Chapter 354 – Thunderous Momentum

The online public opinion swirled like a sudden tornado, instantly reversing itself. Chen Li transformed from a ruthless villain into a genius who suffered ab*se since childhood. Wei Chen shifted from a profiteer who used his power to oppress others, to a passionate person willing to do anything for love.

Just an hour before, netizens had vehemently condemned these two individuals. Yet, an hour later, they were filled with remorse, wishing for Chen Li and Wei Chen to appear before them, to receive their sincerest apologies.

In truth, thinking deeply, what fault did these netizens have? They were merely guided by public opinion, manipulated by others.

As these video segments emerged, the truth unravelled, revealing the real victim as the perpetrator. This event was nothing short of being crowned the year’s most dramatic reversal.

But this saga wasn’t over yet. As these netizens snapped out of their realization of the truth, those who needed to apologize had already done so, leaving them enraged!

Who had spread these lies so thoroughly, manipulating them to target an innocent and pitiful individual?

The power of netizens was formidable. Before long, all the internet trolls were exposed, laid bare for everyone to see. Even the self-media that filmed the interview faced a downfall on Weibo. They bore a significant responsibility for escalating this matter. If they hadn’t interviewed the Chen family, making netizens feel it was concrete evidence, perhaps it would have been treated as mere gossip, and the misunderstanding of a good person wouldn’t have occurred.

Sensing the shift in public sentiment, the self-media immediately disabled comments on Weibo and ceased posting. They intended to abscond with the money earned over the past two months, attempting to escape consequences. However, fate caught up with them, and they were apprehended.

Not long after, Lu Xiuran was doxxed, and everyone realized he was the mastermind behind the Dream Cup’s slander and sabotage against Chen Li. Almost all the curses and insults were directed at Lu Xiuran.

“You slandered Chen Li once, and when he didn’t confront you, you came back to do it again. Just because Chen Li’s talent surpassed yours, was it necessary to be so petty?”

Lu Xiuran, currently in detention, was forced to read the online comments about him. When these comments were directed at others, he could laugh them off, even finding some enjoyment. Yet, when these remarks targeted him, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, wishing to tear apart those who insulted him.

However, after reading these comments repeatedly, Lu Xiuran began to sink into self-doubt. Was he truly as deserving of the scorn and death wishes as the online community suggested?

Lu Xiuran, the central figure in this public opinion storm, finally experienced the agony of being attacked by public opinion, subjected to cyberb*llying and online v*olence. But all this was just the beginning.

Wei Chen and Jiang Ye, their intentions couldn’t have been merely to incarcerate Lu Xiuran and reverse public opinion. Their objective was to deliver a fatal blow to the Chen family.

Thus, on the very next day after the public opinion reversal, an elaborate conspiracy theory surfaced online. It was meticulously written, highly persuasive, detailing the origins of this online storm and analyzing what kind of forces could initiate such a massive online upheaval.

Towards the end of the conspiracy theory, three questions were posed:

Firstly, when and why was Chen Qing, already sentenced to life imprisonment, released?

Secondly, who was the current largest shareholder of the Chen Corporation?

Thirdly, if Lu Xiuran was the sole manipulator behind this online storm, what capabilities did he possess to incite such chaos?

These three questions sparked deep contemplation, especially the first one. As the main poster brought it up, people remembered Chen Qing’s past: escaping after committing murder, framing others, and later attempting to kill Chen Li, which fortunately was only an attempted murder.

These two crimes had sentenced Chen Qing to life imprisonment without parole. So, how did Chen Qing get out? What big shot managed to release him? And what connection did this influential person have with this online storm?

Once these questions entered public focus, the background of the Chen family from Shanghai was soon thoroughly investigated. Surprisingly, the Chen family had connections to Beijing.

The revelation of the Chen family’s extensive background raised questions: Did the Chen family from Beijing have involvement in this matter? Was Chen Qing rescued by them?

With such inquiries surfacing, the clamor for answers surged. Despite the swift pace of the law enforcement agencies, an immediate investigation was launched to address these pressing questions.

Hey! It turned out that it was the Beijing’s Chen family who intervened and rescued Chen Qing.

This time, the Beijing’s Chen family was suddenly thrust into the center of attention.

Chen Qing was a murderer! He was sentenced to life imprisonment! Why did your Chen family rescue a murderer?

Just when netizens questioned the Chen family, the answer to the second question came out.

Who actually holds the majority of shares in the Chen family’s company in Shanghai?

