Chapter 383 – Jiang Ye Disappeared

“Xiping, are you okay?” Chen Li asked Lan Xiping.

Chen Li and Wei Chen returned from their trip and, upon arriving at the residential area, saw Lan Xiping vomiting profusely under a large tree.

At that time, they didn’t think much of it, assuming Lan Xiping had a stomachache from something he ate. They helped him to Chen Li’s place.

When Lan Xiping regained some strength, Chen Li handed him a bottle of water and asked, “Are you okay?”

Lan Xiping shook his head, looking a bit pale, and replied, “I’m fine, probably just a stomachache from bad food.”

Lan Xiping didn’t dwell on it, thinking it was just a bout of gastroenteritis, considering his weak stomach.

Once Lan Xiping recovered a bit more, he turned to Wei Chen with an urgent tone, asking, “Wei Chen, do you… know where Jiang Ye went?”

The night before, they had a passionate and good conversation in bed. The next morning, when Lan Xiping woke up, Jiang Ye wasn’t beside him. He thought Jiang Ye had gone to work.

However, to his surprise, when he reached the entrance, he found a simple message left by Jiang Ye on the small blackboard – just four words: “Wait for my return.”

Apart from that, there was nothing else written.

Lan Xiping immediately tried calling Jiang Ye’s number, which had worked the day before, only to find it was now disconnected.

In that moment, Lan Xiping realized that Jiang Ye had left, perhaps disappeared from his life.

Wei Chen shook his head in response, saying, “I don’t know.”

Indeed, Jiang Ye hadn’t informed Wei Chen before leaving. However, after answering, Wei Chen remembered what Jiang Ye had said last year when he was planning to leave Shanghai.

He said, “If one day I suddenly disappear, please take care of Xiping for me.”

So, had Jiang Ye known he would leave since that time?

But Wei Chen chose not to mention this to Lan Xiping, assuming it was something the person involved should address.

Seeing Wei Chen also didn’t know where Jiang Ye went, Lan Xiping’s expression dimmed momentarily, but he quickly regained his composure and smiled at Chen Li, saying, “I’m fine, no need to worry.”

So what if Jiang Ye had disappeared? He would wait; he would eventually see Jiang Ye return one day.

However, Jiang Ye, you must return safely to me.

In the evening, Chen Li insisted Lan Xiping stay for dinner.

Wei Chen knew Lan Xiping had a stomach issue, so he cooked something milder. However, as Lan Xiping smelled the food, he rushed to the bathroom and began vomiting into the toilet.

With nothing in his stomach, he ended up throwing up bile. Chen Li immediately put down his chopsticks, worried, and said, “I’ll go check on him.”

Wei Chen had been teaching Qiuqiu how to use chopsticks. Seeing this scene, his expression darkened, and he had a bold suspicion.

Qiuqiu couldn’t manage the chopsticks and, feeling dejected, put them aside. When his dad wasn’t looking, he sneakily grabbed a spoon and took a big mouthful of food.

At that moment, Wei Chen turned around and caught Qiuqiu in the act.

Qiuqiu quickly dropped the spoon, picked up the chopsticks again, quickly swallowed the food in his mouth, pretending innocence, and diverted the topic, “Dad, is Uncle Lan okay?”

Using Qiuqiu’s bib, Wei Chen wiped away the stains around Qiuqiu’s mouth and said, “He’s fine.”

Qiuqiu thought he had gotten away with using the spoon but then heard Wei Chen coldly ask, “Did you just use a spoon?”

Looking at Wei Chen, Qiuqiu’s big eyes became teary.

“Hm?” Wei Chen’s tone grew firmer.

Qiuqiu hung his head, admitting his mistake, “Yes, Dad.”

Only then did Wei Chen pat Qiuqiu’s head, saying, “Good, when you make a mistake, there’s a punishment. No bedtime snack tonight.”

“Oh,” Qiuqiu weakly responded, feeling drained by the removal of his entire source of nighttime energy.

His bedtime snack had already reduced from elaborate milk bread and cake to just a glass of milk. Now, it was canceled by his big dad.

He was truly unhappy.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Chen Li gently rubbed Lan Xiping’s back, handing him a cup of warm water after he finished vomiting, and passed some tissues over, asking, “How do you feel now?”

Lan Xiping shook his head. “Nothing serious.”

Chen Li then asked, “When did these symptoms start for you?”

It seems like Lan Xiping isn’t a doctor, but rather Chen Li is.

“Just these past few days,” Lan Xiping said, but he anticipated what Chen Li was about to say and preemptively added, “But there was a major surgery; I had to prepare for it, so I haven’t had time to take my medication.”

Lan Xiping’s innate medical talent was unparalleled; at a young age, he became an authority in the Ci’en Hospital’s cardiac surgery department, a legend in the industry.

“Aping,” Chen Li tentatively asked, “You’re not pregnant, are you?”

Because of Chen Li’s question, Lan Xiping was momentarily stunned, then exclaimed as if shocked, “That’s impossible! I’m a man!”

“What’s wrong with being a man? Didn’t I give birth to Qiuqiu? My cousin gave birth to Little Biscuit and Eggroll, too!” Chen Li countered.

