Chapter 358 – Just let it be

Wei Zhenxiong walked out of Fang Yun’s room, tugging at the tie around his neck, feeling somewhat irritated. He knew Wei Chen would soon realize Fang Yun was missing. Given Wei Chen’s current abilities, he should be able to quickly find his way here.

So, before Wei Chen arrived, Wei Zhenxiong had to get the shares from Fang Yun. He stomped downstairs, kicking the chair hard several times. Fang Yun’s recent words had made Wei Zhenxiong somewhat wary.

If there hadn’t been the shabby stipulation that Wei Chen would inherit the shares if Fang Yun died, he would have made Fang Yun sign the equity transfer document at all costs.

But that wasn’t an option. If he pushed Fang Yun too hard and she ended up committing s**cide, everything he had done so far would be in vain.

Time was pressing. Wei Zhenxiong pulled out a cigarette and took a deep drag. Finally, out of options, he dialed a number back home.

The phone rang for a long time, and Wei Zhenxiong grew increasingly restless, almost wanting to throw the phone away.

Just when he thought the other side wouldn’t answer, the call connected.

“Young Master Chen, I can’t get Fang Yun to sign. She holds a significant bargaining chip,” Wei Zhenxiong urgently stated.

Chen Yunqi mocked, “Can’t handle a woman like Fang Yun, Mr. Wei? Pathetic.”

Wei Zhenxiong immediately defended himself, “If I could, I would also threaten her life to make her sign the equity transfer. But if she dies, the shares automatically pass to Wei Chen. Her life is now a threat to me.”

Chen Yunqi hadn’t anticipated this additional layer, “Then wait a while, I’ll tell you what to do later.”

“Okay, please hurry, Young Master Chen. Wei Chen probably already suspects something. If he comes over, it’ll be too late,” Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t help but urge.

“Alright, it’ll be quick. Mr. Wei, don’t be so impatient,” Chen Yunqi replied, a hint of disdain on his face.

Clearly, they were father and son, but why would a father fall so short compared to his son? So impatient, so… utterly foolish.

Certainly, it’s also thanks to Wei Zhenxiong’s stupidity that his plan could proceed in an orderly fashion.

Wei Zhenxiong hung up the phone, took another deep drag of his cigarette, and then cast a malevolent gaze towards the attic. “Fang Yun, just wait. I’ll make you submit under my feet once again.”



After Chen Yunqi hung up the phone, a burly young man walked over and asked, “Was that Wei Zhenxiong on the phone?”

The speaker was Chen Yuntang, Chen Yunqi’s cousin, who had also been suspended and investigated due to this recent incident.

Chen Yunqi nodded, “Yes, it was him.”

“What’s going on with him this time?” Chen Yuntang showed the same disdain for Wei Zhenxiong. Throughout their collaboration, not many admirable deeds had come from him.

“He couldn’t get the shares from Fang Yun and had to call for help.”

Chen Yuntang exclaimed. “Ha! A grown man unable to handle even a woman?”

Chen Yunqi didn’t dwell on the topic of Wei Zhenxiong anymore and changed the subject. “What about the task I assigned to you?”

Chen Yuntang looked a bit uneasy. “Chen Li’s security is too tight, layers upon layers, and it involves different factions. It’s challenging for me to get hold of him. And I suspect…”

“What do you suspect?” Chen Yunqi’s expression turned serious.

“I suspect Xie Chunsheng might already be aware of our actions. Among those protecting Chen Li, some belong to Xie Chunsheng’s group.” Chen Yuntang furrowed his brow, puzzled why Xie Chunsheng would involve himself when he seemingly had no connection to this matter.

“You know, Xie Chunsheng’s people operate in the shadows all year round. We haven’t even approached Chen Li yet, and already, Xie Chunsheng’s people have discovered us,” Chen Yuntang sounded somewhat defeated.

Xie Chunsheng might be known to some as the head of the world-renowned CS chain of five-star hotels, but at their level, they understood the true power behind Xie Chunsheng, the controller of the largest Chinese mafia in the United States.

Xie Chunsheng’s associates were accustomed to walking on the edge of life and death, extremely sensitive to threats, and more hostile than anyone else.

His people sent to approach Chen Li hadn’t even made contact before they were discovered. If it weren’t within the borders of China, his people might have been lost without a trace.

Clearly, Chen Yunqi understood the difficulty involved and waved his hand at Chen Yuntang. “Let it be. Don’t touch Chen Li for now. If we provoke Xie Chunsheng, it’ll complicate matters for us.” These affairs weren’t local to China but pertained to the United States.

Though that was the stated plan, Chen Yunqi suspected that Xie Chunsheng had likely clashed with them. He even speculated that the evidence of their Chen family’s dealings with the American mafia might have originated from Xie Chunsheng.

However, the perplexing aspect was why Xie Chunsheng was aiding Chen Li. According to his investigation, before Xie Chunsheng came to China, there was no apparent connection between Chen Li and Xie Chunsheng.

