Chapter 296 – Made It to the News

It turned out that due to the presence of several big shots visiting the art exhibition, the evening news broadcast of China TV at seven o’clock sharp would feature this news. To enrich the news, they naturally had to interview the creator of the paintings exhibited at this art show. Moreover, the creator of this art exhibition was absolutely qualified to be on the news.

So, before seven o’clock in the evening, they had to create this piece of news, which was why the interview with Chen Li had to happen on the same day.

After the reporter finished speaking, they earnestly thanked Chen Li for agreeing to the interview.

Once the reasons were explained, the interview began. Because they had gone through the script beforehand, Chen Li had a rough idea of the answers. During the interview, he gradually became less nervous and answered the reporter’s questions very coherently.

The questions weren’t difficult ones; they were about the inspiration behind the artwork and didn’t touch on personal privacy. Consequently, Chen Li answered without any hesitation.

The interview went smoothly, and half an hour later, it concluded. The reporter left satisfied, carrying the material they had recorded for the day.

After the reporter’s team left, Chen Li looked at Wei Chen with bright eyes. Wei Chen understood Chen Li’s expression and reached out to ruffle Chen Li’s hair. “Li Li, you did great.”

Only then did Chen Li take Wei Chen’s hand and leave together.

In the evening, after dinner, Chen Li sat in front of the TV, waiting for the news to begin. Wei Chen stayed with Chen Li, keeping him company.

It wasn’t that the two of them were overly concerned; it was just that it was Chen Li’s first time on television, which was a significant event. They wanted to witness it together.

Chen Yunlan got wind of this and joined them. His son was remarkable; he didn’t appear on TV often, but when he did, it was on China TV’s prime time news!

At seven o’clock, China TV’s prime time news started, broadcast simultaneously across major TV networks. Shortly after it began, they featured Chen Li’s art exhibition. Twenty paintings were showcased, each briefly highlighted, albeit for only a few seconds. Nevertheless, this glimpse was enough to pique people’s curiosity.

The theme of Chen Li’s art exhibition seamlessly matched with the National Day celebrations, naturally resulting in more coverage. When the notable figures appeared, the coverage increased further.

After displaying the exhibition’s artwork, they aired Chen Li’s interview. Despite a half-hour interview condensed into just one minute for the news, this one minute solely focused on Chen Li’s face, presenting him to the nation in this manner.

In the video, Chen Li appeared calm. His gaze was serene, unexpectedly photogenic, and surprisingly good-looking.

As the one-minute news segment concluded, Chen Li’s eyes sparkled. Being on TV felt like this; in reality, it wasn’t much different from usual.

“Our Xiao Li is amazing!” After watching the news, Chen Yunlan couldn’t help but praise, his eyes brimming with pride.

“Yeah,” Wei Chen nodded in agreement. “Li Li is amazing.”

Feeling praised by his family made Chen Li ecstatic, his eyes and brows couldn’t help but curve upward, forming a broad smile.

Chen Yunlan, seeing Chen Li’s smile, felt a sense of relief wash over him. The previous feeling of utter silence had now departed, and what lay ahead of him was no longer a dark, endless path but a bright and clear road.


In Shanghai, at the Wei family residence, Grandfather Wei had a habit of watching the evening news, and today was no exception.

As the TV screen displayed the art exhibition, Grandfather Wei initially watched with a casual interest. However, when he learned that Chen Li was the creator behind this exhibition, Grandfather Wei’s gaze subtly sharpened.

Initially, he thought it was a coincidence. This Chen Li wasn’t the Chen Li he knew. Otherwise, how could an exhibition of a pawn discarded by the Chen family attract such prominent figures?

But in the next moment, as the screen switched to show Chen Li, his thoughts shattered.

This was Chen Li that he knew, yet not the Chen Li he knew.

Why did he say that?

Because the features on the TV screen were familiar, but the demeanor was entirely opposite to the Chen Li he remembered.

