Chapter 49 – Are you willing to meet with Xu Xiangdong?

No, if Xu Xiangdong really wanted to meet with Wen Huihui, she would have to find a time to make it clear to him what kind of person Wen Huihui really was.

And also, what kind of people Second Uncle Wen and Second Aunt Wen’s family was.

They were all selfish and calculating.

She feared that if Xu Xiangdong married Wen Huihui, the entire Xu family would suffer from the calculations of Second Uncle Wen and Second Aunt Wen’s family.

On the other side, Wen Huihui was extremely shy, twisting a twist of dough in her hand. Thinking of Xu Xiangdong’s sturdy figure and handsome face, her face was blushing.

She hadn’t expected that Xu Xiangdong would actually like her, and even directly send a matchmaker to arrange a meeting with her.

So, they were mutually attracted to each other.

That was really great.

Although Wen Huihui felt that as long as she met Xu Xiangdong, he would definitely like her, actively seeking the meeting and having someone arrange it were quite different.

Second Aunt Wen was also pleased. She hadn’t expected her second daughter to be so promising. Xu Xiangdong liked her directly and immediately sent a matchmaker to invite Huihui for a meeting.

How much Xu Xiangdong liked their Huihui!

“What are we waiting for, Sister Sun? Let’s take Huihui to meet with Xu Xiangdong. However, we need to discuss the dowry in advance. We don’t want much, but the three turns and one ring are a must. The dowry money should be at least 100 yuan…”

Second Aunt Wen confidently discussed the conditions for marrying her daughter.

But Sister Sun’s brow furrowed.

“Huihui’s mother…”

“Of course, you know our family’s situation. We may not have much dowry…”

“Huihui’s mother…”

“It’s best if after marriage, Xu Xiangdong takes over his father’s job, bringing our Huihui into the city…”

“Huihui’s mother!” After calling several times, as if Second Aunt Wen still couldn’t hear, Sister Sun’s face slightly darkened, and with the last call, her voice became a bit louder.

The people present, including Wen Yulan, who had been paying attention in the courtyard, were startled.

However, with just one call, Second Aunt Wen’s voice finally stopped.

“Sister Sun, look at me, once I start talking, I can’t stop. But what I just said are the most basic requirements. It shouldn’t be too much. Also…”

“No, Huihui’s mother, are you mistaken?” Sister Sun restrained herself from rolling her eyes and said, “It seems like you’ve got it wrong.”

“What? What did I get wrong? I didn’t get anything wrong.”

“No, you did get it wrong. I came to Dahe Production Brigade today indeed because of Xu Xiangdong’s interest, but the person he wants to meet is not your Huihui.”

“What? Not my Huihui? That’s impossible. Didn’t you say that the person Xu Xiangdong wants to meet is here, with the last name Wen? It can’t be anyone other than my Huihui. Could it be that jinx Wen Yulan?”

Sister Sun smiled and didn’t say anything, tacitly agreeing with Second Aunt Wen’s statement.

There was a moment of silence on the scene, followed by two voices erupting simultaneously.


The speakers were Second Aunt Wen and Wen Huihui.

Sister Sun wore a smiling expression without saying anything, but this smile lacked warmth. Even her gaze towards Second Aunt Wen and her daughter carried a hint of disdain.

Although Sister Sun wasn’t from Dahe Production Brigade, she had heard some things about the Wen family and Wen Yulan.

Despite Wen Yulan’s bad reputation outside, being an orphan and causing trouble, most people still felt sympathy for her.

But for Aunt Wen’s family, their reputation had truly gone sour outside. They ab*sed their niece who had lost her parents and planned to marry her off to an elderly widower in exchange for a dowry.

They also seized the house of Wen Yulan’s family. This was a typical case of taking possession of Wen Yulan’s belongings, ab*sing her, and squeezing out her last bit of value.

This was absolutely heartless, no different from wolves and tigers! People scorned Second Aunt Wen’s family.

Even though Second Aunt Wen had just misunderstood, from the conditions she proposed, Sister Sun felt that Second Aunt Wen’s family was truly greedy.

Leaving aside the three turns and one ringing and the 100 yuan dowry money, she actually wanted to interfere in the matter of Xu family’s worker position.

She directly wanted Xu Aiguo to give his worker position to Xu Xiangdong. Why? Just because Wen Huihui was marrying Xu Xiangdong?

If the Xu family didn’t agree, would Wen Huihui refuse to marry?

This approach and attitude were truly disgusting!

Now they wanted the Xu family to give the position to her son-in-law. Would they demand a worker position for their son Wen Hong in the future?

After all, everyone knew that Second Uncle Wen and Second Aunt Wen favored their son over their daughters.

Second Uncle Wen and Second Aunt Wen were well-known in the nearby production brigades, their reputation as bad as rotten eggs. Only Second Aunt Wen’s family seemed oblivious.

To dare to speak such words, it was truly a joke.

Did they really think their daughter Wen Huihui was a celestial being?

Even if she were a celestial being, in this mortal world, she would still have to conform.

If it weren’t for considering Wen Yulan’s situation, Sister Sun wouldn’t even want to talk to her.

She spoke slowly, “It’s impossible for it not to be Yulan. It’s indeed Wen Yulan. Xu Xiangdong’s mother personally told me. There’s absolutely no mistake.”

However, when she first heard about it, she was also somewhat surprised and feared making a mistake. So, she confirmed it several times. In the end, it was confirmed that the Xu family indeed wanted Xu Xiangdong to meet with Wen Yulan.

And here she was.

Little did she expect to encounter Wen Huihui and her mother in such an unfortunate manner.

That woman from the Wen family actually thought that Xu Xiangdong liked Wen Huihui, displaying such a lofty attitude. It was truly a joke!

After saying this, Sister Sun shouted towards the courtyard where Wen Yulan stood dumbfounded, “Yulan, come here.”

Wen Yulan somewhat dazedly approached Sister Sun and had her hand grasped by the latter.

Sister Sun said, “Yulan, you know about Xu Xiangdong’s family, right…”

Of course, she knew!

“Xu Xiangdong is 19 years old this year, and he’s the best young man in the nearby production brigades…”

Sister Sun spoke a lot of praises for Xu Xiangdong, which were, of course, facts.

“…Xu Xiangdong’s mother said he specifically mentioned you and wants to meet you. So, here I am asking for your opinion.”

“Originally, I should ask your parents or the elders in your family about this matter. But considering your family’s situation… I’m asking you directly. I believe you can make plans for your own marriage.”

Wen Yulan nodded.

Indeed, she could make her own decisions.

“Then, young lady, I ask you, are you willing to meet with Xu Xiangdong?”

Not willing, not willing! Wen Huihui shouted frantically in her heart, her eyes almost turning red as she watched the scene unfold.

Unfortunately, Wen Yulan’s answer disappointed her.

“I am willing, Aunt Sun,” Wen Yulan answered without any hesitation.

Originally, upon hearing that Xu Xiangdong wanted to meet her, she had planned to gather courage and approach a matchmaker to inquire if Xu Xiangdong was willing to meet her. Now that Xu Xiangdong had taken the initiative, although surprising, she had no reason not to agree.

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The phrase “three turns and one ring” refers to traditional customs related to betrothal gifts or dowry in some Chinese cultures. It represents the negotiation and exchange of gifts between the families involved in an arranged marriage. The “three turns” refer to three separate visits made by the groom’s family to the bride’s family, each time bringing gifts. The “one ring” typically refers to the final visit, where the groom formally proposes and presents the engagement ring.

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