Chapter 353 – Several Videos

Yes, Wei Chen and Jiang Ye began to fight back.

After lying low for over two months, they finally got this excellent opportunity.

Since the Chen family attempted to use public opinion to harm others, they wanted the Chen family to taste the backlash of public opinion.

And the first step was the release of the truth video by Chen Li’s supporters.

The first video, which was quite lengthy, was shot by a journalist from an art magazine.

The filming time of this video happened to coincide with Chen Li’s participation in the Dream Cup, where he won the gold prize but was accused of plagiarism.

The content of the video showed the press conference held by the Dream Cup committee at that time, helping to clarify that Chen Li did not plagiarize.

The journalist who released the video said, “When ‘Light’ was published, it caused a sensation in the art world. However, some people manipulated things, framing the then Dream Cup gold medalist for plagiarism. Of course, I’m not releasing this video today to make those who turn a blind eye believe that Chen Li didn’t plagiarize, but to draw your attention to the story the president of the Painting and Calligraphy Association, Zhao Li, discussed at that time.”

At that time, Zhao Li briefly summarized Chen Li’s background, letting everyone know that Chen Li was a person with autism.

Of course, even though the video was released, there were still people shouting that they didn’t believe it, claiming that autism and a tragic background were just a gimmick Chen Li was using to sell himself.

The blogger who posted this video didn’t explain but allowed their Weibo to be besieged by netizens until the next video came up.

The location of this video was a restaurant below the Changfeng Group, taken by a diner at the time.

At that moment, he just thought Chen Li and Wei Chen looked good together and wanted to capture them, but accidentally recorded what was happening in the restaurant.

Chen Li’s supporters found everyone who was dining at the restaurant at that time, eventually managing to find this diner and buy the video from them.

The video vividly recorded the entire incident, even capturing the audio.

The blogger who posted this video said, “The real video is here. As for the video that started circulating earlier, anyone with eyes can compare and see who cherry-picked and distorted the facts.

The sequence of events is right here. Who was arrogant and who was using power to oppress others is clear as day. However, that’s not the point I want to emphasize. Through this video, we can see that when those dozen or so students approached Chen Li, he visibly flinched. If it were an ordinary person, seeing a group of students coming towards them, they probably wouldn’t react with fear, right?”

This video coincidentally confirmed Chen Li’s claim in the previous video that he had autism.

Of course, with a genuine video right in front of them, netizens could only believe.

But what did this all really indicate?

It can only show that Chen Li and Wei Chen didn’t exert influence at the restaurant, but can it prove that they didn’t plot to seize the Chen family’s assets?

When these two videos emerged, the netizens’ stance remained, “I don’t believe, I don’t believe.” However, there’s a saying now, “Seek the hammer and the hammer will come.”

So, the third video surfaced.

The source of this video was a doctor who voluntarily released it. The incident occurred at the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of the Ci’en Hospital in Beijing.

The doctor thought it might be a case of a patient causing trouble, so they took out their phone, hoping to have evidence for future reference. However, they unexpectedly recorded a horrifying truth.

The video captured a dispute between two brothers, Chen Yunsheng and Chen Yunlan. In a fit of anger, Chen Yunlan angrily threw a stool at Chen Yunsheng. As the brothers argued, everyone learned the appalling truth: Chen Yunsheng had been raising Chen Li as a source for his daughter’s heart. Finally, what Chen Yu said shocked everyone completely.

“I didn’t intend to release this video originally. For Mr. Chen Li, it’s not a good memory. But now, with almost the entire internet tarnishing Mr. Chen Li, I believe it’s necessary to release this video. The Chen family, who spoke so well of Chen Li during the interviews, this is their true face.”

The video was genuine because the Chen Yunsheng appearing in it was indeed the same person seen in their previous interviews.

So, Chen Li’s biological father didn’t abandon him; he was deceived into believing his son had died.

The so-called kindness of the Chen family towards Chen Li was merely raising him as a heart source for their own daughter’s transplant.

And they said Chen Yu was provoked to death by Chen Li and Wei Chen? Judging by the malicious words she uttered in the video’s conclusion, this woman deserved to die!

This video can truly be considered a damning evidence, shattering all the good words previously spoken by the Chen family about Chen Li.

The comment section fell silent. Everyone watched the video repeatedly, filled with anger. How could such family members exist in this world? To secure a slim chance for their daughter to survive, they were willing to sacrifice another life?

If this is indeed the case, then Chen Li and Wei Chen plotting to seize the Chen family’s assets has a reason behind it. It’s a game of ‘either you die or I die’.

If Chen Li and Wei Chen hadn’t been ruthless, stomping the Chen family into the ground, could they have held their ground when the Chen family retaliated?

