Chapter 5 – Sending Chicken Soup

She knew that the tough days she had been through, coupled with their previous attitudes, must have hurt Ningning.

Words, no matter how many, were useless. Only actions could prove things in the future.

Zhang Ailian struggled to suppress her emotions and the bitterness in her eyes. She managed to force a smile and said, “Ningning, since you don’t like the clothes left by Fangfang, I’ll take them away. In a couple of days, I’ll make you new clothes.”

The clothes of Xu Fangfang, each one, were also handmade by Zhang Ailian. Throughout the year, there were several outfits in total.

It was during the sorting process that Zhang Ailian discovered, apart from the outfit Fangfang wore on the day she left, she didn’t take any of the others.

It was evident that Fangfang left these clothes not just to provoke Ningning, but also because she felt these clothes weren’t suitable for her future identity as a city person.

Touching the clothes in her hands, Zhang Ailian realized for the first time that Fangfang, her adopted daughter, actually looked down on this family deep down, not as kind as she appeared on the surface.

Zhang Ailian had no intention of keeping these clothes to bother Ningning.

She planned to exchange these clothes for fabric and make two new outfits for Ningning.

She believed that people in the village would be willing to make the exchange.

“Ah, okay, sure,” Xu Jinning nodded absentmindedly.

Honestly, regarding Zhang Ailian’s change, she found it a bit strange. According to the plot, shouldn’t she force her to wear Fangfang’s clothes and scold her if she refused? How did it evolve into taking Fangfang’s clothes away and making new ones for her?

Xu Jinning couldn’t quite understand, but if it developed this way, it was a good thing.

Seeing Xu Jinning’s visibly excited expression, Zhang Ailian’s somewhat low mood improved a bit.

Taking Fangfang’s clothes out, Zhang Ailian then came back with a ruler to measure Xu Jinning’s size.

“Measuring the size is necessary for making clothes.”

“Oh, okay,” Xu Jinning naturally didn’t refuse and got off the bed.

Xu Jinning could clearly feel that after having lunch and drinking chicken soup, her energy had recovered quite a bit. Indeed, people are like iron, and meals are like steel. Skipping a meal makes one feel extremely hungry.

“Stand still, spread your arms, I’ll measure you.”


It wasn’t until Zhang Ailian actually measured Xu Jinning’s body size, and unintentionally touched the protruding bones under Xu Jinning’s thin clothes, that Zhang Ailian deeply realized that Ningning must have had a very difficult time in these years.

This body was too thin, too thin, with hardly any flesh, just protruding bones.

In this condition, how could the Lin family still dare to say that Ningning had lived a carefree city life for over ten years?

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Ningning must have had a tough life before.

But why couldn’t they see it before? It seemed they only heard Xu Fangfang’s words but couldn’t see Ningning’s poor physical condition.

Zhang Ailian once again felt that she, as Ningning’s biological mother, had failed Ningning too much.

Zhang Ailian planned to do her best to cook good food in the future, to make meat dishes, chicken eggs, and preferably get her husband to find some nutritional supplements for Ningning.

After hurriedly measuring Ningning’s body size, Zhang Ailian didn’t dare let Ningning see her reddened eyes and left.

Xu Jinning watched her retreating figure, deep in thought.

Just now, it seemed like she heard a sob, very soft, but she really heard it…

The emotional Zhang Ailian returned to her room, crying once again. It took a while for her to gather herself and compose her emotions. Holding Xu Fangfang’s clothes, she decided to go out to exchange them for fabric.

On the other hand, Xu Xiangdong, excitedly carrying a bowl of chicken soup, headed towards the Educated Youth Spot.

Afraid of being seen and worried about the smell of chicken soup spreading, Xu Xiangdong even wrapped it in clothes.

Because Educated Youth Sun had mentioned before that she was a bit shy and didn’t want others to know about their relationship until it was confirmed, fearing it would affect her reputation.

Xu Xiangdong thought it made sense.

He also felt that Educated Youth Sun was very virtuous and cared about her reputation, making her a good girl.

As Xu Xiangdong was approaching the Educated Youth Spot, he hid the chicken soup behind a tree before heading towards the dormitory.

At this lunchtime, everyone was on break for their meal.

In the Educated Youth Spot, the young people gathered together, creating a lively atmosphere.

“Educated Youth Sun, Educated Youth Sun…” Xu Xiangdong shouted from outside.

Soon, within the dormitory, the figure of a young woman appeared.

The girl, with her ponytail held high, had a charming appearance, especially her peach blossom eyes that were captivating and full of emotion.

The only drawback was her slightly flat nose.

Upon closer inspection, one could see a constant glint of shrewdness in her eyes.

Seeing Sun Meiwen, a smile immediately appeared on Xu Xiangdong’s face. Hurrying to meet her, the 19-year-old, with his tanned skin, rarely showed a blush on his face.

Even his speech was a bit awkward and clumsy due to shyness and excitement.

“Sun, Educated Youth Sun, you’re here.”

“Um, hello, Brother Xiangdong.” Sun Meiwen did not get closer when she was a certain distance from Xu Xiangdong. She then looked around, relieved to see no one else coming out. Subtly, she led Xu Xiangdong in the direction away from the dormitory.

Thinking that it was already noon, she smiled and asked, “By the way, Brother Xiangdong, it’s lunchtime. Have you eaten?”

“I, I have eaten, and I’m quite full.” Xu Xiangdong actually hadn’t eaten yet; he rushed over as soon as the chicken soup was ready.

But hearing Educated Youth Sun’s words, he felt warm.

Educated Youth Sun cared about him.

“Oh, I brought you chicken soup and chicken legs.” After saying this, Xu Xiangdong led Sun Meiwen to where he had hidden the chicken soup.

Sun Meiwen’s eyes lit up upon hearing about the chicken soup and chicken legs.

She involuntarily swallowed.

When she saw Xu Xiangdong take out a bowl with a chicken leg inside, emitting a delicious aroma and steam rising from the hot chicken soup, Sun Meiwen’s eyes were fixed on it, unable to look away.

Having tasted other things Xu Xiangdong brought, Sun Meiwen knew how good Xu Xiangdong’s mother, Zhang Ailian, was at cooking, even better than the dishes made by the chef in the state-run restaurant.

Not to mention the chicken soup and chicken legs in front of her now.

Since going to the countryside, Sun Meiwen hadn’t had meat, struggling to have a full meal most of the time, often going to bed hungry.

The feeling of hunger was unbearable.

And now, the chicken leg in front of her was indeed meat.

She could even imagine how comforting and satisfying it would be to have the steaming hot chicken soup down her throat.


Sun Meiwen did not take the chicken soup but said, “Brother Xiangdong, this is chicken soup and chicken legs. Do you have something to eat? Why did you bring it to me? What about you?”

“I’ve already eaten, really. Educated Youth Sun, I specifically left this for you. Don’t be polite; take it and eat. You’re too thin, and you work every day. It’s too hard; you need to nourish your body.” Saying this, Xu Xiangdong forcibly placed the chicken soup into Sun Meiwen’s hands.

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