Chapter 259 – Worsening Condition

Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie left Chen Yunlan’s house. When they got into the car, Sheng Jiaqi didn’t immediately start driving; he sat in the driver’s seat, lost in thought for a while.

Cookie didn’t rush him. He found life quite peculiar. Chen Li, who was completely unrelated, turned out to be his cousin in the end.

However, soon, anger filled Cookie’s mind. He didn’t know how Chen Li was treated while at the Chen family’s house, but when he first met Chen Li, his condition wasn’t that of someone from a normal household. Besides being extremely thin, Chen Li exuded resistance toward the world.

He didn’t believe that Chen Li hadn’t suffered mistreatment in the Chen household!

Moreover, the fact that the Chen family raised Chen Li as a potential heart donor was exceedingly cruel. What kind of family was Chen Li from? Why were they so heartless, forcing their own blood relative into such a desperate situation?

At this moment, just thinking about the Chen family sent shivers down Cookie’s spine. He felt an intense aversion towards the Chen family.

“Cookie, tomorrow morning, I’ll call your grandfather and tell him the truth,” Sheng Jiaqi made up his mind after coming out of his reverie.

Cookie disagreed a bit. “Dad, Grandpa is getting older. It’s okay to tell him about Chen Li’s existence, but the whole truth…”

Sheng Jiaqi’s gaze became serious. “Your grandfather may not be entirely unaware of what happened back then. After all, he found your uncle’s gravestone, so he might have dug up a lot of information along that line. If your grandfather is willing, he might have even met Chen Yunlan. But…” After a brief pause, Sheng Jiaqi continued with his speculation, “I’m certain your grandfather doesn’t know about Chen Li. Maybe he, like Chen Yunlan, believed that Chen Yunlan’s child had died a long time ago. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed Chen Li to suffer ab*se in the Chen family.”

“Why hasn’t Grandpa sought revenge on the Chen family?” This was the puzzle in Cookie’s mind. If Grandpa indeed knew how his son died, why hadn’t he retaliated against the Chen family? After all, his son’s death was arguably influenced by the Chen family’s actions.

“Your grandfather is quite shrewd to occupy that position. If he chooses to remain silent, there’s definitely a reason for it,” Sheng Jiaqi drove the car out of the neighborhood, sharing his thoughts with Cookie. It wasn’t that he wanted to evaluate his father-in-law this way; it was just a fact. Someone in his father-in-law’s position, with his methods and mindset, wouldn’t be straightforward and was impossible to fathom.

“I understand,” Cookie nodded, agreeing with Sheng Jiaqi’s perspective. “I’ll call Grandpa tomorrow to explain things. I’m just worried that knowing his grandson is still alive might be too much of a shock for him.”

Sheng Jiaqi shook his head. “You don’t need to worry about that. He’s experienced a lot in his lifetime. He’ll surely be thrilled, but he has the ability to regulate these emotions.”

“Okay,” Cookie agreed with a nod.


In the late hours of the night, the hospital corridor remained tranquil, occasionally disrupted by passing nurses. The sound of footsteps echoed through the hospital corridors. The intensive care unit was located on the top floor of the Ci’en Hospital’s inpatient department. In Ci’en Hospital where bed space is scarce, the intensive care unit only occupies a few rooms, akin to ordinary wards.

Chen Yu resided in one of those rooms.

Chen Yu was startled awake by a nightmare. Upon awakening, she was drenched, as if she had been pulled out of water. She stared fearfully at the ceiling, breathing heavily. It was only through this heavy breathing that she felt alive.

In her dream, she had died.

She lay on an operating table, eyes wide open, her mouth gaping, her heart already rotten.

And then she woke up.

A night light illuminated the room, and not far away on a small bed, Chen Qing, who was keeping her company, had already fallen asleep, breathing steadily and deeply.

The look of terror slowly faded from Chen Yu’s face, but her heart was still filled with fear. If she didn’t have a heart transplant, would she die?

No, she didn’t want to die!

Her hands tightly gripped the blanket, gritting her teeth against the fear, her face suddenly resolute.

Suddenly, her heart felt as though it had been clenched by someone, and a familiar pain struck. Chen Yu, unprepared, let out a piercing scream.

