Chapter 340 – Verbal Violence

The next day, Wei Chen accompanied Chen Li to Q University, then took Qiuqiu and went to Changfeng Group.

Chen Li is currently auditing classes at the Civil Engineering College. He doesn’t particularly aim to become an engineer; he just wants to enrich himself with some knowledge. With a background in painting, naturally, he chose Q University’s top major.

His autism has improved a lot. He appears almost like an ordinary person now. At most, others might see him as a slightly introverted and shy individual.

But Chen Li hasn’t entirely emerged from the darkness yet. He still harbors fear towards strangers. For him to attend classes as an auditor in the Civil Engineering Department, placing himself in an unfamiliar environment, is an immense act of courage.

Moreover, Chen Li is sensitive. The moment he stepped into Q University today, he sensed that something was off.

This discomfort refers to the way others looked at Chen Li. Their gazes weren’t just lacking goodwill; they were somewhat critical, pointing fingers and gossiping from a distance.

“Isn’t that Chen Li from the School of Fine Arts? How does he have the nerve to attend classes after what he did? If it were me, I’d j*mp off the teaching building and atone for my sins with d**th!”

“Yeah, exactly! The school treats him like a treasure, but he’s a treacherous person. When will he betray the school?”

“Someone like him is sure to have a bad ending. Just watch.”

Such looks and vicious words accompanied Chen Li into the classroom he intended to audit, becoming increasingly aggressive. The malice in their gazes seemed almost tangible, aimed directly at Chen Li.

Chen Li felt terrible.

He hadn’t experienced this feeling in a long time. It felt as if there was no light around him, the air filled with oppression, making it hard for him to breathe.

Chen Li sat still in his seat, his gaze somewhat vacant. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, he tremblingly pulled out his phone and dialed Wei Chen’s number.

At that moment, Wei Chen had just arrived at his office, and Chen Li’s call came through. Wei Chen felt a sudden tension but immediately answered the phone.


Wei Chen understood Chen Li only by name, yet he could sense Chen Li’s fear and helplessness.

“Li Li, what’s wrong?” He stepped back into the elevator and swiftly headed towards the parking lot.

Chen Li didn’t speak. His rapid breaths transmitted through the phone to Wei Chen’s ears, piercing his heart like needles, causing a sharp pain.

“Li Li, it’s okay. I’m coming over right now.” Wei Chen reassured Chen Li over the phone, simultaneously sending messages to Zhuge Yu and Chen Yunlan using another work phone, asking them to go to the school and comfort Chen Li. He quickly drove towards Q University after securing Qiuqiu in a baby seat and taking a few deep breaths.

Damn it, what on earth happened? Li Li’s emotions had been stable for a long time. What could have possibly happened now to make him break down emotionally?

Chen Yunlan received Wei Chen’s message while in class. Seeing the content, he apologized to the students below the podium and rushed out of the classroom, his face tense.

Zhuge Yu was in the art studio painting when his phone rang. Glancing at it, he immediately dropped the brush and sprinted towards the Civil Engineering Department. Even though he was over fifty, he seemed to run with the speed of a much younger person.

Ten minutes later, Chen Yunlan and Zhuge Yu arrived at the teaching building of the Civil Engineering Department almost simultaneously. They exchanged a glance, both expressing concern through their eyes.

Without exchanging words, they briskly walked towards the classroom where Chen Li was.

By this time, the students in the classroom had already noticed that something was off with Chen Li.

Just a while ago, he had been fine, but now he was sitting rigidly in his seat, pupils contracted, eyes filled with fear but seemingly fixed on nothing, devoid of life. He seemed as if he had suffered a tremendous blow, drenched in cold sweat. He clutched his phone as if it were his last lifeline.

These classmates hadn’t realized that their pointing and gossiping had caused Chen Li to spiral into his current state. They assumed something peculiar was happening to Chen Li, perhaps a sudden illness.

The teacher at the podium also noticed Chen Li’s distress and temporarily put down the books, walking over to Chen Li.

This auditing student was quite special. He was a renowned painter, a prominent figure the school administration highly valued. If something went wrong in their class, it would reflect poorly on the teacher too.

Moreover, Chen Li’s current condition was somewhat terrifying, as if he might go into shock at any moment.

“Should we call an ambulance?” a student nearby asked. Despite their disdain for Chen Li based on rumors, it was still a matter of life and death, and they couldn’t just stand by.

“Yes,” the teacher nodded.

Call for an ambulance first. If something happens later, they’ll be here in time to help.

After arranging for a student to call emergency services, the teacher walked over to Chen Li and asked with concern, “Chen Li, are you okay?”

Chen Li didn’t respond, lost in his own world, eyes vacant and filled with fear, as if everything around him was surrounded by malevolent spirits.

