Chapter 293 – Backfiring Strategies

Though Sheng Jiaqi wore a smile on his face at the moment, astute individuals could discern his displeasure. After all, Wei Chen was his proud general, yet now he had been demoted to the lowest echelon of the Transportation Department in Changfeng Group. A sharp sword suddenly rendered useless, naturally upsetting Sheng Jiaqi.

This sentiment was prevalent among many present, excluding Chen Yunzeng.

He aimed to seize this opportunity to pull Wei Chen down from his position. He orchestrated the board meeting specifically targeting Wei Chen, acting as the mastermind behind the scenes. Even the fact that Wei Chen belonged to his faction was subtly spread by him, all to provoke thoughts within Sheng Jiaqi’s camp about removing Wei Chen from his current position.

At this point, regardless of who looked at it, Chen Yunzeng’s objective had been achieved. Wei Chen, from being the Deputy General Manager and Director of the Marketing Department in Changfeng Group, suddenly became a low-level employee in the Transportation Department. It was like the difference between heaven and earth. Yet, only Chen Yunzeng knew that in this meeting, he had been countered!

Since its inception, the Transportation Department in Changfeng Group had always been under Chen’s complete control. Even though Sheng Jiaqi had gained considerable power in Changfeng Group in recent years, he couldn’t place a person in the Transportation Department.

Publicly, the Transportation Department supported Changfeng Group’s import and export of cars, but privately, Chen’s purposes for it were crystal clear to Chen Yunzeng.

It was precisely for this reason that the Transportation Department of Changfeng Group was highly valued, and no other factions within the group could infiltrate it.

However, Chen Yunzeng never expected that eventually, Wei Chen and Sheng Jiaqi would counter his moves. Ostensibly, they loftily demoted Wei Chen to the Transportation Department for foundational training purposes, but in reality, eight or nine times out of ten, they aimed to place Wei Chen within the department to investigate its workings.

Now, the decision to transfer Wei Chen to the Transportation Department was firmly settled. Sheng Jiaqi’s objective was achieved, yet he still put on an angry appearance, acting as if he had been wronged. This situation irked Chen Yunzeng tremendously, but he could only swallow his frustration.

As the meeting concluded, though Chen Yunzeng left with a smile, the sharpness in his eyes didn’t escape Sheng Jiaqi’s notice. Sheng Jiaqi watched Chen Yunzeng leave with a smiling face, then turned his gaze toward Zhuge Feng and Wei Chen.

The two understood the meaning behind Sheng Jiaqi’s gaze and, as the meeting dispersed, voluntarily headed to Sheng Jiaqi’s office.

Sheng Jiaqi was genuinely unaware of this morning’s events. If it hadn’t been for his understanding and trust in Zhuge Feng, he might have suspected Wei Chen, just like the rest of the fools.

“What’s the matter?” Sheng Jiaqi looked at Zhuge Feng and Wei Chen, not angry but rather displeased. He couldn’t comprehend why such a significant matter hadn’t been discussed with him. Did these two not consider him important?

Zhuge Feng stepped forward and admitted, “We were wrong in handling this. It was rushed, and both Wei Chen and I couldn’t inform you in time.”

The strategy of turning the tables was something Wei Chen thought up when he learned about the board meeting. He wanted to delve deeper into the Transportation Department, and this was the perfect opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Within ten minutes, Wei Chen and Zhuge Feng conspired and devised a plan. Zhuge Feng would present it.

The reason Zhuge Feng was chosen to present the plan was to lower the guard of Chen Yunzeng’s faction. If Wei Chen’s punishment of being transferred to the Transportation Department was directly proposed by Sheng Jiaqi, Chen Yunzeng would oppose it immediately, making Wei Chen’s goal difficult to achieve.

However, Zhuge Feng was different. Initially ambiguous about his intentions, his proposal led Sheng Jiaqi to oppose it instinctively due to being uninformed. Sheng Jiaqi’s reaction at that moment wasn’t a pretense; it was genuine.

Sheng Jiaqi, as the involved party, was actually unaware of his genuine reaction at the time, but onlookers were clear about it.

‘This is my person, my protege, and I’ll protect him, so what!’

It was Sheng Jiaqi’s genuine reaction that deceived Chen Yunzeng. His lack of suspicion led him into Wei Chen and Zhuge Feng’s trap.

