Chapter 292 – Revoking the Position

Wei Chen’s return was an unexpected turn of events for those who intended to oust him from the company while he was away. However, the previously scheduled board meeting naturally had to proceed.

The suddenness of this board meeting took Sheng Jiaqi by surprise as well. He only learned about it while working late at night, but he immediately grasped the underlying message conveyed.

A meeting had been arranged without his knowledge, and those under him desired Wei Chen’s departure. Hence, they united with Chen Yunzeng’s associates, clandestinely setting up a meeting.

As for the reasons, Sheng Jiaqi had a somewhat clear understanding.

During Chen Yunzeng’s son’s hundred-day celebration, due to his trust in Wei Chen, he hadn’t successfully disrupted the trust between Wei Chen and himself. However, this didn’t mean that those under him completely trusted Wei Chen. In fact, they probably already believed that Wei Chen had sided with Chen Yunzeng.

Due to these suspicions, they wanted Wei Chen to leave Changfeng.

How foolish! Utterly foolish!

If Wei Chen had truly allied with Chen Yunzeng, would Chen Yunzeng try so hard to make Wei Chen leave Changfeng?

When Sheng Jiaqi heard about this board meeting, he wished he could knock on his subordinates’ heads to see what they were thinking. How did they so easily fall into someone else’s scheme?

However, with things already set in motion, the board meeting was like an arrow on the bowstring, inevitable. Sheng Jiaqi couldn’t prevent it. Thankfully, Wei Chen had returned, no longer in a position where he’d be forced into a corner.

As the time arrived, Sheng Jiaqi headed to the top floor’s meeting room. Many might have been anticipating Wei Chen’s downfall at Changfeng Group. Surprisingly, even those directors who usually found excuses to avoid meetings were present today. The meeting room might not have been completely full, but those who should have been there were present, and even those who shouldn’t have been came along for the spectacle.

When Sheng Jiaqi entered, the once noisy meeting room fell silent. Several directors, upon meeting Sheng Jiaqi’s gaze, averted their eyes, displaying signs of unease.

“Chairman, Deputy General Manager Wei has been unjustly suspended for over nine months. Are you aware? How does his actions serve the company’s interests?” someone approached and expressed indignation, as if Wei Chen had committed some grievous offense against the company.

Sheng Jiaqi ignored the person and instead closed his eyes, seemingly awaiting something.

Two minutes later, the door of the meeting room swung open, and Wei Chen walked in with determined strides.

In theory, Wei Chen wasn’t a part of the board, so naturally, he couldn’t participate in the meeting. As soon as he entered, some directors stood up to ask him to leave.

“I asked him to come up,” Sheng Jiaqi said, opening his eyes and looking at Wei Chen. “Deputy General Manager Wei, find yourself a seat.”

Wei Chen found a place to sit without any expression on his face, handing the documents he carried to the Marketing Department Manager, Lu Wei, who had come in with him, instructing him to distribute the papers.

After Lu Wei finished distributing the documents, he stood behind Wei Chen quietly, merely a backdrop.

Once all confirmations were made, Sheng Jiaqi stood up from the chairman’s position. “Since you claim that during Wei Chen’s absence, he disregarded the company’s interests, take a look at these documents in your hands. In these nine months, was there any drop in the company’s performance?”

The board members were well aware of the company’s performance. Despite Wei Chen not being at the helm of the Marketing Department, the company had seen consecutive growth for three quarters, with a noticeable increase that hadn’t declined due to Wei Chen’s absence.

However, many wondered about the connection between Wei Chen’s suspension and this performance. Some voiced this skepticism, their tone somewhat aggressive.

“This is the result of the entire company’s efforts. What does it have to do with Wei Chen? Chairman Sheng, we respect you as the chairman, but attributing the credit to Wei Chen, who hasn’t set foot in the company for over nine months, seems a bit irrational, doesn’t it?” one person said assertively.

Sheng Jiaqi glanced lightly at the individual before turning to Lu Wei standing behind Wei Chen. “Manager Lu, please explain how the Marketing Department operated in these nine months.”

Lu Wei, following orders, began, “In the past nine months, at the end of each month, Deputy General Manager Wei, despite not being physically present, would analyze the performance distribution. At the beginning of each month, he would provide a comprehensive plan. The Marketing Department operated based on this plan, and the continuous growth of the company’s performance is directly attributed to these plans tailored to market demands. I’ve printed out the plans for the past nine months and distributed them along with the performance reports. Directors can take a look.”

Lu Wei concluded and returned to standing silently behind Wei Chen.

“Did you hear that? Has Deputy General Manager Wei ever disregarded the company’s interests? He hasn’t received a single cent in salary for these nine months, yet he still managed the work efficiently. Dare any of you claim that your contributions in these nine months match Wei Chen’s?” Sheng Jiaqi’s tone was sharp, his eyes piercing each person present.

Surprisingly, none of the directors could refute his words. If Wei Chen, while suspended, could lead the Marketing Department to such achievements, what right did they have to question whether he had disregarded the company’s interests?

“As Deputy General Manager of Changfeng, whether Wei Chen has contributed in the past nine months or not, being suspended for over nine months is an irresponsible act. Who knows if there will be more incidents in the future where Wei Chen would simply leave Changfeng without notice?” Zhuge Feng, who had been aligning with Sheng Jiaqi, confronted him with this retort as the room remained silent.