In Grandfather Wei’s memory, Chen Li was a timid, autistic person who appeared fearful and shy in the presence of strangers. Yet, the Chen Li on the TV, facing the camera, exhibited no sign of timidity. On the contrary, he appeared remarkably composed, even exuding a hint of confidence, making Chen Li look exceptionally outstanding, to the extent of being captivating.

The footage of Chen Li’s visit had long passed, but Grandfather Wei remained contemplative.

It wasn’t Chen Li that occupied his thoughts; it was the people accompanying Chen Li.

As a controller of a prominent family and a major corporation, someone accustomed to watching the news, Grandfather Wei naturally recognized those prominent figures. So why did these individuals attend Chen Li’s exhibition? Was it merely because the theme coincided with the National Day, or was there more to it?

Of course, Grandfather Wei also noted that the organizer of this exhibition was the Cultural Propaganda Department of the China.

Grandfather Wei realized something crucial: even if Chen Li’s art exhibition was exceptional and captivating, the Cultural Propaganda Department of China wouldn’t have sponsored it without some background support behind Chen Li.


Was there some kind of influence behind Chen Li that he had overlooked, perhaps even ignored by the Chen family?

The more Grandfather Wei thought about it, the more possible it seemed. His brow furrowed slowly, a sense of foreboding creeping into his heart. He knew what he had done to Chen Li, but he was unaware of Chen Li’s sentiments toward him.

“Old Zhang, we leave for Beijing the day after tomorrow.”

After much contemplation, Grandfather Wei addressed the housekeeper behind him. In a few days, it was Wei Hua’s wedding, an event he initially didn’t plan on attending. However, to gauge Chen Li’s thoughts, he felt compelled to be there. Wei Hua’s wedding would serve as a perfect opportunity.

Standing behind Grandfather Wei, Housekeeper Zhang, having watched the evening news, had a fair idea of Grandfather Wei’s thoughts.

Housekeeper Zhang was also astonished by the commotion Chen Li had caused. Not only did he make it to the evening news, but his art exhibition also attracted so many prominent figures from the country!

So, what kind of background did Chen Li actually have?


This was the very question that perplexed the members of the Chen family in Shanghai.

Since Chen Shihuai was ousted from his position as the chairman of Chen Corporation, his power had been nearly nullified. Chen Corporation had no place for him anymore; he had even become a minor shareholder, unable to reclaim what was once rightfully his within the Chen family.

Chen Shihuai had tried to reach out to the Beijing’s Chen family, but for reasons unknown, they hadn’t extended a helping hand. It felt like they were watching Chen Corporation plummet into a pit without intervening.

Before long, Chen Shihuai discovered that the Beijing’s Chen family had sold all the shares they held in Chen Corporation. He felt a sense of panic. Had the Beijing’s Chen family abandoned them?

When Chen Shihuai attempted to contact them again, they outright ignored his calls. Even when he went to seek their help in person, he was turned away at the door.

The response from the Beijing’s Chen family made Chen Shihuai realize the severity of the situation. He had a vague sense that Chen Li had somehow gotten involved with extremely powerful figures, which was why he couldn’t rescue Chen Qing.

But no matter how much he racked his brain, Chen Shihuai couldn’t figure out whom he had offended. The more he thought about it, the more he felt a chill down his spine, sensing that something was watching him from behind. If he showed any sign of weakness, this entity would appear from the shadows, ready to strike him down.

Fearing these potential threats, Chen Shihuai appeared to have aged decades overnight. His back stooped, his hair turned whiter by the day, and the lines on his face grew deeper.

If Chen Shihuai were to appear in front of some of his good friends now, they would undoubtedly be astonished, maybe unable to recognize him at first glance.

Chen Shihuai’s state was just the tip of the iceberg; Chen Yunsheng’s condition was even worse.

If Chen Shihuai could be ousted, Chen Yunsheng naturally couldn’t remain unaffected within the Chen family. The day after Chen Shihuai was removed from the chairman’s position, Chen Yunsheng lost his position as the general manager of Chen Corporation.

