Chapter 48 – Wen Yulan’s Deliberate Disguise

“Alright, I know what to do.”

“Mom, this matter needs to be done as soon as possible. If it’s delayed, I’m afraid something will happen.”

“I understand.”

Seeing her mother readily agree, Wen Huihui breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked towards Wen Yulan, who was still busy in the yard not far away, and thought to herself: Cousin, don’t blame me. Blame yourself for liking Xu Xiangdong. Blame the fact that you are too good-looking.

So good-looking that it even scared her a little.

Yes, Wen Yulan always thought she hadn’t revealed her feelings, keeping her liking for Xu Xiangdong hidden in her heart, thinking that no one knew. But Wen Huihui’s keen observation over the past couple of years, especially when talking about Xu Xiangdong, made it clear. Wen Yulan liked Xu Xiangdong.

Originally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but unfortunately, Wen Yulan was just too good-looking.

Yes, Wen Huihui knew. In fact, Wen Yulan was very attractive, even more so than those female educated youth who came from the city.

Although Wen Huihui was unwilling to admit it, it was a fact.

Don’t be fooled by Wen Yulan’s current disheveled appearance, her face covered in dirt, and even more than half of her hair obscuring her face. Wen Huihui knew that underneath it all, Wen Yulan’s face was genuinely beautiful, to the point where Wen Huihui wished she had that face.

In fact, Wen Huihui used to think that Wen Yulan wasn’t good-looking.

Just not good-looking, that’s why Wen Yulan didn’t dare to show her face.

But one time, by chance, when she woke up early, she unintentionally saw Wen Yulan washing her face. In the early morning light, that fair and delicate oval face made Wen Huihui freeze on the spot. It also aroused a strong sense of jealousy in her.

It was then that she realized Wen Yulan’s deliberate disguise was intentional. As for the reason, she wasn’t sure.

But she knew that if Wen Yulan’s true face were revealed, some men would surely disregard her infamous reputation, ignore the fact that she was an orphan, and still want to marry her.

Men, everyone knew how their minds worked.

Especially as a woman herself, Wen Huihui could discern, even under the patched and rough cloth wrapping Wen Yulan, how good her figure was.

Upon discovering that Wen Yulan also liked Xu Xiangdong, she felt even more strongly that Xu Xiangdong should not see Wen Yulan’s face. It was necessary to quickly marry Wen Yulan off, preferably far away, to ensure it wouldn’t hinder her happiness.

So, cousin, don’t blame me.

Blame your parents for passing away early.

Blame your excessive beauty.

Blame… why did you have to like Xu Xiangdong, just like me?

I absolutely cannot let you compete for him.

Therefore, just follow my mother’s arrangements and get married peacefully.

From now on, don’t appear in front of me and Xu Xiangdong.

This is your fate!

You should accept it!

In reality, Wen Huihui was indeed very clever; she guessed most things correctly.

Wen Yulan’s deliberately disguised appearance and intentional uglification were true.

She knew how attractive her face was because she compared herself to the female educated youth who came to the village and were pursued by local young men—they couldn’t match her looks. It wasn’t self-love; it was just a fact.

However, she also knew that being an orphan, having a beautiful face was a frightening thing for her.

So, for safety, she intentionally dirtied her face. When rumors in the village spread about her being ugly, she didn’t deny it.

Perhaps, only when she married a reliable person could she face the world with her true appearance.


Although Wen Yulan kept her head down and was busy in the yard, she could feel a gaze constantly fixed on her from not far away.

Very intense, and filled with malicious intent.

Without even lifting her head, she knew it was Wen Huihui’s eyes.

But she didn’t understand why Wen Huihui would look at her like that, with such a malicious and calculating gaze.

Unable to figure it out, Wen Yulan didn’t dwell on it, but she would be more vigilant.

“Hey, everyone’s here.” At this moment, a loud and cheerful female voice rang out, and the sound of footsteps approached from a distance.

A middle-aged woman holding a red handkerchief walked towards them with a smile on her face.

Second Aunt Wen almost instantly recognized this person.

“Sister Sun, what a coincidence, I happen to be looking for you.”

This Sister Sun was a well-known matchmaker in the nearby production brigades. It was said that couples she arranged almost always had happy marriages. She was selective and didn’t accept random gifts or bribes.

Her personality was also good, so people from the nearby production brigades liked to seek her matchmaking services.

Sister Sun was from the neighboring Qinghe Production Brigade. This time, Zhang Ailian had specifically asked Sister Sun to matchmake Xu Xiangdong.

Second Aunt Wen had planned to go find Sister Sun later to arrange for Huihui and Xu Xiangdong to meet.

Xu Xiangdong was a sought-after catch, and once the news of him being available for matchmaking spread, countless young ladies would line up to meet him.

So, they couldn’t delay; they had to act quickly.

Otherwise, if Xu Xiangdong was snatched up by someone else, they would lose an excellent son-in-law.

However, Second Aunt Wen didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence that Sister Sun had actually come to Dahe Production Brigade, and they had bumped into each other.

Could it be fate, or…

A speculation arose in Second Aunt Wen’s mind.

“Sister Sun, why do you have time to come to Dahe Production Brigade today? Could it be… for the matter of Xu Xiangdong’s matchmaking?”

Sister Sun was slightly surprised. “You know about it?”

“Oh, did I guess it right?”

“Yes, I came today for Qinghe Production Brigade and the matchmaking for Xu Xiangdong. He has a girl in mind and wants to meet her first. So, his mother asked me to come and handle this.”

Second Aunt Wen and Wen Huihui’s eyes instantly lit up when they heard Sister Sun’s words.

Could it be that the girl Xu Xiangdong wanted to meet was Huihui?

Otherwise, why would Sister Sun come all the way to Dahe Production Team and talk to them about it?

“Sister Sun, the girl Xu Xiangdong wants to meet, could it be someone with the last name Wen, and she’s right here?” Second Aunt Wen said with a confident tone.

“Oh, yes, it’s someone with the last name Wen, and she’s right here.” Sister Sun gave a confirming answer.

Second Aunt Wen and Wen Huihui were instantly delighted.

So, it must be Huihui. Apparently, Xu Xiangdong was interested in Huihui. This was great news.

In the nearby yard, Wen Yulan overheard their conversation.

Her thoughts were also led astray by Second Aunt Wen.

Could it be that Xu Xiangdong really wanted to meet Huihui?

Could it be that after not liking that female educated youth, he developed an interest in Wen Huihui?

No, Huihui wasn’t good enough. She was not suitable for Xu Xiangdong at all.

Wen Yulan felt a bit anxious.

It didn’t matter if Xu Xiangdong didn’t like her. She had never thought that Xu Xiangdong would like her or be willing to meet her, considering how she was perceived in the outside world.

But she couldn’t bear to see Xu Xiangdong marrying a girl like Wen Huihui.

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