Later, when Zhuge Feng proposed transferring Wei Chen to the Transportation Department for experience, Sheng Jiaqi finally realized the intentions of Zhuge Feng and Wei Chen. That’s when they smoothly carried out the plan to transfer Wei Chen.

By the time Chen Yunzeng grasped the situation, it was too late to change anything.

Sheng Jiaqi glanced at Wei Chen and Zhuge Feng but didn’t say much in the end. It was right not to inform him of this matter. Otherwise, he couldn’t guarantee that Chen Yunzeng wouldn’t spot the flaw. He had been dealing with Chen Yunzeng for nearly a year, and despite looking a bit younger, Chen Yunzeng was an astute old fox!

“Alright, let’s leave it at that,” Sheng Jiaqi waved his hand. Though he felt uneasy about it, on the other side, Chen Yunzeng might be seething. But as he considered this, Sheng Jiaqi’s discomfort turned into satisfaction.

“Wei Chen, regarding the Transportation Department, I’ve already spoken to you about it. Be extremely cautious when you go down there. Remember, your safety is paramount. If it involves your safety, don’t act rashly,” Sheng Jiaqi’s sharp gaze met Wei Chen’s. He emphasized, “Chen Li and Qiuqiu are waiting for you to return home every day.”

“I understand,” Wei Chen’s expression turned serious. He had a clear sense of when to let go.

“Assess the situation yourself.” Sheng Jiaqi trusted Wei Chen, but having witnessed the ruthlessness of the Chen family, he couldn’t help but worry about Wei Chen.

The atmosphere in the office became somewhat heavy.

Taking a deep breath, Sheng Jiaqi spoke with complexity in his tone, “Alright, Wei Chen, I’ll await your triumphant return.”

“Don’t worry, Director Sheng,” Wei Chen assured.

Zhuge Feng patted Wei Chen’s shoulder, “Go for it! I believe in you, but remember, be careful.”

This farewell atmosphere lingered in the office for a while. However, the warrior being “sent off” didn’t exhibit any melancholy; instead, he remained calm and composed.

“Wei Chen, here’s what we’ll do. Pack your things first. Report to the Transportation Department after the National Day holiday. The grassroots work in the Transportation Department isn’t easy. Take good care of yourself,” Sheng Jiaqi gestured, granting Wei Chen a few more days off, coupled with the National Day holiday, totaling about half a month.

“Alright,” Wei Chen agreed.

Wei Chen knew that a tough battle lay ahead. Before it commenced, he had to spend more time with Chen Li and Qiuqiu.

After returning to the office, Chen Yunzeng informed Chen Yunqi about the meeting. There was a long silence on the other end of the phone before Chen Yunqi spoke, “Let him go. Whether he finds out anything or not, make sure he disappears from the Transportation Department permanently, no matter what means you employ.”

“Chen Yunzeng, I don’t want to see any more mistakes.” Chen Yunqi’s voice was low, devoid of any emotion.

Chen Yunzeng replied anxiously, “Don’t worry, Young Master. I guarantee there won’t be any more slip-ups!” This time, it was indeed his carelessness that caused this situation. If Wei Chen did something in the Transportation Department, he’d be the first to face punishment.

So now, between him and Wei Chen, it was a matter of life and death!

Chen Yunzeng ended the call with Chen Yunqi. Seated in his office chair, he tapped the armrest with his fingers. His eyes narrowed slightly behind his thin-framed glasses, reflecting a ruthless glint.

——Wei Chen, you’ve stumbled into this situation by yourself. Now that you’ve entered my territory alone, where do you think you can escape to?


When Wei Chen returned to his office to pack his belongings, news of his transfer to the Transportation Department had already spread throughout the entire company. Most were surprised, while many others were watching with anticipation. After all, Wei Chen’s previous performance had been outstanding. His sudden fall from grace brought an indescribable sense of satisfaction to those who had been watching him.

Throughout his journey, Wei Chen heard plenty of sneers and ridicule. Such is life, just one aspect of it.

When you hold a high position, these individuals approach you with smiles, uttering flattery and ceaseless praise, not caring about their dignity. However, once you fall from that high position, these very people are often the first to step forward and ruthlessly stomp on you, as if that’s the only way to vent the humiliation they felt while flattering you before.

