Chapter 357 – She Couldn’t Die

“Okay,” Chen Li nodded without hesitation.

Finding Fang Yun earlier was crucial; it would reduce the danger she faced.

Moreover, Chen Li had already recovered from the illness. Taking care of Qiuqiu alone at home wasn’t difficult. He didn’t need Wei Chen by his side all the time.

At that moment, there were no flights from the capital to F Country. Wei Chen had booked a flight from Shanghai.

Wei Chen rushed to Shanghai without even having dinner, and after an hour, finally boarded the plane heading to F Country.

Yet, Wei Chen couldn’t shake off his worry for Chen Li. Before boarding the plane, he called Chen Yunlan to explain the situation.

Upon hearing this, Chen Yunlan immediately set off from the small villa, driving towards Wei Chen’s home.

Chen Li was somewhat surprised to see Chen Yunlan coming over but upon careful thought, realized that Wei Chen must have notified Chen Yunlan.

“Have you had dinner?” Despite asking, Chen Yunlan noticed the empty table and the untouched kitchen stove, understanding that Chen Li hadn’t eaten yet.

Shaking his head, Chen Li replied, “Not yet. I was about to order takeout, and then you showed up, Dad.”

“No need to order,” Chen Yunlan rolled up his sleeves. “You and Qiuqiu wait here. I’ll cook in the kitchen for you.”

With ready-made food available, Chen Li naturally didn’t want to order takeout anymore. He smiled and agreed, then squatted down to play with Qiuqiu.

After a while, feeling somewhat worried, Chen Li called Sylvester again, informing him that Wei Chen had already gone to F Country and asking Sylvester to assist Wei Chen when needed.

Sylvester readily agreed.

A dozen minutes later, Chen Yunlan came out with a bowl of noodles. Sensing Chen Li’s concern, he reassured, “You don’t need to worry too much. Sister Fang has good fortune; she’ll be fine.”

Chen Li nodded and took the chopsticks, voraciously devouring the noodles.

He not only wished for Fang Yun’s safety but also hoped that Wei Chen would be okay.

“When I arrived, I called Xie Chunsheng. He said he knows some influential people in F Country who can help find Sister Fang,” Chen Yunlan added, seeing Chen Li eating heartily but still somewhat distracted.

With that, Chen Li’s mind settled slightly.

Xie Chunsheng’s status in the United States was somewhat known to Chen Li. So, the forces Xie Chunsheng contacted should have been capable of handling certain official matters next year, which might be difficult openly. With Sylvester’s assistance, a combination of overt and covert actions…

‘Achen should easily be able to rescue Mom, right?’ Chen Li thought to himself.


***TRIGGER WARNING: SA attempt & mention of s**cide***


In a nondescript town in F Ccountry, there was a house that had been empty until yesterday when a Chinese couple moved in.

Life in the town was leisurely, and nobody paid much attention to this couple, so no one noticed anything peculiar about them.

The wife had been in town for two days but hadn’t stepped out once, and the husband rarely ventured outside. It seemed like no one cooked at home; every mealtime, the husband would leave and return with food.

To the locals, this couple appeared to be Wei Zhenxiong and Fang Yun.

However, in reality, this pair were once married, but they had divorced two years ago. The reason the wife didn’t go out was that she was being kept inside by Wei Zhenxiong.

Fang Yun never imagined that Wei Zhenxiong would have the audacity to follow her to F Country and even kidnap her.

When she disembarked at the F Country’s airport, Fang Yun hadn’t noticed Wei Zhenxiong’s presence. It wasn’t until she reached the airport’s square, preparing to hail a taxi, that Wei Zhenxiong suddenly appeared before her.

Fang Yun had thought of yelling to attract attention, but to her surprise, Wei Zhenxiong came prepared. He even brought along their past marriage certificate and told the people who came to help that they were just having a marital dispute.

The marriage certificate was genuine, and those who came to help believed it. They refrained from interfering, and Fang Yun was openly taken to this small town.

At this moment, Fang Yun was confined to the attic of the house. Wei Zhenxiong returned with takeout, throwing the bags in front of Fang Yun, saying, “Eat up!”

Fang Yun wouldn’t let herself feel aggrieved. She opened the bags and voraciously began eating; if she wanted to get out alive, she needed to maintain her strength.

Despite her current situation, Fang Yun didn’t appear disheveled. Even if Wei Zhenxiong was keeping her captive, she was determined to keep herself composed and clear-headed.

Wei Zhenxiong had always harbored fantasies about the changed Fang Yun. Now, with Fang Yun locked up here, no response to his calls, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for him to do as he pleased.

Just as Fang Yun had barely started eating, Wei Zhenxiong suddenly grabbed her, threw her onto the bed, and pinned himself onto her, ass**lting her relentlessly.

Fang Yun fiercely resisted and slapped Wei Zhenxiong across the face.

Enraged, Wei Zhenxiong grabbed her hair and slammed her against the wall. This was a move he was well accustomed to from his past abusive behavior towards Fang Yun. He found it easy to execute.

