Chapter 309 – Detained

Wei Chen’s current status was known to Young Master Han quite clearly. He was the grandson-in-law of Old Master Qu, barely managing to enter the high-ranking circles. However, prior to this, Young Master Han didn’t pay much attention to Wei Chen. After all, a grandson-in-law was just that—no blood relation. Old Master Qu probably didn’t think much of Wei Chen either.

But now, Young Master Han had to reassess Wei Chen’s current position. Not only did Old Master Qu value him, but the Sheng family also regarded Wei Chen favorably. Young Master Han regretted it. If he had known that both the Sheng family and Old Master Qu valued Wei Chen so much, would he have bothered to provoke him?

Junyue Hotel being sealed was either the doing of the Sheng family or Old Master Qu. Of course, Young Master Han admitted that his grandfather had also added fuel to the fire. Seeing the locked door and feeling the pain in his body, his grandfather had truly acted ruthlessly this time!

As Young Master Han deeply regretted in his heart, the door opened. It wasn’t mealtime, yet the door opened. Did this mean his grandfather had softened and was going to release him from confinement?

Young Master Han’s hopeful eyes landed on the doorway, and indeed, it was Grandfather Han who entered.

“Grandpa,” Young Master Han pitifully called out, hoping his grandfather had softened his stance.

But Grandfather Han’s expression remained stern. “Tidy up and come with me.”

“Grandpa, where are we going?” Young Master Han asked, suddenly having a foreboding feeling.

Grandfather Han glared at Young Master Han. “You’ve put Wei Chen in the hospital. Now, come with me and apologize!”

“I won’t go!” Young Master Han sat back on the bed. He’d rather be confined for another month than apologize to Wei Chen.

Grandfather Han, infuriated by his grandson’s attitude, felt his blood boil again. He walked to the bedside, raised his cane, and said, “Will you go or not? You have the guts to do wrong, but no guts to admit it? With this cowardly attitude, are you still my grandson?” Grandfather Han, in his anger, became somewhat unfiltered in his speech.

Young Master Han looked at the cane in Grandfather Han’s hand and relented, “I’ll go, I’ll go, isn’t that enough?” He wore a deeply aggrieved expression.

Only then did Grandfather Han put away the cane and said firmly, “Come down in ten minutes. I’ll be waiting downstairs. One minute late, you’ll handle it yourself!”

Young Master Han could feel his grandfather’s sudden seriousness. The previously kind and gentle grandfather had vanished. Now, his grandfather’s attitude towards him was almost as if he wanted him to start over from scratch.

But what could he do? He had caused the trouble himself and had to bear the consequences.

Indulging in self-pity cost Young Master Han a minute. He knew his grandfather was uncompromising, so he quickly got up to tidy himself. Despite the pain from his wounds being aggravated by his movements, Young Master Han couldn’t afford to delay; he didn’t want to taste his grandfather’s cane again.

Nine minutes later, Young Master Han appeared in the living room, already dressed neatly. Grandfather Han glanced at him and stood up with the help of his cane.

The car was ready. Grandfather Han got in first, not sparing a glance at his grandson. Young Master Han shrunk his neck and followed, not daring to breathe heavily.

When Grandfather Han and Young Master Han arrived at Wei Chen’s residential complex, it was already dusk. Wei Chen and Chen Yunlan were somewhat surprised to learn of Grandfather Han’s visit today.

With Grandfather Han’s distinguished status, Chen Yunlan and Wei Chen went to the elevator entrance to receive him.

Grandfather Han, who was serious in the car moments ago, now wore a faint smile upon seeing Wei Chen.

“No need to be overly courteous. I’m here today to apologize with this unfilial grandson. I deeply regret this incident. Fortunately, Wei Chen is fine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to explain to the old leader,” Grandfather Han spoke sincerely.

Young Master Han reluctantly stepped forward. Under Grandfather Han’s watchful gaze, he said, not very willingly, “Wei Chen, I’m truly sorry.”

Naturally, Wei Chen couldn’t confront Young Master Han in front of Grandfather Han. With a few words, Wei Chen forgave Young Master Han. In reality, Wei Chen knew whether he forgave Young Master Han or not didn’t matter much; Grandfather Han was simply giving face to Old Master Qu and the Sheng family.