Facing this ridicule, Wei Chen always remained composed, refusing to engage with them. He kept his back straight as if nothing could ever crush him.

The members of the Marketing Department were the most indignant. However, this time, under the soothing from Lu Wei, they didn’t stage a collective strike as they did last time. They simply paused their work and watched Wei Chen leave.

They believed that Wei Chen would definitely come back!

Carrying a box, Wei Chen entered the elevator where Chen Yunzeng was already inside. Both wore glasses, but one exuded an artificial elegance while the other carried genuine coldness.

“Wei Chen, let me give you some advice. Sometimes, living in a bit of confusion ensures a healthier life. People who are too insightful and too upright often end up with unfavorable outcomes.” Chen Yunzeng maintained his poise, but his eyes harbored a dark shade, hinting at something lurking within.

“Thank you, General Manager Chen,” Wei Chen replied coldly, showing no sign of being affected.

Chen Yunzeng smirked. At that moment, the elevator doors opened, and Chen Yunzeng exited. The elevator doors closed, leaving only Wei Chen inside. The stainless steel walls of the elevator, polished by the janitor, reflected Wei Chen’s upright posture.

Wei Chen went to Sheng’s place and brought Chen Li and Qiuqiu back home. Chen Li didn’t inquire why Wei Chen had returned so quickly; he happily hugged Qiuqiu and headed home.

The two floors had already been completely connected when Wei Chen and Chen Li went to F Country. Even midway, Wei Chen instructed the workers to renovate a nursery room next to the master bedroom; it was going to be Qiuqiu’s room.

The house had been cleaned by housekeeping yesterday, so when Wei Chen and Chen Li entered, the entire home had already been completely refreshed. A spiral staircase connected the upstairs space, the art studio had been relocated, and all of Chen Li’s paintings had been carefully placed in the new studio, waiting for the owner to hang them.

Chen Li was curious about the newly renovated house. Holding Qiuqiu and holding Wei Chen’s hand, they strolled around and eventually stopped at the doorway of the nursery room.

The nursery room’s main color scheme was green, designed to resemble an elf’s forest. It looked entirely green and incredibly beautiful. A small treehouse was designed in the corner of the room, well-protected; even if the slightly older Qiuqiu jumped around on it, there wouldn’t be any major issues.

Underneath the treehouse was a hollow big enough for an adult and a child, filled with various toys.

Seeing this hollow, Chen Li’s eyes lit up; he wished he could lie down and take a look right at that moment.

Wei Chen sensed Chen Li’s thoughts, took Qiuqiu from Chen Li’s hands, and said, “Li Li, why don’t you go inside and take a look?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Li’s eyes shimmered brightly at Wei Chen, then bent down and entered the hollow, lying down inside like a flattened pancake.

Only upon entering the hollow did Chen Li realize there was a hidden world inside. The ceiling seemed to have compressed a starry sky within it, with stars and a moon faintly shining. It wasn’t clear what triggered the soothing music to flow out from the hollow when Chen Li entered.

Once inside, Chen Li didn’t quite feel like coming out. It felt as if this children’s room wasn’t prepared for Qiuqiu but for himself. If the treehouse weren’t so small, Chen Li might have climbed up and bounced around.

Wei Chen sat down next to the hollow, holding Qiuqiu, and tapped the treehouse. Chen Li sluggishly sat up, curled inside the hollow, eyes wide and shining, looking at Wei Chen.

“Achen, Qiuqiu will definitely love this room when he grows up,” Chen Li said firmly.

“Why?” Wei Chen asked.

“Because I love it!” Chen Li responded matter-of-factly. “Qiuqiu is my son, so he’ll definitely love it too, right, Qiuqiu?” Chen Li offered his finger for Qiuqiu to grasp, gently waving Qiuqiu’s lotus-like arm.

Qiuqiu grinned; not long ago, he had just finished drinking milk, now blowing a bubble of milk.

“Qiuqiu will surely love it!” Chen Li decided again, seeing Qiuqiu’s reaction.

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair, leaned in to give a kiss on Chen Li’s lips, and smilingly agreed, “Qiuqiu will love it.”

Qiuqiu seemed to express his thoughts or perhaps wanted both dads’ attention, waving his chubby little arms and legs, happily blowing a few more milk bubbles.

Maybe, just maybe, Qiuqiu really did like this room after all?

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