Chapter 359 – Be More Careful

After signing the equity transfer agreement, Fang Yun collapsed on the ground, her eyes empty, but a sardonic smile playing on her lips.

Upon liberation, she felt truly exhausted, so worn out.

Tired, she sought a deeper liberation.

But Fang Yun knew she couldn’t die; Wei Wei was still waiting for her to save him.

In stark contrast to Fang Yun’s emotions, Wei Zhenxiong, upon seeing Fang Yun’s signature and her fingerprint on the equity transfer document, had plunged into a frenzy.

Due to overwhelming joy, Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t even control his facial expressions; his muscles twitched, and his eyeballs seemed ready to pop.

After all these years, he finally obtained that 13% stake!

Why did he marry Fang Yun back then? Wasn’t it solely for the shares owned by Old Master Fang?

Who would have thought that even after Old Master Fang’s death, there would be such a provision? Didn’t he realize how boring his daughter was? Making him stick with such a dull woman was practically a death sentence!

But it didn’t matter; over these years, he had vented his resentment on Fang Yun, and now, obtaining that 13% stake made everything from the past insignificant.

Of course, none of this mattered now. What mattered was that the Wei family was finally his. Wei Zhenxiong was close to bursting into laughter.

However, Wei Zhenxiong still held onto some rationality; he knew it wasn’t suitable to linger here. After tidying up the hard-earned shares, he viciously kicked Fang Yun before leaving.

Fang Yun, kicked to the ground, struggled to get up.

She needed to save Wei Wei! Wei Wei couldn’t be in trouble!

Yet, Fang Yun was a step too late; Wei Zhenxiong had locked the attic door, trapping her inside.

With no food or water in the room, if no one discovered Fang Yun in the near future, she would likely starve to death in this remote town’s attic.

In Wei Chen’s anxious state of mind, the plane finally arrived at the airport in F country.

Wei Chen had just stepped out of the customs area when a blond-haired, blue-eyed man approached him.

Before the blond man could speak, Wei Chen’s phone, just turned on, began to ring—it was Chen Li calling.

Raising his hand apologetically to the man, Wei Chen answered the call, saying, “Li Li, I’ve just arrived in F Country.”

Chen Li’s voice sounded urgent, “Achen, not long after you boarded the plane, Carl called saying he hasn’t heard from Wei Wei.”

Wei Chen’s expression tightened, and he hurriedly asked, “What about now?”

“I’ve already had Uncle Xie help locate someone; Wei Wei has been found and rescued,” Chen Li’s urgency didn’t ease much. “But I’m worried about Mom. I’m afraid they might use Wei Wei to threaten her, achieving certain objectives. Now that Wei Wei’s been found, does it mean they’ve accomplished their goals? So, they…”

Wei Chen understood Chen Li’s concern and reassured her, “Li Li, don’t worry. I’ll find Mom.”

Chen Li took a deep breath before saying, “Achen, I’m fine. Please be careful yourself. Qiuqiu and I are waiting for you at home.”

After a brief exchange with Chen Li, Wei Chen ended the call.

Seeing Wei Chen finish the call, the blond man spoke fluent Mandarin to Wei Chen, “Hello, are you Mr. Wei? I’m Jobe Huntington, a detective. Mr. Sylvester sent me to assist you.”

Wei Chen shook hands with Jobe Huntington and said, “Hello, I do need your help right now. Thank you.”

While Wei Chen did have some business partners in F Country whom he had contacted and who had offered help, having a local police officer around naturally seemed more beneficial.

Wei Chen also knew that Jobe Huntington coming to assist him was likely arranged by Chen Li contacting Sylvester for help.

Jobe Huntington replied, “It’s my honor.”

Without further delay, the two began their operation.

With the addition of F Country police forces, things became much easier; Wei Chen could even access the entire airport’s surveillance footage.

Soon, they found Wei Zhenxiong’s car plate number through the surveillance footage.

Luckily, Wei Zhenxiong hadn’t changed his vehicle along the way. The police quickly located his position using his car plate number.

And the latest plate information indicated that Wei Zhenxiong was currently at the same airport as them!

Wei Zhenxiong was planning to leave F Country! Realizing this, Wei Chen understood he needed to rescue Fang Yun immediately!

“We need to rush to W town right away,” Wei Chen told Jobe Huntington.

Jobe Huntington was puzzled, “Aren’t we supposed to apprehend the criminal now? The kidnapper is right here. Are we just letting him go? Then do we have to put in more effort later to catch him?”

“We need to save the person now.”

Considering the time elapsed, Fang Yun had been in captivity for a whole day. Despite the short duration, Wei Chen couldn’t fathom how Wei Zhenxiong might treat Fang Yun. Wasting time now meant wasting Fang Yun’s life.

