Chapter 352 – Starting the Counterattack

The next morning greeted them with a pleasant breeze.

Little Biscuit slept late the previous night, but with his sister and father on his mind, he woke up early. He shared a bed with Chen Li, and accompanying them was a chubby little ball named Qiuqiu.

As Little Biscuit woke up, he found himself staring at the soundly sleeping Qiuqiu. Despite Qiuqiu’s peaceful slumber, bubbles of drool escaped from his mouth.

It didn’t take long for Qiuqiu to wake up, his still-drowsy eyes meeting Little Biscuit’s gaze. After a brief moment of confusion, Qiuqiu stretched out his chubby little hands toward Little Biscuit.


This was a word Qiuqiu had only just learned the day before. Proud of mastering the word, he extended his pudgy hands like lotus roots, mumbling “hug.”

Looking like a character straight out of a New Year painting, he reached out for hugs. Nobody could resist Qiuqiu’s adorable attack, and everyone bent down to embrace the little ball of cuteness.

Qiuqiu wasn’t shy at all; he smiled at everyone and blew bubbles, melting the hearts of all who held him.

At that moment, even Little Biscuit couldn’t resist Qiuqiu’s cute assault. He reached out, attempting to lift Qiuqiu with his small frame.

But Qiuqiu was just too heavy. Instead of lifting him, Little Biscuit ended up tumbling onto the bed. Qiuqiu found it amusing and giggled as he lay on top of Little Biscuit’s hand.

Little Biscuit lunged forward, and the two mischievous kids rolled into a bundle of laughter.

The commotion naturally woke Chen Li. Seeing the two rolling bundles of joy, he felt immensely delighted and joined in the playfulness.

The trio continued their playful antics on the bed until they were called downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast, they headed to the hospital.

Cookie had already woken up and didn’t appear too weak. Wei Hua prepared a bowl of porridge and carefully fed Cookie.

Upon seeing his father, Little Biscuit dashed over and leaned against the edge of the bed, looking at his father.

“Morning, Little Biscuit,” Cookie greeted, reaching out to pat Little Biscuit’s hair.

“Dad, Grandpa, good morning!” Little Biscuit greeted the two older men with a smiling face.

Wei Hua bent down, scooped Little Biscuit into his arms, and kissed his cheek. “Did you sleep well last night?”

Wei Hua also smiled, resembling Little Biscuit in many ways.

Little Biscuit frowned and said, “Grandpa, I’m already in the second grade of elementary school. I’m a big kid now. You can’t kiss me like this.”

Wei Hua didn’t heed his words; he lowered his head and planted another kiss. “In Dad’s eyes, you’ll always be a child.”

Chen Li, after exchanging greetings with Wei Hua and Cookie, left the space for this family. Holding Qiuqiu, he went out to find Wei Chen.

Wei Chen wasn’t far away. Qiuqiu, who hadn’t seen his big dad in the morning, spotted him and rushed towards Wei Chen. “Da da, hug… hug.”

Wei Chen reached out, scooping Qiuqiu into his arms. His face was immediately occupied by a soft and tender chubby face.

“Achen, let’s go see the little baby,” Chen Li suggested.

“Okay.” Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand and carried the chubby Qiuqiu, heading towards the nursery.

Sheng Jiaqi was already standing outside, looking at the baby through the glass with a face full of affection.

Jiang Ye stood beside him, listening to all of Sheng Jiaqi’s chatter.

“Jiang Ye, look, doesn’t her nose resemble mine? And perhaps the eyebrows too, and the eyes. If you look closely, the mouth as well,” Sheng Jiaqi said. Shortly after, he claimed the baby looked like Wei Hua, then switched to resembling Cookie. Regardless of whom he mentioned, he always concluded with, “Why is my granddaughter so adorable?”

Jiang Ye looked speechlessly at the baby in the nursery, whose features weren’t completely distinct yet. Who did she resemble? He couldn’t tell.

When Wei Chen and Chen Li approached, they overheard Sheng Jiaqi’s words and kindly smiled at each other.

Regardless of which of the two dads the baby resembled, she was surely an angel sent to bring happiness and joy to their lives.

“By the way, Uncle, have you decided on the baby’s name?” Jiang Ye changed the topic.

Sheng Jiaqi shook his head, “Not yet. We didn’t expect it to be a girl. The names we had prepared for a boy are of no use now.”

It’s a rare occurrence for two males to have a daughter, so they hadn’t prepared any girl names previously, only having a list of boy names.

Unexpectedly, this highly improbable event occurred, leaving them unprepared in terms of names and such.

“However, we’ve settled on a nickname,” Sheng Jiaqi continued. “Her nickname is Little Egg Roll.”

As soon as these words were spoken, whether it was Wei Chen, Chen Li, or Jiang Ye, their expressions all froze momentarily.

Just how much do you adore biscuits, really?

Wafer, Cookie, Little Biscuit… alright, now there’s another one, Little Egg Roll. The whole family is collecting biscuit-themed names.


In the blink of an eye, it had been a week since Cookie gave birth to Little Egg Roll, and she was slowly growing up. Taking the best from both dads’ features, she would surely grow up to be a beautiful girl.

The initial excitement of the new life’s arrival gradually subsided, and life returned to its usual calmness.

Well, not for Wei Chen and Chen Li just yet.

Online public opinion was escalating uncontrollably, reaching a point where nobody could contain it. Some individuals had even started filing complaints and reports.

Just when people expected compromises from Chen Li or Wei Chen due to the comments, Changfeng Group’s official Weibo posted a lawyer’s letter supporting Wei Chen, and the Beijing Calligraphy and Painting Association posted one supporting Chen Li.

