Chapter 308 – Consequences for Young Master Han

After leaving the hospital, Chen Li went straight back home. Chen Yunlan helped take care of Qiuqiu at home. Qiuqiu had just woken up and, upon seeing Chen Li return, reached out to be held. Chen Li hugged Qiuqiu, hiding away all the complex emotions within.

He didn’t know what emotions he was feeling now. Was it anger? Chen Li felt it wasn’t entirely that. There was certainly anger present; after all, Wei Chen had landed himself in the hospital this time. But was there something beyond anger?

Chen Li couldn’t quite figure out his emotions. He actually wanted to be by Wei Chen’s side right now since Wei Chen was unwell; someone should be there for him. However, Chen Li also felt that if he stayed by Wei Chen’s side, Wei Chen wouldn’t realize he was upset, and he didn’t like that.

Feeling conflicted, Chen Li’s mind drifted away while holding Qiuqiu. Chen Yunlan sensed this and handed the freshly prepared milk to Chen Li, gently rubbing his hair. “Is Wei Chen okay?”

“He’s fine,” Chen Li tested the milk’s temperature and found it just right. He placed the bottle near Qiuqiu’s lips. Qiuqiu wasn’t very hungry at the moment, sucking on the bottle intermittently, reaching out with chubby hands to pinch Chen Li’s lips.

Qiuqiu’s nails were a bit long, and he couldn’t control the strength when pinching them, causing a slight sting for Chen Li, who glanced at Qiuqiu. Qiuqiu spat out the bottle, grinned at Chen Li, and even blew a milk bubble.

All of Chen Li’s negative emotions vanished because of Qiuqiu’s actions. He didn’t feel the pain on his lips anymore and kissed Qiuqiu’s chubby hand, his eyes and brows slightly curved, forming a faint smile.

Seeing Chen Li smile, Chen Yunlan relaxed, patting Chen Li’s shoulder, unsure of what to say in this situation, as he lacked experience in these matters.

At noon, Wei Chen returned from the hospital. His good health meant that after half a day of rest, he was fine.

When he returned, Chen Li and Qiuqiu were napping in the bedroom, while Chen Yunlan was on the balcony painting.

Hearing the movement, Chen Yunlan put away his brush and turned around, spotting Wei Chen. “Back already? Is everything okay with your health?”

“I’m fine. Where’s Li Li?” Wei Chen asked, despite his expressionless face, there was some degree of urgency in his tone.

“He and Qiuqiu are sleeping upstairs. Be quiet when you go up,” Chen Yunlan advised.

“Okay.” Wei Chen nodded and quietly went upstairs.

The curtains in the bedroom were drawn, not allowing much light in, making the room slightly dim. Qiuqiu lay on the bed, sleeping soundly in a sprawled position.

Chen Li couldn’t fall asleep; he lay beside Qiuqiu, staring at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts.

As he heard movement by the door, Chen Li glanced over. The door creaked open slightly, allowing a beam of light to filter through. Chen Li blinked, adjusting to the sudden brightness.

Evidently, the person entering was being cautious. The light didn’t last long; once the door was opened, the person came in, then quietly shut the door behind them.

Wei Chen walked to the side of the bed and met Chen Li’s wide-open eyes, devoid of any signs of drowsiness, indicating he hadn’t been asleep.

Sitting by the bed, Wei Chen took Chen Li’s hand with a tone of apology, “Li Li, I’m sorry.”

Rather than resisting, Chen Li instantly lunged into Wei Chen’s embrace. Feeling the warmth emanating from Wei Chen’s body and inhaling his familiar scent, Chen Li felt his heart gradually calming down.

Subsequently, the two held each other tightly, silent yet speaking volumes with their hearts. There were no verbal exchanges, but they both understood each other implicitly, knowing what the other was feeling at that moment.

Wei Chen vowed never to put himself in a dangerous situation again.

Chen Li expressed his forgiveness towards Wei Chen.

That was their understanding. This time, Wei Chen was indeed at fault. His momentary negligence led to such consequences. He had a partner and a son, both of whom worried for him. Before making any risky decisions, he should prioritize the two most important people in his life – that was the fundamental.

Qiuqiu turned over, smacked his lips, and opened his eyes without shedding any tears. Rolling over again, in the dimly lit room, Qiuqiu’s pair of large eyes gleamed brightly.

Chen Li and Wei Chen parted. Wei Chen reached for the bedside lamp, and Qiuqiu rubbed his eyes, seeing Wei Chen, he reached out, making noises, asking to be held.

Wei Chen scooped up Qiuqiu, his stubbled chin lightly brushing against Qiuqiu’s tender face, causing Qiuqiu to giggle.

“You didn’t come back last night. Qiuqiu cried a lot,” Chen Li said.

Qiuqiu had always been attached to Wei Chen. Usually, it was Wei Chen who took care of him at night. Suddenly, with Wei Chen absent one night, Qiuqiu naturally sought someone, crying hysterically in the middle of the night. It was the first time Chen Li had seen Qiuqiu cry so intensely, and it pained him deeply. Finally, Chen Yunlan and Chen Li took turns comforting Qiuqiu until he fell asleep.