The public’s opinion is wavering. At this moment, another video emerges.

The video was filmed at Q University, sourced from an anonymous student. It shows Chen Qing and Chen Li standing beneath a large tree on the campus.

However, it becomes apparent that something’s off with Chen Li. He appears vacant, trembling all over, evidently consumed by extreme fear.

“This is Chen Li, who had recently enrolled as a visiting student at Q University. In this video, you can see how frail and skinny he looks, almost like a skeleton. According to classmates who were in the same class as him, Chen Li was like a startled bird, trapping himself in his own world and avoiding contact with the outside.

In this video, the person standing opposite Chen Li is Chen Qing from the Chen family. It’s a tragic incident. I don’t know what Chen Li encountered in his childhood, but merely seeing Chen Qing caused him to display such fear. An ambulance was called, and if Wei Chen hadn’t arrived, the doctors were ready to sedate Chen Li to prevent him from suffocating due to fear.”

If there were any doubts before about Chen Li having autism, this video dispelled all of them.


They remember that interview with the Chen family where they claimed to have raised Chen Li as their own son, giving him the best of everything. But is the Chen Li in the video really living the best life in terms of food, clothing, and living conditions?

He looks so frail and terrified.

Goodness, what kind of environment could have led to this?

Then, several more videos emerge, all providing damning evidence.

With these videos, public opinion has begun to shift. People are no longer angry at Chen Li; instead, they’re starting to feel sorry for him.

As Xiang Yang said, such an excellent person, such a person with a pure heart, he can create amazing works, but why should he be treated like this? He experienced darkness in his childhood, and now he has to endure verbal abuse from those who do not understand the truth.

Chen Li didn’t have a Weibo account, so all the remorseful netizens gathered under posts from Xiang Yang and Sheng Tianle.

“Xiang Yang, I don’t know if you know Mr. Chen Li, but if you do, please apologize on my behalf to him.” This one became a top comment.

Shortly after posting, it garnered tens of thousands of likes, with all the replies in that thread being apologies.

The netizens themselves aren’t inherently bad; they’re just easily swayed. When they realize their mistake, they’re willing to apologize.

Xiang Yang and Sheng Tianle, being public figures, lived up to their status. After reposting these videos, they not only trended but also informed all Weibo users of the truth. Their fans spontaneously acted as carriers, spreading the truth to other platforms.

Their idols hadn’t let them down. Amidst the online negativity towards Chen Li and Wei Chen, only their idols stepped forward to speak out, and the facts proved them right.

As public figures, they should indeed use their influence to protect the interests of the vulnerable… And Xiang Yang and Sheng Tianle’s actions now truly deserve the title of idols.

Half an hour later, major official media outlets raced to repost Sheng Tianle and Xiang Yang’s Weibo posts, and more people learned about the truth.

Thus, within less than an hour of these videos being released, the online discourse about Chen Li completely reversed.

At this point, a video interview surfaced. The interviewee was a CEO from a prominent company in the city. When asked about Wei Chen supposedly taking over the Chen family’s assets, the CEO burst into laughter, as if hearing the world’s most hilarious joke.

“Wei Chen cares about the Chen family’s assets? He gave up inheriting even his own family’s business just to be with Chen Li, leaving for Beijing. If you’re claiming Chen’s shares are now under Wei Chen’s name, that’s definitely a rumor. I have no idea what the purpose was behind spreading such rumors.”

The reporter inquired further, “Could you share your thoughts on Mr. Wei?”

The CEO responded, “Although this is my exclusive interview, I am willing to take some time to talk about Wei Chen. However, I don’t have much contact with him. From what I remember, he is an upright and responsible person. As for the rest, I don’t know. Miss Reporter, can we focus on me now?”

The reporter apologized and then continued with the interview of this person.

Underneath this video where they talked about Wei Chen, many people brought up the evaluations of Wei Chen from various sectors of society during the Dream Cup when he was criticized.

They were unanimously positive.

From these positive reviews, it was evident that Wei Chen was an outstanding individual.

Combined with the recent debunking of rumors, netizens easily concluded that the negative aspects associated with Wei Chen online were baseless.

It was similar to the situation with Chen Li’s incident.

Amidst these serious debunkings, occasionally, there were some offbeat comments, for instance— “Kyaa! Am I the only one who noticed that Wei Chen and Chen Li make a good pair?” or “I also noticed, when I was deeply in darkness, you flew me out of it on a rainbow cloud. Just thinking about it is so romantic!”

Such remarks were few, mostly self-amusing, yet later on, the banner of the WeiLi CP was hoisted, becoming a famous real-life couple online.

Even though the involved individuals wouldn’t display affection online, they still quietly nurtured their feelings for each other.

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