Since Old Master Han had already made concessions, Wei Chen couldn’t disregard Old Master Han’s face. Moreover, Young Master Han had received the punishment he deserved. Wei Chen had no intention of holding a grudge against Young Master Han, so they let the matter pass.

After Grandfather Han instructed Young Master Han to apologize and politely declined Wei Chen’s invitation for dinner, Grandfather Han and a disgruntled Young Master Han left. Sitting back in the car, his unwillingness remained evident on his face, yet he didn’t dare to further upset Grandfather Han, maintaining a demeanor of suppressed displeasure.

“Are you upset because Grandpa asked you to apologize?” Grandfather Han, aware of his grandson’s thoughts, asked without much anger evident on his face.

“No,” Young Master Han replied, his tone dry, clearly showing his anger.

Grandfather Han sighed. “If only you had half the wit and intelligence of Wei Chen or Jiang Ye, I wouldn’t have to worry about you.” Naturally, Young Master Han was not pleased with this remark from Grandfather Han but remained silent in his resentment.

“What? Not happy?” Grandfather Han chuckled. “Do you know that in yesterday’s incident, neither the head of the Sheng family nor any other senior figures intervened? It was entirely resolved by Jiang Ye and Wei Chen, the two young men.”

This surprised Young Master Han. He looked at Grandfather Han, his eyes filled with confusion. If the senior figures hadn’t interfered, why had the situation turned out this way?

Grandfather Han shook his head, disappointed. “You are truly unable to see beyond the surface.”

“While you were managing your entertainment venues, Jiang Ye used his status to establish a vast network of connections. Though he’s no longer in the limelight, as long as he speaks, his connections across various departments can be readily utilized.

Wei Chen might not have Jiang Ye’s background, but he possesses strong adaptability. Since he stepped into the Junyue Hotel, he has planned ten or even dozens of steps ahead.

You might think he lacks a background and is easy to handle, but when it seems opportune to manipulate him, he’s already devised countermeasures. If you don’t provoke him, it’s fine. But once you do, you’ll reap what you sow,” Grandfather Han patiently explained to Young Master Han.

What he didn’t explicitly state was that Jiang Ye and Wei Chen had joined forces. These two clever young men united would undoubtedly stir up a storm in the capital city.

Given their position, they were somewhat aware of the manipulations by the Chen family in the background. It’s not that they didn’t want to eliminate this malignant tumor of the Chen family, but some things would cause a ripple effect, and they weren’t suited to act. Thus, they had to leave it to the younger generation.

From the current situation, it seemed Wei Chen and Jiang Ye were about to sever one of the Chen family’s arms.

Young Master Han understood vaguely. However, he could tell that his grandfather held high regard for both Wei Chen and Jiang Ye. Perhaps, in the past, he might have felt indignant, but after experiencing this incident, Young Master Han had to admit that whether it was Jiang Ye, who had a similar background to his own, or Wei Chen, who seemingly had no background, their cunning surpassed his own.

No, Wei Chen couldn’t be called without a background now. At least, the Sheng family and Old Master Qu were standing behind Wei Chen.

Thinking along these lines, Young Master Han felt somewhat relieved. After all, losing to someone with a similar background and losing to someone without a background evoke different psychological feelings.

Young Master Han found some psychological comfort, his reluctance fading slightly. He looked somewhat expectantly at Grandfather Han. “Grandpa, I’ve apologized. Can the confinement punishment be lifted?”

Grandfather Han was resolute. “No. Not only do you have to endure the confinement, but after it ends, pack your bags and head to the West Military District. I didn’t let you join the military earlier because I was worried you couldn’t handle the hardships. But now, I’ll make you endure a bit. It seems you haven’t grown up.”

Young Master Han was taken aback momentarily but understood his grandfather’s determination. He didn’t plead for himself anymore. It seemed he had really messed up this time!


The next day, Wei Chen went back to work.

As Grandfather Han had mentioned, the moment Wei Chen stepped into Junyue Hotel and learned about Young Master Han spiking the drinks, he had already set up all his subsequent moves. He had Cookie record the video in the private room, had Jiang Ye call at a specific time to pick him up, and later had Cookie release the video online, heating things up when the Chen family was caught off guard. For Cookie, an international top-tier hacker, this was child’s play.