It hurt, really hurt.

Chen Yu covered her mouth, the color draining from her face. She curled up, trying to combat the pain, but to no avail.

Chen Qing was awakened by Chen Yu’s scream. With a start, he leaped from his small bed and hurried to Chen Yu’s side, swiftly pressing the emergency bell.

The bell rang in the dead of night, piercing through the darkness. The on-duty doctors and nurses dashed towards the sound.

But when they arrived at Chen Yu’s room at the fastest speed possible, Chen Yu had already lost consciousness.

The on-duty doctor quickly dialed Chen Yu’s attending physician, who was also the director of the Ci’en Hospital, Wang Kaiji, and then organized the nurses to perform emergency procedures for Chen Yu.

Chen Qing hastily arranged the room. Before long, Chen Yunsheng and Du Lixun rushed over upon hearing the news, pacing anxiously at the room’s entrance.

Half an hour passed, and the emergency treatment in the room continued. Du Lixun, almost frantic, approached Chen Yunsheng and slapped him hard.

“It’s all because of you! Didn’t you say you would get the heart? Where is the heart now? Hurry up and get the heart for Xiao Yu’s treatment! If anything happens to Xiao Yu, I’ll make sure you accompany her in the grave!” Du Lixun glared at Chen Yunsheng, almost losing her composure.

Chen Yunsheng sat on a chair in the corridor. Despite being slapped by Du Lixun, he didn’t get angry. He sighed and appeared somewhat dejected.

At that moment, Chen Yunsheng’s phone rang. It was the call from the person he sent to find Reinhert, bringing good news that Reinhert had been found. They would be able to bring him to the capital tomorrow morning.

Chen Yunsheng smiled upon hearing this news. Finding Reinhert was a relief. Once they had Chen Li in front of Reinhert, Reinhert could induce brain death in Chen Li!

After ending the call, Chen Yunsheng quickly informed Du Lixun and Chen Qing about the news.

Chen Qing, upon hearing the news, had an idea in mind. “I’ll make a phone call,” he said, then turned and left.

Du Lixun, now calmer, stated, “If this attempt fails again, you can forget about getting a hold of my shares.”

For a moment, a look of distortion crossed Chen Yunsheng’s face. But for the shares Du Lixun held, he restrained himself and said, “Alright, this time it will surely be successful.”

Reinhert had been captured; the following matters would be much simpler and surely successful! Chen Yunsheng comforted himself in his thoughts.

Soon, Wang Kaiji rushed over. He glanced at the patient’s family members outside the ward before entering the room.

After another agonizing half an hour, Wang Kaiji and the doctors emerged. Du Lixun and Chen Qing immediately approached. “Doctor, what happened to our daughter?” asked Du Lixun.

Wang Kaiji shook his head. “The patient’s current condition is very critical. You should be prepared.”

Du Lixun was not having it. She grabbed Wang Kaiji’s collar, somewhat hysterical. “Aren’t you the world’s most authoritative doctor? How could you not save her? Is it because of a new heart? If needed, we can arrange it immediately. Just save my daughter!”

Wang Kaiji allowed himself to be grabbed, speaking sternly, “If the source of your heart is not legitimate, I have the right to refuse this surgery. Find a more legitimate way.”

“You can’t do this!” Du Lixun’s grip on Wang Kaiji’s collar weakened and she eventually slumped to the ground. “You can’t do this. You will save my daughter, won’t you?”

The on-duty doctor exchanged a glance with Wang Kaiji and immediately crouched down to help Du Lixun up, saying, “Ma’am, you don’t need to do this. We will do our best to treat your daughter.”

Wang Kaiji didn’t linger there. He left the ward without informing them that even with a matching heart, the success rate of the heart transplant was almost close to zero.

He knew that if he disclosed this information, the Chen family would go mad. They would do anything to harm Chen Li, letting Chen Li become a sacrifice for Chen Yu.

Right now, they still cared about Chen Li’s heart. Even if there was danger, they wouldn’t immediately end Chen Li’s life. But once they became frantic, it would be a different scenario. They would stop at nothing, and at that point, Chen Li would be in real danger.

Wang Kaiji had reason to believe that the Chen family would resort to such actions based on what he had observed.


