Chapter 384 – One to Twenty

Beijing, Chen Family.

As time passed, the Chen family suffered a severe blow after sacrificing a scapegoat, gradually pulling themselves out of the quagmire. Outwardly, the Chen family appeared unscathed as everyone was reinstated to their former positions.

Yet, only the members of the Chen family knew that this incident was a substantial setback for them.

After the public security traced and disrupted several of their financial channels, the past year had seen the Chen family adopting a more cautious approach, refraining from their previous audacity. Even their subordinates had noticeably restrained themselves.

However, this didn’t imply inactivity. They maintained covert communication with the United States.

In fact, after collaborating with the United States, leveraging Jiang Ye’s father, they managed to dispatch Jiang Ye to America.

The Jiang Corportion was one of the foremost Chinese enterprises in the United States, having evolved into a big company. Jiang Ye’s grandfather presided over this company.

Despite Jiang Ye’s clear expression in recent years that he did not wish to engage in the Jiang family’s internal competition and had no interest in inheriting the family’s rights, the family head favored Jiang Ye. Regardless of Jiang Ye’s stance, the family head was determined to designate him as the heir.

Just the other day, the head of the Jiang family was hospitalized, plunging the Jiang family into internal strife. Jiang Ye’s father schemed to send Jiang Ye to the United States.

Awaiting Jiang Ye in America was an array of boundless dangers. The moment Jiang Ye set foot on American soil, it was akin to stepping into a coffin.

This was a trap set by the collaboration between the Chen family and Jiang Ye’s father in the United States.

Chen Shixian hung up the phone, a cold smirk forming on his face.

“Father, any news from the United States?” Chen Yunqi walked in with documents, catching Chen Shixian just after he ended the call, and inquired.

Chen Shixian nodded. “Yes, Jiang Ye has already arrived in the United States.”

“I hope he doesn’t show mercy,” Chen Yunqi expressed some concern. The ‘he’ in his words naturally referred to Jiang Ye’s father.

“Mercy?” Chen Shixian scoffed. “His heart turned black long ago. Back then, he professed undying love for Sheng Xianjun but could calmly inject dr*gs into her veins. He even coldly watched as she committed s**cide in front of him. Does he possess any mercy? He loves only himself. Anyone obstructing his interests, he’ll ruthlessly eliminate, even his wife is no exception.” Chen Shixian’s words were tinged with mockery, directed at Jiang Ye’s father’s cold-blooded nature.

“Now, Jiang Ye stands firmly in his way, so let the father and son slaughter each other.” Chen Shixian’s lips curled into a cold smile. He continued, “It would be best if Jiang Ye’s fate remains in America, never to return.”

A few years ago, Chen Shixian could never have imagined that one day their Chen family would be pressured by a few young individuals, suffering such heavy losses due to them.

But things were different now. Let each one of them wait patiently; the Chen Family would reclaim everything, one by one.

“I hope so,” Chen Yunqi had clashed directly with Jiang Ye before and understood his tactics. Despite the current situation appearing to favor them, he remained concerned about potential unforeseen events.

Chen Shixian noticed Chen Yunqi’s worry. “I know what you’re thinking. But Jiang Ye has been developing within the country all these years, having no influence in the United States. His move there now is akin to hitting a rock with an egg. Just wait, soon we’ll receive good news.”

“Of course, as action unfolds in the United States, we can’t afford to slack here. Next month is that person’s birthday celebration. Given Wei Chen’s current status, he will definitely go there on behalf of Old Master Qu. By then…”

Chen Shixian didn’t finish his sentence, but Chen Yunqi understood the implication in his words, revealing a faint smile.


Wei Chen naturally had no knowledge of the plans being orchestrated by the Chen family. He had returned to work at Changfeng Group. When Sheng Jiaqi saw Wei Chen back at his post, tears nearly welled up in his eyes.

In the past year, juggling the roles of chairman and general manager had kept him incredibly busy. Now that Wei Chen had returned, his workload lightened considerably. No, not considerably—completely liberated.

On the second day of Wei Chen’s return to Changfeng, Sheng Jiaqi, the chairman of Changfeng Group, actually went on vacation! Before leaving, he made it clear that any issues could be directed to Wei Chen. If Wei Chen couldn’t solve them, then contact him.

Wei Chen accepted this fact with a stoic expression, starting work without a single word of complaint.

However simple it might seem, behind the scenes, some higher-ups at Changfeng Group were becoming more active in their thoughts. Sheng Jiaqi’s attitude was particularly intriguing.

Even after Wei Chen had been absent from Changfeng Group for over a year, Sheng Jiaqi had chosen to temporarily retain the position of the general manager, preferring to hold multiple roles rather than allowing someone else to temporarily take charge. The moment Wei Chen returned to the company, Sheng Jiaqi promptly returned the position of general manager to him.

Moreover, at the drop of a hat, Sheng Jiaqi went off on a trip, leaving behind numerous directors without instructions but directly instructing Wei Chen. He also temporarily handed over the chairman’s authority to Wei Chen.

These series of actions indicated a plan to groom Wei Chen as the successor of Changfeng Group!