The teacher, seeing Chen Li in this state, refrained from touching him and stood nearby, feeling anxious.

At this moment, Chen Yunlan and Zhuge Yu finally arrived.

“Xiao Li!” Both of them called out Chen Li’s name almost simultaneously.

Hearing the familiar voices, Chen Li finally showed a slight reaction, fixing his gaze on Chen Yunlan and Zhuge Yu, but still seemingly unfocused.

Carefully, Chen Yunlan approached Chen Li and gently reassured him, “Xiao Li, Dad is here, you don’t need to be afraid.”

“Dad?” Chen Li repeated with confusion, the terrified expression on his face slightly calming down.

Seeing his voice having some effect, Chen Yunlan continued, “Yes, Dad is here. Whatever it is, Dad will help you solve it. Don’t be afraid.”

“Where’s Achen?” Chen Li seemed calmer but was looking for Wei Chen.

“Li Li, I’m here,” Wei Chen’s voice came through the phone. He hadn’t disconnected the call and had been monitoring Chen Li’s situation closely.

Chen Li grabbed the phone and urgently said, “Achen, are you here? I want to see you.”

“I’m on my way, Li Li. Can you wait for me with Dad in the office?”

Chen Li glanced at Chen Yunlan and eventually nodded, saying, “Okay.”

Seeing Chen Li slowly calming down, Chen Yunlan held Chen Li’s hand and coaxed, “Xiao Li, let’s go to the office and wait for Wei Chen, alright?”

Chen Li obediently nodded.

Seeing this, Zhuge Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

In the past, Chen Li’s emotions wouldn’t have settled so easily. Compared to before, Xiao Li’s symptoms had improved significantly.

It’s just unclear what happened this time to trigger Chen Li’s condition.


Running between Ci’en Hospital and Q University’s Medical School.

Today, finally getting some time off, Jiang Ye invited Lan Xiping to go out. However, just after leaving the medical school, Lan Xiping received a text from Wei Chen.

“Jiang Ye, let’s go to the school,” Lan Xiping pocketed his phone and said to Jiang Ye.

Sensing Lan Xiping’s urgency, Jiang Ye furrowed his brow and asked, “What’s wrong?” Concern laced his tone.

Unable to help it, Lan Xiping quickened his pace and said as they walked, “There’s something off with Xiao Li’s situation. I need to go check.”

“Alright, I’ll take you there,” Jiang Ye said without hesitation, picking up his pace.

Fortunately, both were at Q University, so reaching Chen Li wasn’t too far. If they ran, they could get there in ten minutes.

They hurried all the way there, and by the time they reached the Civil Engineering Department, Chen Li had already been taken by Chen Yunlan to a slightly quieter office.

Lan Xiping navigated his way there and entered the office. Chen Li’s emotions had stabilized considerably. Other than looking a bit pale, he seemed almost like anyone else.

But who was Lan Xiping? He had studied psychology. Even Lu Min, the founding father of psychology in China, praised Lan Xiping’s talent. Having previously treated Chen Li, Lan Xiping could instantly tell that Chen Li’s emotions hadn’t actually settled; he was just suppressing them to prevent his family from worrying.

Lan Xiping furrowed his brow and sat down beside Chen Li.

Chen Yunlan trusted Lan Xiping. As Lan Xiping passed by him, Chen Yunlan said, “I’m counting on you.”

Lan Xiping nodded.

“Xiao Li, what’s wrong?” Lan Xiping softened his voice, asking.

Chen Li shook his head. “Aping, I’m fine.”

“Xiao Li, do you think you can hide it from me?” Lan Xiping didn’t beat around the bush, going straight to the point.

Chen Li hesitated, not saying anything. He knew he couldn’t hide it from Lan Xiping. But if he spoke up, maybe they’d find it inexplicable. Yet, he couldn’t bear those people’s stares, as if they wanted to strip him bare.

And… he had heard some discussions, words that felt like knives piercing his heart.

Was he really so despicable? What mistake had he made? Why did he deserve this?

Throughout, Wei Chen had always protected him well. Even during the turmoil at the Dream Cup event, Chen Li, as the involved party, hadn’t been affected at all.

However, this time, a storm had unexpectedly descended upon Chen Li, catching everyone off guard.

For the first twenty years of his life, Chen Li had lived surrounded by the world’s malice. Now, experiencing this again, it triggered unbearable memories. In those first twenty years, malicious words wishing for his death had echoed in his ears. Sometimes, the damage inflicted by verbal violence is deeper and more profound.

Chen Li’s early life was cloaked in the shadows of verbal and physical violence. As the direct violence of punches and kicks gradually faded, the shadows of verbal violence remained entrenched within him.

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