Chapter 7 – My Chicken Leg, Reserved Only for My Future Partner

“Educated Youth Sun, I have already lent my book to someone else. You better keep this chicken leg for yourself,” Educated Youth Fu’s voice remained cold, with an unequivocal rejection.

Sun Meiwen’s voice seemed to pause for a moment, then she said with a hint of grievance, “Educated Youth Fu, did you lend your book to Xu Ci? Xu Ci, a village girl who only completed elementary school, how could she possibly understand it?”

“Educated Youth Sun, are you looking down on Comrade Xu Ci? Village girl? Your class-oriented thinking is incorrect. If you continue with such nonsense, what if someone overhears…”

Sun Meiwen seemed to realize the gravity of her words and immediately shut up. After a moment of hesitation, with teary eyes, she said another sentence, “Educated Youth Fu, I don’t believe you can’t see it. I, I like you. Can I be in a relationship with you?”

This was the first time Sun Meiwen gathered the courage to express her desire to be in a relationship with Educated Youth Fu.

Originally, she intended to express her affection to Educated Youth Fu, make him aware of her feelings, and let Educated Youth Fu take the initiative in confessing.

But now, seeing that Educated Youth Fu’s heart seemed to be completely devoted to Xu Ci, she felt she couldn’t waste any more time.

Meanwhile, hiding in a corner and hearing Sun Meiwen’s words, Xu Xiangdong, felt as if his head had exploded in an instant. His eyes widened, and he was left bewildered.

After a while, he finally regained his composure.

So, what Xu Jinning said was true.

Educated Youth Sun indeed liked Educated Youth Fu. She truly intended to give the chicken soup and chicken leg he gave her to Educated Youth Fu and wanted to be in a relationship with him.

But didn’t she say she didn’t like Educated Youth Fu?

Didn’t she say she was going to write a letter back to her parents, telling them about the matter of being in a relationship with him?

Even if Xu Xiangdong’s brain was slow and love-struck, at this moment, he also understood that everything Educated Youth Sun had said before was a lie to deceive him.

Perhaps, as that girl Xu Jinning said, Educated Youth Sun lied to him because she couldn’t endure the hardships of rural life. She wanted him to help her with work and provide her with food and drinks, so she deceived him.

Xu Xiangdong felt a moment of collapse in his firm beliefs.

It was like discovering that the goddess he had always thought was pure and noble, suddenly turned out to be selfish, habitual liar, and shameless.

Xu Xiangdong’s least favorite thing in life was being deceived.

Most importantly, the work he did for Educated Youth Sun and the things he sent, were meant for his future wife. If Educated Youth Sun didn’t like him and had no intention of being in a relationship with him, acting as his future wife, then why should he work for her? Why should he send her things to eat?

Moreover, she even gave his chicken leg and chicken soup to another man, which made Xu Xiangdong even more furious.

Educated Youth Fu, watching the woman in front of him forcefully trying to give him the chicken leg and chicken soup, showed a hint of impatience in his eyes.

When he heard that she intended to be in a relationship with him, he frowned even more.

“Educated Youth Sun, I don’t like you, and I have no intention of being in a relationship with you. Moreover…”

He paused, glanced at the chicken soup and chicken leg in front of him, and said, “If I’m not mistaken, this chicken soup and chicken leg shouldn’t be from a state-owned restaurant. They should be the ones Comrade Xu Xiangdong sent to you. Is it appropriate for you to take what Comrade Xu Xiangdong gave you and give it to me?”

Sun Meiwen thought she could navigate between several men without anyone knowing, but in reality, the female educated youths had been discussing it, and Educated Youth Fu had occasionally overheard.

Moreover, he had eyes and could see what kind of person Sun Meiwen was. He could tell at a glance.

He believed that Sun Meiwen liked him, but this affection was accompanied by utilitarian motives, and her seemingly beautiful eyes were filled with desire.

Unlike Xu Ci, whose eyes were filled with sincerity, completely devoted to him.

The chicken leg and chicken soup in front of him were indeed good, but the only state-owned restaurant nearby was in the county town.

He had eaten there and knew the taste of the dishes prepared by the chef there.

They were definitely not as delicious as the chicken soup and chicken leg in front of him.

He also knew that in Qinghe Production Team, Aunt Xu’s cooking skills were the best, renowned throughout the entire brigade.

Considering Xu Xiangdong’s pursuit of Sun Meiwen, how could Educated Youth Fu not know where the chicken soup and chicken leg in front of him came from?

Sun Meiwen’s eyes widened in shock at how Educated Youth Fu knew the origin of the chicken soup.

Just as she was about to speak, a familiar and indignant voice suddenly sounded from behind her.

“Of course, it’s not appropriate!”

Xu Xiangdong, unwilling to hear more, walked over with a stern face and snatched the bowl from Sun Meiwen’s hands.

“Educated Youth Sun, if you don’t want to eat it, you should have told me instead of giving it to someone else.”

“Since you don’t want to eat it, I’ll take it away. It seems that the things I give are not to Educated Youth Sun’s liking. I won’t be giving them in the future!”

“No, Brother Xiangdong, I…”

Sun Meiwen was anxious to explain, but the fabricated lies were stuck in her throat in front of Educated Youth Fu and Xu Xiangdong.

“I heard what Educated Youth Sun just said to Educated Youth Fu. Since Educated Youth Sun likes Educated Youth Fu, don’t talk to me about being in a relationship.”

“I only do things for my future partner.”

“My chicken leg and chicken soup are also meant for my future partner to enjoy.”

“Since Educated Youth Sun is not willing, I won’t come again in the future.”

“Hope Educated Youth Sun takes care of herself in the future.”

With that, Xu Xiangdong left quickly, carrying the bowl with the chicken soup and chicken leg.

Sun Meiwen wanted to catch up, but Educated Youth Fu was still here. She was afraid that if she chased after Xu Xiangdong, Educated Youth Fu would misunderstand something between her and Xu Xiangdong.

“Educated Youth Fu, I…”

Educated Youth Fu glanced at her indifferently, snorted, and walked away.

Sun Meiwen wanted to follow, but it was not appropriate at this moment.

She could only stand in place, stomping her foot, watching Xu Xiangdong’s figure getting farther and farther away, silently biting her lip with resentment.

Xu Xiangdong, isn’t he supposed to be gone? Why did he come back and hear all these things?

Most importantly, he took away the chicken leg and chicken soup!

Forget it, forget it. She would talk to Xu Xiangdong properly the next time he helped her with work or sent her something.

This time, she wouldn’t easily forgive Xu Xiangdong!

He caused her to be misunderstood by Educated Youth Fu.

Yes, Sun Meiwen was sure, Xu Xiangdong must have just spoken out of anger. He definitely still liked her and would come back to find her.

When that happened, if Xu Xiangdong didn’t bring some good things, she definitely wouldn’t easily forgive him.

Xu Jinning was about to go to sleep when the door suddenly burst open.

She saw Xu Xiangdong walking towards her with a stern face and was instantly startled, thinking that Xu Xiangdong was going to hit her.

She sat up, contemplating how to escape, when something was suddenly thrust into her arms.

Then, a commanding voice sounded.

“Take it!”

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