As a result, despite Wei Chen’s absence for over a year, his position at Changfeng Group didn’t diminish. On the contrary, due to Sheng Jiaqi’s subtle attitude, his stature rose.

Wei Chen noticed this but didn’t let it bother him. Regardless of the position, his aim was to do his job well.

Because Wei Chen had always adhered to this principle, he performed exceptionally in any role within Changfeng Group, regardless of its level.

It was precisely due to Wei Chen’s unwavering attitude that gradually led the other directors in Changfeng Group to accept Sheng Jiaqi’s grooming of him as the successor.

However, regardless of Wei Chen’s status and reputation within Changfeng Group, his approach and style remained unchanged, just as decisive and efficient as a year ago.

With the additional responsibilities of the chairman’s duties, Wei Chen’s workload increased significantly.

Today, just as he was finishing work at the end of the day and preparing to leave, Chen Li called. “Li Li, I’m done with work. I’ll head back now,” Wei Chen said.

Chen Li replied over the phone, “Achen, Qiuqiu and I are at Cookie’s house. Come over.”


After ending the call, Wei Chen headed to Sheng Jiaqi’s house.

Indeed, Sheng Jiaqi had gone on vacation, but there were still people at his house, including Grandfather Qu.

Grandfather Qu had settled in the capital now. As he grew older, neither Sheng Jiaqi nor Chen Li wanted Grandfather Qu to return to Shanghai, despite someone looking after him. After all, it wasn’t the same as having family around.

Secondly, with Grandfather Qu staying in the capital now, one could say it was a gathering of four generations under one roof. Each great-grandchild was more adorable than the last. Grandfather Qu couldn’t bear to return to Shanghai anymore.

When Wei Chen arrived at Sheng Jia’s house, it was already more than an hour later. The evening rush hour traffic in the capital had delayed Wei Chen for a good half hour on the road.

When Wei Chen pressed the doorbell, Little Biscuit answered the door. “Uncle Wei Chen, you’re finally here.”

Following Little Biscuit inside the villa, he shouted, “Qiuqiu, your big dad is here.”

“Big Dad!” Qiuqiu appeared from somewhere and dashed toward Wei Chen.

But halfway there, Little Biscuit caught him and laughed, “Haha, Qiuqiu, I caught you.”

Only then did Qiuqiu realize they were playing hide and seek and hastily exclaimed, “Doesn’t count! Not fair, big brother!”

Qiuqiu was now three years old in virtual age, two and a half in actual years, and his speech wasn’t very fluent yet. He often said “doesn’t count,” but couldn’t quite explain why. Eventually, his frustration made his words unintelligible.

Wei Hua walked over, picked up the chubby Qiuqiu, and lightly tapped Little Biscuit’s forehead, saying, “No bullying your little brother.”

“Got it, Dad,” obediently replied Little Biscuit.

Seeing that Little Biscuit had been reprimanded by Wei Hua, Qiuqiu relaxed. Giggling, he still didn’t forget his dad, reaching out with his little chubby hands toward Wei Chen.

Wei Hua stopped him, holding onto Qiuqiu’s tummy, and said, “Great-grandpa wants to see your dad for something. You can be carried by your dad later.”

Understanding this, Qiuqiu nodded obediently and said, “Okay.”

Seeing Qiuqiu behaving, Wei Hua then said to Wei Chen, “Grandfather is waiting for you in the study.”

“Okay.” Wei Chen nodded and planted a kiss on Qiuqiu’s chubby face before heading upstairs.

Qiuqiu was a bit heavy now, and Wei Hua found it a bit challenging to carry him, so he gently put him down.

“Little Biscuit, keep playing with your little brother,” Wei Hua said.

“Okay,” Little Biscuit agreed, then approached Qiuqiu, holding his chubby hand and saying, “Qiuqiu, I caught you just now. Now it’s your turn to catch me. Close your eyes, count from one to twenty, and when you’re done, you can come and catch me.”

“Okay, big brother.” Qiuqiu enjoyed playing with Little Biscuit. He nodded obediently and closed his eyes.

As soon as Little Biscuit tried to find a hiding spot, Qiuqiu grabbed his clothes.

“I caught you, big brother!” Qiuqiu giggled.

“You didn’t count, you cheater!” complained Little Biscuit.

“I did count!” Qiuqiu looked up at Little Biscuit and earnestly said, “Qiuqiu counted.”

“Then count again for big brother to hear,” Little Biscuit didn’t believe Qiuqiu could count to twenty so quickly.

Qiuqiu nodded and softly said, “One, twenty. Finished.”

Little Biscuit felt like facepalming. He corrected, “It’s counting from one to twenty, not ‘one, twenty.'”

“One, twenty,” Qiuqiu persisted.

“Come on, say it together with me,” Little Biscuit patiently began teaching. “1, 2, 3… 20. That’s counting from one to twenty.”

Qiuqiu opened his mouth, and Little Biscuit looked at him expectantly.

“One, twenty.”

Little Biscuit gave up. “Alright, now I’ll close my eyes, and you go hide.”

“Okay!” Qiuqiu shouted loudly and dashed off.

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