Chapter 59.1 – Cross-dresser Jiang (3)

As Jiang Yujin patiently waited for Tang Guo to reach out, Jiang Yujin noticed another hand in his peripheral vision. He followed the gaze and found himself locking eyes with Wen Yang.

Was this person also feeling weak in the knees?

Jiang Yujin, an enthusiastic citizen, did not give any preferential treatment to anyone except his employer. He very cruelly only pulled Tang Guo up, leaving the person next to him to stand up on his own.

His hand, slender yet strong, supported Tang Guo, who trembled while her face and neck flushed.

For a while, those above hadn’t heard any response from below. So, cautiously, they cracked open a door to look down, spotting the three standing in the lobby.

Unexpectedly, a stranger had joined them, but that wasn’t the focus. The focus was the shattered lobby window, the main source of light, with the chandelier now lying on the floor, apparently weighing down on something. Clearly, something had happened.

While not quite understanding how the chandelier had fallen, it was evident this place was no longer safe. Unable to leave outside and feeling unsafe within, those above gestured for them to come upstairs, at least offering temporary refuge.

Tang Guo was ushered upstairs as well. Though still shaken from earlier, she wasn’t trembling anymore, sticking close to Jiang Yujin.

Just being around this person inexplicably brought her a sense of stability.

A girl in a green fluffy skirt handed her a glass of water. “Don’t be afraid. We’ve contacted the SIU, they said they’ve sent people over.”

She added, “The water’s been sitting for a while, might not be very hot.”

The room was filled with friends known for several years. Tang Guo took the water and sipped slowly, seemingly not as frightened as moments before.

Jiang Yujin glanced at her.

Meeting his gaze, Tang Guo fell silent for a while, as if contemplating, then spoke, “Your mission is over.”

“Thank you.”

Her speech remained slow but not halting, clearly conveying her thoughts.

Jiang Yujin smiled faintly.

“Is anyone in there? This is the SIU. Please respond!”

Voices echoed from outside the room, prompting swift reactions from those inside. They opened the door, waving, “We’re here!”

Tang Guo also spotted the people below. One of them was among the two casually dressed strangers she had seen today, but this time, the individual didn’t look as pristine. Their clothes were stained with blood, and their face bore injuries.

The SIU assured them they would evacuate them.

The ground floor had been completely cleared, considered safe, yet there was still the risk of turned Rotten Wolves coming back upstairs. Jumping from upstairs was too difficult for these guests, so they were guided downstairs until they were physically out of the hotel.

Jiang Yujin mingled with the crowd, following them towards the exit.

This time, the group was larger, increasing the probability of Rotten Wolves turning back. The SIU remained vigilant, scanning their surroundings.

Their initial purpose for coming was merely to investigate an individual, not expecting such a sudden turn of events.

With an excessive number of Rotten Wolves around, there had to be an Alpha Wolf. However, their primary concern was evacuating the guests; they didn’t have the capacity to handle the Alpha Wolf. They had requested backup from headquarters, and while they dispatched a captain to assist, the captain was occupied and would take some time, leaving them to manage on their own for now.

They couldn’t let the Rotten Wolves escape and endanger others outside the hotel. Rather than breaking the tempered glass, they found a staff-only backdoor to evacuate all guests.

Reaching the backdoor still required passing through the lobby, a sight that chilled them to the bone.

Unlike their earlier entrance, the lobby had undergone a complete transformation. It no longer exuded the previous grandeur blended with natural freshness; instead, it bore traces of red and yellow, scratches on sofas, and tables strewn across the floor.

There were still others in the lobby, clutching their suits, seemingly not planning to leave but preparing to step into the elevator.

Right before stepping into the elevator, one of them turned around, locking eyes with precision.

Jiang Yujin distinctly saw the person’s eyes shift from dim to bright, then, at an unimaginable speed, swiftly pulled out a phone to take pictures.

