Chapter 356 – Fang Yun Goes Missing

Wei Chen’s face slightly darkened, his gaze turning icy, yet he still said, “Of course, welcome as long as you genuinely wish Qiuqiu well, Father.”

Today was a good day, Qiuqiu’s first birthday after being born.

No one wanted this day to turn less beautiful because of Wei Zhenxiong’s arrival. Although Wei Chen and the others knew Wei Zhenxiong would show up today, his intentions were far from pure.

Wei Zhenxiong continued to smile, “Certainly, he’s my only grandson.” There was a fleeting sneer in his eyes.

Who knew if Wei Chen was really his offspring.

After saying that, Wei Zhenxiong strode towards Fang Yun.

Fang Yun once again dazzled Wei Zhenxiong. This manner, so charming and diverse, was something he had never seen when they were together before.

He had seen her once during the Spring Festival, and Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t quite forget her. Now seeing her again, he felt an even stronger itch in his heart.

He hadn’t expected his once obedient wife, after leaving him, to live so freely.

This fact greatly pleased Wei Zhenxiong.

In his memory, Fang Yun was still the woman from two years ago who couldn’t live without him and was desperate to be with him.

The current Fang Yun seemed dazzling, and Wei Zhenxiong found himself irresistibly attracted.

But even so, Wei Zhenxiong wouldn’t agree to remarry Fang Yun now. What he needed was the obedient and docile Fang Yun, not the current one who lived so boldly.

Yet, despite this, Wei Zhenxiong didn’t reject the idea of having a romantic affair with Fang Yun.

Of course, if Fang Yun wanted to remarry, Wei Zhenxiong could string her along until he grew tired, then discard her whenever he pleased.

After this period, Wei Zhenxiong wouldn’t lack any woman he desired. Why bother with Fang Yun?

Fang Yun felt nauseated by the blunt look in Wei Zhenxiong’s eyes. Furrowing her brows lightly, she held Qiuqiu and turned in a different direction, opting for an “out of sight, out of mind” approach.

Chen Li timely stood in front of Wei Zhenxiong. He remembered vividly Wei Zhenxiong’s attempt to force Fang Yun during the Spring Festival.

In a few minutes, all the expected guests had arrived, even those who shouldn’t have come. Qiuqiu’s birthday party officially commenced.

The banquet hall buzzed with toasts and conversation, creating a lively atmosphere.

Qiuqiu was now the center of attention, receiving endless blessings whenever Wei Chen carried him around. Amidst these good wishes, it was believed that Qiuqiu would thrive and grow.

Wei Zhenxiong seemed genuinely present at the party. He sat in his designated seat without conversing with anyone until the end of the event.

But was Wei Zhenxiong truly being honest?

No one knew the purpose of Wei Zhenxiong’s visit this time. When the banquet ended, Wei Chen had someone keep an eye on Wei Zhenxiong to prevent any untoward actions.

As night fell, the party concluded. Qiuqiu, having been too excited during the day and foregoing his nap, fell asleep in Wei Chen’s arms before nine o’clock.

Fang Yun had rushed back today; she had just arrived in the capital. However, her ticket back to the home country was scheduled for early tomorrow. With Wei Wei alone in F country, Fang Yun was worried.

Due to the early flight, Fang Yun didn’t accompany Wei Chen home but chose to stay in a hotel near the airport.

Usually, Wei Chen would be reassured since Fang Yun wasn’t a child. However, with Wei Zhenxiong’s unexpected arrival, Wei Chen felt uneasy. He decided to accompany Fang Yun home and would escort her to the airport early the next morning.

Fang Yun thought Wei Chen was overly concerned, but she didn’t want to worry him, so she agreed to go home with him.

The group split at the hotel entrance, each going their separate ways.

Chen Yunlan didn’t return home with Wei Chen and Chen Li but drove alone to his own small villa.

As Qiuqiu grew up gradually, Chen Yunlan spent less time at Wei Chen’s house, spending about half the week at her own small villa.

Regarding Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng, neither Chen Li nor Wei Chen asked too much. They were unaware of the extent of their relationship’s progress.

However, the couple could sense subtle changes in Chen Yunlan. If there was some lingering melancholy in her expression before, now it seemed to have dissipated. It appeared that the shadows of the past were gradually fading from Chen Yunlan’s heart.

Of course, this was a positive development, one that made Chen Li quite happy.

“Dad seems really happy lately.” When getting into the car, Chen Li took Qiuqiu from Wei Chen’s hands. Qiuqiu was sound asleep, not even stirred by the change in who held him, peacefully slumbering.

Wei Chen settled into the driver’s seat, starting the car and nodding. “Yes, Uncle Xie suits him well.”

“Yeah.” Chen Li pinched Qiuqiu’s slightly pouted mouth, expressing some joy. He had managed to emerge from his shadows, and he hoped Chen Yunlan would too.

Now that there was someone who could help Chen Yunlan break free from the past, it was the best outcome for her.

Chen Li believed that his other dad, in the heavens, also wished for Chen Yunlan’s happiness in his lifetime.

Wei Chen knew what Chen Li was thinking but didn’t comment on it. Firstly, the idea of Xie Chunsheng seemed too improbable in the context of Qu Ran’s involvement. Secondly, this matter between Xie Chunsheng and Chen Yunlan should be left for them to clarify.

Noticing Fang Yun’s exhaustion after her flight back today and her day of help, both Wei Chen and Chen Li remained silent during the journey. Wei Chen turned off the music in the car, and after about half an hour, they arrived home.

Fang Yun was extremely tired. After bidding goodnight to her two children upon returning home, she went straight to bed.

