Chapter 297 – Famous

After hearing the beep on the phone, Chen Shihuai remained stunned for a very long time before finally reacting. Immediately, he had someone check the video of the news broadcast.

Finding this video wasn’t difficult. Chen Li’s art exhibition, along with the live streaming online and its mention in today’s news broadcast, instantly caught fire on the internet.

The buzz wasn’t just because Chen Li’s art was exceptional, understandable even to those without an art background. People were moved by the emotions conveyed in his paintings. Additionally, Chen Li’s appearance played a part.

Chen Li had a baby face, an adorable look, and his serious and earnest demeanor in front of the news cameras was extremely endearing, attracting many fans as the video circulated online.

Moreover, after the news broadcast ended, China TV released the entire interview video on their public Weibo account.

The one-minute clip presented a different Chen Li compared to the half-hour video.

In that half-hour video, viewers got to know more about him. Undoubtedly, this young painter named Chen Li wasn’t just cute in appearance but had an adorable personality too. His eyes would light up when discussing topics he was passionate about, giving off a pure and clean gaze that was very comforting to watch.

Through this half-hour video, it was evident that Chen Li had a deep understanding of China’s history. But that was expected. Without a profound understanding of the country’s history, how could Chen Li create such heart-stirring works that evoked a sense of national pride in every Chinese citizen’s heart?

In conclusion, after this interview, what was presented to the public was a clean, clear-minded, morally upright, and a patriotic boy who had an extremely strong love for painting.

This was a persona that attracted a lot of fans. However, this persona wasn’t something Chen Li pretended to be. These were just several aspects of his personality. When combined with an awe-inspiring art exhibition, Chen Li suddenly became an internet sensation.

Of course, there were also discussions about Chen Li’s background. Everyone knew that even if someone was exceptionally talented at painting, reaching the heights that Chen Li did wasn’t possible for an ordinary person.

However, for some reason, Chen Li’s identity was well-protected. There were even hackers trying to dig up information on Chen Li, but they were blocked by robust firewalls, unable to find any private information about him.

This only served to make people increasingly certain that Chen Li’s identity was definitely not simple.

Chen Li trended on social media, and his artwork “Light” emerged as well. Moreover, the news of his donation of the potentially multi-million valued “Light” to the National Art Museum had spread across the internet. This act portrayed Chen Li as selfless, making people increasingly fond of him.

Both Chen Li and his artwork “Light” were trending on Weibo. Declarations of wanting to marry Chen Li and become the mother of his children flooded in, although there were more sister fans promising to protect the purity seen in Chen Li’s eyes. In short, Chen Li had become the most famous figure in the art world, with excellent reputation within the industry and massive popularity outside of it.

However, Chen Shihuai paid no attention to these happenings. His focus was solely on the few minutes of footage from the news broadcast, from the start of the art exhibition to Chen Li’s one-minute interview.

He felt parched watching it, and for a moment, he even wondered if the young man in the video was his grandson. Carefully recollecting, he realized he couldn’t conjure a clear image of Chen Li in his mind, only a vague impression of a very thin and timid child.

After a moment of confusion, hope ignited within Chen Shihuai. If Chen Li truly had the powerful background as mentioned online, then if Chen Li just said a word, the Chen family could be saved, and Chen Qing could be released from prison!

In this moment, Chen Shihuai saw unprecedented value in Chen Li. Now, only Chen Li could rescue the Chen family!

Previously, both Chen Shihuai and Chen Yunsheng had attempted to find Chen Li, but he seemed to have vanished into thin air. They searched the capital for a month, waited for a month, but couldn’t locate Chen Li. Consequently, they gave up. Now, with Chen Li’s reappearance and seemingly strengthened background, Chen Shihuai vowed not to give up. He knew Chen Li was the last straw to save the Chen family!

Restless now, Chen Shihuai turned and asked his butler, “Where is Yunsheng? Where is he now?”

The housekeeper replied, “Master Yunsheng should be at home, just returned early this morning.”

Frowning, Chen Shihuai said, “Take me to him.”

Chen Shihuai was at the old mansion, while Chen Yunsheng was at his own residence. When Chen Shihuai arrived at Chen’s home half an hour later, it was already eight in the evening. Chen Yunsheng was still in bed, having slept straight through from the early morning until now.

Du Lixun was also at home. She barely lifted her eyelids upon Chen Shihuai’s arrival, sitting blankly in the living room. Her mouth still bore dried bloodstains, bruised and swollen from Chen Yunsheng’s drunken return in the early hours, evidently having assa*lted her.

