Chapter 355 – Qiuqiu’s First Birthday

The National Art Museum of China exhibited Chen Li’s “Light” and “Us” side by side, two artworks from different periods of Chen Li tightly hung together.

As these two paintings were displayed together, the daily influx of visitors to the museum surged once again, eventually prompting the museum to implement crowd control measures.

Those who had supported Chen Li in a recent media storm couldn’t help but feel moved when they saw “Us.” In it, they not only witnessed Chen Li’s theme of sharing hope but also felt his gratitude towards them.

Among the hands raised in support, perhaps one pair belonged to them.

This was Chen Li, the Chen Li who bestowed hope and warmth upon them.

Of course, many others were moved once again by “Us.”

One critic commented, “Not long ago, there was a whirlwind of public opinion about Master Chen Li’s private life on the internet, with all kinds of malicious attacks directed at him. Even an ordinary person would be overwhelmed by such baseless online violence, let alone Master Chen Li, who has autism.

I thought Master Chen Li would compromise in this intense online violence and never believe in any brightness in the world again. But who would have known? Master Chen Li turned out to be so strong, tearing through the darkness to create a ray of light, intending to warm others with this light.

Before the release of ‘Us,’ I used to address Master Chen Li as Mr. Chen Li. However, after the release of ‘Us,’ I sensed the indomitable and selfless spirit of Master Chen Li. He deserves the title of ‘master.'”

This critic’s comment was reposted countless times, resonating deeply with most people.

Everyone thought Chen Li would be defeated by online violence, everyone thought Chen Li would sink deeper into seclusion, yet it was discovered that Chen Li did not succumb to such circumstances. Not only did he resiliently emerge, but he also presented a warm and hopeful work to the world.

An artist with such exquisite skills who can provide hope and warmth undoubtedly deserves the title of ‘master.’

Even those in the calligraphy and painting community had no objections.

But these are stories for later.

Let’s rewind time to the day when Chen Li publicly released ‘Us,’ the day Qiuqiu turned one year old.

On Qiuqiu’s first birthday, Xie Chunsheng prepared a birthday celebration at his hotel. Xie Chunsheng went all out; he closed the hotel for the day just to celebrate Qiuqiu alone.

Chen Li and Wei Chen were somewhat surprised and found it hard to accept when they found out. Even though Xie Chunsheng and Chen Yunlan were together, Qiuqiu wasn’t Xie Chunsheng’s grandson after all. Despite Xie Chunsheng’s kindness toward Qiuqiu, Chen Li still felt a bit burdened psychologically.

However, Chen Yunlan didn’t mind and even helped convince Chen Li and Wei Chen. Chen Yunlan knew it was Xie Chunsheng’s way of making up for past regrets; they couldn’t give Chen Li the best during his childhood, so now they wanted to provide the best for Chen Li’s son.

Moreover, being Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng’s grandson, Qiuqiu should have the best of everything. Chen Li couldn’t resist Chen Yunlan’s persuasion and had to agree.

Therefore, on Qiuqiu’s birthday, when friends and family gathered to attend his first birthday party, they were astonished to see Chen Li extravagantly book a five-star hotel.

After explaining a couple of times, Chen Li eventually stopped explaining. They were just being extravagant, so what!

By noon, most of the guests had arrived. Thanks to Xie Chunsheng’s extravagance, Qiuqiu’s first birthday celebration was no longer low-key but rather an ostentatious affair. They invited many people, some of whom Chen Li and Wei Chen couldn’t even recall by name, but these were all social connections.

People from Changfeng Group, the Calligraphy and Painting Association, the Sheng family, colleagues from Q University, friends from Wei Chen’s business circle, and so on, filled about thirty to forty tables. It was a gathering of esteemed guests.

As noon approached, Wei Hua and Cookie’s family arrived. Cookie had already recovered from childbirth, and Little Egg Roll was already three months old, a tiny figure cradled in Cookie’s arms, her big curious eyes gazing around, looking adorable.

Little Egg Roll resembles Cookie more, with big eyes, long eyelashes, and a mouth like Wei Hua’s. She’s an adorable, smiling little girl.

Little Biscuit really adores his little sister. He always wants to take a peek at her before bedtime before he’s willing to sleep.

At this moment, Wei Hua walked up to Wei Chen and couldn’t resist teasing, “Impressive, booking the entire hotel.”

“This is Uncle Xie’s hotel,” Wei Chen explained calmly.

Wei Hua nudged Wei Chen’s shoulder playfully and got a bit gossipy, “Are Uncle Chen and Uncle Xie official now?”

Wei Chen didn’t answer directly, only saying, “That’s their matter. As younger generations, we shouldn’t pry too much.”

“True,” Wei Hua nodded.