These two legal letters accused certain online individuals of spreading rumors and defamation, with their names blurred, leaving people guessing about the targets.

Once these letters were out, the official media outlets, which had previously remained silent, immediately reposted these on their platforms.

The behavior of these official media outlets naturally earned disdain from netizens. Weren’t you all blind to what happened before? Why didn’t you report it then? Now, with a trivial lawyer’s letter, you’re all eager to fawn over and repost it?

Ha, Chen Li and Wei Chen truly wield such power! They’ve even made People’s Daily, Global Times, and Ziguang Pavilion and other official media outlets shamelessly endorse them.

The comments section was filled with a dense fog of criticism and negativity. However, these comments didn’t faze Wei Chen. When the legal letters were sent out, Wei Chen messaged Chen Li’s supporters, indicating it was time to release the evidence they had.

Yes, the timing was right and mature enough; Wei Chen and his team were ready to strike back. Despite the Chen family’s cunning attempt to withdraw early, they still got caught by their tails. This time, even if they couldn’t bring down the Chen family entirely, they could certainly deal a significant blow!

Amidst the overwhelming online criticism, a few inconspicuous Weibo accounts uploaded several videos. Seeing these videos about to be drowned in insults, Xiang Yang started reposting them one by one.

Who is Xiang Yang? He’s a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a force among the younger generation, with tens of millions of followers on Weibo. With his repost, it became widely known.

Xiang Yang couldn’t help but add some text to his repost. He wrote,

“I don’t understand how some people can harbor such malicious intentions to slander others. I don’t understand how some individuals’ humanity can degrade to this extent.

I’ve been following this matter for the past two months, often losing sleep out of anger. Why should someone so good, so pure-hearted, endure such defamation?

This is my first time speaking up about this issue, but it won’t be the last. To those manipulating everything behind the scenes, remember, the harm you inflict on others today will someday come back to you.”

Within a minute of posting this, Sheng Tianle, who had just won the Best Director award at an international film festival, immediately reposted it. He also retweeted Xiang Yang’s post and all the associated videos, succinctly adding, “Those who harm others will themselves be harmed.”

Ten minutes later, Xiang Yang’s and Sheng Tianle’s statements shot up the Weibo hot search rankings.

Over the past two months, there had been continuous uploads of some videos, but shortly after they were posted, Weibo deleted them. It was as if they vanished into the ocean without a trace. However, now these videos surged out like a tide. Before Weibo administrators could even react, Xiang Yang and Sheng Tianle had already reposted them. These videos appeared in the public eye, causing a significant stir.

Upon seeing one of these videos, Lu Xiuran’s face immediately turned pale. Without a second thought, he hurriedly pulled out his phone and dialed a Weibo shareholder. After a long while, the call connected, but before the other person could speak, Lu Xiuran started berating them, “What the hell are you doing? Quickly delete those videos! If the truth comes out, none of us will get away unscathed!”

The person on the other end replied resignedly, “Lu Xiuran, we can’t get away with it anymore.”

“What the hell do you mean?” Lu Xiuran’s face twisted into a grimace, a sense of impending doom bursting forth from his heart.

“The police just left our company… I… I’ve been suspended pending an investigation.”

Lu Xiuran felt like he had grabbed a hot potato; he immediately threw his phone with force, shattering it into several pieces.

The Chen family… yes, the Chen family! They were his only hope now!

Lu Xiuran’s heart sparked a glimmer of hope. He rushed to the phone, trembling as he tried to piece it back together. But the more nervous he became, the more mistakes he made. Until beads of sweat dripped down his face and formed droplets, he couldn’t assemble the phone properly.

After painstakingly assembling the phone, Lu Xiuran realized it was already broken and unusable.

In a rush, Lu Xiuran grabbed his card, intending to buy a new phone. As he opened the door, he was met by several police officers in uniform standing outside.

He attempted to close the door, but the police were quicker, blocking it with their bodies and gripping Lu Xiuran’s hands.

There was no escape now for Lu Xiuran; he could only sit weakly on the floor.

“Take him away!”

The police swiftly handcuffed Lu Xiuran and took him away without any mercy. Meanwhile, in an art class at ZY Art Institute:

School authorities accompanied by police officers interrupted the teacher mid-lesson, “Sorry, is Feng Tianyang here?”

Feng Tianyang, casually flirting with a female classmate, perked up at the sound of his name. Annoyed, he glanced over and noticed the approaching police officers. Startled, he attempted to stand and flee, but a police officer who had entered behind him firmly pushed him back onto his desk, denying him any chance of escape.

As the police took Feng Tianyang away, whispers filled the classroom. Meanwhile, Zhou Zhuoran, who was engrossed in drawing, smirked.

Finally, Mr. Wei was going to retaliate. Once Mr. Wei initiated his counterattack, Zhou Zhuoran believed that all the online rumors would collapse on their own.

Those who spread rumors and defamed Chen Li and Mr. Wei would surely face appropriate consequences.

Zhou Zhuoran felt a sense of relief. He had believed in Chen Li from the start. He didn’t know the true nature of the Chen family in Shanghai, but when his grandfather passed away, his earnest advice not to sell the ten percent stake in the Chen company to the Chen family members made him believe in his grandfather. If his grandfather thought poorly of the Chen family, there had to be a reason.

Therefore, when both Wei Chen and the Chen family approached him simultaneously, he didn’t hesitate to transfer that ten percent stake to Wei Chen.

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Egg Roll – I pictured Tamagoyaki in my head at first, but it’s actually this one

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