Chen Shihuai saw Du Lixun, but he was anxious now and ignored Du Lixun. With the help of the housekeeper, he went directly into Chen Yunsheng’s room.

The entire room smelled of alcohol and vomit, it was a mess. When Chen Shihuai entered, he felt nauseated, but he held it in, looking at Chen Yunsheng still fast asleep in bed. Chen Shihuai felt a surge of anger but kept his composure as he coldly instructed the housekeeper behind him, “Bring me a basin of water.”

“Yes,” the housekeeper responded and fetched a basin from the bathroom.

“Pour it for me,” Chen Shihuai’s tone remained icy.

Without hesitation, the housekeeper promptly poured the entire basin of cold water over Chen Yunsheng.

The icy water splashed all over him, startling Chen Yunsheng awake. He groggily sat up, wiping the water off his face, and seeing the cold expression on his father’s face, he shivered.

“Dad, why are you here?” Chen Yunsheng asked.

“Tidy up and come with me to the capital,” Chen Shihuai ordered without explanation.

Chen Yunsheng, puzzled and with a tone of resistance and despair, protested, “Dad, it’s no use. The Chen family in the capital has already abandoned us. Even if we go there and beg on our knees, it won’t work. Why bother making a futile trip?”

Behind his resistance and despair, Chen Yunsheng’s words carried immense anger. Their family in Shanghai had fought for the family in Beijing for so many years, and now that they were abandoned, it was a ruthless betrayal!

“Chen Li has returned,” Chen Shihuai understood Chen Yunsheng’s anger and despair. After all, his father was the elder brother of the current head of the family in the capital. Without his support back then, the family wouldn’t have the status they held now. It was an ugly way of repaying a debt of gratitude! Chen Shihuai couldn’t help but feel furious.

However, what use was anger now? Compared to the family in the capital, their Shanghai branch was like ants facing an elephant. This hatred could only be bottled up; expressing it might displease the family in the capital, leading to a quicker demise for their Shanghai branch. There was nothing to be done; Chen Shihuai felt helpless.

“He’s back? Dad, if he’s back, does that mean we can escape our current plight?” Chen Yunsheng grimaced. In truth, he had already given up on Chen Li. The month of waiting and searching last time had been in vain. What good would it do to go now?

Chen Shihuai glanced at the housekeeper, who immediately found the news broadcast video to show Chen Yunsheng.

Perplexed, Chen Yunsheng took the phone handed over by the housekeeper. When he reached the crucial part of the video, his pupils involuntarily contracted.

“Dad… is this real?” After watching the video, Chen Yunsheng looked at Chen Shihuai in disbelief, as if what appeared in the video wasn’t news but some sort of monstrous anomaly. “Dad, is this really Chen Li? How is that possible? How could it be!”

Chen Li, organizing an art exhibition sponsored by the nation’s Cultural Propaganda Department? How could so many prominent figures attend his exhibition? Wasn’t Chen Li just a good-for-nothing fool? What about his background? After being raised for over twenty years, how could Chen Yunsheng not know?

But what was happening now? Why was this situation occurring? Could all of this be fake? It must be!

“Quickly get yourself ready, we’re heading to the capital!” Chen Shihuai didn’t give Chen Yunsheng any more time to hesitate, urging him in a deep voice. Chen Yunsheng stared blankly at Chen Shihuai, reconsidering Chen Li’s situation in his mind, immediately understanding why Chen Shihuai was so anxious.

If the video was authentic, then Chen Li was their only chance for the Chen family to turn things around!

They had to seize this opportunity no matter what!

“Alright!” Realizing the importance of the situation, Chen Yunsheng pushed aside the blanket and tried to get up, but the aftereffects of his hangover made him slump back onto the bed. He took a moment to compose himself before trying again.

Chen Li was the priority now; he could deal with his body later!

Chen Yunsheng quickly tidied himself up in about fifteen minutes. When he emerged, Du Lixun stood beside Chen Shihuai, her eyes devoid of spirit.

“Why are you coming up?” Chen Yunsheng frowned, his tone full of disdain.

Du Lixun didn’t reply, remaining motionless, as if devoid of a soul.

“She’s coming with us,” Chen Shihuai said.

He didn’t know why Du Lixun wanted to come along, but Chen Shihuai didn’t regard her highly. If a woman wanted to tag along, what could she possibly do?

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