Wei Chen wrapped an arm around Chen Li and gently pressed his forehead against Chen Li’s, incredibly tender, saying, “Li Li, you’ve worked hard.”

Chen Li shook his head, “Not really.” He genuinely didn’t feel burdened, just distressed seeing Qiuqiu cry so much.

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair, his heart softened. He vowed that, no matter the situation, he would prioritize his own safety and not allow any negligence.

With the danger passed, the family of three stayed together in warmth and harmony.

However, Chen Yunzeng couldn’t enjoy this familial bliss at the moment.

In the morning, a video suddenly went viral online. Chen Yunzeng didn’t initially know what the video was about, as he usually didn’t pay attention to online matters.

But as he stepped into the company ready to start his workday, he keenly sensed that something was off with the company’s atmosphere today. Upon entering his office, he called in his assistant and inquired about the situation.

Before the assistant could explain, the chairman’s assistant hurried over and summoned him for an emergency meeting regarding the sudden appearance of this video online.

Chen Yunzeng had a foreboding feeling, furrowing his brows as he followed the chairman’s assistant to the top floor’s conference room with a serious expression.

Inside the meeting room, everyone’s expressions were unusually grave, as if something significant had occurred.

Of course, there were a few, including Chen Yunzeng, who had no idea what had happened. Several minutes later, when everyone attending the meeting had gathered, Sheng Jiaqi, the chairman, took his position to lead the meeting.

The people quickly noticed a different demeanor in Sheng Jiaqi. Normally, even in difficult situations or when faced with the other directors’ challenges, Sheng Jiaqi maintained a smiling disposition. But now, there wasn’t a trace of a smile on his face; it was stern, filled with fury.

“As Changfeng personnel, I don’t ask for your character to match that of saints, but I implore you to constrain yourselves with ethics and the law. When you step out, you represent not just yourselves but the entire Changfeng Group,” Sheng Jiaqi’s voice was firm and authoritative, his anger carrying an air of indignation that silenced everyone present.

Despite Sheng Jiaqi usually being affable, when truly angered, it never resulted in a good outcome for anyone in the company.

“I assume some of you have already seen the video online and understand the severity of this matter. This is the most significant public relations crisis Changfeng Group has faced since its inception,” Sheng Jiaqi said, opening the video he had downloaded from the internet. The video showed explicit scenes without any censorship—nude bodies intertwined, both same-sex and heterosexual encounters, even group encounters—all shamelessly on display.

Indeed, the viral video circulating online depicted several management members from the Transportation Department indulging in debauchery in a suite at the Junyue Hotel after a night of drinking. Despite the low video quality, the individuals’ faces were clearly visible.

The people involved in the video were none other than several management members of Changfeng Group’s Transportation Department!

Chen Yunzeng’s already ominous intuition was confirmed. He hadn’t anticipated that the Transportation Department would create such a colossal mess at such a critical moment!

His hands clenched tightly under the desk. Chen Yunzeng struggled to keep his composure, fixating on the video as if staring at it hard enough would make the scenes disappear.

“I’m sure you’ve recognized the individuals in the video,” Sheng Jiaqi said angrily. “This video was already circulating online last night. Though I managed to suppress it, the online reactions have exploded. Changfeng Group’s management engaged in soliciting services and hiring escorts, displaying a strong camaraderie. What impact do you think this will have on Changfeng Group? You tell me, how can we mitigate this?”

As Sheng Jiaqi finished speaking, the room fell silent. This crisis was indeed a significant one for Changfeng Group. If not handled carefully, it wouldn’t cause much financial loss, but the implications were something none of those present wished to see.

“Dismiss all the management personnel shown in the video, issue a statement stating it was personal behavior unrelated to the company,” Zhuge Yu spoke after the prolonged silence, tapping the table.

The others had no objections; this was the most appropriate course of action at this stage. Chen Yunzeng had sat silently, like a mute person. Now, he couldn’t speak a word in favor of the people in the video. They couldn’t be saved because these individuals had enraged the public, not just within the Changfeng Group but among tens of millions of netizens.

After the meeting ended, the PR department immediately sprang into action. They swiftly posted the dismissal notices of the management of the Transportation Department from the video on the official website. They offered sincere apologies. Although they claimed it was their personal actions and not representative of the entire Changfeng Group, these individuals were still part of the company. With this outcome, the Changfeng Group had to take responsibility. An investigation would be initiated from top to bottom, and there would be no leniency for anyone involved in this case!

Changfeng Group promptly admitted their mistake and displayed a positive attitude, swiftly gaining forgiveness. After all, it was originally a matter of personal conduct, unrelated to the company.

Thanks to the swift and precise PR response this time, it didn’t really affect the Changfeng Group. However, the entire management of the Transportation Department was completely removed from their positions.

Sheng Jiaqi acted swiftly. Just as the previous management was dismissed, the next moment brought new orders: Wei Chen was promoted to the manager’s position in the Transportation Department, and Sheng Jiaqi replaced the other managerial positions with his own people.