However, Wei Hua was genuinely happy for Chen Yunlan. In the latter half of his life, he wouldn’t be alone. Xie Chunsheng seemed to adore Chen Yunlan. Despite having such a dominant identity, someone who could get evidence of Chen Yun’s dealings with the top American gangs, in front of Chen Yunlan, he couldn’t even bring himself to have a stern expression. There was no dominance or sternness in his demeanor, just warmth and gentleness.

While Wei Hua’s thoughts remained unknown to others, as soon as the auspicious moment arrived, Chen Li emerged holding Qiuqiu.

Qiuqiu was the star of today, a chubby and fair little baby dressed in a festive red Tang suit with a hat featuring a little braid at the back, resembling a baby from a magazineā€”pure, adorable, and lovely.

Qiuqiu seemed to know he was the center of attention today. He couldn’t sit still in Chen Li’s arms, constantly looking around, giggling, and enjoying every moment.

He was a jubilant and robust baby, utterly endearing.

Qiuqiu’s restlessness kept Chen Li busy. Compared to a few months ago, Qiuqiu’s weight had increased, making him seem more like a ball. Chen Li’s arms would ache after holding him for a while, especially with Qiuqiu’s fidgeting.

Luckily, Qiuqiu had started standing. Whenever Chen Li’s arms got tired, he’d place Qiuqiu on the ground. Although Qiuqiu had just started to walk, he loved it. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he’d eagerly move forward.

He spotted Wei Chen not far away and reached out toward him, “Da da… Da da…” His chubby legs were scrambling on the ground, and if it weren’t for Chen Li’s quick reflexes to help him up, he would have probably fallen flat.

Wei Chen heard his voice and hurried over, scooping up Qiuqiu. Qiuqiu planted a few kisses on Big Dad Wei’s face.

In that moment, more guests arrived. Wei Chen and Chen Li, seeing the newcomer, were somewhat surprised, then approached holding Qiuqiu.

Wei Chen said, “Mom, why are you back? You should’ve told me earlier; I would have sent someone to pick you up at the airport.”

The newcomer was Fang Yun, who rushed back from overseas. She wore a long red dress, heels, and styled her hair in big wavy curls, her face adorned with delicate makeup. Fang Yun seemed a few years younger and even more captivating.

A woman who had centered her life around her husband for years became a stunning sight once she found her own path.

Fang Yun reached out from Wei Chen’s hand and took Qiuqiu, bouncing him in her arms, “What a chubby little boy.” Then she said to Wei Chen, “It’s my precious grandson’s first birthday. I had to come back to wish him a happy birthday. Isn’t that right, big Qiuqiu?”

Though Qiuqiu didn’t recognize Fang Yun, he wasn’t shy. When she asked him something, he crisply replied, “Ya!” Probably not understanding what she said, but agreed anyway.

Fang Yun was overjoyed, “Oh my, my big Qiuqiu can talk, how impressive!” When she praised Qiuqiu, he understood, proudly puffing out his chubby chest and smiling broadly.

Chen Li, standing nearby, felt embarrassed for Qiuqiu and couldn’t help but pinch his cheek, “Look at you!”

Qiuqiu immediately looked at Fang Yun with a face full of grievances, softly saying, “Da da, hit!” He was tattling on Chen Li.

Chen Li stayed silent, unable to figure out where Qiuqiu had learned this behavior from.

But Qiuqiu’s actions made everyone burst into laughter.

Fang Yun hadn’t seen Qiuqiu for a long time and was now holding him without letting go.

When Wei Hua spotted Fang Yun, she came over to greet her, displaying an exaggeratedly amazed expression, saying, “Aunt Fang, are you still my Aunt Fang? How come you’re getting younger and more beautiful?”

Fang Yun smiled, “Ahua, your words are always so sweet.”

“I’m just telling the truth.” Then changing the subject, Wei Hua said, “Aunt Fang, let me introduce someone to you.”

She introduced Cookie to Fang Yun and briefly introduced Little Biscuit and Little Egg Roll.

Seeing their happy family, Fang Yun complimented them and expressed regret, “During your wedding, I had some matters in the overseas, sorry for not being able to attend.”

She had known about Wei Hua’s marriage before, but this was the first time she saw Wei Hua’s partner and children. What of having a male partner? A blissful family was better than anything else.

Over the years, Fang Yun had become more open-minded about many things.

The family gathered together, chatting and laughing, sharing interesting stories. But Wei Chen, the actual host of the event, had to navigate around the room attending to guests.

Just as he seated one guest, another arrived, catching Wei Chen’s attention. His usually stern expression hardened.

The newcomer wasn’t anyone else but Wei Zhenxiong.

Seeing Wei Chen, Wei Zhenxiong walked over with a smile. Sensing the lack of warmth in Wei Chen’s icy gaze, he quirked his lips and asked, “What’s wrong? My grandson’s first birthday, as his grandfather, can’t I come to join the celebration?”

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