Even though he didn’t experience morning sickness during Qiuqiu’s pregnancy, during Cookie’s pregnancy with the Eggroll, he had severe morning sickness. Chen Li had seen it once or twice, and today Lan Xiping’s symptoms resembled Cookie’s during that time, hence his suspicion.

“I…” Lan Xiping opened his mouth to retort but couldn’t find a convincing argument. Indeed, if Chen Li and Sheng Qi could get pregnant, what about men?

Although Lan Xiping thought so, he still felt more or less that he was not pregnant. After all these years together with Jiang Ye without using protection, and not getting pregnant, it seemed unlikely that he suddenly conceived just after Jiang Ye left.

Lan Xiping repeatedly denied this possibility in his mind.

Chen Li understood that Lan Xiping probably couldn’t accept it yet and didn’t press further. He only advised, “Regardless of whether it’s true or not, I suggest you take a test. If it’s not, it’s fine. But if it is, you wouldn’t want your carelessness to harm the baby inside, would you?”

With Jiang Ye’s disappearance, it wasn’t the ideal time for Jiang Ye and Lan Xiping’s baby to arrive. However, if the baby did come, Chen Li knew Lan Xiping would do everything to bring that baby into the world.

“I understand,” Lan Xiping solemnly replied.

Despite agreeing with Chen Li, Lan Xiping got so caught up with the major surgery that he forgot to buy a test strip to check.

When Chen Li next saw a message from Lan Xiping, it was a post in Lan Xiping’s social circle with just a few characters:

[Lan Xiping: These years have been tiring; I think I need a break :)]

It seemed like an ordinary message – Lan Xiping expressing exhaustion, wanting to take a break, and resigning from Ci’en Hospital.

Lan Xiping’s rise from a rural background to his current position relied not just on his medical talent but countless nights of hard work. After all these years, Lan Xiping might indeed be feeling exhausted.

However, Chen Li, having been good friends with Lan Xiping for so long, understood him well. Lan Xiping was passionate about his medical career—no matter how tough it got, he wouldn’t give up. So, when he suddenly expressed a desire to quit, there had to be an underlying reason.

Recalling Lan Xiping’s condition a few days back at her place, where he vomited severely, Chen Li could only think of one possibility—Lan Xiping might actually be pregnant.

Realizing this, Chen Li immediately told Wei Chen, “Achen, please call Aping and find out where he is. Then bring him here.”

Qiuqiu was causing a bit of a fuss at that moment, so Chen Li was occupied with calming him down.

Wei Chen was in the middle of composing an email, addressed to Mr. Moray. He discreetly gathered information about Jiang Ye, and when he found out that Jiang Ye might have gone to the United States, he stopped his investigation abruptly. Realizing the potential dangers associated with this information, Wei Chen swiftly halted his inquiry, not only to protect himself but also to safeguard Jiang Ye.

Knowing Jiang Ye was likely in the United States made things easier. Wei Chen then composed an email to Mr. Moray, hoping that if Mr. Moray encountered Jiang Ye in the US, he could assist Jiang Ye if he faced any difficulties. This was the only way Wei Chen could help Jiang Ye.

After sending the email, Wei Chen followed Chen Li’s instructions and called Lan Xiping. Upon learning that Lan Xiping was at Ci’en Hospital, Wei Chen went to fetch him.

Before long, Wei Chen brought Lan Xiping back.

Chen Li didn’t beat around the bush and straightforwardly asked Lan Xiping, “Aping, are you really pregnant?”

Lan Xiping calmly nodded.

Following that, Chen Li inquired about Lan Xiping’s plans. As expected, Lan Xiping intended to carry the baby to term. Despite it being an unexpected event, it was a testament to Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye’s love. Lan Xiping was determined not to give up on this baby.

Chen Li didn’t try to dissuade Lan Xiping but firmly assured, “Aping, rest assured, I will take care of you and your baby.”

Glancing at Chen Li, who was currently wearing Winnie the Pooh pajamas and seemed to be struggling to manage himself, Lan Xiping doubted if he could really take care of him.

Sensing Lan Xiping’s doubt, Chen Li huffed, linked her arm with Wei Chen’s, and confidently stated, “Isn’t there Wei Chen?”

Feeling like a temporarily single man, Lan Xiping felt he’d been served a big bowl of dog food.

Lan Xiping resigned from Ci’en Hospital to focus on nurturing the pregnancy at home. Chen Li busied himself, keeping his word to take care of Lan Xiping. He shuttled between his home and Lan Xiping’s place daily, with Qiuqiu trailing behind him like a little tail. His determination was to ensure Lan Xiping’s well-being until Jiang Ye’s return, leaving no room for error.

After a few days passed, Wei Chen finally received a reply from Mr. Moray. Mr. Moray’s response was concise—just an “OK.”

Wei Chen felt relieved after receiving Mr. Moray’s reply. Knowing that the President of the United States was supporting Jiang Ye in the United States eased his worries. Wei Chen hoped that one day Jiang Ye would indeed return safely, just as he had said.

Yet, deep down, Wei Chen firmly believed that Jiang Ye would come back.

Lan Xiping shared the same conviction.

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