Chen Li placed the sleeping Qiuqiu on the bed. Qiuqiu, drowsy and half-awake, saw Chen Li and instinctively lifted the corners of his lips, murmuring, “Da da,” before turning over and falling asleep again.

Chen Li’s heart melted at Qiuqiu’s mention of “Daddy.” Unconsciously, this little bundle of joy that had spent over nine months in his belly had turned one year old.

He’s so healthy, cheerful, and most importantly, he laughs a lot. Laughing, a simple action, was the utmost luxury for the old Chen Li. Even now, this gesture remained a luxury for Wei Chen. Countless times, Chen Li fantasized about how Wei Chen might look when he laughs. It must be beautiful, right?

Lost in thought, Chen Li didn’t notice when Wei Chen entered. Wei Chen embraced Chen Li from behind, resting his head on Chen Li’s shoulder, asking, “What are you thinking about?”

Coming back to reality, Chen Li sunk into Wei Chen’s embrace, saying, “I was just thinking about how quickly time flies. Qiuqiu has already turned one.”

“Yeah,” Wei Chen sighed lightly. Qiuqiu was one year old today, marking his fifth year since his regression. Calculating, by this time in his past life, he had already died. Unconsciously, he had passed the day when he and Chen Li had died.

In this life, both he and Chen Li had lived longer than in their past.

Wei Chen believed he would prolong their time in this world until the day when Qiuqiu grew up and had a family of his own, and when he and Chen Li couldn’t walk the road of life anymore. Only then would he be willing to face death together with Chen Li calmly.

Wei Chen’s emotions fluctuated suddenly, and Chen Li sensed it. He held Wei Chen’s hand, concerned, and asked, “Achen, is something wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Wei Chen’s eyes lit up with a smile again. “I just feel really happy right now.”

Chen Li smiled, his eyes and brows curved. “Achen, I’m happy too. And we’ll keep getting happier.”

As the night deepened, the sky was unusually clear and bright, stars twinkling in clusters, everything presenting its most beautiful appearance.

The night passed without words, and soon it was dawn.

As the sky started to brighten slightly, Wei Chen woke up. Chen Li, hearing the movement, struggled to open his eyes and murmured, “Achen…”

Wei Chen tucked the corner of the blanket over Chen Li and lightly kissed his forehead. “You keep sleeping. I’ll take Mom to the airport.”

Chen Li mumbled in a daze, rolled over, and continued sleeping.

When Wei Chen finished his morning routine and came downstairs, Fang Yun was already prepared. Seeing Wei Chen, she said, “Achen, I’ll go to the airport by myself. You should go back upstairs and rest for a while.”

“I’ll take you,” Wei Chen insisted, taking Fang Yun’s suitcase without giving her a chance to refuse.

Fang Yun, resigned but secretly pleased, found it unexpected to repair her relationship with her son to this extent.

After escorting Fang Yun to the airport, Wei Chen didn’t leave immediately. He watched until Fang Yun passed through customs and the plane took off before turning to leave.

After Qiuqiu’s birthday party, everything returned to normal. Investigations into the Chen family were ongoing. Both Chen Shijing and Chen Shixian, as well as the younger generation—Chen Yunqi and Chen Yunsheng—were suspended pending investigation.

The Chen family seemed to have fallen into a silence, but many knew it wouldn’t remain quiet for long. Their years of establishment wouldn’t be uprooted in this single incident.

Everything appeared calm on the surface, but three days after Fang Yun’s departure for F country, a sudden change occurred.

As Wei Chen returned home from work that day, he received a call from F country. It was Wei Wei on the line, his voice filled with confusion and fear.

“Brother, hasn’t Mom arrived in F country yet? She said she’d be back soon and even showed me her flight information. She should have arrived last night, but I haven’t seen her yet.”

Wei Chen’s heart tightened, but he calmly told Wei Wei, “Mom has had a delay with some matters there. For now, go stay at Uncle Chen’s estate. I’ll arrange for Mom to come to F country and pick you up.”

Wei Wei was in F country by himself now. They couldn’t let him know about Fang Yun’s disappearance; nobody knew how he would react.

After comforting Wei Wei, Wei Chen remained concerned. He called Chen Yunlan’s estate in F country, arranging for Karl to pick up Wei Wei.

Once Wei Wei was taken care of, Wei Chen rubbed his forehead, troubled. He had been cautious that day, yet was Wei Zhenxiong able to find an opportunity?

Chen Li approached, asking with concern, “Achen, what’s happened to Mom?”

Wei Chen’s tone was grave. “Mom’s missing. Wei Wei says she hasn’t returned home.”

“Did you try calling her?” Chen Li, worried that Wei Chen might be overthinking, reminded, “Could she have been delayed on the way?”

Wei Chen knew that wasn’t possible. If they could reach her, Wei Wei would have already contacted her and wouldn’t have called him.

Nevertheless, Wei Chen dialed her number, holding onto a glimmer of hope. As expected, Fang Yun’s phone was switched off.

Feeling frustrated, Wei Chen took a few deep breaths to calm himself down before reaching out to various contacts, hoping to locate Fang Yun.

He first checked Fang Yun’s departure records, confirming her exit. Wei Chen had witnessed the plane take off; Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t have intervened at the immigration.

Chen Li, disregarding the time difference, immediately called Sylvester. Sylvester’s family still had some influence in Europe.

After Sylvester received Chen Li’s call and listened to the details, he promptly dispatched someone to check Fang Yun’s immigration records in F country.

Half an hour later, Sylvester relayed the news: Fang Yun had indeed entered F country.

With this confirmed information, things became much clearer. Despite this, Wei Chen’s mind remained unsettled. He turned to Chen Li and said, “Li Li, I need to go to F country.”

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