Chapter 341 – Protecting the Calf

Chen Li had always harbored the shadow of verbal ab*se deep within. Not only did Chen Li himself fail to notice it, but even those around him remained unaware, not even Lan Xiping had seen through it.

However, today, the criticisms against Chen Li acted as a catalyst, igniting the fuse buried deep within Chen Li’s consciousness, which suddenly exploded.

Due to Chen Li’s improved condition compared to before, his control over his own consciousness had grown stronger. This enabled him to suppress the bone-deep pain and put on a brave face in front of his family, managing to smile despite the inner turmoil.

If it weren’t for Lan Xiping’s arrival, nobody could have discerned Chen Li’s true emotions at that moment. Not even Wei Chen could do so. At least, it would take some time spent together to perceive the emotions that Chen Li forcefully suppressed.

“Xiao Li.” Lan Xiping’s expression was very serious as he held Chen Li’s hand, saying, “Xiao Li, we are all on your side. No matter what happens, we’ll stand by you. Everything from the outside world isn’t real. You are unique and irreplaceable in our hearts.”

Though Lan Xiping didn’t know what had happened, he could somewhat guess that the situation Chen Li was facing stemmed from external interference, hence he tried to console Chen Li in that direction.

Chen Li looked at Lan Xiping, gradually revealing a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

A thought crossed Lan Xiping’s mind; it seemed he had guessed correctly.

Following this, Lan Xiping began to console Chen Li in that direction, speaking softly yet with a reassuring power to calm his heart.

The tense strings within Chen Li started to loosen gradually due to Lan Xiping’s guidance. Meanwhile, Jiang Ye, standing nearby, didn’t remain idle. He started investigating the matter. He believed that only by finding the root cause of the issue could Chen Li’s illness be better treated.

As Lan Xiping continued to console Chen Li, Wei Chen finally rushed in, holding Qiuqiu in his arms.

Pushing open the office door and seeing Chen Li sitting quietly there, relatively calm, Wei Chen let out a deep sigh of relief.

“Li Li,” Wei Chen spoke up.

Chen Li saw Wei Chen. Even before Wei Chen pushed the door open, Chen Li had a feeling that Wei Chen must have arrived.

As the office door swung open, Chen Li felt as though a beam of light had poured in from outside, illuminating his world. All fear and apprehension receded like a tide upon Wei Chen’s arrival. He was the person who rescued him from the darkness, the one who brought happiness into his life, the person he deeply loved.

“Achen!” Chen Li’s eyes softened as he looked at Wei Chen, and he stood up and threw himself into Wei Chen’s embrace.

With Wei Chen around, a sense of security enveloped him tightly. Everything previously endured seemed like an illusion that vanished upon Wei Chen’s arrival. Now that Wei Chen was here, the illusions faded away, and he was fine.

Qiuqiu perhaps sensed Wei Chen’s urgency and didn’t cry or fuss on the way here. Now, seeing his dad, Qiuqiu reached out, encircling his dad’s head, planting a few wet kisses on his dad’s face.

Chen Li returned a few kisses to Qiuqiu, then snuggled in Wei Chen’s arms, wholeheartedly trusting him.

“Li Li, I’m here.”

These simple few words, whenever they echoed, brought Chen Li endless courage, enough to step out of the darkness, enough bravery to face all difficulties. “I know.”

Chen Li believed that Wei Chen would always be by his side, bringing endless warmth. No matter the difficulties, as long as he moved forward resolutely, because he believed that Wei Chen would always be behind him, the strongest support.

The family of three held each other tightly.

Lan Xiping smiled, sensing that Chen Li had completely let go.


Wei Chen was the best remedy for Chen Li. As long as Wei Chen was there, everything that seemed difficult to Chen Li wasn’t difficult anymore. Everything that seemed insurmountable became simple, easily shrugged off, leaving no trace in Chen Li’s heart.

Chen Yunlan and Zhuge Yu could also feel Chen Li’s emotional shift. At this moment, they too breathed a sigh of relief, glad to see him open up.

However, while Chen Li was better, there was still the question of who harmed him and what triggered the shadows in his heart?

This trouble had to be resolved.

Wei Chen was aware of this point. After completely soothing Chen Li’s emotions, he found a spot and pulled Chen Li to sit beside him.

Qiuqiu reached out with tiny chubby arms, wanting Chen Li to pick him up, calling out “Da da.”

Chen Li reached out to hold Qiuqiu, and the little one affectionately rubbed his chubby face against Chen Li’s, blowing bubbles of saliva.

“Li Li, what happened just now?” Wei Chen asked. It wasn’t about prying into Chen Li’s wounds, but many times, if Chen Li didn’t speak up, they couldn’t find the root cause, making it challenging to administer the right treatment.

Chen Li hesitated for a moment at the question, then exhaled and recounted what had happened earlier.

He knew Wei Chen was concerned about him, and he didn’t want to worry him, nor did he want to evade. Chen Li’s voice lacked emotional fluctuations as he spoke, but his hand clenched tight as he remembered the vicious words, showing how challenging it was to accept those hurtful remarks.

For the past twenty years, worse words than those had surrounded him. Everyone around him wanted him dead, so they found ways to torment him.

