Chapter 6 – Returning to Clear Educated Youth Sun’s Innocence

Sun Meiwen held the warm chicken soup in her hands, feeling elated inside. However, she pretended to be a bit embarrassed and said, “Well, Brother Xiangdong, you’re really kind. Thank you. Coming to Qinghe Production Brigade, the luckiest thing for me is meeting you.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Xiangdong suddenly felt overjoyed, touched the back of his head, and put on a silly smile.

Then, he tentatively asked, “So, Educated Youth Sun, about us being in a relationship…”

Hearing Xu Xiangdong bring up the topic of being in a relationship, Sun Meiwen showed a hint of impatience in her eyes, but quickly covered it up. She turned away, pretending to be shy, and said, “Brother Xiangdong, um, I need to write to my parents about this, so…”

“I understand, I understand, Educated Youth Sun. You write the letter, and I’ll wait for your reply, waiting for the approval from your parents.”

“Um, Brother Xiangdong, you’re really nice,” Sun Meiwen responded, lowering her head. However, her eyes were full of disdain.

She, Sun Meiwen, a dignified city girl, how could she be in a relationship with a country boy! She wasn’t crazy.

Moreover, she didn’t like Xu Xiangdong at all, and there was even some aversion.

If it weren’t for the sake of food and drink, and for making herself and Educated Youth Fu live better in the countryside, she wouldn’t bother with Xu Xiangdong.

Really, she didn’t know when this life would end. She had been in the countryside for two years, and every moment she thought about returning to the city.

But considering the first batch of educated youth who had been in the countryside for over ten years, they had no hope of returning to the city. They ultimately had to stay in the countryside, marry the local men, settle down, and eventually become rural people.

However, the inherently proud Sun Meiwen didn’t want that. But she also knew the situation at home.

Sun Meiwen was indeed a city girl; her parents were workers, but with multiple children in the family. She had three older sisters and one younger brother.

Her parents favored her younger brother, and two years ago, when the family faced the situation of keeping only one child due to the need for others to go to the countryside as educated youth, her brother was chosen to stay, while she and her three sisters all became educated youth in the countryside.

Sun Meiwen thought that if her mother had been willing to give her the job, she wouldn’t have had to go to the countryside.

But her mother was unwilling.

Her father was even more unwilling; his job was meant to be kept for her brother.

Sun Meiwen had harbored resentment towards her brother countless times, almost wishing he had never been born.

If her brother hadn’t been born, she would have been the youngest in the family and surely could have stayed at home.

However, talking about these things now was pointless.

Since she had become an educated youth in the countryside, she wanted to make sure she lived a better life, even if it meant using some means. Sun Meiwen didn’t think she was wrong.

If she couldn’t return to the city in the future, then she would never marry a city person.

She wanted to marry Educated Youth Fu.

Although she and Educated Youth Fu were not from the same place, she learned from others that Educated Youth Fu was from Beijing, with a good background. Rumor had it that Educated Youth Fu came to the countryside just for experience and could return to the city anytime.

If she married Educated Youth Fu, when her husband, Educated Youth Fu, returned to the city, she would surely be able to go back too. Maybe after returning, he could immediately arrange a good job for her.

Moreover, Educated Youth Fu was handsome, gentle, and seemed like a modest gentleman. Sun Meiwen had liked him at first sight.

She was determined to be with Educated Youth Fu.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Educated Youth Fu seemed to be interested in a village girl from Qinghe Production Brigade named Xu Ci. Their relationship seemed ambiguous.

That girl Xu Ci was just a village girl, at most an orphan of a martyr. She didn’t live well, had an average figure, and her appearance couldn’t match Sun Meiwen’s. Sun Meiwen couldn’t understand what Educated Youth Fu saw in her.

However, regardless of the situation between these two, Sun Meiwen wouldn’t let Xu Ci snatch Educated Youth Fu away.

Educated Youth Fu could only be hers!

“Educated Youth Sun, what are you thinking?” Xu Xiangdong’s words brought Sun Meiwen back to reality.

“Oh, nothing, I’m just a bit hungry,” she replied.

“Oh, okay then.” Xu Xiangdong felt that he must have misunderstood just now. How could Educated Youth Sun’s face have seemed a bit fierce? But looking at Sun Meiwen’s beautiful smiling face in front of him again, Xu Xiangdong thought he must have been mistaken.

“Educated Youth Sun, since you’re hungry, you should go back and eat. I’ll go back too.” Despite his reluctance, and his desire to spend more time with Educated Youth Sun, Xu Xiangdong left considerately.

Walking back, Xu Xiangdong was still savoring the moments spent with Educated Youth Sun. Thinking about Educated Youth Sun writing to her parents about their relationship, a smile spread across Xu Xiangdong’s face.

He couldn’t help but recall the inner thoughts he heard from Xu Jinning at home.

Xu Xiangdong didn’t know why he could hear it. He was curious, even puzzled, and for a moment, he wondered if there was something wrong with his mind.

But he cared more about Xu Jinning’s slander against Educated Youth Sun.

“That stinky girl, Xu Jinning, how could she defame Educated Youth Sun like that? Educated Youth Sun doesn’t like Educated Youth Fu at all; she likes me. Otherwise, why would she write to her parents about us being in a relationship?”

“She even said Educated Youth Sun would give my chicken leg to Educated Youth Fu. How is that possible!”

As he muttered these words, his steps involuntarily came to a stop.

He said with a somewhat uncertain tone: “Educated Youth Sun, she wouldn’t give the chicken leg I sent to Educated Youth Fu, right?”


The chicken leg was so delicious. If it weren’t for liking Educated Youth Sun and wanting to be in a relationship with her, Xu Xiangdong wouldn’t have given such a delicious chicken leg to her.

Educated Youth Sun also didn’t like Educated Youth Fu, so how could she give the chicken leg to him?

“Yes, impossible!”

Although Xu Xiangdong said this so firmly, his feet couldn’t move forward.

After hesitating in place for a while, Xu Xiangdong ultimately chose to turn back to the Educated Youth Spot.

“I should go back and check.”

“Educated Youth Sun definitely wouldn’t give the chicken leg to Educated Youth Fu.”

“If I don’t see it with my own eyes, I can clear Educated Youth Sun’s name.”

He could also go back and give Xu Jinning a good talking-to for spreading baseless rumors.

The more he thought about it, the more Xu Xiangdong felt that he must go back. He needed to clear Educated Youth Sun’s name.

So, Xu Xiangdong, back at the Educated Youth Spot, didn’t call Sun Meiwen like before. Instead, he chose to quietly walk in. After all, the gate of the Educated Youth Spot was not closed.

Walking in, he quickly heard Sun Meiwen’s voice faintly.

Xu Xiangdong immediately quickened his pace.

Soon, he heard Sun Meiwen’s voice again.

“Educated Youth Fu, just take my chicken soup and chicken leg. I specially brought it back from the state-owned restaurant, it’s delicious.”

“Educated Youth Sun, no need. Keep it for yourself.”

“I’ve already eaten, Educated Youth Fu. Look, it’s been so long since you had meat. This chicken leg and chicken soup are really delicious. Just accept them. If you feel bad about it, just lend me a book you often read.”

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