“You wretched woman, I’ve seen every inch of your body. How dare you pretend to be righteous in front of me now?” Wei Zhenxiong berated, continuing his physical ass*ult on Fang Yun.

Despite her struggle, Fang Yun somehow managed to push Wei Zhenxiong away and, in the chaos, grabbed a fruit knife from the table.

Knowing she couldn’t overpower Wei Zhenxiong, she placed the fruit knife against her own neck, her eyes burning with rage as she stared at him.

“Wei Zhenxiong, remember this: my father’s will states that if I die during the thirty years of our marriage, our son Achen inherits all the Wei family’s shares under his name. I also have the right to transfer these shares. If you dare touch me now, I may not resist you, but you can’t guarantee when I’ll end my own life.”

Wei Zhenxiong was about to lunge at Fang Yun but stopped upon hearing her words, realizing she had a countermeasure.

“If you’re smart, sign over the shares now. Don’t force me to take action later, and don’t blame me for not cherishing our past!” Wei Zhenxiong, helpless, could only leave behind these harsh words before turning and walking away.

As the attic door closed, Fang Yun seemed drained of all strength, collapsing on the ground, the fruit knife slipping from her hand.

Her face reflected deep sorrow; she didn’t know whom to blame.

Back then, it was her insistence to marry Wei Zhenxiong, and no amount of persuasion from her father could change her mind.

Later on, in order to secure her position within the Wei family, her father used his 13% stake in the Wei family’s shares as leverage. As long as Wei Zhenxiong remained faithful to Fang Yun and dedicated to their marriage for thirty years without any extramarital affairs, he would inherit this 13% stake.

Fang Yun’s father, in his good intentions, attempted to restrain Wei Zhenxiong with this 13% stake. By the time thirty years had passed, their son would have grown up, providing protection for Fang Yun, regardless of whether Wei Zhenxiong remained faithful.

Undoubtedly, this was a plan devised by Fang Yun’s father for her well-being. However, unexpectedly, this 13% stake plunged Fang Yun’s life into a downward spiral.

While Fang Yun’s father was alive, Wei Zhenxiong appeared obedient and even covered up his affairs outside the marriage. But as the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Unfortunately, Wei Zhenxiong was caught in the act of infidelity by Zhang Ze, who threatened to inform Fang Yun’s father about the affair.

If Fang Yun’s father learned of Wei Zhenxiong’s infidelity, the significance of the 13% stake for Wei Zhenxiong would diminish.

Therefore, Wei Zhenxiong was determined to keep this a secret from Fang Yun’s father. However, Zhang Ze, persistent as he was, bizarrely demanded that Fang Yun spend a night with him.

Even more absurdly, Wei Zhenxiong agreed!

He schemed to have Fang Yun leave the Wei household, allowing Zhang Ze to r*pe her!

Subsequently, in an attempt to make Fang Yun feel guilty, he staged a scene of catching them in bed, accusing Fang Yun of infidelity.

At that time, Fang Yun was emotionally weak. Believing she had been r*ped by Zhang Ze and feeling dirty, she obeyed Wei Zhenxiong in an effort to salvage their relationship.

However, Fang Yun had kept a sharp mind and had never signed the shares transfer document. This indicated that Fang Yun wasn’t foolish. Despite the bed-catching incident, even after Fang Yun discovered Wei Zhenxiong’s infidelity, the guilt and the so-called love she felt didn’t prompt her to confront it. She essentially tacitly accepted Wei Zhenxiong’s unfaithfulness.

In the previous life of Wei Chen, Fang Yun learned the truth. She realized that the dirtiness she had always felt was brought about by her beloved Wei Zhenxiong. Her emotions of enduring ab*se for over twenty years collapsed in an instant. A fruit knife sl*shed across her wr*st, ending her misguided life.

This incident coincided with Wei Chen’s accident, rendering him in a vegetative state. To avoid further agitation to the already precarious Wei Chen, Wei Yan and Wei Hua concealed Fang Yun’s s**cide.

This explained why Fang Yun didn’t appear when Wei Chen became a vegetable in the past life; she had left this dirty world ahead of him.

Fortunately, in Wei Chen’s rebirth, everything was still possible. At the time when Fang Yun wanted to end her life due to knowing the truth, Wei Chen’s rebirth acted as a butterfly effect, revealing the truth two years earlier to Fang Yun. At that time, their relationship hadn’t soured as it did in the previous life, and she attempted to salvage things with Wei Chen.

Thus, everything was still salvageable. Wei Chen saved Fang Yun from her s**cide, and since then, she truly started living for herself, never feeling so clear-minded before.

Looking back over the past two years, she would utterly despise her former self, wondering why she had been so foolish, causing her own suffering throughout her life.

Just as Fang Yun felt she was finally breaking free from her past, Wei Zhenxiong reappeared. This time, it was for that 13% stake.

Fang Yun gazed blankly at the ceiling, but suddenly, her eyes grew determined. She couldn’t die; she had just begun to live for herself, to be unrestrained. She still had plenty of time; she couldn’t simply die like this.

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