Sheng Jiaqi’s rapidity left Chen Yunzeng with no time to react, and the appointments and dismissals within the Transportation Department came to an end.

The once tightly united Transportation Department had finally been pried open by Sheng Jiaqi.

In the office of the general manager, Chen Yunzeng angrily swept everything off the table. He had already learned about the situation from his assistant.

It was the impatience of those few management members from the Transportation Department; they wanted to harm Wei Chen but ended up falling into a trap, resulting in the current situation.

“Useless! A bunch of useless people!” Chen Yunzeng’s gaze turned dark, his face contorted.

They were all useless. He had instructed them to stay put, yet they went and provoked Wei Chen afterward. And now? They were uprooted by someone else!

No, he had to find a way to remedy this. He couldn’t just sit back and wait for the worst!

The transportation department of the Changfeng Group was crucial for the Chen family. It absolutely couldn’t afford trouble under his watch!

As Chen Yunzeng pondered how to turn the situation around, his phone rang. It was a call from an inside contact at the police station.

“Mr. Chen, something big has happened.”

The phone was answered, and a frantic voice came through immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Yunzeng maintained a steady tone, as if nothing had happened previously.

“Manager Zheng and the others were caught soliciting pr*stitutes at the Junyue Hotel yesterday. They were found with HLY on the scene. Manager Zheng and the others have been detained. They’re a bunch of cowardly opportunists; they might spill something. Mr. Chen, you better find a way to handle them.” The insider spoke urgently, as they were all in trouble together—once something went wrong, nobody could escape.

Chen Yunzeng didn’t respond. He flung the phone away. The phone, worth thousands of yuan, shattered upon impact, indicating the force with which he threw it.

“Damn it!” Veins bulged on Chen Yunzeng’s forehead; the situation was more severe than he had imagined!

What a bunch of useless people! They had the audacity but lacked brains! Just because of Wei Chen, they fell apart on their own? They did something so stupid!

If it was just soliciting pr*stitutes, it would have been easy to handle; after all, it wasn’t a major crime! But damn it, they took HLY with them. Sheng Jiaqi had been eyeing the Transportation Department for so long without finding any leverage, and now these fools willingly handed it over to him.

Chen Yunzeng wanted nothing more than to tear those individuals apart. However, he knew he couldn’t act recklessly now. If he did, there would truly be no chance to salvage anything.

The insider was right. Those people in the Transportation Department were cowards. Once they were caught and pressured, they might spill everything about the Transportation Department.

Chen Yunzeng narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t let them stay. Not one of them!

While Chen Yunzeng was struggling, Young Master Han, the boss behind the Junyue Hotel, wasn’t faring any better.

The video had spread online. Not only were the identities of the people in the video exposed by netizens, but also the location where the video was filmed.

Online, there were vivid descriptions claiming that the Junyue Hotel was a high-end brothel, a paradise for some wealthy officials, and it was even rumored to have seen some high-ranking figures exiting the premises.

The vivid details spread wildly online. Even though the video had been banned, discussions about the Junyue Hotel stirred among netizens, each wave louder than the last.

The influential figures who had once patronized the Junyue Hotel were now feeling insecure. With one video leaked, could it imply the existence of more? Would they become the next protagonists of a similar scandal?

Even though Young Master Han was behind the Junyue Hotel, he couldn’t protect it now. After all, there were indeed several high-ranking officials involved in similar activities at the hotel. The wish now was for an immediate shutdown of the Junyue Hotel.

However, Young Master Han himself was facing difficulties. He was put under house arrest by his grandfather. Initially, Grandfather Han had supported his grandson’s decision to open the hotel without knowing its true nature.

Upon learning about it yesterday, he was so furious that he nearly needed hospitalization. He urgently called his grandson home. Without waiting for any explanation, Grandfather Han struck his grandson’s knee heavily with his cane. Young Master Han’s parents stood by, afraid to intervene against Grandfather Han.

Grandfather Han was a seasoned veteran, and even though he was older now, his strength hadn’t waned. In his anger, he struck Young Master Han repeatedly, making him kneel, regardless of Young Master Han’s pleas. This was someone who had showered Young Master Han with love and care usually, but now, he showed no mercy.

It was Young Master Han’s mother who finally begged the old master to stop. Reluctantly, Grandfather Han let his grandson go, but he was confined to the house, forbidden from stepping out for a month.

Grandfather Han personally sealed off the Junyue Hotel. By noon, the entrance was sealed shut. The sudden turn of events left no one within the hotel, including the staff and the noble son, unscathed. They were all rounded up.

During the arrests, a few prominent individuals who had visited the hotel yesterday were also taken into custody.

By the time Young Master Han learned about this, the Junyue Hotel had been completely sealed. His five years of effort were shattered in an instant.

At this moment, Young Master Han lay in his room, bruised and battered, lying dejectedly on the bed, consumed by regret.

He wasn’t foolish. Why was the Junyue Hotel shut down so swiftly? Not because of his grandfather’s intervention, but because of his intent to harm Wei Chen.

If he hadn’t planned to harm Wei Chen, how would his grandfather have known about the hotel’s nature? How would he have been so enraged as to seal the hotel?

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