Chapter 351 – Gave Birth Tonight

Tonight, it was the fifteenth, the moon shone brightly outside the window, resembling a huge jade plate hanging in the sky, accompanied by scattered stars, making the night sky indescribably beautiful.

Wei Chen’s home was also bustling with activity. Chen Li had just recovered from a serious illness, finally emerging from more than twenty years of shadows. This was good news, something worth celebrating!

Upon receiving a call from Wei Chen, people, whether near or far, gathered together. Even Cookie, with a nine-month pregnant belly and his due date in just a week, wanted to join Chen Li’s celebration.

The moon outside was radiant, and the world inside the window was filled with joy.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Chen Yunlan happened to be close to the door, so he went to open it.

When he saw the person outside, Chen Yunlan tensed up completely. “Why did you come here?”

The person outside was undoubtedly Xie Chunsheng.

“Achen called me to come over,” Xie Chunsheng innocently said, “There was a bit of work at the company, so I got delayed.”

Previously, Xie Chunsheng used to address Wei Chen as “Mr. Wei.” But after more than two months of interaction, somewhere along the line, he started calling him “Achen.”

However, Chen Yunlan knew that if Xie Chunsheng could call Wei Chen “Achen,” it meant he had already accepted Wei Chen in his heart.

“Come in.” Chen Yunlan opened the door. Since Wei Chen had called him, he couldn’t keep him outside, despite trying to ignore his slight discomfort.

Though Chen Yunlan had tried his best to ignore his discomfort, it still showed a bit. Others might not notice, but Wei Chen, who had practically spent every day with Chen Yunlan for the past two years, could tell that something was amiss.

Wei Chen looked at Chen Li and felt like he knew something. After all, since returning from work, Chen Li had hinted at him several times with winks and gestures.

Chen Li instantly understood Wei Chen’s gaze. He motioned for Wei Chen to lower his head and whispered to him, “I saw a mark on Dad’s neck this morning.”

Wei Chen raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

Chen Li nodded. “Really.”

“Li Li, can you accept it?” Wei Chen suddenly asked, his tone serious.

“It’s okay.” In truth, Chen Li hadn’t even thought about whether he could accept it or not.

Chen Yunlan’s life belongs to Chen Yunlan. Even if he’s Chen Yunlan’s son, he doesn’t have the right to interfere in Chen Yunlan’s life. Besides, Chen Yunlan, at just over forty, should find someone to spend the latter half of life with.

Xie Chunsheng’s kindness towards Chen Yunlan was noticed by Chen Li. Since someone was willing to cherish his father, why would he have any reason to refuse?

Wei Chen tousled Chen Li’s hair, steering away from this topic. Today was a small-scale party, with Wei Chen preparing the food and even inviting Jiang Ye, a professionally trained chef, to help.

As they gathered, considering they’d be driving later, there were no alcoholic beverages on the table, only soft drinks. As they sat down, all the glasses were raised to honor Chen Li.

Chen Li’s regained life was a cause for celebration, deserving sincere blessings. He raised his glass filled with well-wishes and drank it down without spilling a drop.

“Thank you,” Chen Li earnestly thanked everyone after finishing the drink. Wei Chen stood up, raised his glass to everyone, and also thanked them. These two thank-yous warmed the hearts of everyone present.

Next, amidst the clinking of glasses, the atmosphere became lively. Both Wei Chen and Jiang Ye received unanimous praise for their cooking skills.

Amidst this warm atmosphere, a sudden scream sounded, breaking the ambiance and drawing everyone’s attention, making the atmosphere tense.

The scream came from Cookie, whose glass had fallen to the floor. He held his stomach, eyebrows furrowed tightly.

Wei Hua, concerned about Cookie, reached out and embraced him the moment he noticed his discomfort.

Feeling the concerned gazes of everyone, Cookie tried to bear the pain and managed a weak smile.

“It seems like the little one in my belly… wants to come out,” Cookie said, just as he felt his water break.

Well, it was really time to give birth.

Even though Little Biscuit was already seven years old, it was Wei Hua’s first time facing such a situation, leaving him in a panicked state with a blank mind, unsure of what to do.

Luckily, Lan Xiping was present, immediately taking Cookie from Wei Hua’s hands, while Wei Chen hurried to the garage to get the car ready.

“Support him properly!” Lan Xiping couldn’t hold back and yelled at Wei Hua, who was standing there dumbfounded.

Wei Hua snapped out of it and hurried over to support Cookie.

At that moment, Wei Hua’s face was pale too. Those unaware might have thought Wei Hua was the one giving birth.

They helped Cookie downstairs, and Wei Chen had parked the car right at the entrance of the building. With Cookie assisted into the car, he tightly held Wei Hua’s hand, sweat beads forming on his face.

“Xiao Qi Qi, I’m here.” Wei Hua intertwined his fingers with Cookie’s, finally finding something in his blank mind to comfort him.

The car rushed, breaking several red lights, to Ci’en Hospital. Upon arrival, Cookie was immediately taken to the operating room. Wei Hua, pale-faced, paced outside the operating room, restless and constantly moving, not stopping for a moment.

Wei Chen had been through this and understood Wei Hua’s feelings.

Lan Xiping didn’t enter the operating room. The doctor performing Cookie’s operation was from the obstetrics department, specifically established for men giving birth at Ci’en Hospital.

Jiang Ye stood by Lan Xiping’s side and jokingly said, “If one day it’s you going in for a C-section, do you think I’ll be as nervous as Wei Hua?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Lan Xiping teased Jiang Ye. He was just an ordinary man without the ability to conceive and give birth. Otherwise, he might have had a baby in his belly too, given that they hadn’t used protection when they were together.

