Chapter 307 – Chen Li Got Angry

“Sorry, I need to take this call,” Wei Chen said as he set down his glass.

The hearts of several managers at the Transportation Department surged with an ominous premonition when the phone rang. The timing seemed too coincidental. Did Wei Chen notice something?

Wei Chen picked up the phone.

“Young Master Jiang?”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

After a hurried conversation, Wei Chen hung up and turned to the manager of the Transportation Department, saying, “Manager Zheng, sorry, Young Master Jiang has something important for me. I have to go.”

The manager of the Transportation Department frowned, showing some displeasure. “Deputy General Manager Wei, leaving like this seems inappropriate, doesn’t it?”

“Alright then.” Wei Chen’s gaze fell upon a bottle of red wine. He remembered this bottle, poured by the Transportation Department manager himself. Since he was leaving, he had no reservations. He reached for the bottle of wine, blew into it entirely, and said, “I’ll finish this bottle as an apology. I appreciate your welcome.”

Watching Wei Chen blow through the entire bottle of red wine, the Transportation Department manager turned to leave. He wanted to stop him, but suddenly, a rush of heat surged through his body, making him go limp and sit back down.

Exiting the private room, Young Master Han stood at the door, smiling at Wei Chen. “Deputy General Manager Wei, leaving so soon? How about a few more drinks?”

With a whole bottle of red wine consumed abruptly, the intense effect of the drug had already coursed through Wei Chen’s body. Clenching his fists, enduring the heat, he said expressionlessly, “I appreciate Young Master Han’s kindness, but I have urgent matters and must leave.”

Naturally, Young Master Han couldn’t miss this opportunity. However, Wei Chen’s disguise was too good. For a moment, he couldn’t tell if Wei Chen had been drugged, squinting as he observed but finding no conclusive evidence.

“Young Master Han.” A deep voice came from behind Young Master Han.

Upon hearing the voice, Young Master Han knew his plan for the night was ruined. He turned around and indeed saw Jiang Ye walking over. Young Master Han gritted his teeth a bit, saying, “Young Master Jiang, your visit is a great honor. It’s a pity my reception wasn’t adequate. I’ve prepared some good wine. Why don’t you and Deputy General Manager Wei come in for a drink together?”

“No need. I have some business to discuss with Deputy General Manager Wei. We’ll take our leave.” Jiang Ye didn’t give Young Master Han any face and left with Wei Chen.

However, before leaving, they did one thing: they let the young ladies and gentlemen who had just entered the room go back inside. It seemed that the management at the Transportation Department’s private room could really use their presence now.

Young Master Han didn’t intervene but watched as the two tall figures left, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Meanwhile, inside the private room, the management of the Transportation Department had lost their rationality due to the effects of the drug. Already lacking in restraint, they were now overwhelmed by desire. Seeing the young ladies and gentlemen enter, they pulled them in and pushed them to the ground.

Before long, chaos engulfed the entire room.

Those consumed by desire didn’t notice that there was a camera at the top of the room recording everything.

The footage from these cameras was supposed to be transmitted to the surveillance room at the Junyue Hotel. However, at that moment, the surveillance had been infiltrated by Cookie, causing the footage to be sent to Cookie’s computer instead.

Sipping coffee, Cookie turned to the computer screen and instantly sprayed out the coffee.

It was too much, truly too much to take in!

Despite the shock, Cookie clicked on the record button.

Wei Hua noticed Cookie’s reaction, walked over, and saw the recording on the computer. Quickly, he covered Cookie’s eyes with his hand.

“Xiao Qiqi, it’s gonna burn your eyes!” Wei Hua moved aside and said firmly.

“Let go first, let’s report this.” Cookie removed Wei Hua’s hand and anonymously reported to the police.

Of course, due to Young Master Han’s influence behind the Junyue Hotel, the police in that area naturally ignored the report. However, a minute later, a call from higher authorities came in, instructing them to take action immediately!

When the police surrounded the private room at the Junyue Hotel, Young Master Han hadn’t left yet. It was the hotel’s basement that alerted the police, and just as he was about to step out to ask the police to leave, a call came from home.

Grandfather Han robust voice came through the phone, “You disobedient grandson, get back here right away!”

Young Master Han, fearless of anything else, feared his grandfather. He abandoned the police situation and sneaked back home, feeling anxious, wondering if his grandfather had found out something unsettling.

Young Master Han’s departure hinted to the police that a larger force was aiming to take down the Junyue Hotel. They had to follow this lead!

Without any hesitation, the police kicked open the door of the private room, revealing a chaotic scene of intertwined figures, a sight too unpleasant to behold.

