Chapter 298 – Holding Another Wedding

Compared to Chen Shihuai’s disdain towards Du Lixun, Chen Yunsheng knew somewhat about Du Lixun’s thoughts. He understood that Du Lixun blamed Chen Li for Chen Yu’s death, always believing that Chen Yu died because Chen Li didn’t donate his heart to her.

He also knew that Du Lixun placed the blame for Chen Qing’s life sentence on Chen Li. She believed that everything that had happened was caused by Chen Li. Therefore, Chen Yunsheng knew that most likely, Du Lixun was following them to the capital to seek revenge on Chen Li, which conflicted with their purpose of seeking Chen Li’s help.

Chen Yunsheng had just considered stopping Chen Shihuai from taking Du Lixun to the capital, but the words lingered unspoken on his lips, swallowed back down.

One could say that Du Lixun was now a ticking time bomb beside them, yet Chen Yunsheng believed that if handled properly and correctly, this time bomb might bring about an unexpectedly positive outcome.

With this in mind, Chen Yunsheng merely squinted his eyes and didn’t stop Du Lixun from going to the capital with them.

In just a short while, the housekeeper had already booked their tickets to the capital. The three hurriedly left the Chen residence, and after an hour and a half, they boarded a plane bound for the capital. By the time they arrived, it was late at night, so they randomly found a hotel to stay in.


The following day, Chen Li’s art exhibition was set to open to the public. The art gallery had been closed for a day, and today, unexpectedly, it welcomed the highest influx of visitors in its history. Almost all visitors had come specifically for Chen Li’s art exhibition.

After a day of live streaming and news coverage, this exhibition had gained immense fame. The shock felt through the live streams made people wonder how it would feel to experience it in person.

In the morning, before the art gallery opened, many people were already waiting at the entrance, all eager to see the exhibition. Anticipating the exhibition’s popularity, they had arrived early to queue.

As expected, as the time for the art gallery to open approached, the square in front of the gallery was packed with people. The combination of the National Day holiday and the highly anticipated art exhibition resulted in an enormous crowd!

Unfortunately, the art gallery and the organizers of the exhibition had to implement crowd control measures. Some of the early arrivals were allowed inside to view the exhibition, while those outside the square temporarily couldn’t enter. However, they didn’t leave; instead, they waited for people to come out. Meanwhile, on social media, many professional art critics had spent the entire night crafting articles discussing the exhibition, expressing immense admiration for it.

Undoubtedly, this was a successful exhibition. With only twenty paintings, the creator presented the history of the country in modern times. Each painting depicted a story, some derived from reality while others from the creator’s imagination. Yet, each story seemed to possess a soul, vividly presenting that period of history.

This country had endured humiliation, but it had risen above it. It stood tall now, in an extremely formidable posture!

On social media, there were numerous comments about the exhibition, written by professionals, collectors, and artists alike. Without exception, they were all deeply moved by the exhibition. Some had even stayed in the exhibition hall yesterday, continuously observing the twenty paintings, reluctant to leave until the art gallery was almost closing.

Both at the exhibition and online, there was an atmosphere of fervor.

However, this seemed to have little to do with the individuals involved, particularly Chen Li. At this moment, Chen Li and Wei Chen were dragged to a bridal shop by Wei Hua and Cookie. Wei Hua and Cookie had decided to make them groomsmen. Jiang Ye was also pulled in to be a groomsman.

Wei Hua and Cookie’s wedding was scheduled for the fourth day of the National Day holiday. Initially, Wei Hua and Cookie wanted a low-key affair, but Sheng Jiaqi disagreed!

For Sheng Jiaqi, his son getting married couldn’t be handled quietly. Even if it wasn’t an extravagant affair with hundreds of tables, he wanted his relatives and friends to know about his son’s wedding!

It was a joyous occasion! How could it be low-key?

Wei Hua and Cookie naturally respected Sheng Jiaqi’s opinion, so they settled the wedding on the fourth day of the National Day holiday.

That day was a rare auspicious day, even marked as suitable for marriages on calendars. Because Wei Hua and Cookie’s wedding was decided only half a month prior, they almost couldn’t book a good wedding ceremony venue in time.

At this moment, Wei Chen and Chen Li were pushed into the dressing room by Wei Hua and handed two suits to change into. When Wei Chen saw the suits, he furrowed his brow, feeling that this suit might not be what groomsmen usually wear.