This statement injected confidence into most of the directors present, and they began echoing similar sentiments.

“Chairman, exceptional abilities are scarce but not absent. However, individuals like Wei Chen, lacking responsibility, are not what Changfeng Group should retain!”

“Yes, Chairman, in some aspects, a sense of responsibility is far more crucial than work competence.”

Most directors turned towards Wei Chen, displaying a stubborn attitude, as if Sheng Jiaqi’s failure to penalize Wei Chen this time wouldn’t lead them to let it slide.

Zhuge Feng raised a hand, quieting the murmurs in the room before continuing, “Chairman, I acknowledge that Wei Chen possesses exceptional abilities. Losing him is a loss for the company. How about this? Give Wei Chen a suitable punishment to make him understand that Changfeng Group isn’t a place where he can come and go as he pleases.”

Sheng Jiaqi reverted to a smiling demeanor, albeit with sharper eyes, akin to a slashing knife, directed at Zhuge Feng. “In that case, Vice Chairman Zhuge, tell me, what kind of punishment should we give Deputy General Manager Wei?”

Zhuge Feng took on Sheng Jiaqi’s intense gaze calmly. “Wei Chen lacks sufficient sense of responsibility due to his early success without facing many hardships. He climbed up without experiencing life’s difficulties, nurturing a mentality of getting whatever he wants. Our Transportation Department is the most strenuous division. Why not transfer Wei Chen there? It will cultivate his sense of responsibility and act as a punishment. Isn’t it a win-win?”

Sheng Jiaqi slowly withdrew his intense gaze from Zhuge Feng and fixed it upon Wei Chen. “Deputy General Manager Wei, do you agree with Vice Chairman Zhuge? Are you willing to accept this punishment?”

As Wei Chen stood up, about to speak, another voice interrupted.

It was Chen Yunzeng, “The Transportation Department deals with arduous and tiring tasks. Sending Deputy General Manager Wei there would be a waste of talent. Let’s drop this matter now. I believe Deputy General Manager Wei had valid reasons for his absence. Since he’s back, Chairman, why don’t we let this issue pass?”

 Sheng Jiaqi smiled and nodded, seemingly in agreement with Chen Yunzeng’s perspective. “General Manager Chen makes a valid point. What do you all think?”

“Chairman Sheng, I still agree with Vice Chairman Zhuge’s viewpoint!” A director from Sheng Jiaqi’s side stood up, somewhat impassioned. “Lack of responsibility is just that, a lack of responsibility. How can we simply excuse it with some reasons? If everyone claims reasons and takes leaves, Changfeng Group might as well declare bankruptcy! I align with Vice Chairman Zhuge; Wei Chen must face some form of punishment, a small punishment to prevent larger mistakes!”

“Yes, I agree!”

“Deputy General Manager Wei is still too young and should be sent to the grassroots for some experience!”

The voices of support surged, mostly from Sheng Jiaqi’s associates. Seeing Chen Yunzeng speak up for Wei Chen only solidified their belief that Wei Chen was aligned with Chen Yunzeng. With this belief, how could they let Wei Chen continue in such a crucial position as the Marketing Department’s director?

Sheng Jiaqi furrowed his brow, looking at Wei Chen again. “Deputy General Manager Wei, what is your opinion?”

Wei Chen stood tall, speaking calmly and confidently, “Being suspended for over nine months was indeed my mistake. I agree with Vice Chairman Zhuge’s words and am willing to start from scratch in the Transportation Department.”

Wei Chen’s statement resounded assertively. Directors in the room turned their attention to him, surprised at why he would accept such a punishment. The Transportation Department’s grassroots weren’t about sitting in an air-conditioned office; it required delving into the deepest levels. How could someone as young and accomplished as Wei Chen endure such conditions?

Wein Chen’s resolute statement had made his determination clear—he accepted the company’s punishment and was willing to start from the grassroots level.

Chen Yunzeng became restless. He had intended to use this board meeting to assert some authority over Wei Chen, to convey the message that after his nine-month absence, Changfeng had changed. However, Sheng Jiaqi and Zhuge Feng seemed inclined to send Wei Chen to the Transportation Department.

Chen Yunzeng knew Wei Chen well from their interactions. Once Wei Chen entered the Transportation Department, whether or not he was aware of the Chen family’s influence in that division, many things might slip out of control.

He tried signaling his own people, hoping they’d speak up for Wei Chen. But just as one of them was about to, Sheng Jiaqi’s expression turned serious, and he solemnly asked Wei Chen, “Wei Chen, are you sure you want to go to the Transportation Department and start from the grassroots?”

Wei Chen nodded without hesitation. “Yes.”

Sheng Jiaqi appeared troubled, while Zhuge Feng seemed to stoke the fire, not giving any chance to those attempting to speak in favor of Wei Chen. “Chairman Sheng, if you truly have Wei Chen’s best interests at heart, you should let him experience the grassroots. Once his sense of responsibility is developed, with Wei Chen’s abilities, he can achieve a lot in the future!”

“Fine, I’ll heed your advice. I’ll temporarily revoke Wei Chen’s position as Deputy General Manager and Director of the Marketing Department and let him spend some time in the Transportation Department to foster a sense of responsibility,” Sheng Jiaqi reluctantly made the decision.

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