The phone clicked continuously, almost like a burst of dozens of shots. The sound, though faint, still drew attention in the quiet space.

The others glanced over.

The person, usually unfamiliar with manners, now seemed to attempt a polite greeting.

Before the person could call out his own name, Jiang Yujin swiftly moved forward to cover their mouth.

His rare attempt at courtesy was forcefully suppressed as Lu Dongcheng lowered his head, his hand conveniently resting on the shoulder of the person beside him.

Clearly out of the protective range of the SIU, Tang Guo anxiously called out, “It’s dangerous…”

The SIU member said, “It’s safer by that person’s side.”

Though not entirely understanding the current situation, it was evident that the two individuals across from them knew each other. Purely in terms of strength, being beside Lu Dongcheng was indeed much safer than staying with the team.

Jiang Yujin still firmly covered the person’s mouth, gesturing to the others that they would catch up later.

The SIU protected civilians but also respected their personal choices. Once they confirmed the other party’s safety, they nodded and departed.

As the group of young people left, they frequently turned their heads back in this direction.

The SIU didn’t quite grasp the current situation, truth be told, neither did they.

It wasn’t until everyone’s figures disappeared from sight that Jiang Yujin finally withdrew his hand from covering the person’s mouth, then extended his hand, saying, “The phone.”

It was clear he intended to delete the photos.

Regaining the chance to speak, Lu Dongcheng immediately avoided his words, saying, “I have a room upstairs. Shall we go inside to catch up?”

Footsteps approached from nearby, indicating another group of guests beginning to appear.

The two entered the elevator.

They stepped into the elevator, Lu Dongcheng pressed the floor button. Before Jiang Yujin could insist on the phone again, Lu Dongcheng remarked, “This outfit suits you well.”

He smiled, “You look beautiful today.”

Jiang Yujin swatted away the hand Lu Dongcheng placed on his shoulder and gave him a thorough once-over, “Are you a pervert?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he realized it was a foolish question.

Indeed, this person was a pervert.

Lu Dongcheng appeared to be in a good mood, smiling without any retort.

This person’s smile made him seem even more like a pervert.

As the elevator reached the floor, it chimed, and the doors opened.

At the moment the elevator doors opened, a dark figure with a strong stench of decay lunged out. Lu Dongcheng’s hand lifted slightly, and before the Rotten Wolf could get close, it was propelled out, crashing against the corridor, its entire head exploding.

Blood and flesh scattered, and the corridor bore the brunt of it, but the person in the elevator remained unharmed.

Lu Dongcheng considerately said, “Can’t get your skirt dirty.”

It was evident he genuinely liked that skirt. Jiang Yujin’s lips twitched slightly, “Should I give it to you then?”

Lu Dongcheng replied, “It suits you better on.”

Jiang Yujin chuckled and gripped his wrist.

His movement was precise; with a “click,” the previously normal wrist went limp.

Lu Dongcheng’s expression remained unchanged as he effortlessly reattached his hand and smoothly used the keycard to open the door.

He courteously gestured for Jiang Yujin to enter first.

Standing behind, he finally saw a black ribbon tied around the other person’s neck, formed into a bow with its long ends cascading down the pale spine.

He proactively handed his phone to Jiang Yujin.

Jiang Yujin lowered his head to delete photos, the white hair draping on either side, making the black ribbon even more conspicuous.

Lu Dongcheng bowed his head to lightly sniff and reverently lifted the ribbon.

Jiang Yujin continued tapping on the phone, noticing movement behind. In a muted tone, he said, “If you dare touch it again, I’ll use this thing to strangle you.”

The pervert was truly a pervert; in such a short time, the person had taken over a hundred photos, making deletion quite a challenge.

Lu Dongcheng untied the ribbon.

The ribbon was used to cover the Adam’s apple. It was wrapped twice around the neck. Upon untying, it slowly hung down, continuously drifting until he caught it.


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