At this moment, the Transportation Department’s management was still under the influence of the dr*gs. Though they were aware of their dire situation, their bodies remained uncontrollable.

The seasoned officers recognized that these individuals had taken dr*gs, but determining the specific substance would require analyzing the drinks on the table.

“Captain!” A police officer collecting evidence found several syringes in the pocket of the Transportation Department’s manager and handed them over to the lead officer.

The lead officer’s expression hardened, sensing that this wasn’t a simple case of solicitation; it might involve illegal dr*gs.

“Take these back for analysis!” the lead officer ordered, his tone grave, as the team gathered the evidence.

Meanwhile, Wei Chen boarded Jiang Ye’s car, enduring an intense heat within his body, feeling like he was on the verge of exploding.

“Take me to the hospital,” Wei Chen managed to say, his voice hoarse, as if his throat had been scorched.

Jiang Ye sensed something was seriously wrong—Wei Chen had been dr*gged!

He tossed a few bottles of ice water from the car’s cooler, knowing it might not help much but feeling it was better than doing nothing. Stepping on the accelerator, the car darted out, rushing Wei Chen to the hospital swiftly.

Fortunately, the hospital wasn’t far from the Junyue Hotel. But for Wei Chen, those twenty minutes felt like an eternity. When he got out of the car, his face was flushed crimson, his eyes bloodshot—overdosed on the dr*gs!

Jiang Ye immediately called for a doctor who rushed Wei Chen into the emergency room. The medical team provided urgent care, and after over forty minutes, they wheeled Wei Chen out.

Approaching to inquire about Wei Chen’s condition, Jiang Ye was met with a doctor’s indignation. “It’s outrageous! This could’ve been fatal! Given the dosage, if he had arrived even slightly later, we couldn’t guarantee the outcome.

Fortunately, he arrived in time, and now, he’s stable. If this was deliberate poisoning, I suggest you report it to the authorities. This is close to murder!” In the doctor’s view, such a reaction could only occur if someone had dr*gged Wei Chen. Otherwise, the patient wouldn’t have foolishly consumed so much.

Relieved that Wei Chen was stable, Jiang Ye thanked the doctor and assured them that they’d investigate thoroughly. Afterward, he informed Chen Li.

Chen Li rushed to the hospital despite Jiang Ye’s reassurance over the phone. He appeared frantic, fearing something might have happened to Wei Chen.

“Where is he?” Chen Li’s large eyes were filled with tears, yet he held them back, his tone urgent.

“In the ward.” Leading Chen Li, Jiang Ye took him to Wei Chen’s room. Wei Chen was awake but weak after the intense treatment.

Upon reaching the room and meeting Wei Chen’s gaze, Chen Li’s heart gradually eased.

“Wei Chen.” Chen Li held Wei Chen’s hand, looking at him, tears finally trickling down.

Wei Chen, though visibly pale, gently wiped the tears from Chen Li’s face, speaking softly, “Li Li, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry.”

This time he had indeed been negligent. Underestimating the potency of those dr*gs, he ended up consuming more than intended after drinking that bottle of wine, leading him to the emergency room.

Jiang Ye didn’t disturb Wei Chen and Chen Li, leaving them to their privacy. Once outside the room, he closed the door and called the police station to check on the case’s progress.

At this point, reports regarding the examination of the beverages on the table and the liquid in the syringes had come in. Jiang Ye learned the findings from the police.

All the drinks on the table had been laced with a potent drug known as “Spring,” with doses exceeding safety limits. One bottle had a different Spring composition, along with an additional component—HLY.

The liquid in the syringes matched the content of that specific bottle, a purer form of HLY. Once injected, it would ruin the victim’s life, making them a lifelong slave to the dr*g.

Jiang Ye’s face darkened upon hearing the report.

Today, Wei Chen had been vigilant and managed to avoid falling victim to the scheme. But what if Wei Chen had indeed been negligent? Would he have been injected with dr*gs?

It seemed the Chen family and their adversaries were cut from the same cloth, utilizing similarly sinister methods.

Jiang Ye didn’t hide this report from Wei Chen. When Chen Li went to the restroom, he showed Wei Chen the police report.

“So, we owe a thanks to Young Master Han,” Wei Chen speculated internally. Seeing the report didn’t surprise him as he had already suspected.

“Indeed,” Jiang Ye agreed. When Chen Li returned from the restroom, Jiang Ye put the report away. It was better not to let Chen Li know about this matter.

Apparently, Wei Chen had the same idea. They exchanged a glance, and both agreed to keep this between them.

Unaware of their silent communication, Chen Li glanced briefly at Wei Chen. “I’ll head back first.”

Wei Chen immediately realized—his Li Li was angry.

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