displaying innocent and healing smiles.

Just after parting ways with them at the airport, Jiang Ye encountered them again at this moment. It was Little Biscuit’s birthday, so Jiang Ye, being his uncle, naturally had to come, although Lan Xiping was absent.

Upon seeing Jiang Ye, Chen Li automatically began to search for Lan Xiping. In his impression, Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye always seemed to be together.

“Lan Xiping had something to attend to and went back to school,” Jiang Ye, as if seeing through Chen Li’s thoughts, directly responded to the doubt in Chen Li’s mind.

“Oh,” Chen Li exclaimed, and his wandering gaze refocused.

Little Biscuit noticed Chen Li and rushed over like a bullet, embracing Chen Li’s thigh. “Uncle Chen Li, you’re here!”

Chen Li reached out, ruffling Little Biscuit’s hair, and a slight smile curved his lips. “Little Biscuit, happy birthday!”

At that moment, Wei Chen presented the gift. Boys naturally have an affinity for cars, and when Little Biscuit saw the gift, his eyes couldn’t look away. They seemed to light up with excitement.

“Thank you, Uncle Wei Chen, thank you, Uncle Chen Li! I really like it!” Little Biscuit smiled, his eyes resembling crescent moons.

“Happy birthday,” Wei Chen responded with a blessing.

Wei Hua stared at Little Biscuit, who was beaming like a crescent moon, feeling a slight daze. He had a strong sense of familiarity, but Wei Hua quickly averted his gaze. He chalked it up to spending a lot of time recently with Little Biscuit, causing the feeling of familiarity.

Apart from Jiang Ye, other Sheng family members attended Little Biscuit’s birthday banquet, including Sheng Tianqi, whom they had met at Secretary Wu Zhang’s house in Shanghai, and two relatively unfamiliar faces. However, upon introduction by Jiang Ye, Wei Chen suddenly realized.

Weren’t these two individuals the recently crowned Best Actor, Xiang Yang, and the emerging popular director Sheng Tianle?

However, Wei Chen wasn’t particularly interested in the entertainment industry. Even though he encountered two major stars who could easily cause a commotion on the streets, Wei Chen merely nodded politely at them, shaking hands.

Little Biscuit’s banquet was bustling and lively. He was currently the youngest member of the Sheng family and naturally received abundant affection. However, it was unclear from whom Little Biscuit inherited his temperament. Despite growing up in an environment filled with immense affection, he didn’t display any spoiled or crooked behavior. In fact, he seemed very sensible.

Of course, this was also related to the overall family influence in the Sheng household.

Wei Chen deeply understood this aspect.

Looking across the entire China, who would dare to say that the Sheng family isn’t an illustrious and influential household? However, the Sheng family precisely hasn’t adopted some of the negative aspects associated with influential families. The elders grant enough freedom to the younger generations, refraining from interfering with their choices but offering the right guidance when they are about to take the wrong path.

Hence, the Sheng family produced the upright and righteous Sheng Guoqi and the cunning Sheng Jiaqi, one in politics and the other in business, working in harmony. And in Jiang Ye’s generation, they were even more hands-off.

Sheng Tianqi inherited the family business and manages the financial institution, while Sheng Tianle, despite being a young master, chose to become a director and actor, leaving behind his aristocratic duties.

Normally, how could a family like this agree to let their descendants enter the glitzy world of the entertainment industry?

After the conclusion of Little Biscuit’s birthday banquet, Wei Chen’s biggest impression of interacting with the Sheng family was how comfortable it felt. These individuals were all scions of prominent families, yet they didn’t exhibit the arrogance often associated with such backgrounds. They conducted themselves gracefully, knowing when to speak and when to stay humble.

The increasing power and influence of the Sheng family weren’t without reason, Wei Chen thought quietly as he departed.

Wei Hua brought Wei Chen and Chen Li over, so naturally, Wei Hua would escort them back now that Wei Chen was leaving.

Little Biscuit had been clinging to Chen Li moments ago, and Chen Li appeared exhausted now. Once in the car, he dozed off, resting his head on Wei Chen’s shoulder, emitting a faint snore.

Wei Chen adjusted their positions, ensuring Chen Li could sleep more comfortably. When he looked up, he met Wei Hua’s gaze.

“Is something wrong?” Wei Chen asked.

“I heard about Xu Ruru’s situation,” Wei Hua’s tone suddenly turned grave. “I never expected her to do something like that.”

“This has nothing to do with you,” Wei Chen reassured, sensing Wei Hua’s remorse in his tone.