Jobe Huntington was sent today to assist Wei Chen. Since Wei Chen said so, Jobe had no reason to object and drove towards W town.

It takes an hour to drive from the capital of F Country to W town. During this hour, Wei Chen’s heart raced as if a fire burned fiercely inside. Though his face remained stoic, sitting in the car, he was tense, every nerve on edge, fearing Fang Yun might be in trouble by the time they found her.

With such anxiety, an hour felt unbearably long.

When Jobe parked the car in front of the house in the small town, Wei Chen swiftly got out, requesting, “Officer Huntington, please call an ambulance for me.”

Without waiting for a response, Wei Chen disappeared into the house. He searched every room in the house at lightning speed but found no trace of Fang Yun. Eventually, he pinned his hopes on the attic upstairs.

Wei Chen didn’t believe Wei Zhenxiong would leave with Fang Yun. Once his objective was achieved, Fang Yun was a burden to Wei Zhenxiong.

Rushing upstairs without pausing, Wei Chen finally reached the door of the attic room, panting. He pushed the door but found it locked, thinking Fang Yun should be in this attic.

“Mom, I’m here,” Wei Chen called out.

At this moment, Fang Yun sat in despair in the attic, her eyes vacant, staring at the window on the attic’s roof. Night had fallen, no stars adorned the sky; it was pitch-black, resembling a colossal beast ready to swallow her whole at any moment.

Back when she was blind to reality, she married the wrong person. Did that mean fate wanted her to pay for it her whole life? Fang Yun couldn’t fathom the workings of fate, but upon reflection, she realized she had brought this upon herself.

Why did she insist on marrying Wei Zhenxiong in the first place? Now, not only had she harmed herself, but she’d also harmed Wei Wei. Wei Wei was so young, his life hadn’t even properly begun. If something happened to her because of her actions, how could she face Wei Wei?

Fang Yun felt immense despair, wanting liberation from it all, yet a strong sense of reluctance held her back. If she died like this, wouldn’t it benefit Wei Zhenxiong? Even in death, she wanted to drag Wei Zhenxiong down with her!

Just then, a familiar voice sounded at the door—a voice she recognized immediately. It was Wei Chen’s voice. Achen! Achen had come to rescue her!

“Achen, Achen!” Fang Yun nearly threw herself at the door. All her despair vanished the moment she heard Wei Chen’s voice.

Why should she die? She had Wei Chen, such an outstanding son. Why should she die?

Hearing Fang Yun’s voice, Wei Chen heaved a sigh of relief. At that moment, Jobe Huntington arrived. Wei Chen asked him to help open the locked door with a gun.

With a gunshot, the door was forced open. Wei Chen rushed in and embraced Fang Yun tightly, his eyes slightly moist.

“Mom, it’s okay, I’m here.”

Fang Yun’s nerves didn’t ease; she tightly held onto Wei Chen’s hand, saying, “Achen, please go and save Wei Wei. He’s been captured by Wei Zhenxiong. He’s so young; he can’t be in danger!”

Wei Chen gently stroked Fang Yun’s back, reassuring her, “Mom, Wei Wei has been rescued, just a minor injury. He’s receiving treatment at the hospital now. Don’t worry.”

“Really?” Fang Yun looked at Wei Chen hopefully. Seeing the sincerity in Wei Chen’s eyes, she finally relaxed.

Once she relaxed, Fang Yun broke down, clinging to Wei Chen and sobbing uncontrollably. She didn’t speak, just cried, hysterically releasing all the pent-up emotions.

Wei Chen allowed Fang Yun to cry without saying a word. Perhaps right now, her pain was the only way for Fang Yun to let it all out.

Soon, the ambulance arrived, and Wei Chen helped Fang Yun onto it. Fortunately, Fang Yun hadn’t sustained severe injuries, only minor external wounds from Wei Zhenxiong’s assault. But the psychological trauma would be the hardest to heal. Perhaps someday, Fang Yun could move past these experiences.

She had been a devoted woman, once willing to sacrifice even her dignity for love. Now, deeply wounded, she had finally understood that the love she had embraced from the start was wrong. The endless beauty of the future awaited her.

The moment Fang Yun was rescued, Wei Chen immediately called Chen Li to assure him of their safety. Chen Li breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that Fang Yun was safe and sound.

“Li Li, these days, be more careful. I’ll stay here with Mom for a while,” Wei Chen advised. “You can stay with Dad during this time. Try not to be alone as much as possible.”

Despite many people protecting Chen Li, Wei Chen couldn’t afford any mishaps.

“I understand,” Chen Li nodded. He knew what Wei Chen was worried about.

If they dared to harm Fang Yun, there was a possibility they might target him as well. Perhaps they had already made a move, just not succeeded yet.

That was precisely why he needed to be extra careful.

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