From the heights of power to the depths of despair, Chen Yunsheng tasted the vicissitudes of life and began to indulge himself.

Over the years, the Chen family had built up some capital. Chen Yunsheng, leveraging this capital, completely spiraled downward. A few days ago, he got into a fight with a rich second-generation individual over a nightclub hostess. The altercation escalated, resulting in them both ending up in the police station. In the end, he was left with no dignity whatsoever.

Chen Shihuai merely shook his head upon hearing the news. He was too preoccupied with his own troubles; there was no time left to manage Chen Yunsheng.

As for Du Lixun, she had fallen into a state of utter desolation. Her daughter had passed away, her son was sentenced to life imprisonment, and despite using all her connections, she received nothing but helpless responses. Du Lixun cried for a long time, slowly turning into a person devoid of hope.

Chen Yunsheng harbored resentment towards Du Lixun. She no longer held any shares in Chen Corporation but deceived him into believing otherwise, manipulating him to work tirelessly for Chen Yu’s treatment. It turned out to be nothing but a ploy by Du Lixun.

Chen Yunsheng now led a dissolute life, either staying away from home for days or returning home reeking of alcohol, subjecting Du Lixun to physical ab*se whenever he was around, landing her in the hospital several times.

The concept of karma was indeed subtle.

For about two decades while Chen Li lived in the Chen family, under Du Lixun’s guidance, people mistreated Chen Li. She turned a blind eye to the ab*se her children subjected Chen Li to. Now, the tables had turned, and she found herself on the receiving end of ab*se. But unlike Chen Li, who was fortunate to have Wei Chen’s intervention to pull him out of misery, Du Lixun was left to drown in her torment. In the prolonged domestic vi*lence of Chen Yunsheng, her sorrow was beyond description.

Back to the present.

When Chen Shihuai and Chen Yunsheng learned about the content of the evening news, it came via a call from an old friend. Of course, it wasn’t a pleasant conversation; the friend on the call made some sarcastic remarks.

“Chen Shihuai, did you watch today’s news broadcast? Your old Chen family has produced a big shot. Do you know who it is? It’s none other than your family’s former fool, Chen Li! Let me tell you, your Chen Li is now extraordinary. While others fund their own art exhibitions, your Chen Li’s art exhibition was sponsored by the nation’s Cultural Propaganda Department.

Do you know who attended Chen Li’s exhibition? Your Chen family is silently making a fortune! The attendees at Chen Li’s exhibition are all significant figures. President Zhao attended, you know? That’s our country’s top leader. Even Old Master Qu, our former leader, was there!

Ah, your Chen Li’s network is truly extensive and impressive! I just don’t get it. With Chen Li’s vast connections, how did the Chen family end up in such a state?”

This old friend had previously done business with Chen Shihuai and was once deceived by him. If luck hadn’t been on his side, he would have lost everything. He was more than happy to witness the decline of the Chen family. He knew Chen Li was considered a disgrace to the family, labeled as the family fool. But who would have thought that Chen Li would turn out like this? With a simple art exhibition, a government department sponsored him, and both current and former national leaders attended.

This kind of prestige, how many in the entire country could achieve?

The Chen family thought they had abandoned a fool, but in the end, they let go of a piece of uncut jade, now shining brightly after careful polishing. The Chen family must be regretting it terribly, right?

But isn’t this exciting? Isn’t it painful for the Chen family to receive this slap in the face?

Since Chen Shihuai still wasn’t aware of this slap, this old friend didn’t mind making him feel the sting of it himself.

“Chen Shihuai, I suggest you go watch today’s news broadcast. Go see if your Chen family’s fool is still a fool now.”

After saying this, the old friend hung up without waiting for Chen Shihuai’s response.

He knew Chen Shihuai would search for the video. The Chen family currently needed a lifeline to rescue them from their plight. After watching these videos, they would see Chen Li as their last straw.

However, this old friend believed Chen Li wasn’t the Chen family’s final hope but rather the ultimate force crushing their last straw!

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