“Perhaps,” Wei Hua shook his head, still feeling somewhat guilty. If he hadn’t encouraged Xu Ruru’s feelings for Wei Chen before he was with Chen Li, perhaps she wouldn’t have fallen so deeply or made such foolish decisions.

Wei Hua acknowledged he had become too involved in the situation, but the possibility that Xu Ruru might cause complications for Chen Li weighed heavily on his conscience. After all, he had played a part in fueling Xu Ruru’s feelings for Wei Chen.

“Is Chen Li okay?” Wei Hua, through the rearview mirror, saw the soundly sleeping Chen Li and asked softly.

“He’s fine,” Wei Chen’s slender fingers moved through Chen Li’s hair. He felt it had grown a bit long and made a mental note to take Chen Li for a haircut at a more convenient time.

Hearing Wei Chen’s reassurance, Wei Hua relaxed and focused on driving.

While Wei Hua was attentively watching the road, he didn’t notice the change in Wei Chen’s expression in the back seat. His gaze darkened slightly, full of concern when it landed on Chen Li.

Chen Li, is he really okay now?

Afterward, there was silence until the car stopped in the residential area where Wei Chen lived. Wei Hua bid Wei Chen goodnight before Chen Li groggily awakened. Supported by Wei Chen, he made his way upstairs. As Wei Chen searched for his keys to unlock the door, Chen Li fell asleep with his head on Wei Chen’s shoulder.

The door opened, but not wanting to disturb Chen Li, Wei Chen gently lifted him and carried him to the room. Over the past few nights, Chen Li had been having troubled sleep. Finally, now he could enter deep slumber. Let him sleep.

After quickly showering, Wei Chen lay down, accompanying Chen Li in bed. With him around, Chen Li would sleep more peacefully.

As the night grew darker, Chen Li once again dreamt of that scene.

In the dream, Wei Chen lay silently on a hospital bed, relying on a ventilator to maintain basic vital signs, his face pale, as if on the verge of death.

Then, two figures entered the quiet hospital room. Chen Li couldn’t make out their faces but watched them approach Wei Chen’s bed, attempting to remove his ventilator.

In response, Chen Li saw himself rushing forward, grabbing a fruit knife from the table, and st*bbing one of the individuals in the back.

They wanted to kill Achen, and he couldn’t let that happen. He had to stop them.

Even in the dream, Chen Li could feel the overwhelming hatred and madness coursing through his dream self.

However, the next moment, Chen Li saw the person whose face he couldn’t see, lifting an oxygen tank and fiercely striking his dream-self. Suddenly, a sharp pain pierced his chest, his dream-self had been st*bbed in the heart. Blood gushed out relentlessly, yet the person continued st*bbing his body.


Chen Li knew in his dream, this person had k*lled his dream-self.

He lifted his head and saw Wei Chen’s blurry figure gradually dissipating.

Achen had also died. Chen Li thought, feeling the persistent st*bbing pain in his chest, as if it would overwhelm him.

“Li Li!”

“Li Li!”

A familiar, gentle voice echoed in his ears—it was Achen’s voice!

Achen hadn’t died!

Tears streaming down his face, Chen Li opened his eyes, meeting Wei Chen’s concerned and worried gaze once again. He immediately threw himself into Wei Chen’s arms.

“Achen, I had that dream again,” Chen Li said, his voice choked up, tears flowing freely.

The dream was too real. He could still feel that piercing pain, making it difficult to breathe.

Thank goodness…

Thank goodness Achen was there, so he knew everything that had happened in the dream was just a dream, not reality.

“It’s okay, it was just a dream,” Wei Chen consoled Chen Li. He couldn’t remember how many times he had comforted Chen Li this way. Ever since Chen Li was hypnotized by Xu Ruru, he couldn’t sleep peacefully at night and consistently dreamt of the same scene.

Wei Chen knew that this scene was from their past lives before he and Chen Li died. However, he didn’t understand why, after one hypnosis session, Chen Li remembered the scene from their previous life.

Wei Chen had speculated that perhaps Chen Li, like him, had been reborn. But the memories of his past life were buried deeply in his mind. Triggered by the hypnosis, those memories became dreams, tormenting Chen Li every day and night.

Embracing Chen Li in his arms, Wei Chen could sense Chen Li’s distress because he felt the same way now.

“Li Li, I’ll always be by your side, and you’ll always be by mine. It’s just a dream, one you’ll forget upon waking up. Don’t worry,” Wei Chen comforted, his broad palm gently patting Chen Li’s back, speaking softly to console him.

Exhausted, Chen Li gradually fell asleep in Wei Chen’s comforting words. However, it wouldn’t be long before he woke up once again, the cycle repeating itself.

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