The next day, the sun rose as usual, but autumn was fading, and the footsteps of winter were approaching. A cold front was brewing in the northern plains, ready to move south, carrying the chill of winter.

The outside world remained unaware of what had occurred in the hospital last night.

Meanwhile, Cookie, mindful of the time, called Grandfather Qu last thing in the morning.

The old man had always slept and risen early. By the time Cookie made the call, he had already finished his morning walk in the park.

“Grandpa, good morning,” greeted Cookie over the phone, while Little Biscuit reached out, pulling Cookie’s hand down, sweetly calling out, “Grandpa Zeng, good morning.”

On the other end of the line, the old man, having heard his grandson and great-grandson’s voices, beamed with joy and warmly said, “Xiao Qi, Little Biscuit, good morning.”

After exchanging greetings, Little Biscuit contentedly nestled onto the nearby grandfather, urging him to read the newspaper.

Cookie continued the conversation with the old man. After careful consideration, Cookie said, “Grandpa, didn’t I go to see Uncle with you last time?…”

Cookie then recounted the entire situation to the old man in detail. The old man listened attentively and remained silent for a long while after Cookie finished.

“Grandpa…” Cookie called out anxiously, worried that the recent news might have been too distressing for the old man.

A long while later, the old man’s trembling voice came through the phone, “Xiao Qi, what you said… is it true? Qu Ran… does he have a son?”

Cookie nodded, “Yes, Grandpa. My dad and I confirmed it. My friend is indeed Uncle Qu’s son. He has big eyes just like Uncle…” Cookie then began describing Chen Li’s appearance to the old man.

“Xiao Qi, tell me more about him,” the old man said, composed now, without displaying any particular emotions.

Cookie, now reassured, shared everything known about Chen Li with the old man, choosing to omit the fact that the Chen family was raising Chen Li as a potential heart donor. Not to protect the Chen family, but to avoid causing distress to the old man.

The old man listened attentively without interrupting, holding onto the phone as if it were stuck to his hand.

After a long conversation and discussing many details about Chen Li, when the old man finally inquired about the name of his yet-to-be-met grandson, Cookie mentioned Chen Li’s name.

The name seemed familiar to the old man. His gaze fell on a painting hanging on the wall, an expensive piece he loved. He then remembered why the name sounded familiar, because the creator of the painting he adored was also named Chen Li.

Could there be such a remarkable coincidence in the world?

“Xiao Qi, did you say he’s an artist?” the old man, filled with doubts, asked.

Cookie nodded, “Yes, Grandpa. Chen Li is a very talented artist.”

The entire scenario seemed incredibly coincidental to the old man as he looked at the painting on the wall, feeling extremely moved.

“Tell your dad, in a few days, I will also come to the capital. I want to meet my grandson.”

“Alright, I’ll arrange it,” Cookie nodded in agreement.

After ending the call with the old man, Cookie walked over to the couch and picked up Little Biscuit nestled in Sheng Jiaqi’s arms. Rubbing Little Biscuit’s cheek, Cookie spoke to Sheng Jiaqi, “Dad, Grandpa says he’ll come to the capital in a few days.”

Sheng Jiaqi wasn’t surprised. Although the old man usually seemed calm, he surely missed Qu Ran. Now that Qu Ran had a son, the old man must be very excited, making it normal for him to come back and meet his grandson.

“Dad, Grandpa is coming. Should I inform Grandpa Uncle?” The ‘Grandpa Uncle’ Cookie mentioned referred to the current head of the Sheng family.

“Note down the date your Grandpa arrives in the capital, and a day ahead, inform your Grandpa Uncle,” Sheng Jiaqi responded. Keeping him informed was necessary since the head of the Sheng family had a good relationship with his father-in-law. If Patriarch Sheng knew that his father-in-law had come to the capital but didn’t inform him, it would surely lead to days of complaints.

“I got it,” Cookie kissed Little Biscuit and replied.

Sheng Jiaqi stood up. “Also, if things are really settled with Wei Hua, pick a day and get the paperwork done. There’s no point in delaying it.”

Cookie looked pleasantly surprised at Sheng Jiaqi, “Dad, are you agreeing?”

Sheng Jiaqi didn’t respond, just took his briefcase and headed out.

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