Baffled, both Chen Yunqi and Chen Yuntang couldn’t make sense of it. Suddenly, Chen Yunqi’s phone rang.

Answering the call, Chen Yunqi’s lips curled slightly as he listened to the news. “Contact Wei Zhenxiong. He’ll know what to do.”

“What’s going on?” Chen Yuntang inquired after Chen Yunqi hung up.

“People have been captured. Now, Fang Yun won’t resist obeying,” Chen Yunqi replied.

Always have a backup plan; if they couldn’t catch Chen Li, it didn’t mean they couldn’t catch others.


In F Country.

Wei Zhenxiong, in anxious anticipation, finally received a call. However, this time, it wasn’t from Chen Yunqi but from an unfamiliar number.

Regardless, without much thought, Wei Zhenxiong answered it. After all, only Chen Yunqi knew his contact information in F Country.

As expected, the caller didn’t reveal their identity. “Young Master Chen asked me to contact you. We just caught a young man. Young Master Chen said you’d know what to do,” the voice stated emotionlessly.

“A young man?” At first, Wei Zhenxiong didn’t understand whom the caller referred to. However, considering the location of the caller’s phone, he immediately realized the ‘young man’ they mentioned was likely his son—Wei Wei!

He was his only bloodline. Wei Zhenxiong became agitated for a moment. “Who allowed you to capture him?” Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t help but question.

A cold sneer came from the other side, “What right do you have to question me? If you’re not willing, you’ll never get what belongs in that woman’s hands.”

Wei Zhenxiong’s face turned grim. After a long pause, he said, “Fine.”

It was just a son after all. When everything was done, he wouldn’t be missing such a bloodline. Wei Zhenxiong made a ruthless decision and then ascended the attic once again.

Pushing open the attic door, Wei Zhenxiong stared fiercely at Fang Yun, devoid of any warmth in his eyes, only filled with hatred.

“Why are you here?” Fang Yun asked coldly.

Wei Zhenxiong thrust the phone in front of Fang Yun and smirked, “Take it, Wei Wei’s call.”

Fang Yun immediately had a bad feeling and shouted at Wei Zhenxiong, “What did you do to Wei Wei? He’s your son! Can you even harm your own flesh and blood?”

“Take it!” Wei Zhenxiong didn’t care for Fang Yun’s words and directly handed the phone to her. “If something happens later, I won’t take responsibility!”

“Wei Zhenxiong, you’ll have a miserable end!” Fang Yun snatched the phone from Wei Zhenxiong’s hand, full of resentment in her tone.

Fang Yun urgently placed the phone to her ear. “Wei Wei, are you okay?”

On the other end of the call, Wei Wei was bound in a van, a man with a scar on his face placed the phone near Wei Wei’s ear.

Wei Wei heard Fang Yun’s voice on the phone and grew anxious, but knowing Fang Yun was in danger, he couldn’t let her worry. He forced himself to stay calm and smiled, “Mom, I’m fine, don’t worry about me!”

Just as Wei Wei finished speaking, the scar-faced man slapped him hard across the face, causing Wei Wei to bleed.

Fang Yun distinctly heard the sound of the slap and desperately added, “Wei Wei!” Her face displayed deep sorrow and concern.

“Woman, you heard it too. Your son is in my hands. Be smart and sign the document. If you don’t, think about it. How old is your son? Can you bear saying goodbye to him like this?” The phone was snatched by the scar-faced man, and while saying this, he ruthlessly kicked Wei Wei several times.

Wei Wei endured the pain, suppressing his cries, but those muffled sounds still reached Fang Yun’s ears.

Fang Yun felt heartbroken, fearing that something might happen to Wei Wei after all.

Wei Zhenxiong was cruel and heartless, willing to torment his own son. But Fang Yun couldn’t bear it. Over these years, she had come to see Wei Wei as her own son. Whenever he suffered even a little, she would ache for a long time. How could she bear seeing Wei Wei tortured like this now?

She compromised. She truly compromised.

Wasn’t it just 13% of the shares? She would give it! Wasn’t that enough?

“Wei Zhenxiong! I’ll sign! I’ll sign!” Fang Yun cried.

Only then did Wei Zhenxiong smile. “Shouldn’t you have agreed earlier? You’ve made my Wei Wei suffer so much.”

Fang Yun stood up, spat at Wei Zhenxiong fiercely, and said, “Wei Zhenxiong, you better pray that Wei Wei is okay. If anything happens to him, I’ll come after you!”

Wei Zhenxiong wiped the spit off his face and slapped Fang Yun hard, “Are you still daring to be defiant? Damn it, hurry up and sign your name!”

With Wei Wei held by Wei Zhenxiong, Fang Yun had no choice but to tremble as she signed her name on the transfer of shares document.

The moment she signed her name, Fang Yun strangely felt a sense of relief.

That 13% share of Wei Corporation had imprisoned her for half her life.

And now, finally, it was no longer in her hands.

Regardless of how it happened, she had finally freed herself from that 13% share.

Enough, just let it be.

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