Jiang Ye was just joking, knowing Lan Xiping didn’t like such talk, so he didn’t continue. Little did they know, in the near future, Jiang Ye’s joke would become a reality. Lan Xiping indeed underwent a C-section.

However, whether Jiang Ye would be as nervous as Wei Hua, no one knew, because by that time, Jiang Ye had disappeared from Lan Xiping’s world without a trace.

The surgery went on until midnight, and a loud cry echoed from the operating room.

Cookie was taken to rest, and a nurse came out carrying the newborn baby.

Wei Hua rushed up in two or three steps, asking, “Is my wife okay?”

The nurse smiled reassuringly, “He’s fine, just a bit exhausted. He’s resting now, you can see him later. Here, this is your little princess. She’ll grow up to be a beautiful lady, just like his two handsome dads.”

Hearing the nurse confirm Cookie was fine, Wei Hua completely relaxed. Excitedly, he looked at the nurse holding the little baby, whose wrinkled face resembled a little monkey, and hesitantly reached out his hand.

This was his daughter, the daughter given birth by Xiao Qiqi.

Wei Hua was overjoyed, carefully cradling the baby in his arms, stiff all over, fearing he might accidentally hurt the child with any sudden movement.

After showing the baby to the family waiting outside, the nurse took her back to the nursery. Wei Hua’s eyes remained fixated on the baby until she disappeared into the nursery before he looked away.

Turning, Wei Hua grabbed Wei Chen’s hand suddenly, laughing somewhat manically, “Achen, did you see that? Xiao Qiqi gave birth to a daughter for me!”

Wei Chen understood Wei Hua’s frenzied state but still withdrew his hand. The force he didn’t want to use on his daughter ended up being exerted on himself!

After pulling his hand away, Wei Chen called Chen Li to reassure him. He no longer expected Wei Hua to consider this aspect; he seemed like a fool right now.

This was bound to be a sleepless night.

At Wei Chen’s home, Big Qiuqiu, the oblivious baby, was fast asleep, while everyone else waited in the living room for the phone to ring.

The Sheng Jiaqi and Grandfather Qu were there too.

“Grandpa, why don’t you go to sleep first?” Chen Li sat beside Grandfather Qu, suggesting.

Grandfather Qu shook his head, “Let’s wait for news. I won’t be able to sleep until then.”

Xie Chunsheng sat nearby, attempting to speak several times but hesitated, looking at Grandfather Qu with a complex expression. Whenever Grandfather Qu looked his way, he pretended to casually look elsewhere, avoiding eye contact.

Chen Yunlan patted Xie Chunsheng’s shoulder, offering some comfort.

Xie Chunsheng turned to Chen Yunlan and grasped his hand, shaking his head, his expression complex. Sheng Jiaqi was also there, advising since Grandfather Qu was elderly and couldn’t stay up late.

“Dad, you should go to sleep first. When there’s news, I’ll let you know.”

Little Biscuit yawned and walked up to Grandfather Qu, pleading, “Great-grandpa, I want to sleep. Will you accompany me?”

Seeing tears welling up in Little Biscuit’s eyes, Grandfather Qu relented, holding the child’s hand, saying, “Okay, Great-grandpa will sleep with you.”

Little Biscuit rubbed Grandfather Qu’s hand and flashed a bright smile.

As Grandfather Qu and Little Biscuit were getting up, Chen Li’s phone rang, instantly drawing everyone’s attention.

Ignoring the crowd’s gaze, Chen Li answered the phone and received the good news from the hospital. After hanging up, unable to contain his smile, Chen Li faced everyone’s expectant and anxious looks and announced,

“My cousin gave birth to a daughter. Both father and daughter are safe.”

With this announcement, a weight lifted off everyone’s shoulders.

“A daughter, a daughter!” Grandfather Qu couldn’t help but exclaim.

Sheng Jiaqi also smiled. A granddaughter, how wonderful!

Cookie and Wei Hua now had a son and a daughter, forming the Chinese character for “good.” What could be better than this?

Little Biscuit hesitated for a moment before cheering, “Is it a sister? Am I a big brother now?”

Chen Li came over and ruffled Little Biscuit’s hair, saying, “It’s a sister. Our Little Biscuit will surely be a great big brother.”

Little Biscuit nodded repeatedly. “I love my sister the most!”

Even without meeting his sister yet, Little Biscuit had already placed her among his most beloved. She had stayed in Daddy’s tummy for a long time before being born, she was the treasure of both dads and his too. Of course, he was the big treasure, and his sister was the little treasure!

Excited and unable to sleep, Little Biscuit held Sheng Jiaqi’s hand, asking, “Grandpa, when can we go see my sister? And we also need to see Dad. Dad gave birth to sister, it must be very difficult but lucky.”

At this moment, Little Biscuit finally revealed a bit of his childish side.

Sheng Jiaqi patiently replied, “Tomorrow morning, we’ll go to the hospital to see Dad and your little sister.”

At this point, Little Biscuit would turn his head towards the window, pouting, “Why isn’t it daylight yet?”

Chen Li came over, lifted Little Biscuit, and coaxed, “Biscuit, let’s go to sleep first. When you wake up, it’ll be daylight, and then we can go see Dad and your sister.”

Little Biscuit nodded, saying, “Okay, I’ll go sleep with Brother Qiuqiu.”

Gradually, the lights in the house dimmed.

But soon, the day will brighten up. The birth of a little life can bring endless hope.

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