Upon investigation, it turned out that the largest shareholder was surprisingly Chen Li.

So, Wei Chen didn’t actually covet the Chen family’s assets. Even if he acquired the Chen Corp, he would still keep all the shares under Chen Li’s name.

That’s true love!

At that moment, law enforcement authorities released an audio recording. It featured Chen Yunsheng talking to a major figure in an American gang, clearly involved in dr*g dealings!

As it turns out, over the years, the Chen family has been la*ndering money through the Chen company, seemingly engaged in legitimate real estate development business, but secretly involved in dr*g trade!

However, the employees in the Chen Corp were innocent.

Once this matter was exposed, netizens began to speculate. Why did Wei Chen want to acquire the Chen Corp? It seems it was to ensure the security of over a thousand employees from potential unemployment. No wonder people from all walks of life praise Wei Chen for his sense of responsibility.

At this point, someone else analyzed, questioning if there’s any force above Chen Yunsheng in Beijing? In that audio recording, Chen Yunsheng mentioned satisfying someone above.

Who exactly is this ‘above’ Chen Yunsheng referred to? Who are they?

Naturally, people started associating it with the powerful Chen family in Beijing.

Only a powerful family like the Chen family could cover up such a dr*g business!

Also, it’s easy to explain why the Beijing’s Chen family sparked such an online storm against Chen Li and Wei Chen.

It’s because Wei Chen toppled the Shanghai’s Chen family, cutting off the financial routes of the Beijing’s Chen family! That’s why they resorted to extreme measures to frame Chen Li and Wei Chen!

Once everything made sense, public opinion shifted away from Lu Xiuran, collectively targeting the Beijing’s Chen family.

Though the Chen family held a high position, they didn’t work for the people’s welfare but instead harmed them. Such deeds are intolerable for any citizen of China.

Coupled with the public’s anger at being manipulated by the Chen family, this wave of public opinion surged unprecedentedly.

The Chen family thought they could slip away unscathed, but this massive wave struck them hard, catching them off guard. They scrambled to muster all their strength to counter this public opinion.

They wanted to control it, but with the Sheng family, Qu family, and Xie Chunsheng standing firm, they couldn’t erase any opinions.

Even if they deleted them, the next moment, Cookie, who was bored during his confinement period, would instantly restore the deleted comment or even repost the deleted record.

It’s like a spring, the more they try to suppress, the stronger the rebound. If they continue trying to suppress, the backlash will be fiercer.

Of course, it’s not just about using public opinion to suppress the Chen family; there are other actions being taken.

Surprisingly, evidence of Chen Yunsheng trafficking dr*gs has emerged. Law enforcement agencies followed this evidence and managed to catch some of the Chen family members involved in dr*g trafficking.

Amidst all this chaos and turns, the Chen family finally fell into the pit.

And time, amidst this chaos, leaped forward, and in the blink of an eye, Qiuqiu celebrated his first birthday.

At this point, not only can Qiuqiu crawl but also wobble and take a few steps while giggling every day, a lovable little treasure.

Time brings many things, including layers of chubby flesh for Qiuqiu.

Qiuqiu’s nickname really suits him. Right now, Qiuqiu is sitting there looking like a cuddly little ball of flesh, chubby and adorable.

Also, on Qiuqiu’s birthday, Chen Li publicly unveiled a piece of artwork.

This piece is the longest creation time-wise since Chen Li began painting. It signifies Chen Li’s first piece of art after countless moments of warmth, marking a recovery from illness.

Different from Chen Li’s renowned piece “Light,” this artwork is entirely composed of warm tones, exuding immense warmth.

Named “Us” by Chen Li, this piece is dedicated to everyone who has supported him and brought warmth into his life.

The content of “Us” is simple; Chen Li didn’t employ abstract techniques but used a very concrete approach.

It depicts a small, frail figure yearning for light, reaching out to touch it but being too weak to reach. Beneath this figure emerge numerous hands gently lifting the small person, finally enabling them to touch the desired light.

The light is intense, warm, dispersing all darkness and bringing hope to countless people.

Yet, it’s not just the light for the small figure, but the combined light of countless hands and the small person.

That’s why Chen Li titled this artwork “Us.”

He hopes the warmth he has received can warm many more people, allowing this kind of light to shine in more places.

Similarly, Chen Li didn’t sell this painting but instead donated it to the National Art Museum of China, placing it beside “Light.”

If “Light” represents one person’s yearning, then Chen Li’s “Us” conveys one person’s yearning and hope to resonate with many more.

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