Despite his doubts, Wei Chen put on the suit. When he and Chen Li came out, seeing the groom’s suits worn by Wei Hua and Cookie, Wei Chen’s sense of something being wrong deepened.

However he looked at it, his suit seemed almost identical to the groom’s.

Being quite sharp, Wei Chen immediately figured out the reason. He pulled Wei Hua into a corner and asked, “Tell me, what’s going on?” pointing at his own suit.

Wei Hua knew he couldn’t keep this from Wei Chen for long, nor did he intend to. Without making excuses, he explained, “Well, here’s the thing. We discussed it with my father-in-law and Uncle Chen. Since you and Chen Li only got the marriage certificate and haven’t had a wedding ceremony, we thought the two couples could have a joint wedding.”

Wei Chen thought to himself, “But Li Li and I had a wedding ceremony.” Even though it was just the two of them, it was a meticulously planned ceremony.

“Just the two of you? No officiant, no guests, and no family members,” Wei Hua pointed out.

Wei Chen nodded calmly, “Yes.”

“To be honest, Xiao Qiqi and I didn’t really want a ceremony. It’s just a formality. But my father-in-law insisted on it. Uncle Chen probably thinks the same way. They want to witness their children’s happiness more than anyone,” Wei Hua persuaded.

Organizing a wedding is quite a hassle, a very troublesome affair. He couldn’t possibly go through it alone, couldn’t bear all the trouble alone. No matter what, he was determined to pull Wei Chen into the mix, to go through the hassle together.

How could Wei Chen not know what Wei Hua was thinking, but he also knew that what he said made sense.

When he and Chen Li had their wedding, they were on their own without any significant relatives around, so there was no need for relatives to witness their happiness.

But now, things were different. Both he and Chen Li had parents who loved them. Perhaps, just as Wei Hua said, this might not be a significant ceremony to them, but it would be a witnessing event for the elders.

“Okay,” Wei Chen finally agreed to have another wedding ceremony with Chen Li.

Wei Hua revealed a triumphant smile, saying, “I knew you’d agree. As for whether to tell Chen Li or surprise him on the day, that’s up to you.”

Wei Chen’s gaze fell on Chen Li, who at that moment was thinking about something. He sat there absent-minded, his eyes sparkling.

Wei Chen knew what Chen Li was contemplating. He, too, desired a wedding. When he mentioned Wei Hua and Cookie’s wedding yesterday, Wei Chen sensed Chen Li’s sudden excitement, his eyes shimmering much like they were now, filled with a hint of envy.

Therefore, for this wedding, he wanted to surprise Chen Li once again.

As Wei Chen contemplated this, Wei Hua’s phone rang.

Seeing the name on the caller ID, the smile that was on Wei Hua’s face just moments ago vanished instantly.

He glanced at Wei Chen. “It’s Grandpa calling.”

Wei Chen’s emotions remained steady. “Go ahead, take the call.”

Wei Hua nodded, pressed the answer button, not avoiding Wei Chen, and began speaking on the phone right in front of him.

“Ahua, when are you getting married?” Grandfather Wei’s tone was unusually kind.

“Day after tomorrow,” Wei Hua replied, unable to decipher what exactly Grandfather Wei was up to.

“Day after tomorrow… I happen to be free then. Since it’s your wedding, I must attend.”

“I’ll definitely reserve a prominent seat for Grandpa!” Wei Hua was surprised but maintained a composed expression.

He had discussed the wedding with Grandfather Wei before, but back then, Grandfather Wei didn’t know Cookie’s identity. Thus, he had consistently opposed Wei Hua being with Cookie.

Wei Hua hadn’t argued with Grandfather Wei about it. He chose to inform Grandfather Wei out of respect, without considering whether Grandfather Wei agreed or not. Wei Hua also understood that Grandfather Wei most likely wouldn’t attend his and Cookie’s wedding. The fact that Grandfather Wei didn’t object was already a positive outcome for him.

But now, Wei Hua was uncertain about what Grandfather Wei was thinking. How come he suddenly wanted to attend their wedding and sounded so supportive of their union?

After ending the call with Grandfather Wei, Wei Hua looked at Wei Chen. He hadn’t kept the conversation from Wei Chen; by now, Wei Chen had heard it all.

“Do you know why?” Wei Hua asked. Wei Chen understood Grandfather Wei better than he did; he should be able to figure out Grandfather Wei’s intentions.

Wei Chen had a guess in his mind and said, “Maybe Grandfather learned about Sheng Qi’s background, or he wants to see Li Li’s attitude towards him.”

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