The mental anguish was hard to heal, especially for someone like Chen Li, where the violence inflicted upon him by the Chen family was more mental than physical.

And not long ago, those words tore into Chen Li’s already scarred mind, lashing out harshly once again.

The people present, after hearing Chen Li’s words, their expressions grew solemn, their concern turning into anger gradually.

What had happened to Chen Li to make them curse him with such venomous words? Normal people would feel uncomfortable hearing those words, let alone Chen Li.

Wei Chen enveloped Chen Li tightly in his arms, leaving no space between them.

On the side, Lan Xiping had already found the crucial point, his brows furrowed in concern.

The shadow left by the violence of words in Chen Li’s heart was immense and deeply affecting him. If they didn’t uncover the mastermind behind this, the verbal violence Chen Li was enduring might never cease.

Jiang Ye had managed to gather some clues. Glancing at the embrace between Chen Li and Wei Chen, he refrained from rushing to divulge everything. He instructed the team to continue the investigation, ensuring they’d unveil the mastermind behind the scenes.

That day, Chen Li left school early, and after Wei Chen requested leave from Sheng Jiaqi, he returned home to accompany Chen Li.

Wei Chen didn’t forget to continue his investigation. Whoever was responsible, he vowed not to let them get away with it. Chen Yunlan and Zhuge Yu resumed their duties, believing that with Wei Chen around, Chen Li would receive the best care.

However, Chen Yunlan wasn’t planning to let the mastermind off the hook. His influence might be limited, but Xie Chunsheng was a different story.

Xie Chunsheng wouldn’t spare anyone attempting to harm Chen Li. Of course, Xie Chunsheng also had the obligation to protect Chen Li from harm.

As soon as the class ended, Chen Yunlan called Xie Chunsheng.

At that moment, Xie Chunsheng was in a meeting. Seeing Chen Yunlan’s call display, he abruptly left the meeting room, leaving his subordinates astonished.

When did their workaholic boss stop caring about work-related matters?

Xie Chunsheng ignored his subordinates’ thoughts.

Once out of the meeting room, he answered the call. “Yunlan, what’s up?” His voice carried a faint smile.

Chen Yunlan asked, “Did I disturb you?”

Xie Chunsheng quickly responded, “No, I’m free now.”

The assistant who came out of the meeting room to check on the situation was at a loss. Boss, how could you be free? You’re in the middle of the annual meeting now, and there’s an international conference later. You’re busy, how can you be free?

Despite the assistant’s inner complaints, they didn’t dare question Xie Chunsheng. They obediently returned to the meeting room, considerately closing the door to block curious gazes.

Meanwhile, on the call, as Chen Yunlan relayed Chen Li’s ordeal to Xie Chunsheng, his voice couldn’t help but carry tones of anger and distress.

This was his child, no matter in the past or the present, enduring such severe pain, he was filled with regret, wishing he could transfer all that pain onto himself.

Xie Chunsheng, upon hearing this, naturally couldn’t bear it. He tightly clenched his phone, his finger joints making cracking sounds, wishing he could tear apart the person who harmed Chen Li.

“Yunlan, rest assured, I will never let anyone who harmed Chen Li go!” Xie Chunsheng said through gritted teeth.

Anyone who hurt his son, he would make them pay a thousandfold!

Before, he couldn’t protect Chen Yunlan and Chen Li. Now, he had enough power in his hands to make those people beg for mercy!

Although intentionally concealed, this matter reached Grandfather Qu’s ears around noon.

He only had one grandson, Chen Li, and naturally cherished him. He secretly arranged people to protect Chen Li, so he knew what he needed to know, just a bit later than others.

Grandfather Qu was currently residing in the Sheng family’s house. After hearing this news, he immediately made a few phone calls.

Half an hour later, the sequence of events was laid out in front of Grandfather Qu.

Reading through everything, Grandfather Qu’s face didn’t show many emotions, but he slammed the documents onto the table.

Unbelievable! They dared to b*lly his grandson! Did they really think that he, Qu Shuyu, was too old to handle things?

Coincidentally, Cookie came down to drink water and sensed Grandfather Qu’s fluctuating emotions. Quickly, he fetched a blood pressure monitor to check Grandfather Qu’s blood pressure.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong?” Cookie asked, concerned.

“Take a look at this.” Grandfather Qu handed the documents revealing the truth to Cookie.

After reading through the densely packed pages, even Cookie was visibly angered.

“Grandpa, don’t worry, I’ll definitely seek justice for Xiao Li!” Cookie said, squinting his eyes.

He hadn’t used a computer much during his pregnancy, but this time, he would lift that ban and show those trolls who dared to spew nonsense online who was truly in charge!

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Protecting the calf –  to be fiercely protective of one’s children

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  1. The network of caring family is actually so cool.
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    Uncle Sheng Jiaqu – powerful businessman
    Cousin Cookie – powerful hacker
    Cousin Jiang Ye – connected investor
    Bestie Lan – great doctor
    Teacher Zhang – acclaimed artist
    HUSBAND Wei Chen

    Any one of them can destroy them. It’s kinda crazy that people know but still underestimate this network.

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