Chapter 50 – Having a beautiful face is a terrifying thing

“Hey, you promised, that’s good, that’s good.”

“The time to meet is tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, I will bring Xu Xiangdong and his mother to your house for the meeting.”

“At that time, tidy up your house in advance, and also yourself…”

Sister Sun assessed the overall appearance of Wen Yulan, looking at her clothes, and finally, her face.

Her expression was somewhat indescribable, mixed with sympathy.

Perhaps, this is the life of an orphan without parents.

“Tidy yourself up a bit, wear better clothes, wash your face, comb your hair. Impress them, you know?” Sister Sun, like an elder, kindly advised, with a gentle reminder.

Wen Yulan’s heart warmed slightly, nodding, “I know.”

“Hey, as long as you know, that’s settled then. I still have things to do, so I’ll go back first.”

After finishing talking with Wen Yulan, Sister Sun didn’t linger and left.

Once Sister Sun left, Second Aunt Wen’s mouth could no longer be restrained, or rather, the anger in her heart couldn’t be restrained.

“What’s wrong with the Xu family? Is Xu Xiangdong blind? He actually took a liking to her and wants to have a blind date with her. Is his brain kicked by a donkey?”

“Isn’t Xu Xiangdong afraid of being cursed to death? Doesn’t even care about his own life.”

“My Huihui is incomparable to that Wen Yulan.”

“… “

Second Aunt Wen grumbled, but Wen Yulan was preoccupied and didn’t want to talk to her much, let alone listen to these words.

So she turned and went home, closing the courtyard door, completely ignoring the mother and daughter.

The ignored Second Aunt Wen almost lost her breath.

“This girl, Huihui, do you think she’s getting too arrogant? Does she think that just because the Xu family wants to meet her, she can marry Xu Xiangdong? Look at her, so ugly, which man would like her? Isn’t she afraid that the man will be scared to death by this face when he wakes up in the middle of the night and then get cursed to death?”

“Huihui, what do you think is going on with Xu Xiangdong? Why does he want to meet that girl?”

Wen Huihui’s face was sullen. She also didn’t understand. Could it be that Xu Xiangdong had seen the real appearance of Wen Yulan and fell in love with her? She couldn’t figure it out, but no matter what, she couldn’t let Wen Yulan marry Xu Xiangdong.

Xu Xiangdong could only be hers.

She wanted to marry Xu Xiangdong, move to the city, become a factory worker, and live a better life.

“Mother, whether or not she wants to meet Xu Xiangdong, just go ahead and arrange the matters concerning that family. Of course, the sooner, the better. It’s best to marry her off before the situation with cousin and Xu Xiangdong is finalized.”

“Mother, that’s a dowry of three hundred yuan. Cousin’s parents are no longer here. Originally, as her elder, you should be the one in charge of her marriage. You and Father are the only ones who can decide for her, and it’s for her own good. If you talk about this outside, no one will have any objections.”

“Moreover, the dowry should have been given to her parents. Since her parents are not here, it’s reasonable to give it to you.”

“This three hundred yuan might even help little brother secure a worker’s position in the city. Once he becomes a city dweller, who knows, he might marry a city girl later. Then you and Father can move to the city.”

Wen Huihui was filled with yearning for the future that Second Aunt Wen planned for her.

After all, besides her only son, she cared most about herself.

“You’re right. Alright, I’ll arrange it right away.”

After saying that, Second Aunt Wen left eagerly.

Wen Huihui looked at Wen Yulan’s house in front of her, her eyes deep and filled with determination, before turning and leaving.

Meanwhile, unaware of her Second Aunt Wen and her cousin’s scheming.

At this moment, Wen Yulan sat at the table, on the chair, lost in thought for a long time.

It took her quite a while to realize that she had been in a daze for a long time.

In fact, Wen Yulan hadn’t fully grasped the situation of Xu Xiangdong expressing the desire to meet her.


Did Xu Xiangdong like her?

Wen Yulan shook her head. Although she hoped it was the case, she felt it was unlikely.

She and Xu Xiangdong had very few interactions. Sometimes she wondered if Xu Xiangdong even knew her, Wen Yulan, as a person.

Even if he saw her, would he recognize her?

And then, there was her face…

Wen Yulan reached for her own face, hesitated, got up, and splashed some water on it, wiping away the marks on her face bit by bit.

The black and gray color on her face was wiped away, revealing fair and smooth skin. Hair brushed to the side, exposing a small face with delicate features.

This face, reflected in the water, was radiant and beautiful, like a flower in bloom.

No matter who saw it, they would have to say that this face was much more beautiful than those female educated youth who came from the city.

Wen Yulan knew she was attractive.

She knew it since she was a child.

From the time when a widower in the village, around fifty years old, stared at her with that look, she cleverly realized that she shouldn’t reveal her true face.

For an orphan without anyone to rely on, without any background, having a beautiful face was a terrifying thing.

She knew.

Especially when she heard about something back then.

There was a female educated youth who was really beautiful and young. Almost as soon as she arrived, all the young men in the village liked her. Countless people pursued her, wanting to be with her.

The son of a high-ranking official in the village was no exception.

But that female educated youth just wanted to build the new rural area well, thinking about returning to the city in the future. So, she rejected everyone’s pursuit.

However, the son of that high-ranking official was determined to have her. After various threats and temptations failed, he directly tore off the mask.

Later on, it was heard that the female educated youth had died.

Died in the mountains, in a gruesome state. It was said that she was completely naked and covered in wounds.

Left in the mountains, no one went to collect the body. After a while, the body disappeared.

It’s unclear whether it was taken away by wild animals.

Later, the villagers reported that the female educated youth had gone missing in the mountains. Even when her family came later, the result remained the same.

Later, it was heard that the son of that family married another beautiful female educated youth. Whether the latter willingly accepted the marriage was unclear.

From that time, Wen Yulan understood.

Without a background, without reliable relatives, sometimes having a beautiful face could bring disaster, even fatal consequences.

So, from that time on, she intentionally disguised herself as ugly.

Only when she was alone at home would she reveal her true face.

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