With the cooperation between Jiang Ye and the Sheng family, everything naturally tilted in their favor. Several managers from the Transportation Department were swiftly removed, leaving Chen Yunzeng as unable to defend himself as a muted person. Sheng Jiaqi swiftly replaced them with his people, finally prying open the ironclad Transportation Department.

Of course, Wei Chen’s biggest oversight in this series of moves was drinking the entire bottle of spiked wine.

Yesterday, Sheng Jiaqi had called Wei Chen to inform him of his promotion to manager of the Transportation Department, giving him full authority over its affairs.

Although it sounded simple, the Transportation Department connected numerous interest groups within Changfeng Group. Any slight disruption could severely harm Changfeng Group. To uproot this chain of sinful interests while preserving Changfeng Group’s integrity would be the biggest challenge Wei Chen would soon face.

Wei Chen was well aware of this, but after taking over the Transportation Department, he had already identified all the critical points. He was fully aware that every step he took from now on would be fraught with challenges.

Wei Chen never feared challenges. Now that he had taken on this responsibility, even if thorns covered the ground, he could make flowers bloom.

Upon arriving at his office, he received a message that shook the entire Changfeng Group—a batch of goods returning from F Country had been seized by the F Country customs. This was the first instance of goods being seized by a foreign customs authority since the establishment of Changfeng Group.

This news set the Transportation Department ablaze and alerted the company’s top management, prompting an urgent meeting.

As the new manager of the Transportation Department, Wei Chen naturally attended this emergency meeting, held on the top floor. He took the elevator to the top floor and coincidentally met Chen Yunzeng.

Chen Yunzeng had been incredibly busy with Transportation Department matters these past few days, his mouth corners nearly blistered from stress. Seeing Wei Chen, the fire inside him surged, though he managed to keep his composure.

“Manager Wei, it’s good to see you again. I wonder if you have any solutions regarding the goods being detained by the F Country customs?” Chen Yunzeng, behind his gold-rimmed glasses, maintained a gentle tone.

Wei Chen remained expressionless and calmly replied, “No need for solutions. Changfeng Group has nothing to hide. Or does General Manager Chen know something? Is that why you are so worried about the F Country customs not returning this batch of goods?”

Indeed, if the goods were legitimate, after the inspection by F Country’s customs, they would naturally be returned. What need was there for worry? Why fret about not getting the goods back?

Chen Yunzeng was at a loss for words. He wouldn’t dare tell Wei Chen if the goods contained some smuggled items. If discovered by F Country customs, not only would the goods be lost, but Changfeng Group would face severe repercussions.

With a smile, Chen Yunzeng left. The atmosphere was tense, akin to ants on a hot pan, scurrying around incessantly.

Everything had been arranged smoothly with F Country. There had never been any seized goods in the past. Why were they suddenly detained this time?

A glint of sharpness flashed in Chen Yunzeng’s eyes. Everything happening now was too coincidental, one incident piled upon another. Without external interference, Chen Yunzeng would never believe this, not even if you beat it into him!

But Chen Yunzheng was puzzled. How had their influence extended so far into F Country, leading the F Country customs to detain Changfeng Group’s goods?

As Chen Yunzheng puzzled over this, the meeting commenced.

Sheng Jiaqi wasn’t overly anxious. He and Wei Chen shared the same stance: Changfeng Group had nothing to hide. After F Country’s inspection, if they found nothing wrong, the goods would undoubtedly be returned. The current issue was how to expedite the return of the goods detained by F Country’s customs. After all, most of these goods were customer orders with impending delivery deadlines, and any delay was unacceptable.

This was the first instance of Changfeng Group encountering detained goods. Consequently, from Chairman Sheng Jiaqi to Transportation Department Manager Wei Chen, they were all in a fluster, unable to come up with a solution.

In the end, Sheng Jiaqi had no choice but to send someone to negotiate with F Country’s customs to expedite the inspection of Changfeng Group’s goods.

With the meeting inconclusive, Chen Yunzeng returned to his office and called Chen Yunqi. This matter had exceeded his capabilities. He hoped Chen Yunqi could contact the forces in F Country to persuade the customs to release the goods.

Not only were Changfeng’s customers waiting for their ordered vehicles, but his own customers were also awaiting the goods!

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